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back, take a moment and take care of your mental health. these signs come to us from allison abrams one of the countries leading psychotherapist studying this subject. so, treating loved ones differently is the first sign of when you feel different you might be frustrated with people who matter in your life and that is certainly a major indication you should take a day for yourself. one of the major guidelines that is agreed upon. the second topic getting sick more often that is a major warning sign and thirdly your mind is elsewhere. whether or people would summon the guts to say i need time answers varied on the streets of dc. >> i would definitely take a mental health day. it is very underestimated. >> a lot of it is about money. can i afford to take the day off. >> sometimes
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just take the dade. -- day. what can you do how can you have the conversation at work? the major answer starts with going to hr and what we have suggestions to do sort of range from one extreme mindfulness or meditation classes but let's be real not all places of work have mindfulness and meditation classes so what we are being told to do if you find yourself in this position is get your boss to send out a note to the entire workplace. it went a long way to convey what can be done and what your boundaries when it comes to protecting your mental health. >> the boss needs to draw a line also. it is something that is hard to track because we know billions of vacation days go unused but there is nothing that tracks sick days or mental health days. >> we were surprised to
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we had to verify teamwork all afternoon checking with the department of labor and we are waiting for confirmation from their office but it seems when you log onto their website and look at the available data they do not look at how many pto days are not used, how many sick days are unused, we work more than any other country so it is surprising there are no statistics reflecting that. >> it comes down to how you think your boss will act or perceive it. and that will depend on if you feel you can do that. >> exactly it is a big discussion. let's go to the results of our poll, do you feel guilty about calling in sick to work? 72% say no and 75% -- 25% say yes. you can continue to vote on wu9.
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those 12 are police shifts are paying off in prince george's county. 20-year-old karon moore has been arrested in the charge of a double murder in district heights off of atwood street. philip michael and kenneth edmonds were found dead in a parking lot and police have been working 12 hour shifts in the county after a recent spike in violence in the area. president trump's nominee to lead the fbi pledges to be driven by facts and the pursuit of justice. christopher wray telling lawmakers he supports special counsel robert mueller's investigation into possible collusion. >> you can't take a job like this without being prepared to quit or get fired at a moments notice. wray was nominated after james comey was fired two months
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the 50-year-old has held several high jobs in the justice department. a father's tragic daycare experience is prompting reaction from you. this texas father says his son died after being found unresponsive at a day care. he was strapped in his car seat and the caregiver stepped away to care for another child. when the caregiver determined baby jackson was tangled in the seat straps and not breathing. the family later learned the daycare was not licensed, so now they want all families to know the importance of setting those childcare providers.>> do your research. make sure you know who has your child. make sure you know what is going on with your child at all times. i wouldn't wish this on anyone. >> a lot of good reaction from you on facebook.
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pamela nichols says i used to run an at-home daycare but it does not matter it is the people who keep your children. didion says bad things happen in licensed daycare's everyday having a license does not ensure the safety of any child. tammie says there are many takers that are wonderful and something like that would never happen. check your state requirements. >> we looked at daycare roles in dc maryland and virginia. in dc all day cares must comply with childcare requirements. the district checks on complaints in the following areas. ownership, supervision of children, condition of equipment, discipline practices, child to staff ratios, background checks and menus of food. the district requires workers to have a degree or childcare education.>> maryland requires workers to be 20 years old with a high school diploma or the equivalent and six semester
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training. they also require one provider is there for every three infants, one for every three toddlers and one for every 10 preschoolers. in virginia not all child day care programs are required to be licensed. programs that are licensed are expected twice a year to be inspected and there are requirements for background checks training health and safety. >>he bottom line is do your homework. still ahead, tinder for teenagers? a new app that allows children as young as 13 to join but some are concerned predators will target your kids. the 80s are making a comeback in miami. the inspiration behind bryce harper's all-star game outfit. here's the current heat index. it feels like it is 100 downtown and in manassas. we will come back and check the heat index
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the voice of kermit the frog is changing the longtime puppeteer and voice of the character is moving on from the muppets. he took under -- over under jim henson in 1990 no word on why he is leaving but kermit will be voiced by another actor. neil patrick harris is calling out to james woods on twitter after woods posted the photo of a child at a pride parade saying wait until this poor kid grows up realizes what you have done and stuffs you dismembered into a freezer. neil patrick harris says utterly ignorant and classless. you know not of what you speak and should be ashamed.
