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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  July 5, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the trump administration is trying to figure out the next step in response to the growing threat of north korea, now that the country has launched a missile capable of reaching america.
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for joining us. north korean officials claim they can put a nuclear warhead on the missile but u.s. intelligence says they do not have that capability just yet. president trump will discuss the issue with two of the north's closest allies in the g20 summit this week. >> the u.s. and south korean missiles shot into the sky wednesday and the message aimed at north korea. >> the move comes one day after north korea successfully testfired its first intercontinental ballistic missile. the hawthorne 14 is capable of reaching alaska. >> i don't expect this to be the end of the line for them. the kinds of things they are doing will allow them to increase this. >> rex tillerson issued a statement saying "global action is required to stop a global threat" and that the u.s. will never accept a nuclear arms of north korea. >> president trump has pushed china to intervene with economic pressure on north korea but to no avail. >> the president fired off a tweet this morning pointing out that china has actually increased
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pyongyang. and he added "so much for china working with us but we had to give it a try." >> china and russia say they oppose any attempt to resolve the crisis by force and have opposed the u.s. and south korea end joint exercise does exercise in the region. the you in security council -- united nations security council is having a meeting this afternoon. cbs news, the white house. >> the pentagon has prepared options which involve military shows of force such as long- range nuclear bomber strikes over the korean peninsula. and test firings of u.s. missiles based in south korea. one officials said the options do not include strikes against north korea although he would not rule out the possibility of covert cyber attacks. of the united nations ambassador nikki haley is taking a
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here is what she tweeted "." >> she apparently had a series of meetings regarding the intercontinental ballistic missile launch with a range that could possibly hit alaska. many online did not appreciate her sarcasm and they let her know it. >> somebody said "what job did you think you are signing up for exactly?." >> this is your job 24/7 until you are out, set another. you need a vacation, quit. we need public servants. serve or leave. join the conversation on our wusa9 facebook page. the day after the fourth of july. some of you wondering, will my nice week continue? with a lack of rain,
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on the way today. more on the way tomorrow. more on the way for friday. we need the rain at this point. a very dry june. right now, dry downtown. temperatures, 82 degrees. i want to show you what is happening on the first alert. there are a few areas setting up where we have tropical like downpours that are not moving very quickly. there are flash flood warnings for some counties. you see how the rain is extending northeast. so culpepper getting in on some rain. also pushing into the larae area. i don't expect this to hold together all the way to the dc area. the next couple of minutes, we will see rain spreading further east toward midland by 12:15 p.m.
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the set up, a stalled out front leaves us soggy for the next three days. then we will see on and off periods of showers and on and off periods of rain and even thunderstorms. keep the umbrella handy. the rest of the afternoon is not a washout. rain will be the most prevalent where it is now, south and west of town. can't rule out a couple spotty showers. temperatures in the 80s. it is cloudy and humid outside. we will see temperatures falling into the low 80s at 7:00 as a nationals game is going on. we will talk about the forecast for tomorrow. we have a yellow weather alert. you can always download the wusa9 app. and dc police are looking for the driver that struck a woman early this morning and sped her right -- sped away around 4:00 a.m. near fourth street. the victim was taken to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. if you saw anything, dc police say to call them right away. also,
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rescued after an elevator broke down 200 feet below the surface in brooklyn this morning. firefighters were called to the hudson avenue plant around 8:30 to rescue the workers. all four workers were pulled out safely. authorities have not stated the cause of the accident. nothing left but an assassination. that is what new york police are calling the shooting death of an officer in the bronx. the 12 year veteran was gunned down while sitting in her police car. the shooter is also dead. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked the violence. >> in early morning police patrol was interrupted by a violent ambush. the suspect, alexander bonds, allegedly walked up to an nypd mobile command window and open fire striking miosotis familia in the head. >> it is clear this was an unprovoked attack on police officers that are assigned to keep people in this great city safe. she was sitting in the vehicle. and he came up and fired a round into ve
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desperate call for help came moments after the shooting. >> there was a brawl in the police van. a crazy guy with a gun. and a cop got shot at point- blank range. >> miosotis familia, a mother of three and 12 year veteran, was rushed to saint barnabas hospital. >> attacked out of nowhere. >> mayor bill deblasio said she was shot while doing a job she loved. >> she was on duty serving this city and protecting people. >> the nypd released a picture of the gun allegedly used in the shooting and called on the public for help. >> we cannot do it by ourselves. we need your help. we need the folks on the street corner. we need the people in the apartments. we always need your help to watch our back. >> sources tell
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alexander bonds was out on parole for a robbery. an innocent bystander was injured but is reported to be in stable condition. cbs news, the bronx . >> in 2017, 67 police officers across the country died in the line of duty. 25 of them were killed by gunfire. 145 officers died in the line of duty last year. 63 of them were killed by gun violence. >> investigators worked on a string of shootings during the holiday. this map really paints the picture between 11:00 p.m. and 4:00 this morning, you can see there was an incident in nearly every quadrant in the district we know at least one of the shootings was fatal. cops say a man was shot on galveston street southwest around 12:30 a.m. this morning. he died at the hospital. >> another shooting is under investigation.
