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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 17, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, july 17th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." a flash flood sends a wall of water through an arizona swimming hole killing at least nine people. rescue workers are still searches for one man. john mccain recovers from surgery to remove a blood clot from his head. and a yoga teacher is shot and killed by minneapolis police after she reportedly called 911 thr a reported possible assault. yoe mar wants to know why police body cameras were not turned on. plus we give you our new series,
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this morning you'll meet one that runs and jumps like a cat. it will be sent into danger zones too dangerous for humans. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. ne>> one witss said all they heard was a tremendous roar and all of a sudden the water and debris was on top of them and they werecr sambling for their lives. >> a deadly flash flood terrorizes a family. >> they're rejecting a claim that anything questionable happened at that famous meeting. >> if it was nefarious, why didn't they let the secret service in. >> the vote will be delayed while john mccain recovers from surgery. >> you know, i think the longer the bill's out there, the more everybody is going to discover it keeps the fundamental flaw of
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answers after a woman was killed by police. body cameras were not turned on. legendary actor robe eor ma landau has died at the age of 89. >> police blame alcohol for a boating accident in an indiana lake. >> oh, no. oh, my god. >> all that -- >> so many tuned in to watch game of thrones, it actually crashed hbo's main website. >> oh. that was loud. as he leaps and makes the catch. >> -- all and that matters. >> you faced complete criticism. >> everybody is coif everybody what you're doing, you may not be
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>> -- on "cbs this morning." >> it was a mystical, mythical, and magical run by roger federer. >> another one for the aidless wonder, the champion of wimbledon who has won for the eighth time. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. what a wonderful victory for roger. welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell and gayle king are off, so jeff glor and bianna golodryga are with me. we begin with a story of a massive water wall that slammed into a creek. it surprised swimmers and swept some away. >> nine people were killed
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bodies were found as far as two miles downriver. one person, a 27-year-old man, is still missing. more dangerous weather and possible flooding is forecast for today. mireya villarreal is near phoenix. >> reporter: flash flooding tore through central arizona on saturday. officials estimate more than 100 people were at a popular swimming hole as a wall of water came barreling down. >> holy mackerel. >> reporter: footage shows one man in a tree above the rapids clinging to a young child. >> there's the son other there and the mom is in the water. >> reporter: 14 family members were reportedly celebrating a birthday there. nine bodies were recovered. the youngest of them, 2 years old. one woman said she's desperate
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brother. >> he's my brother. he has to be found. they can't stop looking until he is found. he has to rest in peace with his family. >> one family said all they heard was this tremendous roar. >> reporter: he sad saturday's storm intensify by the highland fire. >> all that ash and debris came rushing down and caught them totally be surprise. >> reporter: thick mud has made it more difficult for some 30 people searching at least five miles of rocky debris and terrain. >> we're taking our time and making sure there's nobody in there. >> such a tragedy for that community. that was mireya villarreal reporting where there are many storms cast for
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meantime senator john mccain is recovering from surgery this morning. that means the senate will not deseed on the health care any time soon. he had a blood cot above his eye removed. nancy cordes is on capitol hill where the delay could stretch out longer than a weak. good morning. >> good morning to you. senate republicans had no choice. with mccain gone, they simply did not have the votes to even bring this vote to the senate floor, and so over the weekend senate majority leader mitch mcconnell announced while john is recovering, the senate will defer consideration of the better care act, but a delay could further imperil this bill. already two republicans susan collins and rand paul have announced their opposition and about a dozen others are still undecided. noey're waiting to see how the
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office analyzes this bill. gop leaders were pushing the cbo to release its review as early as tore. since it's been delayed, it looked like the cbo is going to take a little more while. what they want to know is how they will review a new provision from ted cruz that will allow cheaper bare bones plans to the healthy. over the weekend they released a letter called cruz's proposal unworkable in any form and would increase premiums for those with previous conditions an leave widespread termination of coverage. now the senators want to know if the cbo shares that view. >> thanks, nancy. senator mccain is in good condition after the surgery to open part of his skull. doctors say he had a minimally
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invasive craniotomy following an annual physical. pathology reports are pending within the next several days. after that further care will be discussed between doctors and the family. mccain has a history of skin cancer. he is recovering at home in arizona. president trump is still asking why his oldest son is being scorned for seeking negative information on hillary clinton. the president returned to washington last night after visiting paris and his new jersey gulf club. a washington poll shows 36% approve of the president's performance. in 37 years that's the lowest number with any president in office. major gators is at the white house. good morning. >> good morning. he said he did nothing illegal when he met with others and an attorney and lobbyist at trump
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towers. candidate trump knew nothing about the meeting and most certainly did not attend. president trump watched the touchment at his golf club in new jersey. trump junior was forced to admit he met with kremlin attorney natalia veselnitskaya in 2016. it also included chairman adviser paul manafort. one was rob goldstone and another rinat akmetshin. he has suspected ties to russian intelligence. president trump's lawyer jay sekulow insisted trump junior's meeting did not break the
