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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 10, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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lachan. >> reporter: the white van the suspects were in, is right here behind the white tent. they've used the white tent to cover it up. we're in frederick county, but this involved some howard county police officers. part of a repeat task force, trying to put a stop to a series of burglaries that were going on around here. about a mile and a half from here, on maynard drive, the officers saw the suspects in the process of burglarizing a home. the suspects allegedly took all kinds of property outside of the house and drove off. the howard county officers got permission from frederick county officers to stop that van. when they did that, the man rammed their suv's. the driver tried to run them down, two of those officers opened fire. the driver killed at the scene. he is a
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to late 20s. his white female passenger was unhurt. 13-year-old jessica garcia benitez says she heard the whole thing. >> a bunch of police car like siren, every time. i thought there was a crash in front of the house. out there, i heard one gunshot. i thought there was like shooting, i didn't come out and see anything. i thought, i'm going to be shot, and get hit. >> reporter: now, none of the officers were hurt, but they will be on routined administrative leave while investigators continue to look at this. route 27, where we're standing, you can see all the traffic going by. this is a major commuter route, but it seems to be moving pretty smoothly. they have some cones up and so forth, but that's moving okay. penn shop road over here, that's also a busy route, but it
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here. live in frederick county, wusa9. >> got pretty wild out there, that's for sure bruce. in prince george's county, the family of a man murdered by his stepson in buoy over the weekend. they're blaming the stepson's mother for failing to take action. the man you see on the left is ron pinkney. his stepson is accused of posing for a selfie with pinkney's body after the crime. the sister of the deceased man shouted in court as the accused killer had a bail review. >> reporter: talk about shouting in court. the suspect himself with a long history and parent also shouted about being hit with a satellite. he was speaking to
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38-year-old navar terrance beverly, is accused of beating ron pinkney to death saturday, and using his twitter account to tweet a picture posing with his stepfather's body. pinkney apparently lived in fear in his own home. his stepfather allegedly attacked pinkney two months before. sources here say there have been repeated violent incidents in this home, because beverly suffered from severe mental illness. he has a long criminal history, including assault, and murder charges. in court today, pinkney's sister shouted out that beverly's mother should be charged for protecting her son from authorities. the family has not responded on that issue. beverly was ordered by a judge to stay locked up without bail this afternoon. so a terrible tragedy here in buoy. now a family apparently battling with each other over who may have
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for this terrible incident, and some of the situation that led up to this terrible crime. again, navar beverly has been ordered held without bail as investigators continue to look into this case and this terrible history involved. president trump's oldest son now admits he met with a russian attorney during the presidential campaign. he says he agreed to the meeting because the lawyer with possible ties to the kremlin claimed to have information that was damaging to hillary clinton. he was accompanied by paul manafort and the president's son-in-law, jared kushner. trump jr. says it became quickly apparent the lawyer had no information, and quickly changed to sanctions against russia. robert mueller looks into whether the trump campaign colluded with ia
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election. sarah huckabee sanders defended the administration. >> i would certainly say don jr. did not collude with anybody to win the election. our position is no one within the trump campaign colluded. >> the white house insists president trump did not know about the meeting. the president says he is ready to move forward with the u.s./russia relationship. the chopper touching down in lee jordan field, that's in takoma park after a maintenance light came on about 13 miles away from the base. an andrew is spokesperson says the move was precautionary, no one was hurt. a maintenance crew moved out before clearing it to return to base. crews started painting a big d on the water tower in damascus, maryland, today. the fourth localler in the alphabet will have to do for now, because the swarming hornet will not be able to fly
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painted on the town's water tower, but the hornet bears a strong resemblance to georgia tech's mascot. so they forced leaders in maryland to abandon the plan. this is julius, a 3-week- old calf, and he received a second plasma infusion. he's getting round the clock care. he's prevented from getting antibodies because he's having trouble nursing. he received an earlier transformation three days after was born on june 15. who would have thought we needed a law to keep 6-year- olds from being suspended from school. >> parents are praising a new bill that keeps young students in the classroom. >> and more from gop lawmakers to pass a
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two republican senators offered their wildly different
