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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  July 3, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> quijano: good evening, i'm elaine quijano. president trump spent much of this day on the phone with european leaders preparing for his upcoming trip. but he still found time to fire salvos at the media. among his tweets at some point the fake news will be forced to discuss our great jobs numbers, strong economy, success with isis, the border and so much else. as chip reid reports, there is no ceasefire on the horizon. >> reporter: today's tweet follows a weekend of press bashing by the president including this video that he also tweeted. it shows him tackling and pretending to viciously attack a wrestlemania executive ten years ago, during a performance called battle of the billionaires. the new version was edited so that the president, a long-time fan of wrestlemania, appears to be punching the logo of cnn. press organizations condemned the president's tweet as inciting violence
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journalists. this tweet is beneath the office of the presidency, one group said. sadly st not beneath this president. >> i think that no one would perceive that as a threat, i hope they don't. >> reporter: thomas bossert, white house homeland security adviser defended the president. >> i'm pretty proud of the president for developing a twitter and a social media platform where he can talk directly to the american people. >> reporter: it's unclear who created the edited version of the video that the president tweeted but it appears to have been posted first on reddit five days ago by someone with a his history of racist messages. just last week white house spokeswoman sarah huckabee sanders was asked if the president's tweets and comments sometime create an atmosphere of violence. >> the president in no way form or fashion has ever promoted or encouraged violence. >> i would like to punch him in the face, i'll tellia. >> but on the campaign trail mr. trump sometimes sounded like he was encouraging violence against protestors. >> so if you see somebody
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getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you, seriously, okay. just knock the hell-- i promise you, i will pay for the legal fees, i promise. >> reporter: in one of his tweet this weekend, the president told his critics, quote, my use of social media is not presidential, it is modern day presidential. so welcome to the modern age. elaine? >> quijano: chip reid at the white house, chip, thanks. new jersey governor chris chris ye was busted by the media over the weekend enjoying time at a beach that he had shut down. first he denied getting any sun. then essentially said too bad. here's don dahler. >> reporter: in a series of photos that have elicited outrage and mockery, chris christie, his family and friends can be seen lounging outside one of got governor's houses at island state beach park, a park closed to everyone else because of a three day old budget showdown. on saturday the governor was unapologetic.
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>> it's the way it goes. run for governor and you can have the residence. >> reporter: in a phone interview with a local tv station today when asked about all those who weren't allowed on the beach, chris ye said. >> well, i'm sorry they're not the governor. >> reporter: on this long weekend when new jersey residents and tourists would be soaking up the sun on state beaches and parks, they are being turned away. >> it's a holiday weekend wa, about all the kids that had birthday parties and paid to rent, to have a barbecue here. it's not fair. >> reporter: one of nine states that failed to pass a budget by saturday, new swrersee joined maine in putting in place a partial government shutdown. christie says he has no choice but to shutter all but essential state services which in new jersey includes its tax cash cows. race tracks and casinos. they remain open. the budgetary impasse is over a bill christie once passed that overhauls the state's largest insurance provider. the governor has drawn a line in the sand over the issue, threatening
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in democratic proposals if the legislature doesn't do his bidding. this afternoon christie took to twitter to encourage new jerseyans to enjoy the other nonstate run beaches which are reportedly more crowded than usual. on one of those beaches there were cheers as a plane flew overhead pulling a ban thary read, tell governor christie, get the hell off island beach state park. here at liberty state park tourists who would ordinarily be catching the ferry to visit ellis island or the statue of liberty are being turned away. chris christie's job approval rating is at 15%. that is the lowest for any governor of any state since quinnipiac university began making such surveys. elaine, he has just six more months on the job. >> quijano: don dahler, thanks. president trump and pope francis are offering to help a terminally ill baby in britain. his parents want to bring him to the u.s. for treatment.