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defense. >> i wonder why the secret service -- if this was nefari s nefarious, why they'd tud they allow the president in. >> a spokesman for the secret service pointed out no one questioned. >> we don't know until we get a chance to talk to all of the individuals. >> a top democrat mark warner took aim at white house adviser mike kushner who amendmented his paperwork to include contact with russians. >> it does seem strange to me he didn't forget not once, not twice, but three sep ratd meetings with senior russian officials. >> we have another themed week, this week by an moan, interesting because the hotel chain and clothing line that bear the president's name have almost never done that. and as for as theme weeks go, they've had a hard t
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competing with revelations in the russian story. charlie? >> thanks. dan senor spent years working on the hill and in the white house. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> look at the low ratings. look at the deepening probe. how much of a distraction is this for the president trying to run the country? >> well, it's an enormous distraction because with any white house there's a lot of things you try to get done. you're treei itrying to keep yof co-he's everybody. then you layer on that infighting and legal accusations. they're lawyering up. no one knows who's cooperating with investigators and who's not. >> as all this happens the senate tries to pass a health care bill. that has been delayed now because of what has been happening with senator mccain. the convention of wisdom i
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delay is bad and will hurt chances. is that true? >> yeah. i spoke with a number of legislators over the past ten days. the beg challenge they're having is an intrarepublican debate. they're trying to get the moderates on board, placate the conservative, trying to figure out what to do with rand paul and the problem he's causing. it's all intraright. and the longer this takes, the more this infighting you have and the more you have corralling people and you're not making cases and when you combine that with low approval ratings whose names will ultimately be with the health care bill, it makes it tougher. >> rand paul is one. >> there are fooish sort of hanging in the balance. mitch mcconnell is a master parliamentarian strategist. if anyone can pull a rabbit out of a hat,
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i've seen him do it a number of times over the decades. this is a difficult situation. time is not on their side. including presidents day, when pretty was making case for obamacare, he was doing interviews and press conferences. there seems to be none of that going on here. >> a lots of what the senators are facing are coming from their own governor. there was a meeting of governors over the weekend and they dispatched a few of theirs, and they were trying to talk town the cbo and dissuade them from focusing down. that a smartd tactic? >> i don't think they have much of a choice. they widely miscalculated the obamacare so it's not without obamacare. what they're focusing on is the number of people that will be left uninsured. i'm not that worried about the ceo and i
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be talking about -- they should do everything they kchlt but if it doesn't get done, they need to pivtd the tax reform. just last night you're starting to see that the white house is getting ready. they're going to move quickly to the tax reform so they can get some legislative win in. >> of course, you've about photo focus on the debt. dan, great to see you. >> good to be with you guys. in other news, investigators in minnesota are trying to figure out why a woman got shot and killed by place after reporting a potential assault. she taught medication and spirituality and was reportedly engage. the deadly encounter took place in neighborhood when two officers responded to the 911 call. their body cameras were not on and patrol car cameras did not report what happened.
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growing questions surrounding what happened. good morning. >> good morning. according to officers, all of their pea troll officers are equipped with body cameras. the mayor along with residents of minneapolis want to know why they weren't on during saturday's deadly woman. >> this woman was a beautiful light. she was a healer. she was loved. and she should be alive. >> reporter: at a viv ill friday night they describe justine damond as a lovely person. she was a yoga teacher report reportedly engaged to be married last month. betsy hodges could not explain why police body cameras were not rollin
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opened fire on her outside her home. she called 911 to report a possible assault. the bureau of criminal apprehension said two officers responded and at one point the officer fired a weapon striking the woman. >> she heard a sound. >> the man appearing to be the son of the fiance photographed on facebook. the minneapolis police department add about 600 body cameras for its body cameras last summer. that rekwiermtd came around the same time black motorist philando castille was killed in another twin cities area police department. both plugs are now on administrative leave. they say when the investigation into this shooting is over, they will turn over the findings to the county attorney's office for
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review. charlie. >> thanks, michelle. we're remembering the life and career of academy award winning actor martin landau. this morning the actor died over the weekend due to complications after a brief hospitalization. he was in over the 00 television and movie shows over his six-decade career. with a dynamic range and an unrivaled longevity, actor martin landau was one of the profession's most adaptable students. he played an assassin in alfred hitchcock's film "north by northwest," and in woody
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film. but it was the role of ed wood that earned him the highest honor. it was his only academy award. >> don't put music on because if it's a "mission impossible" theme, aisle get really angry. lawn dau's work reached destinations casting some of the world's biggest stars in both drama and comedy. >> i don't miss putts inside ten feet. even bob knows that. >> how would i know that. the only putz stai know standinn front of me. >> the only audience is what's happening between two people standing in front of each other. that is acting. >> boy, boy, boy. such diversity. >> it's hard to believe he only received one honor. he was such a great actor that
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while many brides to be-are trying to find new wedding dresses after >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by toyota. let's go places.
