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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  July 19, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we begin with breaking news from alexandria, virginia. good afternoon and thank you for watching the news at noon. shots ring out after what police are calling a road rage incident along eisenhower as a new
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police are still looking for the gunman to make the wednesday morning commute is taking a dangerous turn. alexandria police are calling this a case of road rage. a female driver has been shot but she is expected to be okay. she was driving a black chevy suv. there was also a male in the car , in the passenger seat and wasn't hurt. the suspect in the case left the scene. police no longer believe he is in alexandria. there has been a big police presence. police working on finding out who the suspect is. this all happening in the middle of rush hour. is believed to have started on the beltway. and onto eisenhower avenue. right around 7:50 a.m. people we spoke to said it was a complete traffic nightmare. >> i have been redirected three times. every exit is blocked off. it took me about 45 minutes to get here. i have a long drive from my home.
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now add an extra 45 minutes and it takes away from my day. >> the suspect is no longer believed to be in the area. in alexandria, hillary lane, wusa9. it is a gop only lunch invitation. at this hour, president trump is sitting down with republican senators at a working lunch to discuss a way forward on healthcare after the latest attempt to repeal and replace obamacare failed. not on the menu, more questions about the administration and russia after the white house confirmed a previously undisclosed hour-long meeting between president trump and vladimir putin at the g20 summit. >> the trumpet minutes ration is downplaying a second conversation between trump and vladimir putin. hours after there was a meeting at the g20 summit. the second conversation happened during a dinner attended by the g20 leaders and their spouses. vladimir putin was sitting next to first
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lady melania trump. later donald trump spoke with vladimir putin for nearly an hour using a translator for vladimir putin. >> the white house acknowledged the previously undisclosed conversation last night calling it brief and informal. president trump defended himself on twitter saying "fake news story, a secret dinner with vladimir putin" ." >> all g20 leaders were invited was another comment added. >> the list of attendees at the donald trump junior's meeting with a russian lawyer continues to grow. a soviet foreign businessman who came to the u.s. in 1991 was also in attendance along with son-in-law jared kushner and paul manafort the russian lawyer as well as a russian-american lobbyist. dan rather is weighing in on the trump vladimir putin
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facebook page saying in part " what is president trump talking to vladimir putin about? what secret deals or promises were made? what are they trying to hide? it is high time we start getting some satisfactory answers. this is not about politics. it is about the safety of our democratic institution" it is a little hot out there. it doesn't feel too bad just yet. it is only 1209 4 p.m. long way to go. 91 degrees. feels like 98. when the dew point is over 70, you will feel it. when the wind is out of the north, it is not helping. 88, leesburg. 88, manassas. this is what it feels like around the region. 98, washington.
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time, it feels three degrees warmer than yesterday. -- we are on the pathway of getting even hotter. yesterday, topped out at 92. topping out at 96 today. it will easily feel over 100 degrees. we are not at the threshold of 105 for the heat advisory, but we are close enough. we have an air quality alert. if you suffer from asthma or other respiratory issues, being outside will be even harder to manage than a typical hot day. make sure you have the wusa9 app and we will keep you alert to how the weather will be and when the heat wave will break. there is finally a day on the seven day that does not have a nine in front of it. that will be nice. a former university police officer that killed an unarmed black man during a traffic stop will not face a
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ray tenzing was fired from his job as a university of cincinnati police officer 10 days after samuel debose was fatally shot. he was tried twice but both trials had a hung jury. he stopped samuel debose two years ago today as he was driving in a cincinnati neighborhood of mount auburn adjacent to the university. samuel debose had a missing front license plate. the minneapolis police officer that shot and killed an unarmed australian yoga teacher is refusing to talk about the deadly encounter. investigators say that mohammed noor declined to be interviewed about the death of justine damond. and outrage is growing in her native country. >> it is frustrating to have just some of the picture but not all of it. we cannot compel the officer to make a statement. i wish we could. >> minnesota investigators say a loud noise startled the officer just before
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he shot and killed justine damond, a well-liked yoga instructor and wellness coach. >> according to the minnesota bureau of criminal apprehension, justine damond called 911 about a possible assault. noor and another officer drove down an alley behind the house of justine damond, searching for a suspect. they said they were startled by a loud bang. immediately after, justine damond approached the driver's- side. officer noor shot justine damond from the front seat. >> the minneapolis somali community says they admired noor when he joined the police department in 2015. but since joining, noor has had three complaints filed against him. two are pending. the third was dismissed without discipline. last month, noor
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along with assault, battery and negligence for their alleged conduct during a welfare check. >> we are desperate for information. >> the family of justine damond in minneapolis and her native australia, has begged for information surrounding her death. the australian prime minister is now joining their fight. >> our hearts go out to the family. how can a woman out in the street in her pajamas seeking assistance from the police be shot like that? >> authorities now want to talk to any potential witnesses including a man scene on a bicycle who stopped when officers were attending to justine damond. cbs news, minneapolis. >> minneapolis officials say they will release a transcript of the 911 call when it is complete and shared with the family. in court today, prosecutors are presenting evidence against a maryland high school teacher.
