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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 4, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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tonight, e.t.'s guide to the most exciting events of the summer. >> oh! i like that. >> must-see movies,ce con artsnd tv. >> i get eaten by a agdron. that's what happens. >> "game of thrones" secrets. bachelorettes bombshells and how rashad jenning
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the heat on the "dancing with the stars" tour. >> how hot is it going to get? >> temperature wise? >> you know what we're talking about. then, tlc back in the spotlight. only we are on the set of their new music video. plus the summer's hottest tours from lady gaga to the surprising couple of the concert season, lionel richie and mariah carey? >> you want what? god help us both. >> now for july 3rd, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> thanks for joining us. tonight's show is about summer excitement and the big events in the weeks to come. >> i know we're talking about summer but i'm excited about winter. they made us wait more than a year, but "game of thrones" is back and now is a real-life wedding in the works for two of its stars? >> yeah, i've moved in with my other best friend, rose. so i'm very, very happy and it's -- aw. it's going well. she's got all sorts of ideas for the house.
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>> kit harrington and rose leslie have terurned their on-screen romance to their official we're living together status. leave it to nicole kidman to pressuring him to popping the question. >> are you going to get married? >> oh wow. >> if you're going to live together, at least get engaged. i'm working hard for her here. >> put on the spot by nicole kidman. >> step by step, step by step. >> yes, yes. i was born to rule the seventh kingdom and i will. >> "game of thrones" is hbo's most popular show ever. with 25 million fans watching season six, expectations are high for season seven starting july 16th. what we can't wait to see? how about ed sheeran's cameo. >> the scene i did with mazey. i liked it, i liked it. nothing exciting. we just have a conversation. i feel like my cameo has been
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built up too much and people will be like, oh, all right. like, it's not an integral part of it at all. i'm just in it. >> mother of dragons, emilia clarke,told us she wants to see more nude scenes. not for her. for her hot male co-stars. >> yeah, damn straight. yes. >> who's at the top of that list for you? >> i mean, there's so many choices. >> many fans are hoping for a return of amelia's on-screen husband, hot jason momoa. even though he died, he gave hope when hi posted this shot with kit saying, back to work. now the question is who will survive this season, with 190-plus deaths on the show, no one's off limits from being killed off. >> i get upset with every death. we can no longer have a death party for them because otherwise we're spending too much money now buying people drinks, you know. it's like everyone dies. i get eaten by a dragon. that's what happens. that's not a spoiler. that's a joke. i'ly
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>> no eaten by a dragon? >> no. >> now listen, season seven hasn't even started airing yet and i'm already sad. i am because hbo confirmed that the next season, season eight is it, they're done. yeah, they're going to start shooting -- >> say it ain't so. >> it is so. they're going to start shooting later this year. >> i don't know how they're going to keep it quiet. >> i don't know. mariah carey is the reigning queen diva and joined forces with lionel richie. yep, they are hitting the road for one of summer's biggest tours. ♪ >> very exciting. he's a legend and he's written some of the greatest songs of all time. ♪ oh what a feeling when we're dancing on the ceiling ♪ >> will you all sing a duet? >> i actually sang a song of his with luther vandross. >> oh.
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>> there you go. you win the prize. ♪ my endless love >> that's a great idea. i have to tell you. boy, "endless love". >> lionel jokes mariah will have a dressing room larger than the arena and adds the tour will be camp city because mimi is such a diva because the 68-year-old rs just happy the show will go on after a medical meremergency. >> i had a torn meniscus. the guy said you have to stop. i went through a series of withdrawals and they go, lionel, it's not the end of your career. but i feel great though. back to normal. >> right now he's a contender to be an "american idol" judge in 2018. he could get tips from former judge mariah who's finishing her show in las vegas this month. >> will you take the babies? >> dem babies. >> they're ch
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they're myonel's baby, nicole, w 35, all grown up and a big fan of her dad. >> i already requested 500 tickets, and i said i'm not exaggerating. i need 500 to your and mariah's show. i'm so excited. >> did she really ask you for 500 tickets? >> i am going to tell you that is a true statement. >> really? >> she's flying into the city with a plane load of her friends. she's worrying me to death. i'm losing money with my own daughter. you know what i'm saying? >> what a year it has been for another divine diva, lady gaga. she kicks it off with a spectacular subl halftime show and then started shooting the remake of "a star is born" with bradley cooper. and she's on the edge of glory again as she launches her own tour. ♪ i'm on the edge of glory >> every show is important, whether it's aar
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small o garden or a super bowl halftime show, you always want to give everything. >> gaga's concert prep, a workout andtr setching before she goes on stage. but think the 31-year-old star uses auto tune before her performances? >> no way. >> give me a voice warmup? >> hallelujah. i'm the warrior queen, passionately tonight. >> go gaga will also deliver amazing fashion and great attention to detail when it comes to accessories. she'll make 60 stops on her world tour which sold out in minutes and it's safe to say that her co-star bradley cooper will come check out a show. >> i was born to make music. i was born this way. i just want to keep going and going on tour. i can't wait to see the fans. >> gaga's tour is so big that it actually features two separate
