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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  July 14, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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love. >> when you looked at her, it's, whoa! like an electrical shock. this is the "cbs evening news."
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military. he has suspected ties to russian intelligence. akmetshin, now a u.s. citizen, lobbies to lift russian sanctions. he was unavailable for comment today. akmetshin worked with the russian lawyer who security the meeting with donald trump, jr. on the pretense of providing damaging information about hillary clinton. akmetshin's presence raises more questions about who attended the meeting and undercuts trump, jr.'s explanation earlier this week. so as far as you know this is all of it? >> this is everything. >> reporter: cbs news learned president trump was a briefed about the trump, jr. meeting three days before it was disclosed in the "new york times," though it seems he was not aware there were more people in the room than initially reported. >> it was a meeting that went very, very quickly, very fast two. other people in r
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guess one left almost immediately and the other one was not really focused on the meeting. >> reporter: president trump is referring to campaign manager paul manafort and mr. trump's son jared kushner now a senior white house advicer. cbs news confirmed the last revision was the russian lawyer, though kushner's attorneys say that disclosure was not required and kushner was not disclosed to others in the meeting. jeffrey mankoff is with the strategic and international studies. >> i think going into meetings with people who have kremlin ties on the part of anybody who's in national politics without thoroughly vetting who they are, what they're doing, is politically and possibly legally quite dangerous. being reached out to by representatives of the russian government of intelligence services should certainly spark red flags and prompt a call to
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>> reporter: cbs news has also confirmed president trump has hired yet another attorney to deal with russia relayed matters, ty cobb, a descendent of the famous baseball legend. unlike other attorneys hired by the president, cobb whether work in the white house to oversee the legal and communications strategy in this matter. anthony? >> mason: major garrett at the white house. thank you, major. the house intelligence committee is investigating russian meddling in the u.s. election and whether anyone in the trump exainl was involved. today former trump campaign advisor michael caputo testified before the panel in closed segments here's julianna goldman. >> i had no contact with russians and never heard anybody in this trump campaign talk with russians. >> reporter: michael caputo met with house investigators three hours today and testified he had zero contacts with russia during his time on the campaign. caputo, on thing trump
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from november 15 to june 2016, had lived in russia in the 1990s, working for the u.s. government. he returned to the u.s. in 2000 and worked as a public relations advisor to a subsidiary of the state-ronde russian conglomerate gazprom. he told the buffalo news, last year, i'm not proud to have the work today, but at the time, putin wasn't such a bad guy. >> i intentionally stayed out of the hair of the white house and the administration, especially since m my name was brought up n the context of the russia investigation. nobody in the administration or the white house needs my telephone number on their call list, needs me on their visitor logs or needs e-mails from me. >> reporter: he's a protege of roger stone, whose appearance before the house committee later this month was postponed so members have more time to prepare. for his part, stone says he's had no contact with russian officials but he told our jeff pegues he was in touch with russian
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wikileaks during the campaign. one of the his tweets last year suggests he may have known the campaign may have been posting john podesta's e-mails. also the trump campaign's digital director said he will speak with investigators. he said he's unaware of russian involvement and will share with the committee everything i know. president trump's long-time attorney michael cohen is also scheduled to appear before the committee in september. both the house and the senate are still in the early stages of their investigations, which will eventually move up the ladder to the president's inner circle, anti-any. >> mason: thanks. adam schiff calls the latest lat revelations deeply disturbing but president's supporters are standing by him. here's dean reynolds. >> at the vigo county fair in
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smells and sounds, we found supporters of president trump eager to push back against the big story of the week in washington. >> are you troubled about the whole russia investigation? >> not at all. there is nothing to it. >> reporter: even with his son's admitted meeting with the russians? >> i think his son was trying his best to be as transparent as he possibly could. >> reporter: but isn't the meeting troubling to you? >> no, no. >> mason: brenda and fred wilson were on the same page. >> so far i've seen enough russian to say, until something else pops up that's pretty big, i'm not concerned about that right now. >now. >> mason: we met wilsons and friends at the republican party picnic on the grounds. >> russia, rust, rust. gary riggs who says he's 200% satisfied with the president's performance believes reporters
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>> he's getting a lot done behind the scenes and the media overshadowing on the other side makes it twice as hard. >> reporter: should we report what he tweets? >> you know, i think you probably should, but it shouldn't be the main line. we need to get behind this president and quit majoring in minor things, in my opinion, and let him do the job he was elected to do. >> mason: speaking of elengses, his supporters here believe republican control of washington should produce big results, but matt schalburg is concerned congress is not helping. >> they have a prime opportunity, something they've wanted for years. >> reporter: would you as a voter be upset with them if they don't do what they said they were going to do? >> absolutely. yes. the swath is deeper than he thought. >> mason: six months into his presidency, they have four words of advice for mr. trump, steady as you go. dean reynolds, cbs news, terre haute, indiana. >> mason:
