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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  July 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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is this body camera video of a maryland police officer planting evidence? >> the controversial purple line gets a green light. is facebook going out of its way to target the catholic church? we'll verify. and, rush hour road rage leads to gunfire in alexandria. the news at 11:00 starts now. breaking news as we begin about one of our country's heros in a major political leader. john mccain, the republican senator from arizona, war veteran and
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candidate, mccain has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. the tumor related to a blood clot that surgeries removed from behind his eye on friday. the diagnosis is a tough one. a very aggressive type of brain tumor. >> he's in for a battle. this is a very serious kind of cancer. it's the kind of cancer that killed ted kennedy. despite all of the research, we haven't made adequate progress. >> we can tell you this, mccain's doctors say the senator is recovering from his blood clot surgery amazingly well, and his overall health is excellent. the senator and his family are reviewing further treatment options, including a combination of chemotherapy and radiation. senator mccain has always been open about his medical history. in 2008, when he ran for president, he invited the national media to review more than 1,000 pages of documents about his health. >> you may recall that back in august of 2000, he had a dangerous melanoma cut from
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left temple. that left a scar you can still see today. since then, he's had regular screenings. we learned that back in 2008, he began taking aspirin to prevent blood clots. and then it was last week that he had that sudden surgery to remove a blood clot above his eye. >> senator mccain talked with his close friend and senator lindsey graham. he told graham, he's been through worse. here's part of the statement, cancer mayafflict him, but it will not make him surrender. nothing ever has. mccain is still a senator from arizona. just spoke to senator john mccain, tough diagnosis, but even tougher man. former president barack obama tweeted this about his one-time presidential rival. john mccain is an american hero and one of the bravest fighters i have ever known. cancer doesn't know what it's up against. twitter is full of encouragement and good wishes for
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the news 11 team sends ours, too. we'll bring you updates tonight. we'll have the latest tomorrow starting at 4:25 on wakeup washington. and you can stay up to date any time on the wusa 9 website and our app. so this started like most other, traffic, morning commute. but this one ended in gunfire. police say road rage led one person to shoot another in alexandria this morning. the scene of the crime, eisenhauer avenue near clairemonte drive. stephanie ramirez has more. >> reporter: tonight, police have an arrest a 58-year-old who we learned has a past. we also learned tonight he may be able to fight this according to a virginia attorney. >> absolutely. i believe this could be something they take to court. >> first explain what happened. alexandria police say it was just before 8:00 a.m., when a conflict on the beltway spilled
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connector. you can see the passenger window of this suv shot out. officers arrested earnest for shooting a 33-year-old woman multiple times. her passenger didn't get hit. >> shocking for sure. the fact he went that far. >> that's the reaction from the suspects neighbor, he describes him as someone who kept to himself. online, we found an older history of battery and assault charges, but that history is only one piece of the puzzle. >> if they were openly carrying a firearm loaded in their vehicle, that would be perfectly legal. >> john pierce says it's not illegal to have a loaded firearm in his car. >> my practice is to focus almost exclusively on firearms law. >> pierce says virginia is an open carry state, and the attorney tells us he's paying close attention to reports that claim according to witnesses, it was the victim who got out of the truck yelling to approach the suspect. if that's the case,
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>> did the aggressor commit some act that made him believe that they were going to be able to breech his vehicle? >> now this suspect fled the scene here. we know this from police. they also say he turned himself in later: police are not telling us who started all of this. but they are warning against acts of aggression tonight. stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> thanks, one last note on this story. witnesses say the 33-year-old victim was shot in the neck and in the back. she is still in the hospital tonight. we have new information right now on a shooting that took the life of a 17-year-old. police believe that dustin corey was making some kind of illegal transaction when he was shot behind the wheel of his car last night in laurel. a passenger in the car was not hurt. police have made no arrests. regardless of the circumstances, his family is heartbroken. >> i saw them monday night, we went