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one city leader in ohio is call for first responders to stop answering some overdose calls. >> yeah, stay away from middletown because we might not show up to treat you. >> it's harsh. >> it's reality. ahead, a first look at the opioid crisis in one community and the controversial approach to address it. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." the day after chemo might mean a trip back to the doctor's office, just for a shot. but why go back there, when you can stay home...
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six girls
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five florida homes are too dangerous to return. video shows the massive hole in tampa swallowing homes. they captured the dramatic moment on friday when a home collapsed. two homes have been destroyed. authorities believe the sinkhole has stopped growing but there's new concern that drinking water in that neighborhood may be contaminated now. welcome back to "cbs this morning." norah and gayle are
7:31 am
are with us. o.j. simpson's appeal is set to take place this week. >> the former football star is nearly nine years into a 33-year sentence for armed robbery. in 2013 simpson won parole on a portion of his charges and thursday he'll be eligible to win parole outright. here's a ak look at some of this morning headlines. she way wang received a ten-year prison sentence. he was accused of espionage. iran media claims he has connection with british intelligence agencies. they continue to detain u.s. citizens on fabricated national security-related charges. t"the journal gazette" clais alcohol played a rolen
7:32 am
a driver did a hard turn. two of them were seriously hurt. video shows how the boat spun out of control with no one at the wheel. officers had to corral the moving boat. the woman wasn arrested for intoxication. the "new york post" says an airline is biting back. delta tweeted, quote, we're sorry you did not receive the preferred seat you payed for and will refund your $30. additionally your insults about other customers and employees are unacceptable and unnecessary. and "usa today" reports that nearly 7 million pounds are being recalled. the sabrat hot dogs could have bone fragments. look for the number
7:33 am
the hot dogs affected were made in mid-march through july 4. more than 4,000 people died from unintentional drug overdoses last year in ohio alone. many coroners in the state say the death toll will be higher this year. tony dokoupil visited one hard-hit town in butler county where the sheriff is refusing to allow sheriff's deputies to carry an opioid antidote. >> that's like losing the entire population of atlanta. it's rapidly deteriorating. the city has seen more overdose calls in 2016 and some are proposing extreme solutions. we were along for the ride as first responders in middle town, ohio, made their way to a fifth overdose call in half an ho
7:34 am
there was a bad batch. >> that's correct. the dealer made his rounds and people are starting to fall out. >> on this call this woman turned blue outside a friend's house. they were able to save her, at least for now. >> what is it like to see her? >> it's breaking my heart. she overdosed two months ago. how many more times before she's not going to make it. >> reporter: last year ems made 532 runs. this year they've had more than 600 runs through june and they're using naloxone to counter the effects of stronger drugs. they surpassed the $11,000 last year and they're on pace to spend more than $100,000 this year. >> my issue is we're going to run out of money. >> reporter: that's
7:35 am
picard is issuing a three-times. >> my message to addicts is stay away from middle town because we might not show up to treat you. >> it's harsh. >> it's reality. >> who are we to dictate who's saveable and who's not. >> reporter: they saved her life when she overdosed in 2015. >> yeah. i was two minutes away from not being automobile to be here. >> reporter: she tells us she's been clean for a year and a half and any threat won't deter addicts. >> the addict is not scared, you know. they're hopeless p they're helpless. we need to help these people. not more deaths. >> we need to be involved in forcing some type of treatment. >> reporter: the police chief has his own proposal.
