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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  July 17, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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this is the "cbs evening news."
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at a popular swimming hole when suddenly dark floodwaters filled with debris came barreling down the east verde. the flash flood started when a thunderstorm hit an area scorched by last month's highline fire. the fire chief says it was more violent than most because the water's natural barriers like trees and shrubs had been burnt away. >> all this debris and ash and everything came roaring down that drainage and caught those people totally by surprise. >> reporter: one of the family members, carla garnica, pleaded for help. >> we can't stop looking until he's found. he has to rest in peace with his whole family. >> reporter: search and rescue teams from around the state are trudging through the flooding aftermath. 20-year veteran val palinski says even the smallest personal item can help. you're looking for things out of the ordinary then? >> right, the personal effects, whatever. >> reporter: teams are searching the river in hopes of
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finding 27-year-old hector garnica, whose body may be miles from where his family last saw him alive. crews tell me floodwaters were well over my head, stoix eight feet above normal. strong storms are expected later today and later this week, which could mean more flooding. anthony? >> mason: mireya villarreal, thank you. a grand jury in texas indicted a former suburban dallas police officer today on a murder charge. the shooting of a high school freshman. the officer was fired soon after the incident. here's omar villafranca. >> reporter: 15-year-old jordan edwards was leaving a suburban dallas house party in april with four other teenagers. balk springs police officers tried to stop them, but they dove off. that's when investigators say officer roy oliver fired his ar-15 several times into the car. edwards was killed. police originally claimed the car moved towardm
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aggressively, but investigators say body camera footage shows the car was driving away. dallas county district attorney faith johnson. >> i have a personal guarantee to jordan, his family, this community, that we will prosecute this case vigorously. >> reporter: jordan's mother charmaine feels the family is closer to justice. >> it makes us feel hopeful, but you're still going to sit on the edge of your seat wondering what's going to happen when you go to trial. >> reporter: oliver is also charged with four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. that's one count for each of the remaining teenagers who were in the car that night. anthony? >> mason: omar villafranca, thank you, omar. in minneapolis, family is looking for answers after a a police officer shot and killed an unarmed yoga teacher outside her home. adriana diaz is following this. >> reporter: questions are mounting about why justine damond was s
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police late saturday night after calling 911 about a possible assault. the 40-year-old owe go and meditation teacher from australia was set to marry don damond next month. >> our hearts are broken, and we are utterly devastated by the loss of justine. >> reporter: according to several eyewitnesses, damond, in her pa jam marks approached the police car and was standing at the driver's window when officer mohammad noor, who was in the passenger seat, shot her. don damond's son spoke about the incident on facebook. >> my mom is dead because a police officer shot her for reasons i i don't know. >> reporter: investigators say the officer's body cameras were not turned on and the squad car camera did not capture the shooting. minneapolis mayor betsy hodges. >> every officer who is responding to 911 calls is wearing a body camera. if they're having an interaction, that follows under the policy for activating them. they need to actty secretary o
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>> reporter: the minneapolis police department was equipped with 600 body cameras after two officer-involved shootings, including the shooting of philando castile, which was streamed live on facebook. late today officer noor offered his condolences to damond's family in statement. anthony, both officers involved in the incident are now on paid administrative leave. >> mason: adriana diaz, thank you, adriana. president trump again defended the meeting his son, son-in-law, and campaign chairman had last year with a russian attorney offering political dirt on hillary clinton. also present, the russian-american lobbyist. the president tweeted most politicians would have attended it in order to get info on an opponent. that's politics. marking is our white house and senior foreign affairs correspondent. margaret, this isn't going away, is it? >> reporter: it's certainly not. the president says this is politics as usual, bu
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two-thirds of americans disagree, and they believe that the meeting was inappropriate. now senate democrats are urging the white house to review and possibly to revoke the security clearance of jared kushner, president trump's son-in-law. he also attended that meeting but did not initially disclose it on his security clearance paperwork. now, all of this is complicating the administration's efforts to improve relations with russia, a high-level meeting was held today with russian diplomats to discuss the possible return of two compounds here in the u.s. that were seized by the obama administration in response to that russian election hacking. >> mason: margaret brennan at the white house. thank you, margaret. the president tried today to change the subject from russia to america or at least to products made here. julianna goldman has that. >> reporter: from texas cowboy ts
