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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 10, 2017 1:05am-2:05am EDT

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carrying a bassinet out of a luxury private jet at the milan, italy, airport followed by baby number two and mom, of course. amal looking fabulous just a month after giving birth to ella and alexander on june 6th in london. according to the newly released birth certificates, alexander will be the big brother in this pairing, been two minutes ahead of ella. a clan met the clooneys on the tarmac, but the immediate family were not the only family members on the flight. basset hound millie was along for the ride. the 56-year-old new dad then helped his children aboard an airport van parked next to the plane. one surprise that emerged from the plane, two basketballs. george looked happy and seemed to be getting ready to practice that jump shot. as for their final destination, it's possible the fam is headed to his fabulous home on lake como, which is about 52 miles north of milan. now, from italy to
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beyonce and jay-z are camera shy and tight-lipped about their new babies, but grandpa, not so much. >> the twins started in our ancestry, and beyonce should be proud of that. >> beyonce's dad and former manager, matthew knowles, offering up some family history on instagram. >> my grandmother hester actually had brothers that were tin twins. but i can't wait to tell you more. >> knowles has spoken publicly about his famous daughter many times despite her no spilling the beans policy. >> is beyonce ready for twins. you're going to be the grandpa of those twins. >> i sure am. ♪ >> he talked to us just two days after beyonce's surprise pregnancy announcement. he also confirmed the twins' arrival in june, hosting this happy birthday wish from granddad even those beyonce and jay-z hadn't made an announcement yet. he got some heat on social media for that,
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him on the persona non grata list for the baby shower. la la telling andy cohen she couldn't confirm beyonce's dad was there. >> what was served? salty foods? >> the most amazing food i remember. it was like a backyard barbecue. >> did jay make an appearance? >> duh. >> was matthew knowles there? >> i don't know. >> well, jay-z has definitely got something to celebrate. 4:44, certified platinum in just five days which is definitely something considering it is only available if you subscribe to jay-z's streaming service tidal. >> let's talk about j.lo. she's got this new single out and she and a-rod, they are conginuigi to e ve mlife. here are new details on j-rod's summer of love. >> thursday, j-rod was spotted in new york city hitting the gym. he carried the towels and it looks like j.lo wen
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shooting her series, shades of blue. she's still rocking her curls. but later j.lo switched it up with this slicked back bun for their dinner date. now, this was the scene earlier this week in new york. j-rod was all smiles, hand in hand, even locking lips, leaving the long island city stage where she debuted her new spanish language single. all while she showed off her tone the figure in this $22,500 gown. ♪ >> a-rod was there just off the stage as jennifer performed for the macy's fourth of july fireworks spectacular here in new york. and if this isn't true love, he edwait very patiently for her as she did an interview right afterwards. >> jennifer was in town to prerecord two provinerformances the fourth of july special. ♪ on july 4th, while her macy's performance was airing, j.lo celebrated with a house party. wearing a white lac
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did an impromptu sing along. alex was the proud boyfriend, shooting the whole thing on his phone and posting it for everyone to see. j.lo thanked her fans and her ex, marc anthony, who is also one of her producers, for turning the single into a hit. ♪ >> thank you so much. >> it's a summer jam already. now, j.lo also did a really good job of getting into the fourth of july spirit on her instagram. look at this. she posted this original cover for that single with the wild marigold dress and matching earrings. yes, honey. but for independence day, she changed the dress and the earrings both to red before going fully patriotic with the american flag and made the earrings match as well. you've got to coordinate. >> now j.lo's former flame, ben affleck, has a new girlfriend two years after his split from jennifer garner. "e.t." has confirmed ben's mystery woman is