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this time in southeast. dc police found a woman suffering from a gunshot wound around 1:40 a.m. this morning on chesapeake street, not far from the dc maryland line. medics rushed her to the hospital. >> police in prince george's county are trying to solve an early-morning murder. officers got called to a shooting on darel drive just before 1:30 a.m. mthisorning. that is where they found a man dead from gunshot wounds. no word on his identity or if police have any suspects or motive in these shootings. >> and northwest, investigators are looking for almost a dozen teenagers who beat of a man and took his chinese food. cops say the victim was attacked just before midnight and the shaw neighborhood. authorities say all the suspects were about 16 years old, including eight boys and three girls. crews had their hands will cleaning up after last night's fourth of july celebration on the national mall. they hit the mall last night as crowds began to clear out and rk
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workers at the national park service say they are not leaving until the national mall is in pristine condition. trying to get this mall back together. we have to make sure this is completed. this is our pride. it is in front of the capital. we are not going nowhere till it looks good. >> every year, they get it right. thousands turned out for the event. however spectators say the crowd was the smallest they have seen in years. the city of annapolis was not as lucky as the national mall when it came to the spartans -- storms last night. they had to postpone the fireworks display. it should start tonight at 9:15 p.m.. see how wearable technology is helping sunbathers protect their skin from cancer-causing uv rays. >> first, how a lack of evidence could help investigators in their case with the suspect accused of a kidnapping.
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it is a mystery. what happened to this young student from china. christiansen is accused of abducting her last month. his lawyer told cbs news the 28- year-old is married and was working and looking for more work at the time of the kidnapping. >> university officials confirmed the night before brent christensen's arrest he attended this vigil for yingying zhang, the chinese scholar he is accused of kidnapping. >> my understanding is that he has zero criminal history. >> this is his attorney. >> he is obviously in a situation he would never find himself in. he is concerned about his family. he is concerned about his future. >> the last known image of 26- year-old yingying zhang come
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june 9th, the afternoon she disappeared. the afternoon says the video shows yingying zhang getting into the car of christiansen. the affidavit said christensen admitted to giving an asian woman a ride but told investigators that he later left her out of the car. documents claim a search of his black saturn revealed the -- the front passenger side appeared to be cleaner than the rest of the vehicle, possibly indicating an attempt to conceal or destroy evidence. more than 5600 chinese students study at the university of illinois at urbana-champaign. a spokesperson says the school is always working to improve security. >> we already were buying more security cameras and replacing some of the older ones. the camera caught the car. but when we tried to enhance the image to see the license plate number, the resolution was not high enough to do that. >> the family of yingying zhang journeyed from china to the u.s. to await news of their daughter
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and is staying in university housing. >> christensen is being held in decatur, illinois about an hour drive from campus. he is expected to appear in court wednesday. the family members of yingying zhang say they will stay in illinois until she has found. so far, nobody has been discovered. cbs news, new york. take a look at this. new video shows the moment a shark at a man in north carolina. -- the moment a shark had bitten a man in north carolina. the shark was eventually released into the ocean. no word on the man's condition. medics say he took off. a garden shed in england explodes after gas vapors ignited inside. you can see the walls and the roof were blasted apart before flames quickly spread. investigators say a faulty fluorescent light fixture likely ignited gas coming from containersr
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one out of five americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. now there is a high-tech way to monitor the effects. it is a wearable patch with photosensitive dyes that change colors when exposed to ultraviolet rays. doctors say that users scan the patch with a smart phone app and receive some safety tips based on the results. >> this is a way to tell them when to apply. it is a way to tell them there is sun damage going on. so the wearables have a potential -- to engage someone so they can understand how there is a link between how much sunscreen they put on, how much time they were outside and the sun exposure. >> even on a cloudy day, 80% of uv rays reach your skin. we don't have a lot of sun to worry about today but we want to remind everyone that when it comes to skin cancer, the most commonly diagnosed
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cancer of all, all skin tones and all ethnicities are at risk. so don't just put it on but put it on properly. >> and reapply your i feel like kids go in the pool or the ocean and they get out and they don't reapply and it is all washed off and they get burned. >> spray it on and rub it into the skin. >> yes. and we won't have a lot of sunshine. we have a lot of rain coming this way. keeping the healthwatch note, i am providing an official diagnosis for this. it is called, the stalled and soggy. we have a stalled out front that will keep us soggy the next three days with rounds of showers, rounds of thunderstorms -- the entire three day stretch will not be a washout. the rain chances the next three days stay elevated. by saturday and sunday, we are on our way to dry out. today, tomorrow and friday, keep the umbrella handy.