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ronald wells is accused of sexually abusing a student at henry leckie high school in indianhead, maryland where he worked as a science teacher. the trial is happening just days after the arrest of a former charles county school aid, markette sheppard. markette sheppard is accused of assaulting several students and he is hiv-positive. -- carlos bell, and carlos bell is accused of assaulting several students and he is hiv-positive. parents should talk about ways to keep kids safe every member that strangers are not the only people that may harm your child. parents are supposed to monitor how their child response to everyone. have a discussion with your child about what is right and what is wrong. let them know there are places on their bodies that others should not touch. also, try to keep calm yourself if you suspect your child has a problem -- that way, they will be more comfortable talking to you about it. friendship bend
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it was a famous ad. it could be o.j. simpson again running through an airport when he is freed from prison. he is due to appear for a parole board. john blackstone reports that again, it is another oj legal drama drawing a lot of media attention. >> conspiracy to commit a crime, guilty. >> this was a trial that put o.j. simpson behind bars nearly a decade ago.
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in 2007, surveillance video from a las vegas casino showed simpson leaving the sports memorabilia dealers hotel room and heading back into the national spotlight. >> a meeting was arranged with dealers that had items apparently stolen from simpson. he made an audio recording of the confrontation, part of which was later played in court . >> that one phrase from oj -- don't let anybody in the room, really was it. >> i think you are right. then the guys pulled out guns and turned it into an armed robbery. that is why he is in jail today. >> he was given immunity. in about a jury found simpson guilty of not just kidnapping but also armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. he was sentenced to a minimum nine years in prison. >> i am sorry for what has happened. >> he was last seen
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parole hearing them for years ago. >> i just wish i had never gone to that home. >> at that hearing, april board ruled in simpson's favor but he was not released. one prison guard said he befriended simpson and lovelock and says he has been a model inmate. >> he has been in that prison for nine years without one write up. he helped other inmates. he has gotten in no trouble in nine years. that is hard to do. >> the parole board cannot take the murder trial into consideration. but it will take into consideration his age and his behavior here in prison. legal experts say taking oj's celebrity status out of the equation, it is likely that he will win parole. cbs news, nevada. >> in 1995, simpson was acquitted in the murder of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend rondm
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of 1994. many of you talked about the saga on the wusa9 facebook page. one says, he should be rotting in prison for murder. some see it differently. hopefully, he is released. he served the sentence for the crime he was found guilty of. >> please join the conversation and watch the parole hearing tomorrow. it will be streaming live on the wusa9 app. a consumer alert to tell you about. the chipotle restaurant in sterling, virginia, where a dozen people got sick, is back open for business. beth oteyza and her daughter met there for lunch last friday. and beth oteyza wound up in the emergency room and her daughter had to go to urgent care. she said she was reluctant to eat there because she remember the salmonella and e. coli outbreak at some other chipotle restaurants. >> i really never eat there. but i have
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to this restaurant. >> the restaurant says that her symptoms were consistent with the neural virus. the company voluntarily shut the shop down on monday to sanitize the whole place and they do plan to stay in business business. [ video ] who knew ludicrous speed was a thing? the international space station does checking out the view from the back window and taking a picture to show proof of ludicrous speed. there is a maximum speed of more than 17,000 miles an hour on the iss. that is five miles a second. they see the sunrise one time every 92 minutes. >> that is ludicrous