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lindsay shookus, who was spotted outside his brentwood bachelor pad just two months after jen filed for divorce. jen is keeping quiet about lindsay, who say long time producer at "saturday night live." a source tells "e.t." ben and lindsay started dating after ben and jen separated and met a couple of years ago when he was hosting snl. >> my source told me lindsay knows the hollywood world. she knows what's expected of ben and how much of the relationship has to be kept private. it puts ben at ease knowing she understands who he is. >> lindsay was at l.a.x. friday morning headed back to new york after spending the night at ben's house. now questions are swirling about lindsay's life before ben. in 2010, she married kevin miller, and a source at snl tells us they thought lindsay was still married when their season ended may. lindsay has a 4-year-old daughter from that marriage, but sources can't c
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only, quote, ben is still all about his children first, and he always will be. ben and jen care deeply for their family. >> my source tells me if lindsay meets the kids, you can be sure the situation will be dealt with very delicately. >> let's talk about the dueling "dancing with the stars" wedding this weekend. julianne hough is celebrating because mrs. brooks laich. julian >> i'm excited. ma's my baby sister getting rried. especially to have the whole family there for like a week-long event, it's going to be amazing. >> julianne's wedding festivities are in southern california while maks and peta are celebrating on the opposite coast in new york. the same place taylor swift shot her music video for "blank space." >> i just want to have the most spectacular day or three days actually. we've got three days of partying. >> julianne told us she was keepinr
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intimate, and derek was planning on giving a speech. >> i got lots of family members, so they'll all be incorporated somehow. >> across the country, maks' brother, val, is by his side. pro dancers also in the wedding party, and the couple's 6-month-old's special role, ring bearer. so how did the dancing pro end up sharing her day with judge julianne? sources tell us maks and peta booked the day before shy was born and julianne and brooks had to get married in july or august because of his hockey schedule. >> this is a time that worked for everybody. >> what about the guest list? well, it was president an issue. >> we have different friends, different groups. >> his bestie, mark ballas and wife bc jean are celebrating with julianne. nick viall and several pros have planned a party with m
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peta both brides have been sweating for the wedding. peta turning her workouts into a family affair. a source tells us she will have two dresses for sure. as for julianne's wedding must-have -- >> i mean this is obvious. best dance floor ever. >> and brooks had a request of his own. >> he really wants to do a first dance and have it be like a special thing. >> so expect epic dancing at both celebrations and a whole lot of love. >> he's like literally the love of my life, and that's it. >> you guys aren't the real avengers. i can tell. >> that is "spider-man: homecoming" in theaters this weekend. "e.t." online talked to the cast about putting a fresh spin on the whole franchise, including a brand-new web slinger, tom holland. >> our movie takes place on such a different backdrop than anything we've seen in the past. the casting is so diverse. having a character exist where there's other superheroes, him being a
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school. it's just an endless list of different things. >> spethe brit was 20 years old during filming. tobey maguire, the original was 25. >> you get the call you're going to be in spider man. what was your reaction. >> i was screaming and shouting. i proceeded to scream and cry and jump all in one motion. >> i was getting a massage. >> you guys are losers. >> so i was yeah, cool, yeah. like i'm freaking out inside. i just don't do a very good job of hiding it. >> and this time the avengers are invited. >> we're in the marvel universe and we're seeing a completely different version of spiderman. >> peter parker is an intern for robert downey's tony stark. >> i can keep that suit? >> doesn't fit me. >> it's not a reboot. it's
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>> are you an avenger? >> yeah, basically. >> and aunt may is back played this time by oscar winner marisa tomei. >> she's very maternal. she's always wroorried about hi >> but one thing will never change. spidey's stunts will always be death defying. >> i would go as far as they wanted me to go until they would stop me. >> listen, tom is a young guy. he can do -- >> he's a cool guy. >> i do my own stunts, and i'm not a young guy. my stunts are quite like spiderman's. this movie is expected to be huge. early estimates had it pull in more than $100 million. >> you are so crazy. really actually this is crazy. kate plus eight. you remember that show? it's coming back to television. it's not easy being kate gosselin. she's having a tough time raising those eight kids who are now teenagers.
