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high. but the jump to the track headed the opposite direction is just a few feet. >> how far was it? >> maybe like two feet. i think god wanted her. ♪ . ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> she packed a lifetime into her 13 years. the world, chirp's choir, cheerleading, lots of other sports. but in the last month she had been talking a lot about death. >> she said i don't want people wearing black to my funeral, i don't want them crying at my funeral. let them come dressed up and happy. i want my funeral to be a party. >> we should have never gone on the tracks, even if you have a way out, don't go on it. >> the deadly toll from this kind of thing is
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last year nationwide some 491 people were killed walking on the tracks. about ten people here in virginia. those numbers have held pretty steady for years. now some people have been pushing the railroads to install fences along the tracks to keep people out. but the railroads generally say that is too expensive and does not necessarily work. live in cliffton, wusa9. >> it is an excruciately painful lesson but one we hope people will learn from. she's raised her two children alone now she's trying to figure out to pay for the funeral. a relative set up a gofundme page if you want to help. we've also learned the names of workers killed on the train tracks outside of union station. a 20-year-old of myers dale, pennsylvania and a 25-year-old
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out of their freight train to check on a possible problem with one or more of its wheels. the office of the medical examiner ruled their death as accidental. the ntsb is investigating. >> we're going to show you just how easy it is to die on the water this upcoming weekend. that's because there's been a dramatic spike on the number of deaths on the plotomac river in boating accidents. here's what people need to heed. >> reporter: 4th of july weekend is almost upon us and it's time to talk about boating safety. but here in maryland we're coming off a season last year when they spent a grim record 21 deaths. that is a record in the state. for some reason the vast majority of those deaths, 17 of them
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platomac. four killed on a boat in november. >> tear a family apart, turn it upside down. >> especially when it takes three months to find the body. >> as seen there is no time to get a life jacket on in a boating accident. which is why so many experienced boaters end up dead despite their years on the water. >> it won't work if you don't wear it. >> julie brown is the boating safety expert for the maryland police. she demonstrated in a pool today what it's like to try to get a life jacket on after things have gone bad. you're in a panic if y
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went in the water so it's virtually important. >> i don't like the big life jackets because they're hot to wear but look at this thing, it's lightweight, it's not hot at all and if you fall in the water it'll automatically save your life. so the focus on preventing deaths is now on getting people to wear their personal flotation devices here. because the fun can end in a split second. >> pretty dramatic demonstrations today. again 21 deaths on maryland waters last year. that set a record. 17 of them here on the potomac river. and with three exceptions during that tragic season with three exceptions everybody went down without a life jacket on. by the way there have already been four deaths in the 2017 year so far. reporting l
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scott broom, wusa9. >> they'll undoubtedly have a busy weekend ahead. also natural resources police are trying to put a stop to boat passengers balance on the front of a moving boat. it's extremely dangerous, it's dumb. and officers are going to stop you if they see you out there doing. after a stretch of mild weather it's going to be a hot one out there tomorrow. out live at the quicken loans national in potomac, to talk about the heat wave. >> this is day one of our spring of 90s that will continue on through the weekend and into the holiday monday and july 4th. a couple of things to bring and wanted to bring, what you want to bring when you come out here some of this obvious but it's important to stay hydrated when you come out. just remember bri
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was, maybe on saturday. folding chairs, phones must be on silent. that's kind of new. in terms of the future cast showers out to the west of us now. download our app and you can track those live. at 10:00 we're still 80 downtown. upper 70s elsewhere. now we get into the morning hours at 7:00, tee time starting at 7:00 tomorrow, 74 downtown. about 70 down here at potomac and 69 in manases. by 9 a.m. tomorrow we're near 80 downtown. then we get into the late morning hours, almost lunchtime we're in the mid-80s, 28 as far north and west as cumberlan
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romney. now i played out a week ago yesterday or tuesday i crawled up the broadcast tower. we're on top of the tower here. green side number 10. par five they'll probably make it. should be a good birdie hole. it's just gorgeous. . >> that's nice. all right coming up we'll take you through the holiday weekend, we'll also harken back, covering the same event five years ago we'll take a look in about ten minutes. >> thanks. parts of president trump's travel ban go into effect in just about three hours. the order bans travel to the united states from six muslim majority countries
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90 days. there are exceptions. travelers from those countries with close family members, or business ties will still be allowed in. the trump administration says the travel ban is necessary to keep americans safe. >> now that we're actually going to do something to prevent terrorists it's about time. >> i think we need to do more about the terrorism and the hatred that is created amongst the people who have been born here. i don't think it does anything to improve the situation at all. >> journalists, students, employees, and lecturers with valid invitations or work contracts would also be allowed into the united states. the supreme court will meet this fall, in the fall to determine whether this travel ban is constitutional. >> we've got some new and dramatic footage to show you of a shoot out that happened on board a baltimore bus. this guy has guns in each hand. 's
