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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  June 29, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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the school system said they tested her and she doesn't qualify but here's why she doesn't buy it. she says you don't have to look far to see her daughter struggling. >> she got six out of 11 on physical education. the teacher wrote on there not okay. . >> spelling issues and unexplained exemptions that isn't normal for a kid heading into the 4th grade. >> jump rope is jummprop. >> she will soon be testing her daughter for dyslexia. >> very frustrating because you can see from here she clearly doesn't know the information. yet by the report cards she's getting a's so they say she does know the information. >> it wasn't until she got a lawyer that the staff gave her daughter some of the accommodation that is she wanted. but shell
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an individualized education plan that would provide more specialized teaching. the school has provided more bathroom breaks and offered her class notes and access to a school psychologist about once a month. prince georges county public schools said they tested her multiple times for educational services and said she didn't need it because she scored well. >> it's ridiculous the kids aren't getting the help they need if they just get pushed to the side and given an a. >> how long are you going to fight for your daughter? >> i will keep fighting. >> she hopes it will lead to more tutoring for her daughter because she wants to see her daughter succeed. >> tough situation. we sent her low test scores, and exemption lists to the school system and they said they can't elaborate on her records because of student privacy laws. the remains of
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arrived home today. the 24-year-old was one of seven american sailors who died when the vessel collided with a philippine cargo ship outside of japan. >> work is underway on an 8-foot tall statue of the second and fourth mayor of the district of columbia. plans call he was a civil rights champion who calledion for ward eight that he represented for ten years. >> in recent weeks we've been al telling you about the paws act. puppies assisting wounded service members. it would pair veterans with ptsd and highly trained service dogs. our reporter is here with nigel. tes
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the process -- tell us a little bit more about how the process works. >> we realized just how many americans don't know how a bill becomes law. so our wusa9 service dog in training went to capitol hill to show you the process. >> how does a bill become law? it all starts with an idea. nigel brought his to his representative. >> nigel are you ready for your lesson on how a bill becomes a law. you draft the legislation and introduce the bill by dropping it on the floor of the house of representatives. it gets assigned to a committee and if everything is working well there will be a hearing in the committee, maybe a sub committee first. >> this part of the process. >> will take a long time. >> and it can possibly change. >> where does it go next. >> to
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it they send it to the senate. >> the rest of the process of how a bill becomes law coming up tonight at 11:00. by the way that little girl from texas, she's just 10-years old and honestly she knew more about the legislative process than most adults do. >> that's why i said you go girl. it turns out those civics classes really do make a difference. can't wait to see it tonight. if you'd like to tell your member of congress how you feel about the paws act we've provided contact information for you on our website. we've also posted a petition you can sign online to support giving highly trained service dogs to wounded warriors suffering from post-traumatic stress. the nation we build together that's the name of the newest display on the second floor of the west wing exploring the historyou
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religion in early america and more. >> these are tough times for colonial williamsburg, they said it's hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. plans are underway to out source commercial operations and lay off workers. that includes costumed actors who reenact life in colonial times. it attracts just half the visitors it did 30 years ago. >> you can take fascinating walks back in to time, that's for sure. >> let's check back in with topper shutt. hopefully you have water out on the course with you at quicken loans national. >> yeah. let's talk about the weekend everybody looking ahead to the july 4th weekend. the worst day we think will be saturday. yellow weather alert day for saturday. those could occur at 10:00
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not bad just a stray storm. hot again, hot again monday we'll keep monday mainly dry then july 4th just an isolated storm. we're leaning towards a dry july 4th as well. we'll talk about what you can't bring when we come back. >> that's important too. trending now you're watching this closely. >> and fans may have seen adele perform for the final time. why not everyone is laughing about the giant
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let's talk about what's trending tonight, d.c. is months away from getting its first commercial winery. >> owners of the district winery say they're set to open their doors by the end of the summer. this is a rendering from their website it will be southeast from the yards community not too far from nats park and capitol hill. owners hope the venue will serve as a destination for weddings as well as casual wine tastings. she may still make beautiful music but adele says her touring days might be over. >> she broke the news to her