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>> that is awesome. then we go from awesome, to an awful forecast. i'm getting some haters. >> it is red on the map. it is uncomfortable. one of my friends on twitter asked if i could apologize to him. can i get an apology for the forecast? i am sorry. we are in the midst of summer. this is when it is hot. >> last summer, it was hot but not as hot. >> we are not even going to break a record. we will be flirting with 100 degrees. all the records breaking are at least 102. we will stay just shy of 100. >> that is good news. >> i will let you know when we could maybe break a record. michael says, it is co
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the humidity will stay high for the next six days. kind of a hazy sky. each morning, we get thunderstorms here or there. then we could see patchy fog. 91 feels like 98 degrees. it is going to feel like over 100. the dew point is in the miserable category. welcome to late july and dc. that is what happens. however, we get a bit of a break. it will fluctuate after six days in the 70s. by tuesday -- and we have to wait until tuesday -- i don't like that being at the end of the seven-day -- but we will see a break. by tuesday, it will drop below that. into the comfortable range. this is what we are expecting. the heat index, over 100. we could be flirting with records today. the record is 98. it will be a push. sunday, the record is 99. other than tha
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breaking some records. the weekend -- we will see scattered storms. we will wait for tuesday for some relief. the cold front will come. there is a end insight. feels like 100 out there. at 9:00 tonight, it still feels like 90s. if you will be exercising -- there is the air-quality alert. if anyone has respiratory issues, doing something outside is not in the best interest today. if you need to exercise at 9:00 -- the time to do it is in the morning. 6:00 in the morning, feels like 70s and 80s. still muggy. it will feel like you're running through water. but it is a little cooler. by tomorrow afternoon, it feels like 102. the heat only builds for the next few days. by the time we get into friday -- we break the threshold of about 105.
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that is why we could see the heat advisories issued for friday, saturday and sunday. saturday and sunday, rain chances bump up so does the humidity. we will see the feels like temperature approach 107 saturday. that is a little unbearable. a couple storms today. a handful of storms today and tomorrow. not so much of an impact for most areas. but those of you that you see the storm, could see a downpour. so be cautious of that. if you are the road, water could rise quickly. 96 today. 96 tomorrow. we get up to 99 friday. the heat index will issue the yellow weather alert just for heat friday. and there is a break on tuesday. 88 degrees. we will be right back right
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no time to spare. getting out of the trailer just seconds before it tumbled down the cliff. they felt it begin to roll over and both men jumped out of the passenger side doors just in the nick of time. cases of beer went flying down the cliff. authorities say this was the driver's fault and he will be cited. apparently one woman and her sons really wanted some red bowl. police in california said the mom distracted the clerk while the boys grabbed cases of the energy drink and ran. then she almost got caught stealing more red bull.
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then more people came in throwing drinks at the clerk and a good samaritan try to stop them.
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there is the seven-day. here is temperatures feeling over 100 right through monday. dangerously hot friday, saturday and sunday. a couple storms each day. you know the drill. stay hydrated. and then tuesday, looking a little better. >> we can hold on until then. that is for -- that is it for wusa9 news at noon.
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enjoy the rest of your afternoon. from fields and factories they came looking for opportunity. they worked hard. we helped them work harder. they are the students of strayer university.
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as they've rewritten the future. and to all who seek their true potential, we say, let's get it, america.
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>> jack: good morning. >> nikki: well, good morning to you. >> jack: so, i hope you slept well. i hope the guest room was comfortable. >> nikki: oh, it was so cozy. i was asleep before my head hit the pillow. >> jack: still feeling any pain? >> nikki: believe it or not, it has pretty much dissipated. i haven't felt this good in ages. >> jack: wow. that's tremendous news. >> nikki: yeah. my hands are still a little bit stiff, but that will start to fade. i am just so happy that the concert and all the stress that went with it is over. thanks again for getting me out of there. i couldn't have stood another seco


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