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today in the murders of four young men in a philadelphia suburb. the victims vanished last week. today we learned gruesome details. demarco morgan in bucks county, pennsylvania. >> we were able to secure the two weapons alleged used in the murders. >> reporter: bucks county district attorney announced sean krats and tom meo tom meo have been charged with the multiple homicide for the deaths of these mean. dean finocchiaro, tom meo tom mk sturgis and jimi tar patrick have been positively identified. >> reporter: says the men were killed by 20-year-old dinardo and 20-year-old sean krats after they lured the men on to the farmo with drugs deals. >> there was an attempt to burn the bodies to obliterate them but i don't think it was successful. >> rte
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area on the property and was shot and killed with a.# 2 caliber rifle. two days later authorities say dinardo and kratz shot and killed three other men. >> we found three other young men deep in the ground in an old oil tank converted into a cooker 12.5 feet down. >> reporter: photos of the men brandishing a gun first reported by >> are you still looking for the suspects? >> i'm satisfied at this time that based on the evidence that we have, we have the two men locked up that need to be brought to justice. >> reporter: there is still no clear motive as to why all four men were lured to the property and killed. anthony, the judge entered a not guilty plea for denardo and kratz. their next court appearance is set for the end of the month. >> demarco in pennsylvania,
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severe thunderstorms are expected to hit upper midwest this weekend. parts of iowa, wisconsin and illinois are already flooded. david begnaud is north of chicago in gurnee, illinois. >> unprecedented is what it's called. authorities say two months of rain have fallen 12 hours in gurnee north of chicago. it's not uncommon to see flooding but 1.6 trillion gallons of water fell this week on portions of wisconsin and illinois, where bruce rounder is the governor. >> folks think things are fine or getting better. they're not. >> in lake county, illinois, 5800 buildings damaged by flood water. forecasters say flood manager the northern chicago suburbs will get worse in the next few days as water flows down rivers into the state from wisconsin. in burlington, the town's four bridges remain closed because the swollen fox river crested at more than 17 feet. back in
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found gary campbell defiantly optimistic that the wall of sound he put around his home of 40 years is going to hold. >> reporter: do you think you're going to be able to safe to? >> i've survived all the other ones. the things you lose, that's another story. >> reporter: it's the des plaines refer that topped the banks flooding in gurnee. no rain is expecting this weekend but the water and river are rising tonight and won't crest till sunday. >> mason: david martin, i hope the sandbags hold. thanks, david. a close call at a san francisco international airport is closer than we thought, a week ago. kris van cleave has the update. >> the guy is going. he's on the
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>> reporter: it could have been one to have the worst aviation disasters in history. last night an air canada night landed up to land on a taxiway in san francisco while four others were waiting to take off. it pulled up just in time. canada's transportation safety board said early indications are the flight may have come within just 29 feet of one plane and overflew the first two aircraft by 100 feet. >> we're talking less than a second from disaster. >> reporter: ross aimer is a retired airlinetain and c.e.o. of air experts. >> it is an easy thing to do to mistake a taxiway from a runway especially on a dark night. >> reporter: half a mile out the air canada pilot thought something was wrong but continued. >> lights on the runway there. confirmed to land to the right. there's no one on the right but you. >> reporter: the new report says the
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coordinating with another facility as the air canada flight descended. >> go around. >> reporter: there were 140 people on the air canada flight and hundreds more on the ground. the n.t.s.b. is leading the investigation and hopes to speak to the flight crew and controller in the coming days. >> 29 feet from disaster. kris van cleave, thank you very much. coming up, they were ready to say i do, now brides to be are saying what do i do now? boost. it's about movi
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le dependable relief. suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief. >> mason: thousands of bribes were -- brides were jilted today by their dressmaker when more than 6 60 alfred angelo bridal stores closed without warning. the company supplied gowns for 1,400 more stores. >> reporter: hell a hath no fury like a bride scorned. >> where's my dress? >> reporter: ask leann coleman who's about to
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bridesmaids dresses. >> i'm a little disgusted because, what, we have a week to find a dress? >> reporter: a steady stream of shocked wedding parties flocked to the 60 alfred angelo across the country, only to find the doors locked and signs posted in the window, telling customers to email a florida-based law firm. >> it's like it's within arm's reach. >> reporter: 23-year-old kyla came to pick up her dress at the shut-down frisco, texas location, already paid $1,200 toward her dress. >> i starred crying when i put my dress on. >> reporter: you're getting emotional now about it. >> i looked at my mom and i said, this is the one, this is my dress. >> reporter: the president of alfred angelo. the then c.e.o. was on cbs's undercover boss. >> we're going to pay for the whole thing. >> reporter: and gave a formerly homeless employee a free wedding dress and $35,000.
