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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  July 19, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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running for office. peggy fox reports that the trump effect is taking hold in the commonwealth. >> reporter: 50 women ran for office this career and 10 of them won, inspired by the election. >> when trump was telling us who he was on the campaign, it was like i don't take shortcuts. i believe you. i believe you will deport immigrants. i believe you will discriminate against people that look like me. >> reporter: she quit her job as a cyberspecialist in homeland security. >> it's a battle cry. we must do more and we have to move forward. >> reporter: she's a single mother of 2 and
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to medicaid to save her son. >> i needed to get the services and medication. you don't feel proud to be on medicaid. you feel grateful that there is something out there to help to you get a foot up. >> reporter: she is angry that state lawmakers have not expanded medicaid. >> it's humanitarian. >> reporter: you get emotional because you've been there? >> yeah. i could have lost my son. there were times that i thought i would have. i am lucky. >> reporter: she is passionate about expanding educational opportunities and job creation. peggy fox, wusa 9. on capitol hill it appears that a senate health bill may not be dead but this could be a problem, the congressional budget office.
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measure that will head out for a vote next week. it's estimate that does 32 million more americans would be uninsured by 2026. today, president trump brought the republican senators to the white house to issue new orders and told lou -- lawmakers to get a bill to his desk before the august recess. president trump is telling republican senators they have to keep their promise. >> for seven years, you promised the american people you would repeal obamacare. people are hurting. inaction is not a promise. >> reporter: he summoned gop lawmakers to the white house for the second time in less than a month as they struggled to find a consensus. >> we have to stay here. we shouldn't leave town. we need to get this done, not just a repeal. >> reporter: there will be two
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obamacare and majority leader mitch mcconnell plans on a vote next week. >> if we plan on voting on repeal immediately, it will be amendable on the senate floor. >> reporter: any vote on the repeal only bill looks doomed with at least four moderate republicans and all democrats opposed. >> it would cause our health care system to implode. >> reporter: it would cause the plan to be sold. >> premiums down 60 to 70%. people don't know that. >> reporter: republicans aren't throwing in the towel yet. >> until there's a vote, there's an opportunity to come up with something for common ground. >> reporter: leader mcconnell can only afford to lose
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votes. weijia jiang, wusa news. >> they will be meeting with the republican senators to get the holdouts to vote yes for reveal and replace. a new court order on the trump's travel. the supreme court gave a little and took a little. it will allow more types of relatives of people already in the u.s. to enter the country. for example, grand parents are welcome but said no to expanding the number of refugees allowed in. there will be more hearings later this year. police in saudi arabia have released the woman in this video. she was detained for several hours after wearing a miniskirt. saudi arabia requires all women to wear long robes in public. the office of the public defender has released body cam o
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baltimore police officer planting drugs that led to a man's arrest. it shows three officers in an alley. one places the can on the ground and covers it with wood. the officers leave. the officer who left that can returns to the alley and searches the area and picks up the can and finds what appears to be drugs. prosecutors have released the man and dropped charges but the police department and prosecutor's office are investigating. the minneapolis police officer who shot and killed justine damond is refusing to talk with investigators but officer matt harrity, his partner, said they pulled in the alley to investigate a possible sex assault and were startled by a loud bang. she then approached the driver's side of the car and officer noor shot
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passenger seat. and a man was arrested in a morning rush hour road rage shooting. 58-year-old ernest stickell from mechanicsville, maryland. the woman who was shot is expected to recover. the shooting took place on the eisenhower avenue connector near the beltway off-ramp. nobody else was hurt. a chipotle restaurant in sterling re-opened after morning a dozen people got sick. the restaurant said that the symptom people were having sound like norovirus but not from the food. the store was still shut down and cleaned in top to bottom. >> you know, it's something that we gotta be careful of. but, again, you gotta trust they are doing a good job and i know which i -- chipotle has
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and i am sure they'll work it out. >> and this made people think of the past issues of e. coli in the past showing up in the restaurant. many who showed up today had no idea what happened. up next, a close call for a, i need the phone that's where i happen to be... to be the one that rings. i need not to be missed phone calls...
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to not be missed. i need seamless handoff... canyon software. from reception, to landline, to mobile. i need one number... not two. i'm always moving forward... because i can't afford to get stuck in the past. comcast business. built for business.
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caught on camera, smoke on the water. that's a song. fire broke out in a marina in texas and gutted the dock. the good news is nobody was hurt and the cause of the fire is under investigation. how would you like to wake up to this outside your home, a water main break in north dallas? thousands of gallons of water spewed into the air, and crews got out to the scene and made immediately repairs. a scare for shane mcmann, the share of wwe chairman vince mcmann and trump's small business administration linda mcmain was on a reason in made an unplanned landing. >> it's unsettling when you hear a bank and
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say we'll do an emergency landing in the water. so it was very unnerving. >> both mcmann and the pilot were not hurt. it's not clear what went wrong. coming you were, a couple is considering legal action after their dog is killed in an animal shelter. up next, police are piecing together the moments before, during, and after a
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for 6 hours while she was in a hair salon and tried to cover up skylar's death. this is what we pieced together. surveillance video shows dijanelle fowler go in at 10:00 a.m. and didn't go out until 4:00 p.m. she left the car running and it went off and skylar was dead. instead of calling police, she asked someone for help to
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jumpstart her car and googled signs of seizures. she said she was going to the urgent care for headaches and went to the hospital instead and called 911 from the parking garage saying she was having a seizure. the first responders saw skylar's body in the back seat covered with clothes. >> that's part of why she was charged with murder in second degree and concealing a death. >> i don't believe it was intentional. it seems to be like it was an accident. however, you know, with that in mind, there are consequences that come with that. >> dijanelle fowler turned herself in on monday night after a warrant was issued for her arrest and you better believe people are outraged on line. tammy wrote this on facebook. she could have taken the child into the salon with her. she knew what she was doing and knew it was wrong.