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two people, one man, one woman both under arrest in connection with a road rage incident. police say there was a 2-year- old child in the car when it all happened. they reportedly pointed a gun at another driver yet near the intersection of interstate 495, and 95. police caught up with him on interstate 83 in baltimore county. here's what they found inside the car. two guns, 130 rounds of ammo, and some marijuana. eric arroyo, and courtney fisher are charged with possession of those guns and
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is from pennsylvania, they're held without bond. this is just the latest in a string of troubling road rage incidents. police say they're getting closer to figuring out who killed adriano lombrey. 17-year-old nabra hassanen was killed while walking to her mosque last month in fairfax county. her suspected killer is behind bars, and police say road rage was the motivation there. and in pennsylvania, this man is being charged in the road rage murder of an 18-year-old girl. it wasn't even a week ago that our ileana diaz spoke to a psychiatrist about road rage. you can find that story and advice on just letting it all go at president trump woke up this morning with healthcare on his mind. he tweeted, i cannot imagine that
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leave washington without a beautiful new healthcare bill fully approved and ready to go. president trump is putting the pressure on republican lawmakers for them to pass their stalled healthcare bill before the august recess. so far, it doesn't look like there are enough gop votes to pass the bill. here's where things get interesting. moderate republican support susan collins says time for her party to work with democrats to fix the healthcare law. that's a novel approach. kentucky's rand paul says he shares the more conservative take. he is criticizing what he called efforts to buy off support from reluctant republicans with extra fel dera spending for healthcare. 22million people could lose their insurance under the senate healthcare plan. why would a city fine a restaurant for an event that benefits veterans? it turns out it didn't. we've got a viral video mix up undeay
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you probably see the name charlie guard popping up on your social media feeds. little charlie is just 11 months old. he's from the uk, and has an extremely rare medical condition. on one side are his parents, fighting to bring him to the u.s. for treatment. doctors negotiately said keeping him on life support was a mistake. britain's highest court will now decide charlie's fate. >> reporter: the battle for baby charlie guard's future is being decided here at london's high court. judges will determine whether he can receive experimental treatment, or if his life support should be turned off. for several months, his parents have been pleading for the right to bring charlie to the u.s. arguing new drugs would give him up to a 10% chance to live. >> madecation, it's just oral medicine. no known major side effects. there's nothing to lose. and he deserves a chance. >> reporter: charlie's
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him blind and deaf. unable to move his limbs. doctors here where charlie is being treated, initially said the experimental treatment would only prolong his suffering. now the hospital has requested a new court hearing. >> on sunday, charlie's parents delivered a petition to the hospital with 350,000 signatures, supporting their pleas to take their son to the united states. >> let's get charlie the treatment he needs. >> if he's still fighting, we're still fighting. >> reporter: american doctors in new york have offered to treat charlie. two congressmen have proposed giving the family u.s. residency, and the internet has raised $1 million to help. >> the judge has given charlie's parents 48 hours to come up with
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new treatment will help their son. he is a thought to be one of only 16 children in the world to suffer from it. the most senior vatican cleric caught up in a sex scandal has returned to australia. that's where cardinal george tell is set to face charges that he sexually assaulted multiple people years ago. this close adviser to pope francis says he will clear his name. police have only confirmed the complaints against cardinal powell. a viral video mix up about veterans from the state of maine, trying to visit d.c. might be a lesson on the power of social media, especially when that information isn't accurate. so let's start at the beginning here. laura benedict owns the red barn restaurant in augusta, maine. in a facebook video viewed more than 1 million times, benedict goes on a rant. the restaurant owner claims she was being fined $200 because of a noise compla
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related to a charity event in 2016. >> after a year they thought that that was an intelligent thing to do. thank you to the city of augusta, and i would love for this to go viral. i'm being fined $200 for sending our heros to washington, d.c. >> so that video had all the makings of a viral outrage story, and reaction against the city was swift and overwhelming. here's the problem. the fine leveed against the restaurant was because of a different event. augusta's mayor has something for all of us to think about. >> power of the internet and the power of misinformation, we're seeing it everywhere in society right now, between tweeting and facebook, and false information. it's really something that everybody on both sides of the camera have got to be aware. >> benedict posted a correction on facebook that was viewed only a couple of hundred ti
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she got on her original outrage videos. in florida, a man is receiving treatment for a shark attack. that shark was spotted around 3:00, and the attack happened just as beachgoers were being evacuated. >> i've never seen an unprovoked shark attack in miami dade county. broward has had a few, but it tends to be north in the palm beaches and smyrna beach. >> go to the pool, that's pretty much as far as it goes with me. >> the victim suffered some deep gashes 0 0 -- on his leg, he was taken to the hospital. he was taken away by rescuers. but hospital officials do expect him to make a full recovery. that's scary stuff. >> yes, it is. and you know, so many people are going to the beach during this time of year, you don't expect to get