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didn't know it would be the last supper with them. >> justin was a student at mead high school. court records show he was awaiting trial as an adult on assault and weapons charges. in baltimore tonight, a big controversy over police body cameras. video released today appears to show a baltimore police officer planting evidence that he later finds. here's the video. the officer with two others, walking to the end of an alley and then he's going to appear to plant a red can just amid some trash. that one right there. there's no sound with this video. that means it might have happened before the officer turned his camera on. you see the camera that baltimore police uses, it saves the 30 seconds before they are clicked and turned on. the police department responded by releasing more of that body cam footage, showing officers searching that yard moments before. here's the poli
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>> it is certainly a possibility that we're looking into to see if the officers, in fact, replaced drug that they had already discovered in order to document their discovery. >> tonight, one officer is suspended over this. two others put on desk duty. there is an internal investigation underway. the guy arrested on drug charges tied to that video, the state's attorney dropped that case. big step forward for the purple line. a judge ruled maryland can move forward on building it. that's the light rail system that would essentially connect the two ends of metro's red line to prince georges county. the judge's ruling allows the state to try and score federal funds, but there are several other lawsuits trying to stop construction. today's ruling does not affect any of those, so another court challenge could put another hold on the purple line. now to a followup on
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chipotle shutdown. the restaurant in sterling is cranking out tacos and buritos again. a top to bottom scrubbing after more than a dozen people complained about getting sick. the illness did not come from its food. health issues forced them to close more than 2,000 locations lastarye in order to overhaul safety ocpredures. breaking news from the trump administration. it's about the russia investigation. some members of the president's inner circle will talk to senators on the record. the president's son-in-law, jared kushner, son, donald trump, jr., and one-time chairman will testify before senate panels next week. kushner's interview will be behind closed doors. trump, jr., will testify in public during a hearing on foreign influence on elections. that's a senate investigation. tonight, president trump told the "new york times" he never
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as attorney general, if he had known sessions would recues himself from any role in that fbi investigation, into whether the trump campaign collaborated with russia to sway the presidential election. the latest gop healthcare plan, senators are going to vote on a bill that repeals obama care, but doesn't replace it. now we get a look at what that will mean from the congressional budget office. they are not affiliated with any party. their only focus is on how laws would affect the country financially. here's what they found. if the senate votes to repeal obama care without replacing it, 17 million more americans are going to lose their health insurance next year, and those who keep it are going to pay an average of 25% more for it. what are the long-term effects? here's the headline there, half the people in this country would not have access to any insurance through an exchange by the year 2020. here's a live look at capitol hill where there is some arm twisting
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tonight. white house chief of staff was there tonight. talking to senators who have concerns and speaking of concerns -- >> healthcare is a right, healthcare is a right. >> capital police arresting 155 protesters today who stationed themselves outside various senate offices, speaking out against the plan to repeal obama care. in all, officers cleared out protests in 45 locations, including right outside the offices of majority leader, mitch mcconnell. the idea of repealing obama care and not replacing it doesn't seem to be settling well with president trump. he invited every single senator to lunch and challenged them to strike a deal to repeal and replace. >> we have to stay here. we shouldn't leave town. and we should hammer this out and get it done. and not just the repeal. the people of this country need more than a repeal. they need a repeal and a replacement. >> the senate already planned to delay their augu
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two weeks. no word on whether the president plans to stick around until there's a healthcare deal. okay, that was a lot of information on healthcare, so here's the bottom line, the senate plans to vote on a bill that repeals obama care, but does not replace it. that could happen next week. if that becomes law, the cbo estimates that 17 million people would lose their health insurance next year. >> there is also news on that travel ban tonight, a supreme court ruling keeps the strict enforcement in place, at least for now. now that could change when a federal appeals court in san francisco rules on how the country should handle refugees working with agencies, and exactly what family relationships would allow someone from six majority muslim nations to visit the u.s. so catholic groups are saying facebook is targeting their group and shutting them down. we heard about this from one of you. we're going to verify whether or not it is true. >> check out the heat index. this is 10:00 tomorrow morning. it's going
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downtown. 89 in hagerstown and 95 in fredericksburg. we'll come back and track the heat index. which days we had to issue yellow weather alert for high heat. and many of you had questions about our special assignment unit series. big rigs, big risk. tonight, investigative reporter is answering them and that's all ahead as we continue live from the nation's capital tonight. this is is the news at 11:00 on wusa 9.