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europe and she's going to be headliningfeival in september. that is one of the biggest music festivals on the planet. ♪ don't go chasing waterfalls let's keep this tour theme going because also hitting the road, well, only the top selling american girl group in history. yes, i am talking of course about tlc, and kevin frazier, well, he was like a giddy little kid when the ladies invited him to creep onto the set of their new music video. ♪ i don't want no scrubs >> we're headlining our summer tour this summer. >> our i love the 90s tour. >> how is touring going to be different this time around? >> it's going to be fun, a lot of energy. people who grew up with us have kids now. ♪ >> we look out in the audience and we see, you know, like 0-year-olds and stuff and i'm not lying, when it's time to sing "red light special" a
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kids are right there -- ♪ give you the red light special ♪ >> the gyrating kind of slows down a little bit. >> because back in the day -- >> people were like red -- all that gyration. >> we weren't thinking about that then. >> tion t boz, row zan da and lisa left eye. the ladies keep her spirit alive in their music, their name and their fashion. >> one of them. yep. >> she's always with us. >> she's on youtube. >> fans always tell us how they can feel her energy. even with "ain't too proud to beg" -- ♪ if i need it in the morning or the middle of the
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>> t boz told us she's getngng brain tumor removed 11 years ago. check out how kevin just slipped in a question to chili about those nick cannon dating rumors. >> i really do love nick cannon. i thought that y'all were going to -- i had hope. nick is my guy. >> you brought that out of the blue. >> i was like -- oh. >> we're just friends. >> okay, all right. >> yeah. >> tlc has a lot of celebrity friends including katy perry who donated $5,000 to the band's kickstarter campaign funding their new self-titled album, tlc. she won a sleep over. >> what was that like, hanging with katy. >> we haven't done that yet. where are you girl? we have our onsies. xtne, we're with the rising stars of the new spider-man. plus jessica biel on her return to tv. >> she spends a goo
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it wouldn't be a fourth of july week without a blockbuster action movie to see. this year that honor goes to spider-man homecoming which opens on friday and the franchise is getting a fresh start with a brand new web slinger, tom holland. >> you get the call, you're going to be in a marvel movie, spider-man. what was your reaction? >> i went nuts, jumped out of bed, screaming and sh
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proceededamnd cry in ahn moton >> i was extremely excited but i was like, cool, you know. >> it's a whole new cast. peter parker and friends have always been high schoolers. the original spidey is 42 now, followed by andrew garfield, now 33. enter the much closer to high school, tom holland, who's 21. >> our movie takes place on such a different backdrop, having a character exist with other superheroes. >> part of the avengers universe. >> i can keep that suit? >> yeah. >> we're in the marvel universe and seeing a completely different version of spider-man. >> peter park eer is an intern r robert downey's tony star. >> good luck out there. >> modern reboot. >> adventure? >> basically. >>t aun may is back played by oscar
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one thing will never change. spidey's son will always be death defying. >> i will go as far as they wanted me to go until they would stop. >> before this movie hits theaters, producers confirmed a sequel is already in the works. that movie will be coming out in 2019. ahead, bachelor rachel on her difficult decision to find the perfect man. her chemistry with the fellow contestan contestants. who should she choose? >> i didn't think there would be that many. then rashard jennings, his love life. >> the way i date is kirky. then what justin timberlake thinks about his wife jessica bi biel's disturbing new tv role. closed captioning provided by --
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sin sin. there is no doubt that max is either going to have the biggest summer of their lives because they're tying the not. congratulations to you two. their national tour is in full swing. >> when did you become okay with sparkles and sequins? when did that sit well with you? >> probably about like 15 years ago. >> you were wearing them before "dancing with the stars"? >> oh yeah, i was suggesting these things. >> i love it. >> listen, i'm the type of person that likes to see what can i get away with. right? and so being on this show ald loweme to express all of that. >> all: "dancing with the stars" live! >> now the mirror ball
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his partner are dancing their way america. ♪ >> so this tour is called hot summer nights. how hot is itng goi to get, sir? >> temperature-wise? what are we talking about? >> you know what we're talking about. >> plan to be hot, fidenitely. i'm going to give the people what they came to see. >> rashad, his abs and the rest of the pros kicked off the show last month. the running back was originally scheduled to appear at every stop but starting next week "glee" star heather morris will step in while he takes off the rest of july to focus on football and getting picked up by an nfl team. rashad will be back on stage next month for the remaining 12 shows, and with such a busy schedule the single 32-year-old doesn't have much time for dating. >> so would you do "the bachelor"? >> i couldn't do it. >> no? >> no way i could be running around kissing 30 different girls at the same time. that ain't my swag. that's not my swag. that's not -- it doesn't mean itything.
