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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 13, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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no joke and prosecutors are making assurances that as to the motive the investigation is not over. >> personally it was a hate crime to me. >> the spot where lieutenant richard collins was stabbed to death is a makeshift memorial. the suspect, sean urbanski allegedly drunk with membership in a facebook white supremacist group called alt right the two were complete strangers. the outpouring after the murder touching a nation, sean urbanski was indicted for murder but not for a hate crime sparking frustration at the university. >> getting that background him stabbing an african-american it seems like deductive reasoning. >> that is very frustrating. >> we are investigating the motive. >> prince george's county prosecutors say the investigation is not over. >> the defendant was in possession of a multiple
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digital devices that will take time for the fbi to analyze and we will make an assessment after we have an opportunity to consider all the evidence. >> as it stands they will be seeking life without parole on the murder indictment. >> reporter: there is video of the murder itself taken from a camera right to there on the building and that is straightforward evidence but evidence and a motive getting inside the head of sean urbanski appears not to be straightforward. the mere membership in a white supremacist facebook group does not appear to be enough legally. prosecutors believe the fbi will be finished scouring the digital devices that belonged to sean urbanski in weeks. if there is another shoe to drop and a solid hate crime charged to be added on it will likely happen then in a few weeks.
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live at the university of maryland, scott broom wusa9. >> sean urbanski is in jail without bail pending the murder charge. the 18-year-old arrested for running down a transgender woman was high on pcp and his antics when he hit her last week according to charging documents. police announced the hit and run arrest last night. the victim is still in critical condition and cannot speak after the incident. witnesses tell police they heard anderson reverend the engine of the stolen car the moments before running down the victim. surveillance video shows anderson sped up before the crash he is being held without bond. an update on a set story for mississippi were 60 people died in a military plane crash and one of the marines onboard is from frederick's name
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is 33 years old and left behind a wife and three children. he grew up in frederick. michael quander spoke to one of his childhood friends. >> i knew him since he was eight and i was nine years old. he was serious like he knew who he wanted to be. from the day i met him he knew that he wanted to be in the marines as sad as it is that he has passed, this is who he was going to be and he was doing everything he could in the marines so even there he wanted to do it at the highest possible level. i hope his wife and kids are all right. it is rough right now but for them it is like several lives have changed. >> i said it is not his time to be up th
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50 or 60 more years. since he is up there he should do his job and keep an eye out for his loved ones down here. >> the deadly crash is under investigation. it appears the plane developed problems while in the air. convicted child porn producer deonte carraway has had a change of heart, the former teachers aide who admitted to making pornographic videos with students appeared in court today. he has been complaining his public defender is not adequately defending him but he told the judge today he does not have a problem with his lawyer now the former school volunteer has agreed to a sentence of at least 60 years in prison. he faces 270 state charges. president trump is defending his son's meeting with the
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speaking in paris the president said most people would have taken the meeting designed to get damaging information on hillary clinton, jared kushner is also in the crosshairs as investigators look into if the trump campaign's digital operation coordinated with russians to target voters with fake news stories and twitter. >> if there was any kind of coordination on the timing of the pushing of negative stories or false stories by russian social media trolls that is something we need to know. >> jared kushner oversaw the trump campaign digital team. security is tight for president trump's trip to paris as he met with emmanuel macron ahead of bastille day celebrations. the leaders have clashed over climate that have count -- found common ground on protection. president trump will be a guest of honor at a parade tomorrow so limiting the french national holiday.
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rolled out their latest attempt to repeal and replace obamacare. the revision includes a version of ted cruises amendment allowing insurers to offer cheaper bare-bones policies and there is no funding for opioid treatment and money for states designed to lower premium for high cost enrollees. mitch mcconnell needs 50 votes to pass the bill and at least three republicans are opposed to the new version. doctors are closely watching former president jimmy carter who collapsed today while he was working in a building for habitat here -- for humanity in canada. the former president was suffering from dehydration. he was out working in the heat but he managed to bounce back and then encouraged everyone to stay hydrated. meteorologist howard bernstein is in the heat tonight at the one place you want to be live from a splash park hanging out with the kids.