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wreaking havoc. >> quickly. i need the rolling pin. quick, quick, quick, quick. 911. in there. in there. in the baking drawer. i mean it. hurry it up. it's not funny. >> kate always seems so stressed out. kate plus eight was canceled by tlc back in september, but the network promised fans occasional updates of happening in the gosselin clan. the results, it's three new episodes starting monday. >> it's our 13th birthday, and we're going glamping. >> i can't believe my little brothers and sisters are 13 alrea already. >> that's maddie. the short season ends with the sex it up le'ts 13th birthday party. john lost legal custody of their eight kids last year. he held a separate birthday party with four of the sex it uplets. john's still a part time d.j. and just returned from a vacation in mexico w
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kate posted this photo of the kids celebrating the fourth of july this weekend. hopefully she got to relax a little. >> i'm like literally sweating. this iats wh's freaking me out. i can't get it perfect. >> coming up -- >> three, two, one. >> behind the scenes with the shape-shifting rihanna. details on her new movie role. >> a lot of makeup changes and a lot of hair changes. >> plus one-on-one with halle berry and shania twain tells all. >> my whole life is a story of from the first moment you met it was love at first touch and all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and protection that's why only pampers swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness and premium protection mom: "oh hi baby" so all they feel is love wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers
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>> so here's what we know about riri's role as the shape-shifting alien named bubble. she's only in one scene that took six days to shoot and nine months of special effects work to perfect. >> she's taking all different types of shapes back-to-back to back. >> we also know she morphs into at least five different looks, including a cabaret singer, klee pat ra, a cat woman, a sexy nurse, and get this, a blob. >> a lot of changes. a lot of makeup changes, and a lot of hair changes. the one that took the longest was probably the cleopatra look. >> are you sure you know what you're doing? >> the movie, set in the 28th century, was shot entirely on a sound stage in the suburbs of paris. we're told even though rihanna arrived with her entourage, she kicked them offset when it was time to get to work, and she totally earned the respect of her co-stars,ar ca delevingne, wh
1:21 am
valerian. >> we've got to talk about rihanna in this movie. what was it like for you to have a front row seat for this performance in particular. >> when i would tell people what i was going to paris to do, they were really jealous, and their jaws were on the floor. >> it's iconic, nofor sure. >> up next, the badom ms are back. >> that's why i get drunk at the food court. >> we've got your first look at the sequel that's upping the star power with some naughty grandmas. >> and our new one-on-one with halle berry. >> is it tough being the boss? >> i love being the boss. >> plus -- >> i'm having a blast. >> kevin frazier's exclusive with
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i am the founder and director of slam dunk for diabetes. slam dunk for diabetes is the only day basketball camp in the country and we provide the opportunity for children with pre-diabetes and type 1 and type 2 diabetes to get together, play ball and to learn to manage their diabetes. [olivia] when i first got to the camp, it wasn't like oh it's so sad, all the kids have diabetes, it wasn't that at all, it was happiness, it was kids laughing and running and playing and i wanted to be a part of that so much. [monica joyce] coming back year after year, what olivia learned is that she really isn't alone. [olivia] she created a world for diabetic kids to play and be normal and have fun and meet people and meet other kids that have diabetes. i can't thank her enough
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[monica joyce] i met olivia in 2004 and i said to people, stick around, olivia is going to set the world on fire one day. olivia has really been a marvelous example of what camp can do for children people take action against housing discrimination? my co-worker was pressured by her landlord to pay her rent with sexual favors. my neighbor was told she needs to get rid of her dog, even though he's an assistance animal. housing discrimination is illegal. if you think you've been a victim, report it to hud. like we did. narrator: they all reported discrimination and were able to secure their fair housing rights under the law. visit or call the hud hotline. fair housing is your right. use it. >> monday -- >> it's through word of mouth. >> this masseuse hasom se serious bite. >> kanye west gotten the