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and courts have said no. charlie d'agata is in london, charlie gard was born happy healthy baby 11 months ago but he was suffering from an extremely rare genetic condition. now he can't see, hear, move, cry or breathe on his own. he thought to be one of only 16 children in the world with this condition, incurable, doctors said, and the hospital applied to the british courts to take charlie off life-support. but his desperate parents chris gard and connee yates want to take charlie to the u.s. for an experimental treatment instead. the pope's statement this weekend backed up charlie's parents. as did today's tweet by president trump. if we can help little charlie gard as per our friends in the u.k. and the pope, we would be delighted to do so. it's not clear what the pope or the president can do to help. charlie's parents mean time have ed
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for medical treatment in the u.s. >> we don't want to live we don't want to not have this opportunity. >> at the same time f it was up there with machines, with wires coming out, clearly in pain, clerly suffering, we wouldn't be doing it. >> but the british courts decision sided with the doctors that further treatment would only prolong charlie's suffering. his mother's anguish was apparent. >> permission to appeal must be refused. >> no! >> reporter: with their legal appeals exhausted, the family says they're slowly getting ready to say good-bye to their son. in the hospitals justification for refusing charlie's travel to the united states, it argued that the little boy had already suffered extensive brain damage, elaine, and that no treatment can reverse that. >> quijano: charmie-- charlie d'agata, thanks. the family of a pennsylvania teenager shot to death during a road rage attack said today it's relieved that a suspect turned
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28 year old david desper faces multiple charges including first degree murder. police say desper shot 18 year old bianca roner-- roberson last wednesday as they tried to merge into a single lane near philadelphia. roberson was to start college this fall. in boston today a taxi plowed into a group of cab drivers who were gathered at an outdoor break area near logan airport. ten were taken to hospitals. one of them in serious condition. police say it appears to have been an accident. the driver hit the gas instead of the brakes. federal investigators are looking into what caused an engine to burst into flames on a regional jet as it landed yesterday in denver. everybody on board got out. here's transportation correspondent kris van cleave. >> set to evacuate. >> reporter: first responders worked quickly sunday afternoon spraying foam to douse the flames after an engine caught fire on this crj700 regional
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>> 5869, we're observing flames from here. >> reporter: it happened just after the plane landed at denver international airport around 2:15 after taking off from aspen, colorado, about a half hour earlier. >> all fire is extinguished. and start search and rescue efforts inside the aircraft. >> looking at the pictures, i saw some fuel dripping at the bottom of the engine, that looks like it will be some sort of a ruptured fuel line. >> reporter: flight 5869 was a united express flight operated by sky west airlines with 59 passengers and four crew members on board. they used stairs to evacuate. this aircraft is not equipped with emergency slides. no one was hurt. in a statement, sky west said the plane experienced engine issues. the faa says the plane reported a tire on fire which then spread to the engine kowling. the plane has been taken out of service while the faa works to determine e
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fire. kris van cleave, cbs news, washington. >> quijano: in iraq today isis says female suicide bombers attacked iraqi soldiers in mosul killing one. it was an act of des operation. u.s.-backed iraqi forces are close to recapturing the entire city. in syria, isis is surrounded in raqqa with several competing armies jocking for position. holly williams is in northern syria. >> reporter: in the dusty village of yulani, half wrecked by artillery and now nearly emptied of its residents lies one of the strangest front lines in the world. this area is under the control of these u.s.-backed fighters. but if you look over here, about 500 yards away, that is syrian regime territory and they are backed by russia and iran. and then if you look down here about a mile in that direction, those are positions that belong to syrian rebels. >> and they're backed by turkey. and if you are
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worry, because so are many of the people who live and fight here. >> some of the globe's most powerful militaries are vying for influence in syria. the local commander at the u.s.-backed forces shiar gari told us their vek times have been to syrian people. >> can you see anyway that this war can be ended? >> it will take a long time, he told us. we could be here for another ten years. syria's bloody civil war is also full of contradictions. the u.s. and turkey are allies, but here in syria they back groups that are fighting each other. the u.s. says its troops aren't here to fight the syrian regime but last month it shot down a regime fighter jet. in the nearby is i of manbij their battle scared and weary. in six years of civil war it's already changed hands three
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times. ahmed is a falafel maker who scrapes by here, supporting his entire family on $3 a day. we're so tired of war, he told us. we feel like we're already dead. the u.s. sent troops to syria specifically to help fight isis. how far the u.s. will go to support its syrian allies once isis has been driven out is an open question, elaine. as is how long american service members will stay here in syria. >> quijano: holly williams, thanks. china's president xi jinping gave president trump an earful last night when they spoke by phone. the two men will pete in person this week at the g20 conference in germany. ben tracy reports xi was upset that a u.s. destroyer sailed close to a disputed island claimed by china. >> reporter: the chinese government says the u.s.s. stet ddz em a navy war shep was trespassing in its waters when it passed
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coast of a small island in the south chiern-- china sea. the united states disputes china claims to the area and accuses the chinese government of building a military airstrip on one of its manmade islands. china's foreign ministry accused the u.s. of what it called a serious political and military provocation. this is the second pass of a u.s. navy ship off the island since president trump took office. it comes just days after the u.s. announced it is selling 1.4 billion dollars worth of weapons to tie want, which is also angered the chinese government. the relationship that president trump and chinese president xi appeared to form this spring at their meeting in florida now seems strained at best. president trump had hoped china would put enough pressure on north korea that it would abandon its weapons program. instead, it continues to fire missiles. that prompted the trump administration to impose sanctions on a chinese bank last week, accusing it
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fund north korea's activities. according to state media here in china, president xi told president trump during their phone call that progress between the two nations was being impacted by, quote, negative factors. elaine, that should make for an interesting face to face at the end of the week in germany at the g20. >> quijano: ben tracy, thanks. coming up next on the cbs evening news, we'll go diving with the volunteers working to save florida's dying coral reefs. later, venus williams gets emotional when asked about a fatal car crash.