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she wrote that touring a peculiar thing that doesn't fit her particularly well and she ends by thanking all of her fans. her album 25 brought her record of the year honors as well as other awards at the grammys. >> maybe you sa this picture a couple of days ago, a tsa agent found a 20-pound live lobster in a passenger's check luggage at boston's airport. nothing wrong with the lobster, it was posted in a humorous manner but some people didn't find it funny. the owner of the fish market where that was sold is angry, he said that was dangerous, the live lobster's claws could have been broken off also it shouldn't have been taken out of its cooler in the first place. >> you want to give it the best travel that they can. >> so the tsa hasn't responded
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yet. ultimately the $700 worth of lobsters did make it safely to their destionnati in georgia. >> they can't just be pulling stuff out of your luggage and taking pictures with it. i've got a problem with it. ten years ago today, what some of you are saying about the iconic smartphone one decade later. >> and honoring the men and women who jumped into action during that
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speeds behind. so hurry up and switch to fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo and multi-room dvr service for two years all with a two year agreement. a new warning tonight about the zika virus. cases of the birth defect causing virus have dropped sharply from last year. but it hasn't disappeared co
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in parts of latin america and the caribbean. for now pregnant women are still being urged not to travel the regions where even a few cases of zika have been reported. the consequences can be disastrous for a fetus' brain. republican congressmen who were practicing for the annual charity baseball game, first responders helped rush to the scene to save lives honored for their commitment. >> first responders almost certainly saved lives. >> reading from his congressional record statement virginia congressman thanked first responders who rushed to the ball field in just three minutes to help take down the suspect and bring calm to the chaos. >> disbelief, you know not really believing that this could happen in our backyard and the magnitude ofhe
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number of victims, the fight that had just taken place. but very thankful that our folks survived and were able to eliminate the threat as quickly as possible and render care. >> now an honor they appreciate. >> they do this job out of sense of duty and honor and giving back to the community so when that thanks comes it's just an extra. >> six people were injured including republican congressman steve scalice who was shot in the hip ch he's still in the hospital recovering. the shooter was killed. ten years ago today the iphone changed our lives forever. >> when apple launched its first iphone it wasn't quite this big. people camped
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get their iconic device. they were happy to fork over $499 for the first smartphone. it had a slow internet connection and it couldn't record videos. my how the times have changed. we caught up with people and asked them about their iphones. >> i don't know what we did before an iphone, honestly. >> as you can see i'm a fan. >> i'm going to get an iphone as soon as possible. >> so many years they come out with a new one. >> i feel like they keep making phones just because they want more money. >> i think it would be a lot harder to go back to an android now that i have an iphone. >> if you're team iphone and i'm team android that affects our friendship. >> in the last ten years they've sold 1.(200) 000-0000 iphones. >> i know what we did befe
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1.2 billion iphones. >> i know what we did before the iphone we talked to each other. >> or instead of going over to talk to somebody across the room you text them. >> when i'm upstairs and my wife is downstairs and she texts me i'm like really. that's where we are. >> it was a trip my daughters sat side by side texting in the backseat, so we wouldn't hear what they were saying. >> that was a side conversation between them. they just didn't want you to know. >> probably. all right. we're at the quicken loans day one. it's hot today, not humid. here's what you can't bring in to the tournament, this is kind of obvious but just so you know you don't want to get stopped at security with stuff you can't bring in. here's what you can't bring in, no pets, you can bring in
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chairs, no food, drink, or coolers. and no bags larger than 6x6x6. keep that in mind. we're talking about the squeaked saturday will be the worst day. showers and thunderstorms, some could be in the late morning, they could be on and off all day. then just a short storm on sunday. an isolated storm on tuesday but quite frankly that could be dry as well. that's when the fire works go off on the mall. a couple of showers and storms west of us. but we're all right. check out our maps see where they are, temperatures 90. dew point in the 60s which isn't bad. heat index of 91. 90 tomorrow, 91 on saturday. 90ings sunday, monday,
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90 on tuesday. our average 88. future cast, tonight walking the dog toasty, 84 at 7:00 downtown. still 87 in leesburg. by 10:00 back in the 70s. and generally clear skies, we have a southerly flow for the next few days. by morning some 60s. but the 50s of this morning are gone. the 40 it is of two mornings ago are gone. 73 downtown. by mid-morning we're back in the 70s to almost 80 downtown. and about 78 in bowie. by lunchtime upper 80s. cumberland 86. a couple of showers starting to spark towards cumberland and romney. by evening a couple of showers west of i-80 and i-86 along i-81. then kind of muggy tomorrow nights. 83 generally dry
