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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 19, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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that was yesterday you said? >> reporter: we caught up with guy moments after he walked out the door. >> i mean, i just paid for lunch. that's not ideal. >> reporter: he had no idea that the chipotle was shut down after complaints that people were getting sick. >> you like to hope that sanitation in the kitchen is good. >> reporter: this brought to mind the past issues of e. coli discovered at the restaurant. >> the cleanness, you know, of the site. >> you have to be careful. and you have to trust that they are doing a good job, and i know that chipotle has run into the problem before. >> reporter: but, a spokesperson said this time, it's different. the noro virus doesn't come from the food supply and insists that the food is safe
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to eat. >> just be careful and just make sure everyone is taking the right steps. >> reporter: the advice everyone should use. >> they would have kept the restaurant closed, a spokesperson said f there was a health concern. a short time ago, a federal court granted a stay of a lower court ruling that blocked the project, and that means that the state of maryland is trying to get money for construction. the plan is to run from new carrollton to bethesda. at this hour, police call a suspected, quote, illegal transaction may be the motive of a shocking murder of a 17- year-old boy in maryland. the killing of justin cory happened after 8:00.
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cory's shattered family. my goodness. >> reporter: yeah. it was a tough interview. whatever happened in the killing of 17-year-old cory, his father is in complete shock. >> very kind and motivated and worked two jobs. he had one more year of high school and was finishing to go on to college. i know i saw him monday night after dinner. i didn't know it was going to be the last supper with him but he was -- you know, a knock on my door saying that your son's dead. someone killed your son. we are devastated. he didn't even reach adulthood, 17-year-old and it's a shame. he had so much to offer and so many plans in life and in
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>> reporter: dustin khoury was shot behind the wheel of his buick with a passenger in the front seat and was able to drive a short distance stopping at larchdale here in south laurel. police believe he was involved in an illegal transaction when the shooting happened. police are not providing details, for instance, whether or not khoury may have been a buyer or a seller. when khoury died, he was waiting to be tried as an adult in ann arundel county for first eedegr assault and weapons charges. reporting live in south laurel, scott broom, wusa 9. breaking news from northern virginia, police have arrested a gunman connected to a road rage incident that happened in
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few hours ago. police believe that the incident spilled over to eisenhower drive where a woman was shot in a chevrolet suv, rushed to the hospital. she is expected to recover. a second passenger in the vehicle was unharmed. >> i have been redirected three times and every exit was blocked off. it took me about 45 minutes just to get here. i have a long drive and add an extra 45 minutes and it takes away from my day. >> the shooting happened this morning with a huge impact on rush hour traffic. d.c. police are looking for a person behind a series of paintball shootings. in all, 11 victims were shot in six locations in the past few weeks. policesay it appears that a shooter was in a gray sedan. construction workers, a man cutting grass and a person in a hot dog
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they refused medical attention. the supreme court made two separate rulings in relation to the white house's travel plan, and the first was a blow. the people from the six mainly muslim countries can enter if they have close relatives already living here but the second is in favor, granting the request to more strictly enforce the ban on refugees or people trying to move here with no family connection already. trump told senators they must not leave town for the august recess without sending him a health care bill. the comment came a day after the latest gop efforts to overhaul obamacare failed. mitch mcconnell is moving forward with a repeal-only vote paen though it's unlikely to
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that the majority of people voted for to send to the from the in 2015 and now we have a president in office that will sign it. >> the moderate republicans said they would reject the proposal and one said it might be time to negotiate. we are just getting started on wusa 9news at 5:00. a man in the army making a tearful plea for the u.s. state department, stopping his family from going to his wedding. it started as a traffic stop in texas and ended as a proposal. we'll take you through the viral video. and a baby in britain
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the unsuccessful search for a missing malaysia airlines flight mh 317 is setting their sights on the depth of the ocean. a lonely stretch of the sea with mountains larger than mt. everett and volcanos. investigators called off the search with 239 people on board and it's one of the greatest mysterys in aviation history. congress has made a move that could allow british parents bring charlie gard to the u.s. for treatment. doctorssay he is blind, deaf, and badly brain damaged and it would be cruel to make him live longer. this is the center of a debate about whether the rn