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your favorite tv shows make the cut? nominations for the 69th emmys will be announced tomorrow. one actress who started criminal minds will do the honors in los angeles. the biggest contenders for the best drama are stranger things, the handmade tale, the americans, this is us and westworld. stephen colbert will host the awards show in september watch it right here on wusa9 cute video here. sometimes all you need is a good disgusting muddy bath that is what that elephant got in sydney. zookeepers distracted the elephant with the pool so they could wash his mother. he was born in may and is part of the conservation program at the zoo. these elephants are the largest mammals on the asian in
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dramatically in the last century. get ready it is about to get hotter. we are taking things way up into extreme heat so how hard is too hot? we will conduct a stroller heat test up next but first. a new app for teenagers that looks like tinder. what parents need to know.
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with water dripping from the ceiling. you never know when something like this will happen. so let the geico insurance agency help you with homeowners insurance and protect yourself from things like fire, theft, or in this case, water damage. cannonball! now if i had to guess, i'd say somewhere upstairs there's a broken pipe. let the geico insurance agency help you with homeowners insurance. call today to see how much you could save. tinder for teens? there is a new app allowing children as young as 13 to join and it >>oks like tinder.
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no age verification for the app it is being marketed as a way to make new friends except the friendships are based on a system of swiping right or left on somebody's picture. the picture might not always be the person your teenager thinks it is. >> the app does not require parental permission and we found people can just lie about their age. >> anybody can go on the app. you can give a six-year-old the phone and they will figure it out. ages not being vetted. >> even if the app connects legitimate teens there are concerns that this could be dangerous at an age where teens are already insecure. if you have a teenager with your cell phone sync your devices so you know when your child downloads a new app. if you thought today was hot just wait until tomorrow. it is going to be prty
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alert going on. let's talk about that.>> [ bantering ] >> kind of dangerous tomorrow but it will be one day with the heat index from one of five up to 109. let's take a live look outside. it is 94 with the heat index at 100. if you are running the real test will be tomorrow night. we won't let you run tomorrow night, the 2.70 the wind southwest at 13. a little bit of a breeze. muggy tonight with lows in the 70s near 80 downtown. morning temperatures 72 to 88 those are straight temperatures not heat index. and i will tell you what
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camps should curtail activities tomorrow and suspend outdoor activities with the heat index over 105 tomorrow. a yellow weather alert with strong to severe storms on friday also good enough for the yellow weather alert. so, stay hydrated with water that is your best bet. eat light small meals, stay in the air-conditioned rooms at least a couple of hours per day and keep your pets indoors they need to be cool as well. records tomorrow, 97 is in jeopardy, 100 at national will probably stay. 99 baltimore we might get up there. these are straight temperatures not heat index numbers. 98 for the official high tomorrow and 94 on friday. low 90s saturday and sunday. it will be less humid over the weekend which is good news. not a bad summer weekend at 92
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on monday. here is the heat index the forecast we have been looking at all week. 10:00 tonight feeling like 92 downtown, 10:00 feeling like 82 in cumberland. by the morning time feeling like 84 downtown and some 70s, 76 in leesburg and 74 in frederick. so you really have to jog the smartest time would be in the morning. by noon, look at this heat index of 103 in fredericksburg. 102 downtown by tomorrow night this time over 100 in leesburg downtown in fredericksburg, cambridge 104 and hagerstown feeling like 92 at 6:00 pm tomorrow evening. tomorrow is a really tough dangerous day. partly cloudy tonight monday was an isolated storm 72 to 80. right now the doppler is quite. heis
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starting in the 80s, 91 by 11:00 and 95 by 1:00. yellow weather alert friday for the severe to strong storms and then nice saturday. still kind of toasty with lower 90s on sunday monday tuesday and wednesday. the best chance for storms will be tuesday and wednesday of next week. today is anything but comfortable with the heat but think about how a baby in a stroller would feel. janice park shows us how hot it can get on a day like today. >> this is a comma scenario on a hot day a parent walking a baby in a stroller. we wanted to see how hot it gets in the stroller on a day like today. a child can get heatstroke on a day as low as 57 degrees so only imagine today in the mid- 90s. if we check the temperature gun in the stroller it is 105 right now going up to the body temperature rising five times