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leesburg. here mild, southwest winds at about ten. not a bad night, still pretty comfortable in the burbs. still muggy downtown. tomorrow morning, sunshine, breezy, very warm. by afternoon another hot day, and more humid tomorrow too. the good news is it will be a little breezy, southwest winds 10 to 15 help us feel a little bit better. then an isolated storm primarily west of town. the next three days, you know what it's going to be like, hot, hot, hot. round three of the tournament out here, lots of stuff going on, scattered showers and thunderstorms and on off all day. a stray storm on sundays then in the next seven days, monday just generally dry. tuesday again a couple of storms west of town and a better chance for storms next thursday. now ten-year anniversary or birthday of the iphone, also
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used to be the at&t national now it's the quicken loans national. >> do you know where you were ten years ago? >> i do. on the course. >> ten years ago, with beyonce's irreplaceable on the top charts, the biggest movie was departed, it won an oscar k we were all watching madmen for the first season on television. >> jj troy won the tournament that year. he's there again this year hoping to claim the prize. defending champ billy curly the only veteran on the pga tour had to do strong recall to remember where he was in 2007. >> june, july, it would have been darn close to golf. >> and brian odonnel can't forget what he was doing ten years ago. >> he was about a month old so we were adjusting to a new baby. i might haveee
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tournament actually. i come almost every year since it started. >> i love it a lot. this is my first tournament. >> so in his young ten years michael had to think about what's the best thing he had done in his life. >> probably this is one of the best. >> and where was i ten years ago? i was covering this tournament of course. tiger woods had brought the tournament to town. there was a lot of excitement about that. i remember it was very hot, bummer. but it was very cool to follow around tiger. of course his fortunes have sort of changed but he left his legacy in this amazing tournament that helps benefit military families. it's a fantastic event. i have my iphone, so ten years. >> we don't know what we'd do without them. coming up at 6:00 president trump's latest tweet storm sparks a fire storm of condemnation from
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the aisle. . >> outrage over a fake news story that declared the demise of a popular burger joint.
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nothing like a little fake news to strike fear in people of an entire state. this fake story wasn't about russia or politics or the president. bradley blackburn explains. >> reporter: some might say there's. [ indiscernible ] texans love their what a burger and everyone knows their order. >> i got just a burger but i added bacon. >> maybe that's why so many stopped in their tracks when they heard this, a headline posted to facebook from a site called channel 45 news, what a burger announced they would be closing all restaurants in february 2018. >> if what a burger closed i wouldn't eat at fast food restaurants. >> move out of texas. >> move out of texas? >> you don't get them nowhere else. >> good news
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garage. still what aburger took to twitter to set the record straight writing this article is a hoax and we aren't going anywhere. the truth is it's growing the texas tradition started 66 years ago. >> the first what a burger was in corpus christi texas. >> it's expanded to ten different states but what a burger the biggest, they even sell their ketchup in grocery stores. >> the jalapeno ketchup, that's good stuff. >> what a burger serves more than 17 million pounds of this stuff every year. that's enough to fill 200 semi trucks. >> online folks didn't take kindly to being tricked writing y'all i nearly had a heart attack and whoever did this should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. if that hoax comes round again trust your gut, the
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burger disappearing is the one you're eating. >> the closest what a burger is in georgia. criticism from both sides of the aisle over the tweet from president trump. going as far as to say the morning joe host bleeding from a facelift. the president's tweet being called sexist and inflammatory. republican lawmakers once again trying to distance themselves. >> here's the tweet from the president it reads i heard poorly rated morning joe speaks badly about me then how come low iq crazy mika and psycho joe came to mar-a-lago three nights in a row insisting on joining me of she was bleeding badly from a facelift i said no. they were criticizing the fake time magazine cover
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mr. trump's country club. >> nothing makes a man feel better about himself than hanging a fake magazine cover. >> he's covering his hands here because they're tiny. >> deputy white house press sec fair sarah huckabee sanders said the president is defending himself. >> the president is pushing back against people who attack him day after day after day. where's the outrage on that? >> lawmakers sought once again to distant themselves. >> i don't think that's an appropriate comment. what we're trying to do around here is improve the tone and civility of the debate and this obviously doesn't help do that. >> i think it's blatantly sexist, i don't know that there's any question about this. >> i'm tired of hearing disappointed and disturbed it's time somebody looked at him and said listen you crazy lunatic 70-year-old man baby stop


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