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>> no you don't. you're going to want to be in the ocean this week. it's going to be in the '90s. we're looking at the hottest day of the season. let's start with the 3-degree guarantee. i think we're okay today. i think we're all right. going for a high of 92. it's just starting to get humid. what we're going to talk about really over the next couple of days is just the heat index. that's going to be the temperature you have to remember. it's going to be a chore the next thee days if you're working outside. 72 is the dew point. notice we already have a heat index of 95. that's just going to get higher and higher, and higher, as the temps go up. so muggy tonight. lows mainly in the 70s. really comfortable last night, and even saturday night, but not so much tonight. morning cam temps, 76. that's about 7:00 to 10:00. near record height tomorrow. wednesday and thursday. particularly tomorr
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thursday. a dangerous heat indices from 104 to 110. we're talking 110 by the time we get to thursday. you really can't do anything outside for aniling of time when a heat index is around 110. record highs possible. forecasting a high of 97 tomorrow, and 99 on thursday. downtown temps. record high 99 tomorrow. record high 100 on thursday. not out of the question, probably the better chance will be thursday, both at dulles, and at national. so beat the heat. exercise indoors. heat index values are still going to be very high, and pollution is the worst. the air quality is worst in the evening. wire loose, light colored clothing, and don't forget your pets, they have to stay cool as well. 97 tomorrow, 95 on wednesday. we go down a little bit, and back to 99 on thursday. low 90s friday. probably your best chance for storms. around 90 on
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pretty comfortable by the time the weekend rolls around. 10:00tonight. mid-to upper 70s elsewhere. even feels like it's 81 in hagerstown. nighttime, just not the time to exercise. by morning, a little better. now it feels like 73 in hagerstown. 74 in leesburg, and 80 downtown. by 9:00, we're back in 80s. this is heat index now. forecast heat index. by 1:00, it's going to feel like it's the 99 downtown. 91 in hagerstown. by this time tomorrow, it's going to feel like it's in the upper 90s close in the metro area. maybe 100 in fredericksburg. still low 90s. you get a little bit of a break with your elevation in the mountains, but you too are going to be hot wednesday and thursday as well. so on the day planner, 70s to start, we're talking upper 70s at that. 88 by 11:00.
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so breezy and still hot wednesday, 95. dangerously hot. we issued a yellow weather alert. when you have a heat wave, day 3 is always a problem day in terms of heat advisories, and power outages, and heat exhaustion. the next seven days. 93 on friday. the best chance for storms around 90 over the weekend. finally next monday, great, highs in upper 80s. >> going running thursday night. like it. a two-for drunk driving story out of louisiana that's been liked and shares thousands of times on facebook. police say it began when a car of intoxicated people got pulled over in slidell, louisiana. the other people in the car took a taxi home. hours later, a woman who was in that car, arrived to bail out her friend, and she too was arrested on drunk driving charges. slidell police say, the lesson of the day. don't drive drunk to a police station in order to ba
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to say that. next, schools will have to find new ways to discipline young children in the upcoming school year. inside the new law that bans some suspensions and expulsions. >> and hide your wives. hide your credit cards. amazon prime day officially begins tonight. but we have dozens of deals you can take advantage of now. and we're going to show you the peak times to shop. >> and the rock could be making a run for president, and there's paperwork to prove it. we'll explain next on wusa9.
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you need to know, you will find on wusa9. including a list of the most unique, and popular items for sale. as amazon soars, it has been a terrible year for retailers. seven more brand name stores announced they are closing at least 250 locations this year. radioshack, payless, and the limited are among the retailers set to close brick and mortar stores in the coming months. elon musk is now the proud owner of his company's first mass marketed electric car. he showed off the first tesla model 3 vehicle over instagram over the weekend. the first customers will get to drive off with their very own model 3 in july. they plan to produce 1500 in september, and another 20,000 in december. that's wusa9. the news at 5:30 starts right now.
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last year, thousands of maryland kids, second grade and younger, got suspended or kicked out of school for misbehavior in class. these are 5, 6, 7-year-olds. but that's changing in maryland. the new law is going to force schools to keep kids in class no matter what. research shows the effects of suspensions. the 2016 study published in social problem found students who had been suspended earned lower test scores. sarah cosmo talk to a father who had seen the impact of the suspensions with his son. >> reporter: you might be surprised to hear just over 2300 students, aged grade 2 and younger were expelled or suspended during the 2015-2016 school year in maryland. what's more, that number was on the rise. >> i think for him, they must have felt that these people who were


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