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>> including which pop star freaked out. >> she flipped out. i was like -- >> monday on "e.t." >> the movie bad moms has plenty of people laugh ago the box office and in the theaters. that was so funny. $183 million worldwide. >> now the ladies are amping up the crazy because they're bringing in more moms for the sequel. very with your first look. >> here we go. >> i don't think i can do this sober. >> you guys want to get drunk at the food court? >> oh, yeah. ♪ >> it would have been so easy to do like bad moms of hawaii or bad moms of vegas. this is just the women a year later, exactly a year later. so the timeline will be the same and them doing christmas together. >> picking out the perfect present for everyone. you know the only thing i get in return? coupons, free back rubs. s.d back rub
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>> it's great because we didn't want to just do the same movie again. so rather than deal with the stresses of school, it deals with stresses of the holidays. but our mothers come in town. >> mom? >> so it's this added layer of not only are we overworked moms. we're also bratty children at the same time. >> susan sarandon, cheryl heinz and christine baranski join. >> what was your reaction to that? >> i love cheryl. >> they're like who do you want? i was like christine baranski. >> where's your tree? >> i didn't want to waste time christmas tree shopping. i wanted to enjoy christmas this year. >> you're a mom. moms don't enjoy. they give joy. >> i love it. bad moms christmas hits theaters on november 3rd. but if you want to talk about ladies getting crazy, look no further than jada pinkett smith and queen latifah in girls
1:26 am
the comedy filmed in new orleans. that's where kevin frazier kept the party going with the entire cast. ♪ >> ladies, how does it feel to be back here in new orleans? how much fun are you having? >> i'm having a blast, especially now that you're here with us. >> thank you, jada. we took over with our own parade right down the heart of the french quarter. >> hi, baby. we're in new orleans, baby. >> which they do in girls trip, unleashing their wild side. in on the craziness, tiffany hadish and regina hall. i felt for the first time as a man, i really got an insight into what goes on because -- >> they don't want to -- >> in a zipline stunt, jada was all about it. >> i had a blast. i had a blast doing it.
1:27 am
>> the sad part is -- >> she did. >> that really is me. i really had to look at that like you might have been in a domesticated slumber. >> i don't know if will would agree with that, but the ladies were definitely not in a slumber here. part of the party took place during the essence music festival with real acts onstage. >> mariah carey. i was like, oh, mariah. >> tiffany got in the spirit on royal street too. >> if you want to know one thing, she is off the chain in this movie. >> was that a twerk? >> oscar winner halle berry was also in the city at the essence festival. that's where she held a special surprise screening of kidnapped. halle only talked about it with kevin frazier. >> kidnapped, i hear you're whooping people's behinds. >> if you wait with me here, i'll file a report.
1:28 am
>> i'm being a mama bear like any mother who has children would be. no different. >> i found you, you son of a -- no! >> halle is mama bear in another way. in kidnapped, she's one of the producers. >> is it tough being the boss? >> i love being the boss. wherever you go, i will be right behind you. it's nice to be able to not just be the dancing bear anymore but be able to have a hand on who the director is, who the writer is. and i really wanted to be a part of this because i think it's about time for women to be empowered. >> you took the wrong kid. >> halle is all about empowerment. she made some headlines recently blasting hollywood for its lack of diversity, saying her dramatic oscar win in 2002 now means nothing. >> that meant nothing. i thought it meant something, but i thit
1:29 am
>> well, i feel like it meant something. of course it meant something. you saw me up there. i was speechless in a way. but i guess i'm just disappointed that there has not been another woman, you know, in 15 years has stood on that stage like i did that night. >> of course several women of color have won the supporting actress oscar since then, but not halle's category of best actress. >> the more work we have, the more chances we have to be there. so that's what i'm really hoping starts to happen, that women of color can actually start making opportunities for ourselves. >> halle is sure doing that. this fall, relaunching her website, hallewood, with a new app all about health, fitness and style. >> looking fit and fabulous, also busy being a single mom to 9-year-old daughter nala and 3-year-old son. >> how do you balance the two? >> it is a job. that's why the last decade, i feel like i have taken a back seat, my career, and i've been
1:30 am
being with your children during that time. so i'm kind of back now. my son is 3. he's about to be a full-time schooler. >> that's a fresh air, like, you're going to school all day. >> mommy can have some me time. it's sad and exciting at the same time because that means he's growing, and i wish they would just stay little forever. boys love their mommies. oh, my god, that's my dude. and he's -- i don't want him to grow up. >> that's how you feel about your little one, right? >> i can relate to that. >> you just said that to me the other day. >> but they do. they just keep getting big ir. >> up next for halle in the fall. >> up next for us, shania twain tells all. her most traumatic moments revealed. >> it's a miracle that i'm standing here honestly. >> plus inside anna nicole smith's mansion on the market as we look b