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for tips on how to keep your child safe go to janice park, wusa9. now, wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> sports here it is the washington nationals are getting ready for the second half of the season based on the first-half success expectations are high. more on tonight's inside pitch. >> the nationals head into the second half with an oppressive record type for the second-most first-half wins in team history. a lot of the credit goes to bryce harper with 20 home runs and the resurgence of ryan zimmerman. a great year so far for him as the nationals lead the nl east by 9 1/2 games. they will have the cincinnati reds friday night. >> the nationals had five team members
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bryce harper stole the show but not with his play on the field it was with his outfit during the red carpet event. the one night he was miami bryce. arriving rocking the 80s look started by dawn johnson on miami vice. the moment he knew he was going to the all-star game he told his guide he wanted the dawn johnson looked. so, who wore it better? dawn johnson on the left or bryce harper on the right? bryce has got to get the hair points. >> how about the open v-neck he gets a little more points. >> do you think it is hot to have all that hair? >> listen, this man works out he is all right. coming up at 6:00 what can you do when you can't do?
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but first, four fonds rescued from wildfires. do you have something you think should be on the news but no one knows about it? send us an email and let us know what is going on in your neighborhood.
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fothere's a seriousy boomers virus out there that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. one in 30 boomers has hep c, yet most don't even know it. because it can hide in your body for years without symptoms, and it's not tested for in routine blood work. the cdc recommends all baby boomers get tested. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us it's time to get tested. ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. it's the only way to know for sure. remember this video. taking your breath away firefighters emerging from the flames with baby deer in their arms. all of this
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through arizona now they are settling into their new home in the grand canyon deer farm. >> eat sleep and plate that is the living these baby deer rescued from the goodwin fire enjoyed after moving full-time to the grand canyon deer farm on monday. the co-owner of the farm says that they did not mind the extra space or new roommates. >> they took over. >> the four have quite a following on social media where they keep fans updated but they are not popular with the soon- to-be mom in the main herd. >> they are getting so close to having their own that they get protective and chased the little girl off so we decided it wasn't safe. safety first. >> animal protection is something these animal lovers are all about. their visit was planned a year ago. it is
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junior zookeepers to see the little ones. >> it was really fun. >> a major coincidence, their dad is a firefighter and these are now alive thanks to firefighters. >> if you come to see them never taken for granted because they are amazing creatures. >> forming a bond and memories they will cherish for life. >> the baby deer are expected jewel -- to join the rest of the herd at the end of the month. get ready for the main event the climax of our heat wave. it might be extremely hot now the hottest day of the week comes tomorrow and that presents extra dangerous conditions. the chief topper shutt is out on the terrace with more. >> i am assuming if your kids are going to camp they know they can't have the kids oue
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the heat advisory goes into effect tomorrow between noon and 8:00 pm which means the index will be between 105 and 109. getting about 109 it is excessive heat warning. but it should stay in between that area tomorrow but here are some of the times to be wary of. heat exhaustion with heavy sweating and dehydration nausea and vomiting dizziness and cold pale clammy skin. if you have the symptoms you may need to get into the ac immediately. for heatstroke body temperature over 103 nausea headache or confusion not so much vomiting and also hot red dry or damp skin. any of these symptoms call 911. the yellow weather alert tomorrow the high heat is extreme isolated storms. in terms of impact we could have power outages with high heat
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moderately impact as they close down some of the rails. we will come back and talk about the yellow weather alert for friday but not for heat. the extreme heat is not only dangerous for people but it can take a toll on your pets. we have video of police breaking a window to rescue dogs left in a hot suv in seattle. janice park shows us how the situation can quickly turn deadly. >> we know about the dangers of our cars and kids but what about dogs? it only takes 15 minutes for a dog to be damaged. we're going to check the temperature inside in five- minute increments. it has been five minutes as you can see it says 101 already. it has been 10 minutes let's check the thermometer now 100 degrees. now let's check at 15 minutes. it has been holding steady


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