7:36 am
he'd like to make arrests and file criminal charges. the charges would get dropped if they get help. what gives you confidence that forced treatment would be effective? >> i can't tell you that it gives me a lot of confidence but it would be more than what we're doing now. we're doing nothing now. >> they go to a call where a man overdosed in a parking lot. >> i'm a city councilor. >> sit going change? >> it has to change where people are forced toic ma change. >> ems responded to eight overdose calls while we were there. it's an idea. not a formal proposal, and it's unclear whether it
7:37 am
withstand a legal challenge. since raising the idea the feedback had been mostly negative but he points out at least it sparked a debate. the negative reaction would be outside middleton. in the town they're facing the choice of bankruptcy and a medical response. >> one would think there's a response. >> they want medical aid. >> how much does it kouft? >> $1,000. and they're looking at spending $2 million on heroin overdoses alone. six girls are in gachb to supporters gathered at the airport to greet the team when they arrived this weekend. chip reid shows us how the girls overcame numerous challenges. chip, good morning. >> reporter: g
7:38 am
me at constitutional hall waiting to go inside. in afghanistan it can be dangerous to even pursue an education and these girls were told last week this trip would be impossible. more than 50 supporters, mostly strangers, showered the girls with flowers and hugs friday night. this competitor was overjoyed. she told us, quote, i want to thank everyone who welcomed us, greeted us, and didn't forget us. they were supposed to receive a box of building materials a few months ago but terrorism concerns blocked the shipment's arrival, so the girls scraped together the materials themselves and built their robot in just two weeks. then the girls traveled 500 miles to the embassy in kabul to get their visas. twice they were denied both
7:39 am
times. u were devastated but last week president trump authorized visas they would need to travel to america. they were deeply grateful that they and afghanistan were not forgotten. >> team afghanistan. now the girls will compete for a medal against 162 other teams. afghan ambassador abdullah mow heeb says the afghan people will be there. >> being there gives us the hope that afghanistan has the potential to become a stable and prosperous country. >> reporter: it's still unclear why the girls' visas were inaboutly refused. the state department said they can't discuss it because of privacy concerns by way, afghanistan is not one of the six nations under the travel ban but five of them are represented here, they are syria, iran,
7:40 am
yemen, and sudan. >> pretty amazing. chip, thank you. a large national wedding dress retailer suddenly closed ought of its storeslet ahead how alfred angelo competitors are trying to help panicked briesd scrambling to find a new dress. you're watching "cbs this morning." people would stare. psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms.
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well, the sudden closure of a large wedding dress retailer has left many brides to scramble in time for their big day. alfred angelo filed chapter 7 on friday. they closed all 161 of its stores just before two of its most popular wedding months, august and september. meg oliver is at an alfred angelo store. meg, my heart goes out to so many of these women. >> reporter: so many, bianna. good morning. the bankruptcy also caught many alfred angelo
7:45 am
surprise. across the country, distraught brides have been coming to stores like this one trying to get the dresses they paid for or put a deposit down on. many left empty-handed. >> where's my dress. >> from california -- >> do i need to start looking four another dress. >> -- to iowa to indiana. erin casey bought her alfred angelo dress last month. casey paid more than $1,200 for her dream dress. now she's worried she won't wear it down the aisle in december. >> i've tried calling the store, but it goes straight to voice mail and the voice mail is full very in court papers alfred angelo estimates its assets at 10 to $50 million but owes as
7:46 am
much as 50 to $100 million to retailer and dmers. they filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy. it's the first step in lick questi question dating. the attorney said the best chance of getting those back are those who paid for their dresses. the dresses are theirs and they should be awarded to them. whether it can be done in time of the wedding is the big question. >> reporter: competitors have given away sample dresses or offering discounts. >> for them to drop this news overnighting it's a shame on you mome moment. >> reporter: now brides who paid for their dresses with a credit card can ask their banks for their money back. in a statement to customers alfred angelo wrote, we deeply apologize forhe
7:47 am
and hardship from this event. we greatly appreciate your patience. >> it fweesd the others are jumping in. why 747 supper tank e that can drop 19,000 gallons of water is not being used. and a dog plunges into the
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it is monday, july 17th, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead, the robotic animal designed to go where no human dare to go. it's part of our series of robotic evolutions. and tesla founder elon musk predicts a piece of your car will soon be gone. but first here's today's eye opener at 8:00. a weekend storm unleashed a massive wall of water. >> arizona ison msoon season. moisture and heat can cause very powerful storms. more storms are in the forecast. >> apparently republican lea