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if you're just joining us here are this week's top five stories. number five, ben's new mystery woman. "e.t." has confirmed it's 37-year-old lindsay shookus, a producer for "saturday night live." she was spotted outside his brentwood bachelor pad just two months after ben and jen filed for divorce. jen had nothing to say. the family had just reunited at an independence day parade, and lindsay is tightip lped too. number four, a hot felon in hot water? jeremy meeks wernt from running from the police to walking runways around the world. he's seen here making out on the mediterranean aboard a yacht, but that woman he's kissing? that's not his wife of eight years, melissa. that's 26-yeld
1:35 am
>> who's that girl you were kissing in the boat? >> i'm making no comments right now. >> number three, beyonce and jay-z's twins. mom and dad may be mum about their new babies, but grandpa, not so much. >> the twins started in our ancestry, and beyonce should be proud of that. >> beyonce's dad and former manager, matthew knowles, offering up some family history on instagram. >> my grandmother hester actually had brothers that were twins. but i can't wait to tell you more. ♪ >> number two, j-rod's fiery fourth. j-rod was all smiles, hand in hand, even locking lips leaving the stage where she debuted her new spanish language single. ♪ all while she showed off her toned figure in this daring $22,500 gown. ♪ jennifer was in town for the
1:36 am
and celebrated with a house party. she gave an impromptu sing along that alex captured on his phone, posting it for everyone to see. ♪ our top story of the week, the clooneys on the move. papa george carefully carrying a bassinet out of the luxury private jet at the milan, italy airport. then stands on the steps as the second bassinet emerges from the plane, followed by new mom amal. amal gave birth to ella and alexander on june 6th, and now we know who's the oldest. "e.t." obtained the birth certificates that reveal alexander was born two minutes before ella. go to for the latest. >> i was waiting for someone to pop that bubble. it's all going to go away. >> this year marks ten years since the untimely death of anna nicole smith. and now the home the playboy playmate inherited from her late husband is up for sale. it's a place where "e.t." found anna n
1:37 am
and in her prime. >> when i come home, you know, i got all my animals, my horses. it feels really good. it's a lot of peace and quiet. >> she was a pop culture phenomenon, the original curvy model-turned-actress, whose life was filled with drama. but this ten-acre spread was the one place anna nicole could be her self. now her beloved ranch is on the market for just over $2.8 million. >> every time i come home, my uncle, he fixes barbecue and all kinds of food, mashed potatoes and gravy. i pork out when i come home. >> the 6,000 square foot, five bedroom, 5 1/2 bath home has been remodeled since anna nicole lived here. a wine cellar and sport court have been added. there's a custom built pool and a pond, but there's still room for all the animals anna nicole loved so
1:38 am
the one time guess model only spent a few days a month at the ranch but sold the home in 1998. she also reminded us she was just a down home country girl at heart. >> i got my ranch that i always wanted, got my animals. i don't have to go hungry. i can at least say i had it once. if i lose everything tomorrow, i can at least have that, that i did it. i did something i wanted to do. >> anna nicole's pride and joy, her daughter, is practically all grown up now. it's hard to believe dannielynn is 10 years old and she's actually carrying on her mom's legacy. she and her dad make it a point to visit the kentucky derby every single year. they went again this year. the derby is where anna nicole and larry first met back in 2003. >> singer phil collins daughter lily collins is now 28, and she's starring in a very intriguing new netflix movie. >> this is about a young woman
1:39 am
suffering from an eating disorder. this is a role that hits very close to home. into the bone, lily is ella. keanu reeves plays her doctor. >> i'm not going to treat you if you aren't interested. in -- >> lily revealed in her recent book that she suffered from an eating disorder. >> what fears did you have, if any, of taking this role on with the issues you had in the past. >> any nerves were really just pushed aside by the producers. i had a nutritionist. everyone was holding me accountable as an actor and as lily. >> since it was important for lily to stay healthy during the month-long shoot, the crew used makeup and visual effects to make her look frail. >> i think i've come to aer tter understanding of myself in terms of
1:40 am