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>> i am hiding under the umbrella, we are hovering around and 95 but the kids are having a great time. they have the right idea coming up at 5:45 i spoke to a lot of fun lepeop i will show you how they were doing with the heat today. still ahead we will talk to the controversial prince william county supervisor corey stewart. after the break
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new developments in the case of for missing men in pennsylvania. investigators recovered the bodies of one of the men in a mass grave 30 miles north of ident -- philadelphia he has been identified as
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finocchiaro, prosecutors found other remains but they have not said much more. >> i know more than i am sharing on the relationships but i have to keep it that way. >> the search for the remaining missing men is happening on land belonging to the parents of a person of interest, 20- year-old cosmo dinardo . he is being held on $5 million bond. he try to sell a car belonging to one of the missing men. republicans introduced a controversial proposal today banning the military from paying for gender reassignment surgeries. the pentagon started offering this under president barack obama. republicans say it would save the armed forces $1 billion over 10 years. nancy pelosi calls it cowardly. we hope you are able to stay cool today, on the way some "heat hacks".
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crooks are using a skimmer to steal your information from a gas station in woodbridge one of the most popular stories on social media in the dc area. stephanie ramirez explains how this a different kind of skimmer works. the device was used at exxon at 13,000 north avenue. check your bank account if you got gas there. out of a job and in trouble with the law after a correctional officer who was supposed to take care of inmates ended up sexually assaulting one. this happened in the montgomery detention facility in clarksburg. >> we are told by officials the prisoner identifies as a woman but lived in the mail cellblock in the jail and
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counseling according to jail policy. she may not have wanted to talk about him but let me tell you about this former corrections officer he admitted to forcing an inmate to perform oral sex on him tuesday. it is all laid out in the court documents. police called the inmate sf. she was on the bottom bunk when the ceo ripped off the blanket fondled the victim and forced the inmate. he try to cover it up washing his hands making the inmate wash clothing but sf held onto a pair of pants soiled with dna that and surveillance camera footage sealed his fate. an advocate for prisoners who have been sexually assaulted. >> it is a significant issue.
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abused in the jails and prisons every year. that is men and women who we have taken or their liberty and then beyond exposed to sexual abuse. 50% of the reports the abuse has been committed by staff members. >> the 41-year-old's career as a corrections officer did not last long he was just hired in december 2016. from clarksburg wusa9 a spokesperson with the department of corrections says he passed all the background checks to get the job. we have a yellow weather alert for today's oppressive heat. drink a lot of water and make sure you have light clothing. >> there are so many things we can do when it comes to beating the heat, topper shutt and ou
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went out to test some "heat hacks". >> we're trying to keep you cool, i read if you put lotion on you will be hotter. >> i don't believe that. >> we have one minute left. so, we just stood in the sun for five minutes. i have this not so scientific reader of temperature without making contact. it says return to send our executive producer. so put out your arm and 97 degrees. now let me see.
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oh well. i guess it is not true. that is what people say so that is number one for the day. >> okay. i never thought about the lotion and heat thing maybe we should. >> share your favorite heat pack with us. >> they are grabbing some ice for the next one at 5:45 we will show you that soon. >> you were out for a couple of minutes on the weather terrace was it about that? >> you just have to stay hydrated and if you work in the sun you need to take breaks it is doable but it is dangerous if you have respiratory problems. let's start with the three degree guarantee
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to 97 last night and it should work out okay. we will let you know how we did tonight. a live look outside this is our live weather camera. 94 right now but it feels like 105 that is what you're dealing with outside. the dewpoint is 75 degrees that is why. the wind southwest f-14 miles per hour. here is the radar with some showers one thunderstorm just crossed the bay. lighter showers to the north and west a couple of isolated storms tonight anything developing can be heavy but other than that just muggy again tonight. 72 to 84 tomorrow morning between 7:00 and 9:00 we could also have a shower. yellow weather alert tomorrow for strong to severe storms. critical time tomorrow 3:00 until 10:00 pm.