8:01 am
with mccain gone, they simply did not have the vote. >> mitch mcconnell is a master parliamentarian strategist. ifnyone can pull a rabbit out of a hat, he can do it. i've about seen him do it a number of times over the past >>cade. t allhe officers are equipped with body cameras. the mayor wanted to know why they weren't on during the deadly shooting. remembering the life and career of academy arawd winner martin landau. he appeared in more than 200 television and movies in his more than six tell cade career. >> check out this baby who apparently didn't get enough of the ice cream cone. apparently at first she wasn't sure and then she attacked the ice cream show. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by blue buffalo. >> i'm charl r
8:02 am
jeff glor and bianna golodryga of yahoo! news. norah and gayle are off. at least nine people are dead after a flash flooding in arizona. heavy rain created a massive wall of water that slammed into a family. one is still messing. >> bodies were found at least two miles downriver 146789 member of a family were reportedly celebrating a birthday there. six children were killed. the youngest victim was just 2 years old. they lifted some to safety in helicopters. more flash flooding is there. they have called off any republican bill to replace obamacare. john mccain is recovering from surgery to remove a blood clot. until he comes back, they do not
8:03 am
have enough to debate. susan collins and rand paul have opposed the bill. about a dozen others express concerns. a new poll shows that 50% prefer the current health care plan, only 24% wants the republican plan. >> this bill actually i think has gotten much better as a result of the discussions we've had ours and i think it's something that once we agree to, we can sell to the american people as a better choice than the failures of obamacare. >> cornyn says the bill's outcome is uncertain but he expects a vote when all the senators are available. tesla co-founder elon musk says he believes half of the man made cars will be electric in ten years. he made this prediction this weekend. he said that an ooh essential piece of auto equipment will soon be
8:04 am
>> if you look 20 years, overwhelmingly things are electric, etautonomous. >> fully autonomous? >> fully autonomous? >> no one has to touch a steering wheel? >> there will not be one. in 20 years, it will be like having a horse. nonautonomous cars like people have horses. it will be unusual to use that as a mode of transport. >> he asked some of the governors to change their auto deal dealer laws so tesla could sell cars directly to customers. chen is in champion roger federer is a wimbledon champion for the eighth time.
8:05 am
>> an ageless wonder. >> the 35-year-old from switzerland defeated marin cilic. >> as far as i'm concerned, he can keep them coming. i never get si sick of watching him play. fantastic. "the new york times" shows pictures of federer hoisting each of his wimbledon trophies. the paper calls him a king of england eight times over. after his match he spoke about his long road to the record. >> i was just a normal guy growing up in basel hoping to make the tennis tour. u guess e dreamed, and i hoped to make it normal. >> there's nothing normal about him and his tennis skills. he will play in the u.s. open next month and
8:06 am
20th. >> gar bthis was after he was r, really good? >> only to come home to two sets. he's always on top of his game. dana jacobson takes a look at our new series, robotics revolution. >> cheetah, are you human? >> no, i'm not a human being. don't be silly. >> meet china, 3.0, one o the latest advancements in robotics. an exclusive
8:07 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family, so feed them like family with blue. does. so feed them like family with
8:08 am
one of the most potential tools fighting wildfires in the west is sitting unused in an airport hangar. >> i'm mark strassmann in colorado springs standing inside an engine of a 747. this is one of the largest passenger airlines ever billion and this has just become the largest firefighter in the sky. that's ahead coming up on "cbs this mngorni." mmmm. mmmm. mmmm... ugh. nothing spoils a moment like heartburn. try new alka-seltzer ultra strength heartburn relief chews. it's fast, powerful relief with no chalky taste.
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our new series "robotics revolution" begins with a machine on the move. scientists at mit developed a cheetah you won't find in the world. this robotic feline could one day reach places that are too dangerous for people to enter. dana jacobson with a first look at the technology behind the cheetah. dana, good morning. >> good morning. mit willbe hosting the first
8:13 am
they'll be on display including this 90-pound four-legged robot. meet cheetah 3. powered by a complex algorithm made of aluminum, she uses less energy than a microwave, runs smoothly, and each of her joints can generate the power of a port sports car. she'll become first ever robotics responder. >> cheetah can dance. >> being able to move this slowly wasn't possible before. >> reporter: inspired by a land animal, cheetah is power by customized electronic motors. they have been working on the cheetah for about seven years. >> when i first started, you know, pure ambition to build something like a cheetah that can run and turn fast.