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i'm a romantic at heart, i can't help myself. but the way i date is quirky and fun and spontaneous. >> you put people through obstacle courses? >> oh yeah, mentally, definitely. >> the "dancing with the stars" tour wraps up august 13th. the next season of "the bachelor"ette will be here before we know it. we all want to know will rachel find her mr. right? >> it's a journey. i was surprised with how many guys i connected with. i didn't think there would be that many if any at all. >> the dallas lawyer has strong connections with each of the remaining six men, making her final decision even more difficult. >> i'm truly falling in love with you. >> from the beginning, brian has been a front-runner, winning the first impression rose and the first kiss with rachel. >> he's a passionate guy and a good kisser. >> she told us she's looking for someone confident
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the 37-year-old chiropractor. >> i likebrian. i like brian a lot. >> brian has competition in peter. >> he walked out of the limo and i said okay. i mean, he is very versiy handsome. >> for rachel, the attraction is more than physical. >> what i love about peter is i feel like he gets me. >> but 26-year-old fan favorite dean makes her laugh, a quality she wants in a husband. >> it does not hurt that he is so handsome, has such a great smile. i could stare into those blue eyes all night. >> rachel already revealed she's very much in love and engaged, but she's confident fans will keep guessing up until that final rose ceremony airs on august 7th. >> you won't be able to figure it out. like, you will see me go along and struggle with it and back and forth and it was a hard decision for me. so i think that the way that i ne fell in love with him, america will too. >> whoever wins her heart, don't try to argue with her. she's an attorney, she's always
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speaking of couples, one of the most adorable twosomes has to be justin timberlake and jessica biel but i'm not sure justin expected his lady love to lo like this. jessica plays a mother who commits murder in "the sinner". >> no interaction with him before today? >> i've never met him in my life. >> why kill him? >> jessica gets a major makeunder to play cora, a young mom who murders a man and can't remember why. >> to not have extra stuff, hair and makeup, that wouldn't make any sense anyway. she spends aec dent amount of time incarcerated. >> i'm sorry. >> based on a novel, jessica is also an executive producer and says hubby justin has been her biggest cheerleader. >> he's really excited for me. he's been a huge supporter of this all along. i think h
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show for what down by the fact that he's seeing me in a very different light. >> i think there's something wrong with me. >> some of the scenes are super heavy, so how does this mama shake it off before coming home to now 2-year-old silas? >> honestly as a mom, you don't really have the choice. you can't be, you know, smoldering in the corner like, oh, this scene i did. no time for it. make dinner, get him to bed. >> wow, "the sinner" airs august 2nd on usa. everybody is dying for this story about an asteroid that is six months away from colliding with the earth and that starts on july 12th. >> in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which mission impossible star worked as a busboy in new york? the answer is coming up next. >> can i say all of them? >> i don't
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welcome back to the show, t which mission impossible star worked as a busboy in new york? that would be tom cruise who today turns 55. >> can you imagine remembering him as your busboy? >> crazcrazy. we are out of time but take a look at what we have for you tomorrow. >> we salute the wonder women of hollywood. >> this is the role of my dreams. >> from gal gadot to the new superstar mom and alma clooney's s.twin and how janet jackson is back in control after her split. plus celine dion. tomorrow on e.t. -- captions by vitac --
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opportunity. >> at the same time if he was up there with machines, wires coming out of everywhere, clearly in pain, clearly suffering, we wouldn't be standing here now. >> no. >> the british courts decision sided with the doctors that further treatment would only prolong charlie's suffering. his mother's anguish was apparent. >> permission to appeal must be refused. with their legal appeals exhausted, the family says they're slowly getting ready to say good-bye to their son. >> in the hospitals justification for refusing charlie's travel to the united states, it argued that the little boy had already suffered extensive brain damage, elaine, and that no treatment can reverse that. >> thanks. the cbs "overnight news" will be right back.


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