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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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adalyn. keep breathing. >> parents still waiting for answers. >> one of the hardest thing i did in my life was to plan a funeral for a son that was 31 years old. >> tonight opening up about their son and his death
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first television interview. that's right now at wusa 9 at 11:00. >> it was months since sterling was front in the headlines. >> first we want to get you up to speed on the case. >> first he was 31 when dc police shot and killed him. he lived in washington what washington and worked as a hvac technician. well known and liked. >> they were looking for a motorcycle rider reportedly driving erratically near 17th and u street. they caught up with what sounded liabling the dripgs description. that's when sterling rammed hiss motorcycle into his car. it looked like an accident to them. brian trainer opened fire, killing the motorcyclist. sterling did not have a weapon. >> next the investigation.
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camera until 1 to 2 minutes after the shooting. once it does it shows a graphic scene, with one officer attempting to give sterling cpr. the officer's name was released a day after. there was anger, but the protests were not as violent as those in other cities, where police officers shot and killed unarmed black men. >> two police officers involved in sterling's death are still on paid administrative leave. u.s. attorney's office won't comment on where their investigation stands. >> it's been 9 months since police shot and killed sterling and for his parents it's been an excruciating wait for answers. they have remained silent until tonight. they have agreed to their first and only interview. >> i want to thank you. >> thank you. >> for giving me this
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opportunity to tell your story. you know, we met at the time, and been in this living room, sat and talked and it was a different time then. >> yes. >> uh-huh. >> you were in a different space. i remember, mr. sterling, when i first came we spoke at the doorway and you said my priorities is my wife and my daughter. . >> right. their sanctity and their being able to stay sane because of what happened and the strain and the stress that we were under as a family. we needed time. >> has some of that lifted. >> not all the way. probably won't be the same again in the rest of our lives because a part of us is missing. my son was
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family. he stayed in this house with us. i saw him every day, morning and evening, we want to be able to move forward and move on but we can't because we stuck here and want to know what actually happened with him and what are the authorities doing in terms of -- because we are not getting any feedback because what they are doing , i mean, there has been investigation, grand jury, i mean, but we still don't have any answers to what happened with our son. we have tried to be patient and asking god to give us patients and people rally around us and help us get through the situation, but your patience have a point, too, they come to an end and want to know what's going on. >> she said is this your son and she
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make it. . >> one of the hardest things i ever did in my life was to sit down and somewhere to plan a funeral for a son that was 31 years old. we sat down and had a dinner a week before my son died. having a good time, laughing app talking and talk k about how things are going for us and what my son and daughter were going to do in their future lives and being able to laugh and rally around together and have a good time. the next week he was gone and we still don't have answers as to what really happened to him. this isn't like me against the police department or anybody. it's just
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happened and getting justice for my son. >> he wasn't ready to go. someone decided to take him. that's where a lot of my anger stems from. he didn't have a choice. he chose. they chose. >> and then if you met him, you would never, ever forget him. he had a smile that would strike you at your heart. and if he had to and you needed it, he would give you the shirt off his back. >> his birthday is july 31st. he would have been 32-year-old. his friends are plan ago memorial on that -- planning a memorial on that day. friends were purposefully
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part of the demonstration and protest because they say terrence was a man of peace. they want to honor their life and legacy and control the message and that's why they chose to speak tonight. >> we have heard so much about how terrence sterling died, but we don't know a lot about how he lived. who was he? >> he was an amazing man, 31 years old, lived at home. very close to his sister, crystal who you saw there. went to church, was very close with his friends and family, well loved by his community and the folks that he worked with. he -- i have been working this story for a long time. i have met a lot of people. i have talked to a lot of sources in this story and no one has ever said anything negative about terrence at all. >> you can still tell from this family the enormity of thes,
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if it happened yesterday. thank you. sterling's death led to protests, largely peaceful ones. that was not the case in other cities that same year. july 5th baton rouge, louisiana police shot alton sterling, no relation, several times at close range why holding him on the ground. he had a gun if his pocket, not clear if he reached for it. same day, an officer called philando castile while he was in a car with his daughter. castile had told officers he had a weapon on him. july 18th, north miami, florida, police shot carl, take care of a patient with awestism. he was negotiating with
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officers and the patient. before the shooting he laid on the grounds with his hands raised asking officers not to shoot. ken see survived and 10 days after terrence sterling was killed, charlotte, north carolina police shot keith lamont scot in a parking complex. police say he had a gun. his family say he did not. those were among the 963 people shot and killed by police officers in 2016. that's according to research at the washington post. and right now can deal ya'sen edited interview is on wusa the supreme court ruled most of it was constitutional last week. john henry headed for
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airport for the firsthand look. >> when the first travel ban went into effect we haven't seen families worried they may be split up. that said, the concern is still out there. then the supreme court stepped in and said certain parts could continue. the ban still applies to these six predominantly muslim countries in middle east and africa. that said, there are certain groups of people that can travel from america from them. students accepted by american colleges and those with close relatives here in the states are allowed in. who is a close relative? government says it includes parents children, aunts. a group of lawyers here at the airport fear that rule is going the divide families. muslims are having to jump through hooped.