8:14 am
>> reporter: he set out to look at one of the biggest challenges. >> look at the spine, the backbone, he's bending and exploring. that's whoebl why they're fast. >> reporter: it reaches speeds of 30 miles an hour. they have twice as much torque or rotational force than earlier models, and it's joints gives it rotation. >> robots can't have as many muscles of animals. >> reporter: cheetah even responds to commands by alexa voice technology and packs sensors similar to the with uns used in ballistic missiles. one day they may be able to help care for the elderly. they think cheetah could be
8:15 am
deployed in dangerous situations like the fukushima power plant meltdown. >> they haven't been able to send people to do the physical work. where the radiation levels are high enough, we don't want to send a moue human. cheetah wasn't in the right mode to respond to our kmanlsd. just part of the learning process. while you may not be able to take cheetah home. some day you may be able to 3-d one. this associate can print one in about 24 hours. he can add the heart and brains. the heart and life. >> i'm imagining robots like this that are expendable. o make they go
8:16 am
really contaminates place, do their job and then the robot is dispos disposal. >> reporter: he says the robot revolution is limited by a very mundane reality. short battery life. >> so people think robots are going to take over if we kale building. is that true? >> you can run for 45 minutings. >> and the battery will die. >> yeah. there's a natural transition. >> i think we center to do that mind flirk think about the implications, but i think the potential for good is so good you wouldn't want to stop it. >> it will become a.comer to humanity. tomorrow we a going to explore
8:17 am
jeff, we even are going to take a look at a brain controlled rob robot. >> dana, thank you so much. the law surrounding that event is a big point of discussion. >> and it's here. more to come tomorrow. president trump pulled off what many consider to be the gretest political upsets. ahead, the author on the new book and how he was so successful against president trump. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> announcer: apply simply, understand simply, mortgage confidently. setting up dentist appointments and planning birthday parties, nobody does it better. she's also in a rock band. look at her shred. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for maria, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details
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because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. more than 50 large wildfires are burning this morning across the northwest but a vital tool is sitting in an airport hangar because the u.s. forest service refuses to let it fly. nicknamed the super tanker can drop twice as much as the largest currently in service. we're shown how red tape is keeping it on the ground. >> cleared to start in. >> yep, yep. cleared to start. >> the largest in the world. there's nobody out there that comes close. >> reporter: jim
8:22 am
company, global super tanker turned a 747 passenger jet, one of the biggest in the dry to one of the largest fire extinguis r extinguishers. >> we dropped a line of retard end about 3,000 kilometers or a mile and a half. >> they're waiting for the agency to give them per mugs to do even though it was certified and has fought fires in chile and israel. >> it's frustrating to watch leaves lost and we can't get in to help. >> reporter: they said they would only give contracts to planes with a dispensing capacity of 3,000 to 5,000
8:23 am
than 19,000 at a time. >> it begs the question, are you going to call the smallest slowest fire truck? >> somed a voe account they may be trying to kroll their budget. it could cost as much as $250,000 a day. they can't comment because wheeler filed an official protest last month. >> we can fill this very fast. >> how fast? >> we can have this whole airplane scheduled to go in 30 minutes or less. >> it's not just the speed and size. >> pressure ides. the water comes out atommize compared to the others. it doesn't break down tree limbs, won't crush cars or
8:24 am
buildings. >> a firefighter or house isn't going to suffer damage. >> he'll be fine. he'll be wet but he won't die. >> why hasn't it been done until now? >> there ee's a lot of testing and paperwork and that caused frogs. >> they can't deploy it until they get the approval. it's an expensive aircraft but at a time when growing wildfires are a problem, he feels his service is a resolution to the problem. >> it's just fidsingly p possible. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning" mark strassmann, colorado springs, colorado. russell simmons helped ll cool jai and beastie boys. his new documentary, how he used poetry. ahwe
8:25 am
talk about what moved him to share this story. there he is.
8:26 am
8:27 am
z2e2bz z1a2z y2e2by y1a2y
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8:29 am
8:30 am
that putt on the putting green is a lot smaller than an nba hoop but steph curry can still make it look pretty easy. he shot the best round of the week in lake tahoe. he celebrated with a chest bump with justin timberlake and he won a bet with his father dell curry who had to go jump into the lake. the water temp at lake tahoe in case you were interested was 68 degrees. welcome back
8:31 am
morning." norah and gayle are off. jeff glor and bianna golodryga are with us. >> the u.s. women's open golf champion was cheered by president trump trump. sung young park won yesterday at the bedminster court that the president owned. he and first lady melania trump watched from the viewing stand. he's the firsi first sitting prt watched. hbo crashed over the ball of tloens. they denied any web sooitd problems. the moon walker buzz aldrin still has his cites set on space.
8:32 am
he raised money at the gala center. e thinks manned craft can land on mars by the year 2040. and new york's daily news says a ronald john lennon autographed for his kill ler be sold at ann auction for the third time. it was used as evidence against him. the seller is offering the album for $1.5 million. florida today reports on orlando resident. look at this. his car was crushed by a huge pipe. he sur vibed with only minor injuries. the truck crashes on an overpass. they're once again mentioning winnie the pooh. it was
8:33 am
they ask why. memes have compared pooh to china's president. the member of "breitbart news" has been with trump for years. it chronicles the intertwined path of both men and how they reached the white house. joshua green writes any rise to presidency is unimportantly a study of ban nontoo. he's a senior correspondent for bloomberg business week. we welcome you to the table. >> thank you. >> you eesk never bannon since 2011, talked to him on and off the record. their relationship was strained when he started. steve bannon is back in the president's good graces now. >> that's right.