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can make life or death decisions. tomorrow, you feel keli maybe the triple digits are sticking around? dropper has a look after the break. and how hard to do the tour de france? there's a vital photo that will gross you out. one man tells his story of how
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you walk around the city at sunrise and you see no shortage of runners, but one has a meaningful cause behind it. here's kevin kozlov. >> wow. 32. 34. >> reporter: a morning stretch followed by a morning prayer. >> god, grant me the serenity to accept the things that i cannot change. >> reporter: all before a morning run at the capitol. but for some, the path for the run has been long and i'm not just talking about miles. >> it was horrible times. there was a time where i worked, you know, but i drank. even though i an
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functioning, i hate to say it, drunk. >> reporter: this is lance. for years, he was battling homelessness. >> it got progressive for drinking and started to use controlled substance for pain, you know what i'm saying? and then street drugs. >> reporter: but his life started to turn around when he found "back on my feet." three days a week, the community members join the homeless for a run and showing up can be rewarding for people like lance. after three days, those with active attendance get access to resources. >> i lost everything. >> reporter: andre said this program literally saved his life. >> it teaches me how to maneuver around life's obstacles, instead of from them, through them. >> reporter: but more than anything, this is about community. danny is one of the youngest
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runs, we get to run. we get to race, sometimes, at the end. >> reporter: his mom said that's the lesson she is trying to teach. >> we do see people on the street and just pass them by and you don't look at them or see them. you are de-sensitized. but if you sit down and talk with them, it's like they're human beings. >> it's the love. that's what i love about the organization. the genuine love. you know what i'm saying? it's running. good for yourself. >> and endorphins make you happy as well, and there are runs in boston and philly and los angeles. a heart-felt reunion between a d.c. firefighter and a woman saved in a horrific accident. prit --brittaas
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was trapped, and the firefighter used a pocket knife to break the windshield and get her out and used his belt as a tourniquet. and the two met today for the first time since the accident. >> i just want to thank everybody who helped save my life especially him. he literally came out of nowhere like a god-sent angel. there are no words that can express how grateful i am to everyone. >> she is recovering thanks in a large part to the firefighter tonight. the minneapolis police officer accused of killing an unarmed yoga instructor is apparently not cooperating
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investigators. justin damond called 911 on saturday night for what she thought was a sexual assault outside her home when officer mohammed noor shot her. >> we only ask that the light of justice light down. >> investigators say that noor's attorney has not said and when or if he will be interviewed. caught on camera in texas, a wedding proposal all with the help of police. the police officer pulled over a woman. the officer said there's an arrest warrant on her car. >> why are there warrants? >> what was that? >> that's what we're trying to figure out. no worries. no worries at all. >> oh, man. she was scared. there wasn't an arrest
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her boyfriend set it up. he quickly pops out and runs out and gets on his knee and pops the question. >> she always said she wanted it memorable and i said i feel so bad for making you cry but hopefully, this will make it better. and i think it did. >> oh, he got me good. got me really good. totally never saw that coming at all. >> i don't know. i might be a little mad. i don't know but she wasn't that scared and plans to get married next summer. >> she can get him back. this is what riding hundreds of miles on a bike will do to your legs. >> what? >> a polish cyclist shared this. after 16 stages, i think my legs look tired. yeah. the first 16 legs
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miles and 68 hours of riding. the tour is 2200-miles. and he is in 73rd place. and tony on twitter said this looks like it was created by a horror film team and someone needs to print those on to leggings. start a trend. >> you know there are leggings for that. >> that is vicious. i don't know what to say about that. under nutrition? how can do you that? and the cyclists, if you are watching the tour, they have a different body type than everyone else, the skinny arms and legs. >> i shouldn't be a doubter. >> it's adam. he is reading it. >> we'll go with that. okay. okay. >> all right. really gross. we