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highlighted american products made in all 50 states. >> remember the old day, they used to have "made in the u.s.a."? we're going to put that brand on our product because it means it's the best. >> reporter: but notably absent today, any trump branded item, which in the past he hasn't hesitated to promote, like at a campaign press conference at a trump golf club last year. >> i built a great, great company. you have the water. you have the steaks. you have the airline that i sold. >> reporter: in business mr. trump, as well as his daughter and senior adviser ivanka, have outsourced manufacturing of their products to countries around the world where labor is chieper and there are fewer regulations. items from the trump home collection, for example, are made in turkey. these ivanka clothes are made in china, vietnam, and indonesia. >>over the weekend the president was touting his golf club at bedminster, new jersey, where he was v.i.p. at the u.s. women's open tournament. he sent out eight tweets in three day p
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visits to his own properties have raised ethical concerns because the president still owns and profits from his companies. earlier this month the government ethics chief walker shaub told us he resigned partly over this very issue, which he tried to raise in november but said the president's lawyer shouted him down. >> one of the suggestions that we had hoped to communicate was that even if you're not going to sell them, maybe commit to staying away from those properties. >> reporter: since becoming president, mr. trump has made 36 visits to half a dozenmp tru properties in florida, virginia, new jersey, and d.c. he hasn't stayed at any non-trump resort. today press secretary sean spicer was asked if trump brands would commit to stop manufacturing products abroad. he said it's not appropriate for him to comment on the president's business, but there are certain supply chains that may not be available in the u.s. anthony? julianna goldman, thank you. the department of homeland security announced today it's raising the number of
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this year from 66,000 to 81,000. these are temporary vies as for foreigners to come to the u.s. to do seasonal, non-farm work. but this one-time visa expansion may be too little too late. here's mark strassmann. >> reporter: on the texas gulf coast, shrimp season began with a traditional blessing of the fleet. this year's answered prayer would be hundreds of needed deck hands. >> we're following the law. we're not breaking the law. okay. and it's very frustrating. >> reporter: carlton reyes owns seven shrimp boats in brownsville, texas. since 1987 he's relied on mexican deck hands who come here on h2v visas. he applied for 14 of them this year. none has been approved. >> it's going to be a tremendous impact on the shrimp season and on the economy. we can't bring in the shrimp that is out there to harvest,
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help. >> reporter: as a group, texas shrimp bolt companies applied for roughly 500h2v visas, not one was granted. the texas shrimp boat association estimates the loss will be $1 million a day. anthony deloise owns two hotels in ogunquit, maine. he relies on seasonal foreign labor. >> this year we applied for 22 visas between the two properties. of those 22 we have received six, and those were all in country beforehand. >> reporter: reyes has the same struggle is. there any truth to the idea that these visa workers are taking jobs from americans? >> not at all. because americans don't want this type of work. report even if the worker vies as were approved today, by the time they were processed, the main texas shrimp season would be almost over. mark strassmann, cbs news, brownsville, texas.
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> mason: for the first time for several years, u.s. marines are on the ground in helmand province in southerning, afghanistan. they've returned because so have the taliban. charlie d'agata is there. [gunfire] >> reporter: the last time u.s. marines were here, a force of 20,000 all but drove the taliban out of their stronghold of helmand province. back then brigadier general roger turner was a colonel. did you think you'd be back here? >> no, i didn't. i didn't really. i left here, we left here in 2012, and we knew that the mission was going to end in 2014. so i didn't think i'd be back here. >> reporter: this time his mission is dramatically different. in command of just 300 marines, training afghans to fight for themselves. we joined them as they flew over what is once again taliban-held territory. not long after the marines
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through helmand, recapturing territory u.s. forces fought and died for. with 349 american lives lost. >> this was one of my positions. >> reporter: we can't give the location, but this used to be a u.s. marine base. how hard of a fight do you think this is going to be? that fight will now be led by afghan brigadier general mohammed ahmedzai, who stressed the need for increased american support to defeat the taliban. >> ( translated ): this war is not just ours. it's a war against international terrorism. we need america's advanced technology and more forces to fight with us. >> reporter: but general turner said the marines' role is to train, advise and assist. the priority: to get afghans to do the fighting. >> i don't know that having marines moving behind them is
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>> reporter: recapturing and holding on to taliban-held territory is a task afghan forces must take on themselves and eventually on their own. the afghans are making progress. there's word today they recaptured a strategic town near the provincial capital with the help of u.s. forces. the question, anthony, is whether they can hold on to it and for how long. >> mason: charlie d'agata with the ongoing fight in afghanistan. thank you, charlie. coming up next on the "cbs evening news," the senate healthcare bill runs into a medical emergency. remember our special night? abdominal pain... ...and diarrhea. but it's my anniversary. aw. sorry. we've got other plans.