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if you are for the west in the mountains dialed back to about 1:00 pm and on the eastern shore dial it forward to about 4:00 pm until midnight. so, 93 tomorrow and 91 saturday, 90 sunday and 90 on monday. temperatures are pretty close to average we are within two of our average so that is not unusable. 6:30 tonight on the futurecast we have some showers possible to the west and then we have a break but notice the clouds lingering and notice the temperatures. this is regular future could -- cast these are real values 86 at 10:00 tonight. by morning we have showers possible toward cumberland and romney and temperatures downtown in the upper 70s with clouds and by midmorning some showers could make it to frederick or cross over into leesburg. temperatures by lunchtime in
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evening showers and storms are trying to develop so the best chance will be between the late afternoon and early evening. don't get hung up on where futurecast is showing the storms, right now they are along i-66. be advised everyone has a chance for heavy to severe storms tomorrow. by 9:30 most of the showers are working their way across the bay and late tomorrow night it will just be muggy and date night could be affected until about 9:30. tonight in the 70s partly cloudy and muggy with isolated storms and went from the southwest at 10 miles per hour. 80 degrees to start tomorrow not very pleasant, 89 by 11:00 and 90 by 1:00. we do have a sprinkle around 9:00 with a few clouds. but it is not a big deal. saturday okay, hot but not as humid. 91
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that is a pretty good summer weekend. the next seven days yellow weather alert sunday and tuesday with a good chance for storms and wednesday and thursday isolated storms and we are getting hot again on thursday. it was 95 today earlier in dc but it was 60 at the same time in boston. i would rather have 95 but you can decide go to my facebook page and let me know what you think. the national zoo is celebrating the arrival of a sumatran tiger cub. the mother gave birth on tuesday and the zoo is closely watching their cub. >> their cub appears to be nursing and moving as normal. this is the first letter from the 12-year-old male from the zoo. important information for verizon customers, there has been another data
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outspoken county supervisor corey stewart announces he is running for senate. why are turtles laying eggs on the runway at one of the country's busiest airports? we will tell you what is being done to keep them safe, next.
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an unusable -- unusual site . okay, these kids know how to beat the heat downtown. >> we will hear from howard he is out of live with the kids. first an unusable management wildlife program underway in jfk involving diamondback terrapins looking to lay eggs on the runways. they come up from jamaica bay. looking for ground in the area and there are more than 4000 feet of black tubing lighting the airport to keep the turtles out of harms way. the chief wildlife biologist for the aviation department. >> in 2012 before we had the
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to the airfield and that is a huge number, we have cut the number down from before the barrier at least 50%. >> she and her team round up and rescue the terrapins that make it past the barriers each one is marked with nail polish to indicate if data has been collected on it. let's talk consumer news, verizon wireless says a security problem has exposed data of 6 million customers bought the company says don't worry it did not make it to the wrong hands, verizon says the customer names and phone numbers and addresses and even some account passwords were exposed by one of the company vendors. delivery is for dinner, more than 40% of all online orders are now for food and it is not just millennials. there are big surges in 35 to
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the study attributes the surge to the expansion of restaurant apps and the ease of online ordering. if you are flying united airlines and your seat becomes a hot commodity be on the lookout for a buyout offer of $250. according to bloomberg is called a flex schedule plan it is the new way united is dealing with overbooked flights. if you accept this you will be rebuilt from the same airport within 24 hours. that is "wusa9 news at 5:00", the news at 5:30 starts now. coming off the primary race corey stewart is now running for the u.s. senate. >> corey stewart surprised everyone when he almost beat ed gillespie for the republican nomination for governor and today in his typical firebrand way he announced he is running for senate
5:29 pm
tim kaine. >> i am going to run the most vicious ruthless campaign to dethrone tim kaine for the united states senate. >> senator tim kaine who was hillary clinton's running mate was a popular governor in virginia before winning the senate seat. >> it is time we have a senator to support the president. >> tim kaine has been a staunch supporter of the trump russia investigation. >> insinuating the president's family has been involved. >> you think that is a witchhunt? >> i think it is a witchhunt an attempt to stymie the president. >> stewart is a master of blunt talk and political stunts like giving away an ar 15 during his campaign and holding a protest to keep confederate monuments standing. >> harry wiggins the chair of the democratic party in prince william county says he is not surprised
5:30 pm
planning to run a vicious campaign. >> he is not mainstream. he is negative he has always been negative and he has done a lousy job as the county board of supervisors had -- head. >> before corey stewart runs his campaign against senator tim kaine he will most likely have to run against other republicans for the nomination. in northern virginia peggy fox wusa9. >> former presidential republican candidate carly keyarena is also considering running. a 16-year-old under arrest charged in the murder of a construction engineer in northwest dc. police arrested lamont mcdonald yesterday. the shooting happened july 5 and the day after he was killed our editorial partners at the washington post profiled the victim


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