8:34 am
>> he was a film make e to youing. >> he was a filmmaker. the book essentially tells the inside story of how trump and bannon came together, the rise of the aultd-right and bannon's years-long plot to tear down hillary clinton. it's what endeared him to trump and then their relationship fell out. >> cover of "time" magazine. >> called him the great manipulator. he had this kind of dramatic fall but now he ee back. >> what did he do for donald trump in. >> i think he did two things. one is he's the master mind of an interlock group formed by a right winged billionaire whose mission was to tear down hillary clinton. the goal wasn't to do that for
8:35 am
neerks but it was clear he was going to be the democratic kaenl and he end up being the beneficiary. the other thing trump was really floundering in the polls. ban nonmanaged to get him away from megyn kelly and the can family. >> he'd already begun to talk about issues that bannon liked and a kind of populism too. >> he had. if you look at trump, he's always had these populist impulses. he really brought the idea of illegal immigration and understood stoo pow and trump really became the vesselor
8:36 am
carried him to the white house. >> and bannon called hem the imperfect vessel, right? >> right. >> so they're not together on everything. >> bannon like everyone, certainly myself, did not understand from the get-go what a powerful politician trump was going to be. he was advising him as far back as 2010 and he was an interesting guy, but nobody thought he was going to win the nomination or the presidency. only when he knocked out every everyone. i think he has this great personal force as a candidate. we saw in the republican primaries donald trump doesn't think a lot about policy buck he's able to dominate the opponents in a way most politicians aren't and he used a lot of bannon's ideas to do that and knock out what everybody thought was the strongest
8:37 am
it was a rainy day. as soon as even left, two people stay at the podium. they looked out at the terrace saying look at what we've accomplish. in bannon's mind, could trump have won the presidency without his aid? >> i think if you tortured him he wouldn't have answered but in my mind, no, i don't think he could have. bannon's efforts including clinton cash which bannon helped mastermind tarnished a an opponent that you never fully recover from and on the clip side to keep trump focused on clinton and then you have the james comey revelations and suddenly trump was able to pull ahead. i give bannon a lot of credit for helping him to do that. >> is there going to be
8:38 am
between the trump base which bannon has also served well because of the kinds of things that are happening in terms of the welfare of that group of populist americans? >> you know, it's interesting. there haven't been any signs or very few signs that he's losing his base. he's lost a lot of support he had with independent, but his base has stuck with him. the kind of people he's talked with so far have stuck beer with him. is he going tock spend four years in national scandal. >> he got independents. it was a broader audience than just his base. >> i count them as being part of his base, butlet mat le he needed to deliver for them economically.
8:39 am
able to do that other than cracking down. >> we did reach out. we have not heard back about what they think about all that. steve bannon. this is a guy who made a lot of money and has now made a lot of political hay railing against the elites and the folks who have a lot of money. i suppose not dissimilar to donald trump in that way. how does he square his world view and sort of how he's developed here financially? >> you know, i think it's similar in a way to donald trump. here's a guy who was very smart who succeeded in all sorts of different realms but came from a blue collar naerch family uks deeply traditional catholic background. got into business school. survived by his own wits at goldman sachs and hollywood and i think that really gave him a connection to trump who saw him as a dealmaker, as som
8:40 am
spoke his language, somebody who spoke with moguls and somebody who had an idea that trump recommend niced could advance his career. >> fascinating book. thank you so much, joshua green. from one mogul to another, russell simmons gave poets a platform for years. he's in our toyota green room why he wants chance the rapper for a reboot. but first a check of your local weather. to monitor drilling operations in real-time, so our engineers can solve problems with the most precise data at their fingertips. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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8:44 am
russell simmons co-founded jam records in 1984. it's behind ll cool j, the beastie boys. he's also served as a philanthropist for the arts. he's now the executive producer of "romeo is bleeding." he follows donte hart from richmond, california, a tough place to grow up. >> trying to stack my plate up high.
8:45 am
i'm not greedy, i'm not greedy. i'm not groupie. i'm just empty. >> russell simmons joins us at the table. powerle just watching that. welcome back to the show. what attracted you to dante's story? >> you know, the story is mirrored with so many others with people who pick the arts and survive because of them. he comes from a very difficult place. his brother was killed during the making of the difficult film. he transcended it through his poetry and through this movie he became a teacher and now an activist, you know, where he could have been a drug dealer. so many kids have been murdered. he created the romeo and juliet scenario over. it's been told many, many times. it's a timeless tale. it's called "romeo's bleeding."