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afterwards. on social media, angry brides are lashing out. one bride to be saying my wedding dress was due to deliver end of july. my wedding, august 19. i'm calling it off. don't have time to find my dream dress again. kyla still has time to find a dress but still wants answers from alfred angelo. >> how you going to fix all these brides' broken hearts? there are so many brides across the state that are upset and there is nothing they can do at this point. >> reporter: at one point, alfred angelo made $90 million in revenue. repeated calls and e-mails to the company were not returned. >> mason: omar villafranca with your worst wedding nightmare. thank you, omar. up next, that sinking feeling. my a1c wasn't were it needed to be. so i liked when my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals
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>> mason: gone in seconds. two florida homes were swallowed today by a sinkhole. it's growing bigger by the hour and could reach a nearby lake. nine other homes have been evacuated. power's been cut to dozens more. there was a sinkhole on that same block at least once before. jimmy carter got a big ovation today when he returned to a construction site in wi winnie , canada. he spent the night in the hospital after collapsing building homes for habitat for humanity. he was treated for dehydration, at 92 years old. he and his wife just celebrated their anniversary. steve hartman is next.
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>> mason: we end tonight with a man who has so much love, he had to build a special place to keep it all. steve hartman met him on the road. >> reporter: around starkville, mississippi, retired mail carrier charles evans is known mostly for his questionable taste in lawn furnishings. but we came last year for something undeniably beautiful. >> the man with the plan. >> reporter: charles met his wife louise back in 1949. >> when you looked at her, it's like an electrical shock. >> reporter: really. i guess it's love. >> reporter: to charles, true love is so powerful, nothing can stop it. >> it's a big four-letter word. >> reporter: nothing. straighten it out. >> reporter: which is why, after she died in 2011, after 60 years of marriage, he decided
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grave marker wasn't enough, that their love deserved more than a monument. what their love needed was a museum. and, so, in a little outbuilding behind his house, charles evans build just that. >> this is a memorabilia area. >> reporter: inside, he's got the shoe shine stand he was working at when he met her. he has all the music they used to dance to. he has four walls packed with pictures, documenting every significant occasion. >> this is when we went out to lunch. >> reporter: and most insignificant occasions. >> this is another place for lunch and she didn't like this because i caught her with food in her mouth. >> reporter: he doesn't get a lot of visitors, but we got the sense he enjoyed his alone time more. on slow days, he would slow dance with louise. >> i guess i'm trying to relive our life,ld
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>> reporter: maybe. i don't know. it's so hard to explain, you know. but it's not a suffering memory, it's a beautiful memory, you know. >> reporter: fortunately, a lot of our viewers could relate. since that story first aired, 250 people from as far as way as india have come to see the museum. some even go for a spin with the curator. ( laughter ) of course, none of these new dance partners can hold a candle to his louise, but charles says he's still happy people are getting the message of his museum, that love can never be lost, as long as it's savored. >> yeah, she was lovely. >> reporter: steve hartman, on the road in starkville, mississippi. >> mason: charles evans keeping that love electricity alive. that's the "cbs evening news." i'm anthony mason. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow
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right now, a veteran's dieing wish and you can help fulfill it. >> the highest paid sports stars. can you imagine earning a half million per week? where does that money come from. >> and president trump not feeling def punk. we have music, politics and more tonight. first, we get a look at the forecast. >> and good news, bruce. the thunderstorms are pretty much gone now in terms of the immediate metro area. the severe thunderstorm watch is trimmed back and includes maryland, charles county and across the river there. there are no warnings right now and that is good news. you haven't -- i think most of the showers are gone. a couple of light showers possible. the concert should be okay. still some heavy rain from solomon to lendardtown and into -- leonardtown and into newland


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