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keep the wusa9 app on hand. tomorrow will be the wettest out of the three days. that is why we issued a yellow weather alert tomorrow. we actually have the potential for some big-time flash flooding . this is where we have kind of in east wind pushing a thunderstorm right against the mountains. it is just parking itself. the heaviest rain today will stay in that general area versus inside the city. but nonetheless, this afternoon, we will keep the chance of a few spotty showers and isolated storms over the metro area. on the futurecast, we have a lot happening toward orange and fredericksburg. tonight, and annapolis is trying redo fireworks. it is not 100% dry but looking better than last night. we have the chance of a few isolated showers at 9:00 tonight. i want to take you into tomorrow
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and thursday. we have the yellow weather alert. there will be showers around. detail end of the morning commute tomorrow. i want to show you what happens later in the afternoon. we could have some tropical downpours setting up. at 6:00 tomorrow evening, that could mean a very wet evening commute tomorrow. that could be the wettest time frame of the three day stretch. and we will see additional showers and storms getting going into your friday as well. the entire time frame is not a washout. not everybody will get the same amount of rain. you could end up with over two inches of rain if you have a heavy downpour between now and friday. there will be other spots that will end up with less than that. showing you the rainfall potential from this model, you see how there are number inches in one place, and an inch in another place does not everybody gets the same amount of rain. some people get less than an inch. some people get over an inch. keep the umbrella handy. rain on and off the next
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days. we have the yellow weather alert tomorrow. mid-80s while we have the rain around. the weekend forecast is much more dry. only a stray shower saturday. up near 90. low humidity sunday. sunday is really a fantastic day. back in the 90s. more thunderstorms return by tuesday. we will be right back with more
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the next story has a lot of people talking and others outraged. it is over a decision not to allow children under seven years old in this shot. the owner of plato's closet says they put the sign up after dealing with situations involving kids that you " wouldn't believe"
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>> some parents say they think the ban is ridiculous. >> i can't imagine why. >> what were they touching that was so precious? >> when one parent complained, the storeowners allegedly told her they would make an exception if she held her sons and -- son's hand. and the business owners are within their rights. and an unusual way to butter the heat. a couple in washington state bought an old firetruck on surplus for $2200. and since then, they have been transforming the old truck into their summer oasis. >> a nice hot day. >> we come out here when it is hot. >>
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tonight on wusa9 news at 5:00, twitter in an uproar. new information about the teacher aide in charles county accused of molesting young boys. >> and protecting yourself against road rage. and we will
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on and off all the way through friday. much better this weekend. >> sounds good. that is it for wusa9 news at noon. we will be back at 5:00. until then, have a great day and afternoon. [ female announcer ] are you one of millions of women embarrassed by hair loss or suffering from thinning hair? you have a personalized, proven solution right here. welcome to hair club. i had my self-confidence back. my husband was like, "that's my wife." [ female announcer ] hair club offers a wide range
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>> billy: you spend the whole night here? >> victoria: no. slept well. had breakfast with the kids. >> billy: reed slept in, of course. >> victoria: of course. and, uh...i decided to settle the lawsuit with juliet. >> billy: wow. that was a 180. >> victoria: well, it was the right decision. it was the only decision. >> billy: so, was it being blindsided by the videotape that clearly showed juliet spending


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