8:46 am
tremendous picture. >> they're making a comeback. >> yes. >> reflected how? >> you know, the rappers -- you know, when the music goes away, they get to dig even deeper. the artist always express their time capsules, their poetry of where they come from and you get to understand their environment. america doesn't see themselves the way they see their truth and i think it's important that artists do that. it's a bay that the wrappists or artists can express themselves without music that you can hear and you can hare what they're saying. >> you can hear deeper through spoken word than you can through music. >> in most cases you're forced to. operating in silence. the film are tonal seconds where we see what's in front of us. you know, we were just talking about unconscious behavior. when you're really silen, you can see more.
8:47 am
jason and what they captured with donte is phenomenal. this movie will make you cry. >> talk about the role of education that encapsulates the lives of donte and those around him, the positive side of it that nurtures people for the better as opposed to being the best drug dealer in town? >> well, when you look inside, you want to be more. what's in scripture and taught to you over and oefrd again, that stuff is inside you and it wrings a bell when you look inside. that's the idea. the journey inward is life's journey. that's something, that spoken word and art helps people to achieve. a quicker look inside because you all get to know it, but you get to know it quicker. >> what's happened to kanye west? >> i haven't spoken to him in a bit. anything else happen? >> no, no. i just wonder. you know
8:48 am
up asnd down. artists are sensitive people. >> are you negotiating and hoping chance will come in in. >> oh, yeah. i kind of leaked that. there's a discussion. i expect it to happen. >> great artists -- there's a lot of great artists who come in who could host it. i'm excited to do their poetry. the timing is good. i would love the chance to do it. we're talking to them. you know, he came to me and gave me the idea to look at it again. you know, we're shooting deaf comedy in a few weeks. there's a lack of insight where they're all coming from. >> it's fun to bring that back. >> yeah. 's fun. i can't believe how many undeserved artists there are. they have chocolate sundae and more petr monday and wild wednesday, s
8:49 am
they didn't call that. very segregated. the comedians and poweiest ets get to express themselves. >> russell, what do you think is your best talent? >> my best talent. >> that's right. >> that's a tough one. i don't know it. >> is that marketing or promoting? >> i like to give what i love. these kids, 70 kids every day, i come to work for them and u look to give people what i love. that's my entrepreneurial thing. financial servicing that was my idea. i feel that way about a lot of things. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> romeo's death is coming up. we'll be right back.
8:50 am
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well, thank you both for being here. that does it for us. be sure to tune
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it is time to rise and shine. we've got blue bottle coffee right here in the studio to help you get your morning going. >> plus real housewives of potomac charrisse jackson- jordan is in the house. >> it must be monday, july 17th because this is great day washington. ♪ [ music ] >> all right, good morning, and
8:59 am
welcome to great day washington. i'm larry miller. markette sheppard has the day off. charrisse jackson-jordan isn't just a reality tv star. for years she's been giving back to the community and now is making a splash with dash, the district alliance for safe housing. here to talk with us this morning is charrisse. good morning, how are you? >> good morning, how are you? >> peg hascalo i'm the ceo at dash. >> before we get to dash, we've got to take care of some housekeeping stuff. part 2 of the reunion last night. was it your first time watching it last night? >> yeah, well i watched it the night before. >> what'd you think? >> i thought it was pretty good. >> really? >> yeah. >> what did you think? >> you know, a lot of us were chatting about it at 2:00 this morning. anything that stood out to you that you were surprised to hear at that reunion? >> when you're dealing with a group of ladies, nothing is surprising. >> yeah. >> you know, you're prepared for whatever
9:00 am
surprising. >> it was interesting that we heard about ashley and her marital situation, that she and her husband are separated. >> right. >> she's been pretty vocal during the show. >> everyone's relationship. >> everyone's. >> she's like the relationship expert. >> i can imagine that kind of took you back abit when you heard that. >> yeah, specially when all of us, none of us knew basically she was having those extreme issues. you could kind of see from the surface they were having issues because their relationship seemed a little different than it was previously. so i was like, oh, yeah, you know, there's paradise is not really there. maybe that's why she's venting on everyone else. that's what i thought all along. but you know for sure, but then to find out, you're separated. we had no clue. we found out like three weeks ago when we taped the reunion. >> there's a lot of chatter about season 3. are you going to come back? is that the plan? >> i hope so. >> reall


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