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the current chevy silverado it's the chevy summer drive. get 17% below msrp on all silverado 1500 lt pickups. that's over eight thousand two hundred dollars on this chevy silverado. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. the news at 11:00 continues now with your questions about our special assignment unit investigation. big rigs, big risk. tonight, we have answers. peeling back the layers of the tragic semitraffic accident. did their mom behind the wheel share any of the blame for what happened? eric flak walked us through the crash step by step. >> we're getting lots of shares and comments on our facebook page about our investigation into the indivisible require rear guards on tractor trailers. those laws are designed to stop vehicles from slamming undern a
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underride accident. mary ann's two teenage daughters died in an underride accident. after we shared her story and mission to get stronger rear guard regulations, many of you reacted like clint butler who wrote, pay attention to the road when you're driving and you won't have to worry about anyone's bumper in front of you. tammy added, lack of driver attention, people pay better attention would be less accidents. don't blame big trucks for lack of attention. so, let's be very clear about what happened in this accident using this accident report from the georgia state patrol. this is erin, she's our special assignment unit executive producer. she's been working with me on this story from the beginning. there were two tractor trailers involved in this accident. >> truck number one was in the left lane. truck number two is up ahead in the right lane. >> and mary ann's car was here and actually got hit in the
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rear by truck number one. >> truck number one started it and hit her car. >> with such force that it actually did a 180 and ended up jammed underneath the rear of this second tractor trailer. and that is where 17-year-old, annalea and 13-year-old mary were, they were both died and that's the most tragic part. investigators would later rule it was the driver of this first tractor trailer that was at fault in the crash. >> correct. he was arrested and charged with failing to maintain his lane and homicide by vehicle. >> and he ended up having to take a plea deal in that case. he got two years probation and lost his commercial driver's license for the duration of those two years. here's the thing. this really isn't about who is right or wrong in the accident. >> this is all t abousaving lives. >> is the insurance institute for highway safety told me look, they are pushing for stronger rear guard regulations on tractor trailers because mistakes happen on the road. and the goal is
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those mistakes don't result in serious injury or death. so the wusa 9 special assignment unit, i'm eric. >> the federal government doesn't track the numbers specifically. the insurance institute for highway safety says hundreds of people a year die in rear under ride crashes. it's being called a catholic purge. but is it true? accusations being leveled against facebook, saying the social media site went after the faithful this week. tonight's question, did facebook shut down a bunch of catholic oriented facebook pages? ann stevens was one of the people asking us if it was true. she sent a message to us on our facebook page asking, true or false? so we checked out that article. it listed five of the biggest catholic pages it says was shut down on monday. our verify researchers reached out to all of them to figure out what the heck was going on. we started with th
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he has nearly 4 million people following his page. his page was back up and running by the time we got there. we gave him a call to ask if he was, indeed, shut down earlier in the week. he said he had a facebook page for more than seven years and never seen anything like it. >> i went to my facebook page and there was a red warning label at the top that my page has been unpublished and a button where i could appeal it. i appealed it. i said my page is unpublished. i have no understanding of the reason why. please explain. >> so we checked with those four other sites as well and they told us the same thing. they all got shut down on monday. but were back up and running again on tuesday. so, our researchers reached out to the facebook media folks to get answers from them. here's what facebook told us. all pages have been restored. the incident was triggered accidentally by a spam
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detection tool. we sincerely apologize for the issue this has caused. so yes, we can verify, facebook did shut down several big catholic based pages this week, and they are blaming it on a botch. so if you have something you want verified, you see something online and it's questionable, find me on facebook or twitter at adam longo tv, or send me an e-mail. no, i'm very controversial as well. it would be easy to do. we can verify we're all going to continue sweating for the forseeable future. >> and you can't work out outside at night. >> you shouldn't. he doesn't pay any attention. morning is the best time. >> and not just with that. >> all right, here's the 3- degree guarantee. remember? you are worried. >> bam, 96. bulls eye. tomorrow, we're going