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[000:14:59;00] reproduce. she is one of them. and kelly said, what is wrong with people? left your baby in a running car to get your hair done? i cry when i cut my son's nails and i hurt him. an engaged couple is at a loss after an animal shelter mistakenly killed their dog. they owned tyson for four years and even helped abby with their seizures, but last week, the german shepherd escaped from their backyard and ended up at the columbia, south carolina shelter. the same day they were due to pick up the dog, there was a disturbing phone call. >> accidentally euthanized, mistaken for another dog. that is unacceptable.
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>> when officers picked up animals for euthanasia, they picked up the wrong animal out of the wrong pen. >> they are re-looking at their procedures to make sure this won't happen again. a mom is blaming a michigan church for missing her son's wedding over the weekend. mary lives with ptsd and her service dog, stella, follows, and the church has a no animal policy, including service dogs. they would not allow mary in to watch her son walk down the aisle. >> i sacrificed as any single mom, any mom does. for that honor not to be due to a mom on her son's wedding day, it's heartbreaking. >> there were options to accommodate and make this work and they were all refused.
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so kind of put in a spot. >> douglas has filed a civil rights complaint and is hoping to help prevent discrimination. an army reservist from maryland said on tuesday, they learned that his parents were denied visas to travel to italy to the u.s. for a wedding saying that the u.s. consulate turned down their request to come for the wedding. the consular officer was worried that his parents might over stay their visas even though they had round trip plane tickets and a learn the from a senator. >> my parents have three children in europe, five grandchildren. what sort of ties do you need to prove they will go back to europe? >> now, the state department declined to comment on this case but said visa applications are reviewed in accordance with
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s. consideration for the parents of an american veteran. ask any service member and they will tell you that food is all the same. so get this story from texas. >> didn't have any sauces that day, and there was nothing at that time so we thought we would write to chick-fil-a. >> got there on a sunday which was chicken tender day. so as we were getting their meal and going back to their table, they hollered out his name and he turns around and knows exactly what it is. it's the sauce. >> it makes us feel good that they support us and provides with you something to givures a little happiness and deliciousness.
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[laughter] right? a wide variety of sauces were sent from chick-fil-a in the soldier's hometown of flour mound, texas. two boxes of nearly 1000 packets, enough to cover several chicken tender sundays. >> that sounds delicious. so we are talking triple digits? the heat index. the temperature, we didn't hit 100 last year or this year so it might be fun. i don't know. might not be. [laughter] it depends on your perspective. we will go 97 for tomorrow, and a live look outside. the live michael and son weather cam and the company -- temperature down to 96.
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the heat now. okay. headlines, heat index at 10:00, mid-80s to low 90s. drop off, pick up temperatures tomorrow, 72 to 86, and very hot thursday and an isolated storm, and very hot thursday from sunday with temperatures from 95 to 100 and time to beat the heat and light meals, better off eating smaller meals, maybe 4 as opposed to 2 big ones. if you are outside you have to take a break. your body can't keep up, and walk your pets. they have to stay cool and you can burn their paws if you take them for a walk on the hot pavement.
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if you have respirator problems limit your time outdoors. carpool if you can. don't idle your engine. i mean get the fluid through but not for an extended length of time. and exercise in the morning or indoors. 97 on friday and saturday and 98 on sunday, and 95 on monday. look at the heat index. 10:00 tonight, low 80s, upper 80s and 6:00, 84 downtown. and around 80 to start. 91 by 11:00 and 95 by 1:00 and winds west northwest at 7 and that's a drier wind. yepy yellow weather alert, 97 across the board. sunday, 98 and 95 on monday and a good chance for storms and cooler next week as the nats
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roll back upper 80s, monday. otto porter, know him? he is the latest $100 million man in the nba.
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great savings. and a whole lot more. i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. awesome. let's do this. the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. stronger the better. and best of all, this new truck is actually- (all laughing) oh my.. the current chevy silverado it's the chevy summer drive. get 17% below msrp on all silverado 1500 lt pickups. that's over eight thousand two hundred dollars on this chevy silverado. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. so there was never any doubt, none, that the wizards would resign otto porter. the highest paid player on the
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team while being a third wheel by the way, part of his contract stipulates he is paid half of his salary, $13 million up front before he plays a single game. today, he held a basketball clinic for special needs kids for part of the goodlegal turn to -- goodthe tour 2017. >> coach thompson made a comment when we drafted otto that proved prophetic. he said some players are high maintenance and some are low maintenance and otto is no maintenance. >> i know so excited to be back. this is my hometown, and i was growing up -- you know, we can
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only go up from here. be playing in d.c. to one guy who is just happy. francis, you having fun yet? >> more than fun. this is great. the best i have had. i had a couple of times some success but i was definitely racing towards the end there. i really didn't want to lose. >> so a guy not taking topper's advice about not working out in the evening hours. >> a real athlete. >> i love it. 97 tomorrow and never -- 97
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the next day. see you at 7:00, captioning sponsored by cbs


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