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>> quijano: a study by the u.n. says most coral reefs could be gone in 30 years. florida's barrier reef is among those threatened and the race is on to turn the tide.
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here's manual bojorquez. >> south florida's beaches are iconic. but was' below the water is spectacular. a maiz of coral that stretches 300 nautical miles and is home to hundreds of marine plants and animals. that reef is disappearing says university of miami marine biologist stephanie schopmeyer. >> over the past 30 to 40 years we have seen them disasically not recovering, changes in the whatter chem cree, overfishing, pollution. >> quijano: . >> reporter: if ten years parts have lost nearly half the coral. they she is with rescue the reef. >> how important is that to what you do? >> it's very important. any time a citizen scientist comes out with us, we are able to put more corals on the reef than we would normally be able to. >> reporter: it's like underwater gardening. they harvest newly grown coral from one
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to transplant to another securing them to the ocean floor. planting them is a delicate time-consuming process. >> here we're doing a stress test. >> biologist ross kunning is monitoring the survival rate. >> we're trying to identify which corals are able to withstand warming temperatures. >> reporter: billions of dollars are at stake from fishing to tourism. the reef also helps protect against beach he roques-- erosion and another major threat hurricanes. >> they can reduce the magnitude of the storm surge and flooding that might occur, so they act as a first line of defense against storm surge. >> reporter: rescue a reef has already replanted 2,000 corals. >> all right. how did it go. >> great. >> reporter: this was natalie's mertel's first dive. >> the creatures can't live and without oceans, there's no life. >> reporter: so these divers vow to keep doing that, one coral at a tme
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manual bojorquez, cbs news, miami. >> when we come back, golfers we ware, there is a moose on the loose.
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>> quijano: venus williams won her match at wimbledon today but the five time champion broke down after being asked about a fatal car accident in florida last month. >> there's really no words to describe, like, how devastating and yeah, i-- qud a 78 year old man died of injuries from the crash. his family is now suing williams. she has not been charged in the case. golf courses are full of natural hazards. in sweden, they include moose. one golfer used a tree to protect himself after a close encounter, he ran for it with a poos close behind. a lucky getaway but he may have dropped a stroke. next, the mighty eagle soars once more.
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>> quijano: a bald weeing el is receiving medical care in washington this independence day weekend. it was found on a dc street saturday afternoon injured and unable to fly. not long ago this symbol of america's strength and freedom was hard to find anywhere in the u.s. but chip reid reports the bald eagle is back. >> in south eastern virginia, near the chess a peak bay-- chesapeake a. >> some people complain about their commute to work, to the me. >> reporter: expert climber shane lawler scales the highest trees in the forest. >> looks like we got two,
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>> reporter: because that is where bald eagles live. while their parents circle and complain high above. >> bot it. >> the five week old twins are gently placed in a bag and lowered to the ground. >> go with the flow, at this age. >> where wildlife biologist brian watts and his team take over. they fit the dazed birds with i.d. bands and give them physical exams that most humans would envy. >> they are in pretty good shape. >> yes, this bird is great. >> watts is director of the college of william and mary's center for conservation biology. he has monitered the health of the bald eagle population in virginia for 30 years. progress has been stunning, starting in 1972 when the deadly pesticide ddt was banned. >> if we had not banned ddt and passed the endangered species act, where would the bald eagle be today. >> the eagles would be gone from the bay. n
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breeding pairs left in virginia but watch how their numbers grew on the james river. last year virginia had more than a thousand breeding pairs. in all, 25 to 30,000 bald eagles vitsity the chesapeake bay region each year. watts says their recovery is one of the greatest conservation success stories in american history. >> the most grat tieing-- gratifying part of that is the knowledge that we did that, you know, not the small we as a conservation community but the large we of the american people. >> we the people should be proud, he says, that our national symbol has come soaring back from the brink of extinction. chip reid, cbs news, near jamestown, virginia. >> well, magnificent sight. that is the cbs evening news. i'm elaine quijano. have a great fourth of july. good night.
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a lot of people on the road and in town for the fourth of july holiday weekend. busy through wednesday. a lot of roads will be closed for events here. preparations underway at the national mall for some of the biggest celebrations of the country. thousands of people are expected for the national independence day parade and capital concert. good evening. bruce is off for a couple days. everyone has the question tonight. will rain interfere with holiday plans for the fourth? >> i can't say completely no. we will have spotty showers and storms tomorrow afternoon and evening. in the wrong spot at the wrong time. people are like, why can you say that?


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