really fuel, not punishment. >> lily is celebrating her new approach to health and wellness, posing for shape magazine, which promotes body positivity. >> that was a really crazy moment for me. about six to eight months ago, you know, they were hesitant about putting me in them because they didn't want a body image that wasn't boztivpositive. that was such an empowering day for me. now i can say hey, i've done it. >> i love that. you know, shape magazine cover, my dream. >> listen, it's only a matter of time. >> i want to make it happen. lily, she is kind of like that netflix movie queen right now because she has this movie, and she also has another streaming right now. >> on the way, harry styles' new direction. inside his dangerous big screen role. >> natural reaction. >> plus our '90s flashbacks. saved by the
1:41 am
thiessen, her new tv role playing a momg
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weight and health. your weight does matter. accept the challenge and take charge today. visit your weight matters dot org. helps students develop strong critical thinking skills- [boy] kinda like exercising my brain? yeah! see this old question? it doesn't tell me whether you understand the math, because you can just guess and get it right. [boy] eenie meanie miny mo! [woman] exactly. now try this new kind of question. [boy] hm, 3/2 is the same as 3 one halves; that's here at one and one half! [woman] right! now i can see that you really understand fractions. and the number line. [boy] do i win anything? [woman. laughs] ah! ha-ha ♪ >> it's been nearly 25 years since tiffani amber thiessen was every schoolboy's crush on "saved by the bell." but now at the age of
1:44 am
tiffany is going back to tv but this time she's playing a mom. >> does it feel like a full circle moment now that you're going to be on television? >> and the mom of a teenager? a little bit. i'm actually really excited. >> the 43-year-old mother of two now an onscreen mom in the upcoming series alexa and kate. >> it has a very serious message, you know, undertone to it, but it's a comedy. i pla i a mother of a teenage girl who's actually going through cancer. >> tiffani amber thiessen was just 15 when she became famous on "saved by the bell." >> you can't know what this means to me. >> in the '90s, she was kelly, the apple-cheeked high school sweetheart of zach morris, played by mark-paul gosselaar. >> i have a very special place in my heart for that show. i always will. ♪ >> she then went on to join the established 90s hit beverly hills 90210 as valerie. >> i'm home.
1:45 am
>> she's a rookie basically, for all intents and purposes. >> well, not for the show. but i have, you know -- >> the host of her own cooking show, dinner at tiffany's is working with the charities feeding america. tiffany and her 7-year-old daughter harper help serve a meal to 100 elementary school kids. >> i wanted her to see these are kids her age. you know, and she loved it. she was loving it. >> and fans, not to worry. there are more episodes coming up. >> diplo. and then bloom. >> i still want to cover my eyes. but remember when james corden got katy to rate her lovers. well, diplo became her number three, and now his life is being parodied on tv, and the guy playing diplo, well, he should look very familiar to you. >> put your hands in the a
1:46 am
diplo! >> that's former dawson's creek star james van der beek starring as the international superstar who's collaborated with everyone from bieber to beyonce. ♪ >> this is musical genius. amazing in front of 80,000 people. struggles a lot one-on-one. >> struggles so funny, james did a parody about diplo last year to promote diplo's tour. >> it's just life, man. i wake up every morning just like the rest of you. >> props, alice. >> now, james is taking that parody to a diplo scripted series for viceland. >> you need to be able -- and you also need a reason why you want to hang out with that person. >> we liked hanging out with james. he and "e.t." have a history. ♪ i don't want to wait >> it's been almost 20 years since we were
1:47 am
and the gang from dawson's creek. turns out we talked to katie holmes on the day we sat down with james. they both remembered a time filled with hope. >> we were all so happy to be there, and we believed in these characters. it was so pretty where we were shooting, ande w were just so excited to be acting. >> my favorite moment, the pilot, kind of discovering it all and everybody is young and there, and it's -- it's new, and you don't know if it's going to work or not, but you believe in it. really nothing beats that. ♪ >> still to come, our shania twain exclusive. >> my whole life is deemed a story of ups and downs. >> opening up about her public struggles, divorce, her parents' death, and the health crisis that nearly destroyed her voice. >> my voice will never be exactly what is t wabefore. ♪ >> then why celine dion got naked in paris. he
1:48 am