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for a high. i'm a little worried about that. latest computer model came in with 99. how many days have we had 90 degrees or higher? we had 15. we are probably going to tack on five more through monday, with temperatures well above 90, at least through monday. so it's going to be a hot july. live look outside, 85 right now. but it feels like it's 93. even this late at night, it's not that safe to exercise. feels like it's 93. your body feels, if you're trying to jog. 72 to 86. that's mid-morning. hot tomorrow. heat index well over 100 and hot through sunday with temperatures 95 to 100 each day. only relief will be isolated thunderstorms. again, those that develop could be rather hefty. so here we go. i got bored of 97, put 98 on sunday, and 95 on monday. it does appear sunday will be the hottest day of this stretch. here's our forecast, this is all i want you to remember
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terms of temperatures. let's talk about early morning. 84 downtown. 80 in bowie and 77 in leesburg. by noon, already 101 in leesburg. 101 downtown. and 101 in fredericksburg. by 6:00, it's still super hot. again, you try to exercise when you get home, it's this hot and the air quality is bad. so, you don't want to do that. feels like it's 103 at 6:00 on thursday. again, it's a check your body can't cash. put too much stress on it. by 10:00 tomorrow night, feels like it's 95 downtown. 91 in leesburg and 84 in cumberland and 85 in romney. so, the day planner. we barely sneak below 80 tomorrow morning and we go right back up to 91 at 11:00 and back up to 95 at 1:00. so, yellow weather alert for friday and saturday, now for storms for heat. 97 across the board. we get into sunday, again, a little hotter, 98. 95 on monday, but
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chance for storms. that will signal a cold front. back to 90 on tuesday. back in the upper 80s on wednesday. thanks, top. if news stories were restaurants, we would classify these as fast casual. date line tomorrow, someone broke into david blackman's car and they stole his cocaine. >> no. >> yeah, so the drug dealer there, he just called the cops. >> no. >> he did. officers did not find his stolen coke. but you know what they did find? more coke, and a crack pipe in blackman's car. busted. >> so, what is this nice oregon mom doing in a mug shot? donahue hitched a little red wagon to her car, put her kids in it and drove her car around in rush hour. mom was completely sober for this little stunt. englishman has a weakness for garden gnomes with
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and it's gotten him in trouble. they are a bit of a distraction. and they have to go. seems like my man is getting a bum wrap. >> i can't even, right now. >> wait until you see the new pictures. we have sports coming up next. we'll be right back.
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now, wusa 9 game on sports brought to you by exfinty. otto porter, he's getting paid. he's resigned with the wizards for a crazy amount of money. he'll get $13 million up front october 1 each year before he plays a single game. today he held a basketball clinic for special needs kids at verison center. afterwards, the wizards manager, coach, explained why resigning otto was a no brainer. >> it's huge for our success moving forward. it's nice to have players like otto who can do it on both ends of the floor, as the league is evolving. guys like otto are very
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team. >> whatever it is, for me, doing other things, i'm going to do that to win. >> all right, new pitchers tonight of the $155 million upgrade to the university of maryland college park campus. work started last year to transform the aging basketball arena into a modern training facility in football practice field. the renovations aren't expected to be completely finished until late next year. let me tell you something, looking good out there.
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on capitol hill this evening, the association of service dog providers for military veterans honored some members of congress who support the paws act. that stands for puppies assisting wounded service members. if that bill becomes law, veterans with invisibl
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injuries would be eligible to receive service dogs free of charge. right there is andrea mccarren. she mced the event. if you'd like your members of congress to support the paws act, we posted all of their contact information at >> those paws are going to need socks this week. the concrete is hot. >> you can't walk your dog in this kind of heat. upper 90s thursday, friday, and saturday, yellow weather alert friday and saturday. >> i walked my dog today. i'm really sorry about that, murray. >> that's it for us tonight. >> have a good night.
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captioning sponsored by cbs president trump is pushingback against the revelation that he had a second previously undisclosed conversation with vladimir putin. it happened during a dinner with world leaders at the g20 summit in germany last week. we here at the late show wondered a what they talked about so we asked the wait staff.


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