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well enough to take calls from close friends, like senator lindsey graham. did he say how they discovered the clot? >> routine check. he goes back every so often, but he had not been feeling good. he was really tired. he flies all over the world all the time. i was getting really worried about him. >> reporter: on friday mccain's surgeons performed a minimally invasive cranitomy, an incision in the skull to remove a blood clot near his left eye, not far from the spot on his left temple where he had a cancerous lesion removed in 2000. >> i was in a battedle with mel know mark and i know somewhat at least to a small degree how tough that battle can be. >> reporter: graham says he had noticed that the normally sharp six-term senator had gotten forgetful lately. >> mr. comey, you... president comey... >> reporter: faultering publicly while grilling f.b.i. director jim comey. >> you're going to have toel
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me out here. >> i'm a little confused, senator. >> reporter: cbs news medical correspondent jon lapook. >> any abnormality in the front of the brain can cause a change in behavior. >> reporter: mccain's healthcare crisis is holding up a vote that could affect healthcare for millions of americans. >> healthcare is a human right! >> reporter: without him, republicans have no shot at passing their obamacare replacement bill, so the president wished mccain a speedy recovery today. >> we miss him. he's a crusty voice in washington. plus we need his vote. >> reporter: mccain is one of about a dozen republican senators who haven't said where they stand. he's been getting an earful from arizona's republican governor, who is worried about the bill's deep medicaid cuts. anthony, supporters of the bill worry that those kinds of concerns are going to be amplified if this process gets dragged out while he recovers. >> mason: a crusty voice. that may be the
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>> mason: actor martellus bennett once said, "a character without emotions would have driven my crazy. i would have had on the be lobotomized." that's why he turned down the role of mr. spock on "star trek." ["mission impossible" theme music playing] landau instead chose a part on "mission impossible". his film -- his career was saved in a film about bad movies. >> i'm ready now. roll the camera. >> mason: landau won an oscar if that portrayal of bella lugosi in "ed wood." landau died at 89.
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was supposed to do. he coaxed six-year-old storm back to shore. the retriever brought a struggling fawn to safety. the baby deer, about three months old, was exhausted but was recovering at a wildlife center. up next, the international robot challenge. >> this portion of the "cbs evening news" is sponsored by mass mutual, recognizing the importance of relying on others. then we are told it's braver to go it alone. ♪ but there is another way to live. ♪ a way that sees the only path to fulfillment- is through others. ♪ and when youod sugar is a replace one meal... choices.
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6:57 pm
countries. and winning required cooperating with other nations. is winning the most important thing? >> no, definitely not. >> reporter: what's the most important thing? >> having fun. >> reporter: there was no shortage of that. some teams had more challenges than others. syrian refugees identified their nation simply as hope. >> team afghanistan. >> reporter: but perhaps no group overcame more adversity than this team from afghanistan, where girls are discouraged from pursuing education. just ask 16-year-old rodaba nori. >> of course it's hard for girls because there is no college. >> reporter: to get to the u.s., they twice had to make the 500-mile journey from their home in western afghanistan through taliban-controlled territory of kabul to get visas
6:58 pm
president trump intervened and authorized special visas. but concerns about terrorism delayed their package of robot parts. they had only two weeks to build theirs. other groups had much longer. in their first round today, they won, working from teams from estonia and gabon. despite all the challenge, this group of future engineers and computer scientists made clear they will not be deterred from their dreams. >> we want to be the young leaders of rerowe boughtics, technology and science in afghanistan. we want to work with men to improve our country. >> reporter: and in the process perhaps making the world a better place, too. chip reid, cbs news, washington. >> mason: good luck to the afghan team and the international robotics competition. that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. i'm anthony mason in new york. thank for watching. good night.
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the burgundy and gold. why couldn't they get a deal going with kirk cousins? made in america week. we want to know what you think. we will ask you to talk about this. we start with this question. did coca-cola commercials like this deceive the public and lead to illness and death? take a look. >> [ video ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ . >> two clergy members say yes. they charge that coca-cola uses the happy -- healthy


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