confession. plus -- ♪ how harry styles is soldiering on after one direction. inside his dangerous big-screen role. >> you get a natural reaction. >> that's ahead, but first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which ncis star was cut off from his inhear tans after turning to an acting career. is it mark harmon, michael first kid you ready? by their second kid, every mom is an expert, and more likely... choose luvs than first time moms. luvs with nightlock plus absorbs wetness faster than huggies... ...snug & dry, for outstanding overnight protection at... ...a fraction of the cost live, learn, and get luvs. why don't you dry my dishes? oh, he doesn't know any better. you just need to
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>> hey, one direction harry styles hit number one with his first solo album, and harry is proving he's got some acting chops too. we have a behind the scenes look of his first movie role. 23-year-old chopped his trademark locks for the role of a world war s iieroldi in done kirk. he auditioned, competing with thousands of other men. >> pretend there's an explosion happening over here. i think that means you get a natural reaction to stuff. >> harry joined fellow newcomers jeff loudoun, tom glen carney and fin whitehead, a 20-year-old unknown who before being cast was washing dishes. >> i was coming out onto the beach, and there was like 1,300 extras, and there was explosions going off. and the pure panic and terror. >>
1:52 am
you know, the guy behind christian bale's batman, says he hand picked the cast who accurately represent the young men involved in this true story about the evacuations of soldiers from a beach in france during the war. >> the traditional thing in hollywood movies is to cast 28, 29-year-olds, 30-year-olds, and pretend their younger. i wanted to cast people of the right age. >> this two-second shot in the trailer has the internet asking, does harry dye? the singer gave a heat, telling rolling stone, it was hard, man. physically really tough, but i love acting. i love playing someone else. i sleep really well at night, then get up and continue drowning. >> harry has to live. he can't die. those 1d fans -- >> they would not be happy for sure. if he's looking for more acting roles, he's living in the right city. i mean here in los
1:53 am
>> by the way, he's moving real estate. the 23-year-old recently listed his west hollywood mansion for about $8.5 million. that's some cash. that is some cash. now, speaking of singers, let's talk about this lady. shania twain. i know she's one of your favorites. she's 51 and this thing is red hot. new music coming your way. she and i talked exclusively in nashville. ♪ you're still the one i run to ♪ >> shania pours her heartbreak into her music. her parents died when she was 22. she temporarily lost her voice after a battle with lyme disease, and her 16-year marriage to music producer mutt lang ended bitterly. >> my divorce was -- was traumatizing to me. my parents dying was the most devastating of my life. losing my voice. some things you can't change. i can't bring my parents back. my voice will never be exactly what it was before. >> she sings about h
1:54 am
years titled "now." ♪ >> what is the scariest thing about this? >> it's all on me. if the fans don't like it, i expect to take that on myself. ♪ >> she's been happily married to her second husband frederick for six years. frederick's first wife had been shania's best friend until that woman reportedly began a relationship with shania's first husband, who denied any relationship. through it all, twain's 15-year-old son asia has brought her joy. >> my son was the light at the end of the tunnel. from the beginning. >> shania gave me an exclusive tour of her new exhibit at the country music hall of fame and museum. it was the first time she was seeing it. >> cute little chubby cheeks. ♪
1:55 am
>> oh, my gosh, she looked like a gerber baby. i would bite her cheeks for real. >> in the best possible way. >> who knew that cute little baby would grow up to be shania twain? >> katy perry, pharrell william and celine dion on hand for paris fashion week. of course, now, celine was treating it like her very own runway, but it was her lack of clotinhes a photo shoot that's reallyrt staing to turn some heads. ♪ the 49-year-old singer is stripped downld, hoing a couture dress on her lap. the photo was taken while celine was changing her looks between fashion shows. in a new photo spread for vogue's instagram account, celine looks spectacular while setting paris ablaze in a fashion frenzy. >> celine, celine! >> she attendedhe t dior show in thisus
1:56 am
skirt by the designer. she wore this floral mini with thigh high boots, sharing the front row with vogue's editor in chief anna wintour. celine tells vogue going to a fashion show gives me a little bi of freedom when my work has been work, discipline, hard, hard work. ♪ i drove all night to get to you ♪ celine, who was also on tour in europe wears couture gowns onstage that are altered to accommodate her movement. she keeps a master file with pages from magazines of looks she likes. she also tells the mageazin her fashion is public, but her lrjewey is private. sometimes when she's at home in vegas and missing her late husband, rene, she wears all her jewels and retreats to her bath. and there was an incognito fan in the street when celine posed at her hotel. katy perry. >> celineio dn in paris on a balcony. >> yes!