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hottest stretch so far with temperatures approaching 100 over the next couple days and our 3-degree guarantee and we went for a high of 96. we'll let you know tonight at 11:00. a live look outside, oh, look at that. 96 right now. a good deal. the dew point, 65 and isn't that bad. still generating a heat index of 99. for tonight, muggy and the heat index is 10:00. if you want to do a walk after dinner, be advised. it will feel like 84 to 92. tomorrow, low 70s to mid-80s mid-morning and very hot on thursday and isolated storms and very hot thursday through sunday and the highs all the those days, 95 to 100. 97 tomorrow and 97 friday and 97
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to make it cool or friday and i say cooler, 96, 95 and i'm going to sticks with 97, and 98 on sunday and back to 95 on monday. and here is the futurecast. this time it's for the heat index. not much going on in terms of showers and storms. let's focus on the temperature that your body feels to get through the heat. 9:00 tonight, 94 downtown and 86 in frederick. and 6:00 a.m., 84 in downtown and 79 in fairfax. by noon, 100. 101 downtown and 101 in leesburg and cumberland, romney, mid-90s. by this time tomorrow night, look at this. 101 in manassas and 100 in la plata. you might say is that heat advisory? no. we need 105. and we could get there friday
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or saturday. 9:00 tomorrow night, the heat index, 89 in gaithersburg, and tonight, muggy and warm, and we barely sneak below 80 degrees. and we are looking at low 90s and look at that, 95 at 1:00, and friday, an isolated storm, 97. saturday, an isolated storm, 97. the next 7 days, more isolated storms on sunday and best chance on monday, 95 and should break the heat and back to 90 on tuesday. and upper 80s on wednesday, and it will work out nicely because the nats will be in town tuesday. thank you so much, top. still ahead, a maryland man
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parents are not allowed to attend. why the state department won't let them come to the u.s. tomorrow is the big day, will o.j. simpson be a free man? we'll take a look at life in prison. and people in washington d.c. are mourning a robot. yes, a robot. we'll explain what happened to him next on
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so in a bid to expand the grocery business, amazon has started to sell ready to cook meals. the move comes as on the line giant is buying organic grocer whole foods for $13 billion. just had that lying around. the ready to cook meals sell for $16 to $20 for two servings. what what is old is new again for atari. for the first time in
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decades, they are launching a new console, the atari box. it looks a bit like you played pong and asteriods on expected it comes in black, red, and wood. i guess that's 3. no word on the release date. it vacuums floors and cleans litter boxes but now, robots can no lawns, not bad. they are available for $1,000 each but they can be leased and a man gets his from a landscaping company. >> americans out source landscaping. but the question is a guy that shows up with a dirty gas- powered mower who rides around on my lawn or a robot? >> there's a guide cable along the lawn and the mower won't
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cross that. it will find it's recharging station when the battery runs low or it's done. and it's called the happiest place on earth, and using a smart phone, you could be driven around in an uber- like mini mouse van. tell start at disney's boardwalk resort and yacht and beach club. apple could make it easier to dial 911 on your smart phone and filed a patent for technology that would call 911 with just a fingerprint. it would give first responders the location of the iphone. and that's wusa 9news at 5:00. the news at 5:30 starts right now. and new at 5:30, an army reservist from maryland is pleading with the state department after a u.s. consulate denied his parents a visa to come here for his wedding in december. the
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his fiancee distraught. >> reporter: he cannot believe it has come to this. >> i will not have any family member at my wedding. it's terrible. >> reporter: he is marrying his fiancee in florida in a few weeks. but the state department has denied entry to his mom and dad, the only members of his family who could afford to fly from europe for the ceremony. >> i was heartbroken. i have to be honest with you. i asked myself if this is the country that i am serving that is not allowing the parents who supported me to come attend. >> reporter: you seem like you are close to tears? >> i am. >> reporter: he is a u.s. citizen and an immigrant cameroon and thought he would carry weight, nearly you a year -- a
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afghanistan, the department of homeland security and estimate in the army reserve. >> i love america. i came here because i value liberty. >> reporter: his mom and dad live in italy and went to the consulate in florence to apply for visas. they had round-trip plane tickets and a letter from a u.s. senator but a consular officer turned them down anyway. >> my parents have children in europe, five grandchildren. what social ties do you need to prove they will go back? >> reporter: the wedding is september 2. he is still hoping for a miracle. >> open your hearts and think about how a serve member is being treated. >> reporter: in montgomery county, wusa 9. >> now, he said he doesn't blam


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