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price of oil is dropping, but the price you are paying at the pump isn't getting cheaper. you asked. we will verify. let's talk about temperatures. low 90s sunday, maybe 90 on the 4th. we will come back and find out which days will be dry and which days stormy. >> and ready to make something complex pretty simple, thanks to an assist,
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a rap from our area is doing just that, taking on this issue with his talent. tonight activists got to hear this for the first time with stephanieny
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today we are loon listening to a song playing opt radio he goes by logic. >> hopefully i am never there. but i know a lot of people who have. >> the song is called 1800-237-8755. that's the national suicide prevention number. >>  i'm out of my mind. i don't want to be alive.  . >> that's something hard to listen to when you have lost one to suicide. >> my daughter has had two suicide in her school in the last six months. >> but the song takes a turn  i want you to be alive  . >> it's difficult to listen to, but
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hopeful message and one that resonates with me and i hope wrez nates with a -- resonates with a lot of people that there are a lot of help available. unfortunately i lost my friends. hopefully if we work together people will hold on to their loved ones. >> this rapper is getting some praise by the american foundation for suicide prevention. if you want to know more or want to find resources for help or help someone, we have got the link to this story on our website and on our wusa 9 app. long holiday weekend on the way. all the experts say you will be gassing up. won't this be fun hanging out in traffic. aaa say almost a million area will be taking a trip. if you want to avoid, leaf now, seriously. call in sick when you are hundreds of miles away. gas prices,
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bad. down 12 cents a gallonful but we are getting questions, asking to verify why prices aren't even lower than they are now because the price of crude oil is in the toilet right now, so shouldn't gas be cheaper? the average cost of gas, these bars here, dc and blue is the national average. so a year ago we were paying $2.53, the national average would you say $2.49. down 10 cents nationally, the average has only gone down 5 cents. so crude oil hit a 7-month load on june 21st. give my best impression. they have been dropping and dropping and june 21st they are down to 11 bucks a barrel in april. now coming back
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you would think they would be closely tied. >> 50% of the change of crude oil price is reflected at the pump in two weeks also tells us summer blended gasoline costs more to make and we are driving more in the summer, so higher demand, higher cost. so while we can tell you prices will probably head back up as crude continues to do so, we can verify that, bam, gas prices are lowest levels of the year and safe some coin as you road trip about this weekend. in recent weeks we have been tells you about the paws act, puppies assisting wounded service members. it's a bipartisan bill that would offer service dogs to veterans. we realized americans don't actually know how a bill becomings law. we sent photo journalist john and
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training nigel to capitol hill to show us the process. >> how does the bill become law? it all starts with an idea, nigel brought his to congressman jamie rasmus, his representative. >> nigel, are you ready for your res son? egg we introduce the legislation, by dropping it on the floor of the house of represent iowa state fair. it gets assigned to a committee and if everything is working well, there will be a hearing in the committee, maybe a subcommittee first. >> this part of the process -- >> can take a long time. >> and discussed and possibly changed. >> where does it go next. >> to the house of representatives and they will vote on it and if they like it, it will go to the senate. >> and if it passes exactly the same place, then you have got legislature that is passed to the president.
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don't match, it goeses to a conference committee. >> and they argue and argue. >> until they both agree y egg w we like the version of it. >> and they hammer out their differences and come up with a consensus and the house and senate vote again. if that vote passes the bill heads down pennsylvania avenue to the white house, there the president has two options. >> veto it. >> if if the president signs it, the bill comes law. >> the paws act it was introduced simultaneously in the house and senate. a bill can also originate on the senate side but both congress has to pass the bill before it heads to the president. >> a feedback from you is a critical part of democracy. if you want to tell congress about how you feel about the paws act, we have got the contact information on our website and
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support that to give dogs those with pogs traumatic stress. topper, had a shower and nice and clean. . >> yeah, thought we would have a bull's eye on 3 degree. wet went for 90, we were ghost, 91. we are going to go 90 tomorrow, which is a little low. we will keep it there, increasing humidity. right now toasty, dew point low 60s, we go through the week and into the weekend, low 70s and will become more comfort. friday hot and humid. better chance i-81. saturday yellow alert for thunderstorms. and early afternoon and nighttime hours. sunday and monday just hot, but main by dry. 4tot
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so pretty typical pattern in terms of the july 4th weekend. good weather for yellow alert. we issued that yesterday. and dry monday and 4th isolated storms. i'm pretty confident about the fireworks at the mall on tuesday. early in the morning not as comfortable as it has been. 74 downtown, some 60s, 72 in fairfax, by 9:00, already near 80. in fact 78 as far north as hagerstown and 77 in me nas sis. by lunchtime 90 and there are showers, petersburg, chances of showers i-81 and west into the mountains. i think tomorrow night, if you have plans, generally dry. by 10:00, cloudy, maybe a sprinkle here and there, but for the most part dry and revved up again on saturday.
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70s to start. 79 by 9:00, 84 by 11:00 and almost 90 by 1:00 and dry through the med row area. saturday storms 91 and just a stray. monday ice lated storm on tuesday just a spray storm and then storms to the west on wednesday and then much better
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now wusa 9 game on sports, brought to you by xfinity. >> the right hand, right wrist. hope it's okay. >> yaeshgs double whammy for the nats tonight with their i fourth and final meeting with the cubs.
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ttrairurne out indefinitely. it is broken. >> oh, know, i know the wrist problem. >> great short stop, going to miss him and add insult to injury as the bull pen in the middle of the ninth blew a 2-run lead, gives up three runs, cubs win 5-4. they are celebrating 10. at least somebody is celebrating something. quicken loans national, hits the decade mark this year. he's here again this year defending champ billy hurshly had to do some strong recall to remember where he was. >> june, july, would have been darn close to the persian gulf if i wasn't there, depending on when it happened in 2007. >> and brian dart knelt didn't forgett
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>> we were adjusting to a new baby. i might have been to this tournament. i came every year since it started. >> i love it. it's amazing. this is my first tournament. >> in his young 10 years michael had to think about what's the best thing he has done in his life. >> probably -- this is one of the best. >> as for me 10 years ago, i was covering this tournament. it was called the at&t national, but same tournament brought here by tiger woods and still here with the legacy of
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that's our time for
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