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weapon in each hand. when the smoke cleared his body was lying on the side of the road and a police officer and another woman were wounded. he boarded the bus after robbing two people. there was a warrant out for his arrest at the time. and he does have an extensive criminal record. >> the justice department is giving up the legal fight over the name of the washington redskins. the move follows last week's supreme court ruling in favor of an asian american band calling themselves the slants. they conceded that they would change their name because it's disparaging to some asian americans. one mom is fighting to get her daughter into a special education program. there's a sticky point, we'll share it with you in just a bit. right after the
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tweets from president trump outrageous and sexist. it was triggered by a segment on morning joe's show criticizing the fake time magazine cover hanging in the president's country club. >> she responded with this on twitter i heard poorly rated @ morning joe speaks badly about me. [ indiscernible ] and insisted on joining me, she was bleeding badly from a facelift, i said no. and cohost mika responded with this picture from a box of cheerios making fun of the president's hands. >> members of his own party are begging him to stop it. lindsey graham tweeted mr. president your tweet was beneath the office and represents what's wrong with american politics. sarah huckabee sanders defended
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briefing. >> i think the president has been attacked mercilessly on personal accounts by members of that program. he's been very clear when he gets attacked he's going to hit back. >> you do not have the right because you have a twitter account to display behavior i taught my son never to do. from the oval office, as a woman i'm not getting respect. >> this isn't the first time president trump has lashed out at the morning joe anchors. >> in september he tweeted quote very dumb mika having a mental break down and joe a mess. so it's one word people who lived here five years ago will never forget.
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you've got to see this video in st. louis tonight. there's a sinkhole that swallowed up a car this morning. imagine the guy comes out of the gym and he's like that looks familiar. oh that's my car. 15 feet down. a crane
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car out of the sinkhole. the owner's insurance company and the city will have to figure out who's going to pay for the damage. the highest ranking vatican official ever to be accused in the church's sex abuse scandal is vowing to fight back. cardinal george pell, who is the pope's chief financial adviser says he'll return to australia to clear his name. it dates back to decades ago. two men now in their 40s say the cardinal touched them inappropriately at a swimming pool back in the 1970's. >> clean up is underway after more than two-dozen tornados ripped through the midwest. the strong winds pulled roofs out of of homes and scattered debris. in iowa a tornado shredded part of a roof in a home and tossed it on top of cars. you might be able to to tell someone has live here by testing their knowledge of one
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>> derecho, a widespread and severe windstorm that moves rapidly along a fairly straight path and is associated with bands of rapidly moving thunderstorms. otherwise known as that thing that got all the trees down and made a mess of things. this happened five years ago today. >> topper shutt live to talk more about that. >> yeah we were actually covering that at bethesda and i had never seen the atmosphere so unstable. temperatures were in the triple digits, and very unstable atmosphere. we actually went to code red with our weather warnings that night before it hit. and in terms of winds everybody received anywhere from 50 to 85 miles per hour winds. >> a line of thunderstorms 100 miles from head to toe rolled through between 9:30 and 11:30 p.m. it
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50 to 80 miles an hour. the same clump of thunderstorms hit chicago that morning, south eastern ohio, and western west virginia with hurricane force winds friday evening and it is metro area before midnight. derecho, usually seen in the midwest and not in the mid atlantic. nashville hit an all time record for june. this system of thunderstorms held its shape and intensity from the ohio river to the potomac across the bay and coastal resorts in maryland. the intense heat fueled the storms that friday night. >> we're getting reports of these storms in west virginia producing 70 and 80 miles an hour winds. i don't see any reason why they're not going to hold together. this is about as unstable as i've seen the air mass from a meteorological standpoint. you have plenty of time to put the
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precaution. >> over 1 million customers lost power. not since isabelle struck have so many been left in the dark. it left 1.4 million without power. highs remained in the 90s and triple digits for the next nine days. >> that's something we'll never forget. and fortunately we don't see any coming our way. but we went to a yellow weather alert on saturday for thunderstorms. i don't go anywhere without my club. some fun out here when we first came, go to my facebook page and instagram and check it out. let's talk about the 4th of july weekend. saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday basically the worst day will be saturday with showers and thunderstorms. with temperatures in the low 90s. then just an isolated storm on sunday and mostly dry on monday and even the 4th we see just a couple of isolated storms. so not bad, if you're having something on