1:57 am
>> everybody loves celine dion. >> i like when i see celebrities fan out about other celebrities. >> i love that. now, celine's in paris through this weekend on tour. the tour is called celine more "doing chores for mom" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper
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5g9. >> we'll be right back. t5g9. >> we'll be right back. h5g9. >> we'll be right back. travel considerations provided by --
2:00 am
>> plenty of stars with birthdays this weekend. kevin bacon is 59. fred savage is celebrating turning 41. tom hanks, 61. now, take a final look at your choices. which ncis star was cut off from his inheritance after turning to an acting career? that is michael weatherly, who is 49 this weekend. >> monday. >> oh, my gosh. >> i have never advertised. it's just through word of mouth. >> this masseuse has some serious bite. >> kanye west gotten the bite? >> of course. he loved it. >> she's telling all about her celebrity clients, including which pop star she says freaked out. >> she flipped out. i was like -- >> monday on "e.t." >> we are almost out of time this weekend but for all the late breaking hollywood news, just go to our website >> before we get out of here, check out this video for the song mama. >> luxury cars, gorgeous models, we're all in on this. it's from
2:01 am
blue and features aussie singer william finch who found fame on the x factor australia. the video has been viewed more than 75 million times on youtube. >> oh, mama. enjoy it and the rest of your weekend, everybody. bye-bye. >> bye. ♪ ♪ ♪ she'll get the hang of it in no time. hailey is one of 7 million children with asthma whose parents have to worry about when the next attack will strike.
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2:03 am
strongly pressed putin twice about meddling in our election he vehemently denied it time to move forward working constructively with russia. what are implications of that as a statement of the administration position? >> a bit the attention with itself. on one hand the president is, wants to clear up any misimpression anybody may have about how tough he was on the russians which is to say he wants to make sure that people believe that the action he's took in that mee
2:04 am
commensurate with the offense. if that's the case, and he is interested in doing that, then it would seem at odds with that, that he wants to move on. because this was an issue so serious that he had to press the russian president twice. president talked about a joint cyberunit with the russians which has gotten, some comments from democrats and republicans since he announced it. he also tweeted that about this morning. >> on that point, what audience is the president targeting with the announcement of the cybersecurity unit? >> i suppose it is the audience that he always is targeting which is the, his supporters, and his argument its that this is a big development. this is a -- takeaway from the warm relations he was able to create with the russians. and it was clear, as we discussed in our panel today, that the objective here both from the president and the secretary of state was to present a picture of a very warm, cordial, mutually respectable relationship between
2:05 am
putin. >> john dickerson in washington for us. john, thanks. >> thanks, elaine. >> the cease-fire brokered by the u.s., russia and jordan took effect today in southwest syria. several cease-fires have been declared over the course of syria's six-year civil war. none have lasted long. across the border today, iraq's prime minister declared victory over isis in mosul. holly williams has been covering the nine month battle to free the city. >> reporter: the jubilant in mosul, they've driven the extremists out. but it has come at a price. after nine months of fighting, the city lies in ruins. as iraqi forces cleared the last neighborhoods under the extremist control. trapped civilians had to run the gauntlet of isis snipers and suicide bombers. we were there when the mosul offensive began in october.


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