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be the problem day for the holiday weekend. a live look outside, it's 90 right now. the dew point at 63. so the heat index is only 91, we're not getting crushed by the humidity yet. that will occur later on in the weekend. what about temperatures? we're looking at temperatures potentially staying in the low 90s across the board. they're going to set up camp for a while. 90 tomorrow, 91 saturday, 92 sunday, 91 monday. and 90 on july 4th. what's heading our way? we've got showers and thunderstorms to the west of us now. by tonight we're okay. if you want to walk the dogs all the storms should be gone well to the west. by 6:00 a.m. upper 60s low 70, kind of toasty, but dry. then the mid-morning hours temperatures back in the mid-70s almost 80 then by lunchtime it will be hot, get ready, temperatures
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incompetent 80s to mid-90s. and 86 as far north as cumberland. showers and thunderstorms popping up along i-81. mainly west of town tomorrow. your friday night plans should be okay in the immediate metro area. then tomorrow night, clouds roll in, temperatures toasty. it's going to trap some of that heat, 83 downtown, 81 in leesburg. tomorrow morning looking at temperatures, tonight rather 66 to 72. clear and mild, not bad. southwest winds at about ten and the afternoon and evening storms die out to the west of us. low temperatures tonight 72 downtown. 68 in gaithersburg. again worst day saturday, sunday, monday, will be generally speaking saturday. friday morning mostly sunny, breezy, and warm. afternoon hot and more humid. isolated thunderstorm, and then
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here's your yellow weather alert for saturday. thunderstorms on sunday, temperatures in the low 90s. then the next seven days we've got showers and thunderstorms in. but again very scattered, isolated really as we get into sunday, monday, and also tuesday. so nats are back in town actually on monday and they're in through thursday. so we'll come back. we'll have more fun, show you some more stuff here. but right now it's hot, but not humid. but the humidity is going to change as we go through the weekend. we'll see you in just a little bit. >> hopefully you've got plenty of water. >> we do. >> the 50th edition of the smithsonian festival is underway. visitors heading to the mall are learning all about circus life. they're providing a behind the scenes look at life under the big top. there are also live detr
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aerialists, acrobats, and clowns. it r tunshrough july 4th. it starts up again july 6th and runs through the 9th. still to come why a prince george's county mom is working so hard to convince the school that her daughter has special needs. lu>> ps new details on when you could save serious cash on amazon. >> what were you doing ten years ago when this golf tournament was born? i'm diane roberts and i'll have that story coming up. >> and right after the break, how a major
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z2e2bz z1a2z y2e2by y1a2y
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hi guys. in the here. at the mall. on the mountain. at school. at the beach. in the big easy. yeah yeah today i want to show you guys the next-gen chevy equinox. what do you think? that's pretty. pretty sexy. it looks aggressive. but not overbearing. it's not too big. not too small. seems like the perfect car for anybody. i would take it anywhere. she's a bad mama jama. (laughter) current qualified gm lessees can get this introductory lease on the all-new 2018 chevy equinox for around $249 a month. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. a major league baseball umpire might need a new job after what he did yesterday afternoon. he flew something was wrong when he saw a woman pop over the railing of a bridge in pittsburgh. she said she needed a look at the river below. but the woman's face suggested otherwise. >> i just kind of hooked her
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with mine i said you don't want to do that it's just as good over here. why don't we go grab some lon. she said no i'm better let me go. i said i'm here tomorrow. she said you'll forget me tomorrow. i said i'll fihvre forget you i promise that. and -- i'll never forget you i promise that. >> he makes a living diffusing difficult situations on the diamond nearly everyday but he says this act he took was pure instinct. >> he was in the right place at the right time. in tonights consumer alert amazon is announcing details on its annual prime day. members can take advantage of deals starting at 9:00 a.m. on july 10th through 3 a.m. on july 12th. there will be new deals every five minutes. we don't know exactly what items will be featured but amazon says there will be amazing deals on
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about half? walgreens is dropping its bid to buy out its small rival rite aid. regulators have some concerns about the deal. so walgreens says how about we just buy half of them. it gives walgreens the most drug locations in the country, just ahead of cvs. wusa9 news at 5:00, the news at 5:30 starts right now. >> how far would you go to get your child the extra help they need at school. janice park says one prince george's county mother has armed herself with a lawyer and has been fighting with the school for two years because she believes her daughter has special needs. >> i contacted the school system in brines george's county to find out -- in prince george's county to find out why her daughter didn't qualify for the program for children with
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the school system said they tested her and she doesn't qualify but here's why she doesn't buy it. she says you don't have to look far to see her daughter struggling. >> she got six out of 11 on physical education. the teacher wrote on there not okay. . >> spelling issues and unexplained exemptions that isn't normal for a kid heading into the 4th grade. >> jump rope is jummprop. >> she will soon be testing her daughter for dyslexia. >> very frustrating because you can see from here she clearly doesn't know the information. yet by the report cards she's getting a's so they say she does know the information. >> it wasn't until she got a lawyer that the staff gave her daughter some of the accommodation that is she wanted. but shell


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