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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  July 21, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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office park in suitland, maryland. here is scott broom. >> reporter: the one that landed in suitland has been repaired and flown away. it surprised people when it came down. >> amazing that they can find the smallest patch of area to safely land. >> reporter: constance banks and valencia ferguson. >> glad they are safe. >> reporter: the helicopter made its emergency landing in suitland with a mechanical problem just before 10:00. another one of the hueys was forced to land overnight on the soccer field of the elementary school in lorton, virginia. that had to be loaded on a truck and hauled back to andrews. no one was hurt. flight crews were on board. the particular helicopter was built in 1972. that is old. when it gets hot like this it stresses out the machines. mechanics working on the one in suitland got it up and running for
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the fleet of 22 air force uh 1s at andrews are used as executive transportation to ferry military v.i.p.s around the region. scott broom, wusa 9. you may recall the helicopter from joint base andrews was forced to make an emergency landing during a training mission earlier this month. that chopper touched down at lee jordan field in tacoma park after a maintenance light came on 13 miles from the base. andrews said it was precautionary. the helicopter was checked out by maintenance and returned to base. we don't know if the heat was a direct cause of the emergency landings but the temperature does play a big role in how a helicopter flies. howard bernstein explains. >> recently the airport in phoenix was closed
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the planes couldn't take off in the hot temperatures. the faster the planes go the more upward force the winds produce. the wind has to be dense enough. helicopters generate lift through the propeller blades. the angle cuts through the air. if it's too hot, the helicopter's ability to produce upward forces is impacted. i'm meteorologist howard bernstein, wusa 9. frightening moments on new york's east river. a small sea plane came down in the water and began lifting to one side. passengers wearing life preservers climbed on the plane's pontoon. new york city police boats got there within minutes to make the rescue. the plane left east hampton new york. fairfax police say the
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from holmes middle school for possession of child pornography. the school says he will not return in the fall. they ask anybody that has information contact fairs fax county police. investigators say a grease fire sparked a fire in charles county today. two people were hurt. a 20-year-old woman and a 1- year-old child. the baby has burns to the baby's face. the woman to her arm and leg. they were flown from the scene with injuries considered serious but not life threatening. it's unclear if the two people are related. there were no other injuries reported in the apartment building located on lake drive in waldorf. a local pastor may be deported to peru even though his wife and two children are united states citizens. pastor juan's wife and daughter are keeping the small church running without him. three weeks ago when juan went for the regular immigration appointment, he was detained and moved to the ice facility. his fa h
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he was applying to be a legal resident. he has no criminal record but trespassing charge that was dismissed caused him to be apprehended. >> it's difficult. i want to cry all the time. i am trying to be strong to hold my emotions in. >> it's hard for me, my family. i say sorry to the constitution of this country. >> consider this. that is the couple's 21-year- old son serving in the united states air force. major drama and shake up at the white house today. embattled press secretary sean spicer announced his regular signature nation and a new communication directors was brought in to deliver president trump's messages. weijia jiang has more on the developments. >> reporter: the white house briefing room was more ch
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as usual as reporters learned sean spicer has resigned. the new press secretary, sarah huckabee sanders read a statement from president trump. >> i am grateful for shawn's work on behalf of my administration and the american people. i wish him continued success as he moves on. look at his great television ratings. >> reporter: the resignation comes on the heels of president trump choosing anthony scaramucci to be the new white house communications director. >> we are committed, as true professionals to the team and the process of getting the administration's message out. >> reporter: today was the first on camera white house press briefing in more than three weeks. spicer had been less visible recently not conducting an on camera briefing in more than a month. >> good evening. >> reporter: it was exactly six months ago when spicer made headlines with his first appearance behind the podium
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scolding the a medifor the crowd size. his spar wearing the white house press corps gave melissa mccarthy all she needed to recreate him on saturday night live. spicer tweeted it has been an honor and privilege to serve president trump in this amazing country. he will assist anthony scaramucci with the communication's office through august. weijia jiang, the white house. >> sean spicer's run lasted six months and one day. in a statement, he said the white house is at a point where the president could benefit from a clean slate. the decision to parole o.j. simpson is opening old wounds. he was relieved after the parole board decision in nevada. there are some wondering if it's another case of o.j. getting away with it again. >> i would prefer to see him back in jail, simple at that.
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the right to be out amongst decent people. >> o.j. simpson will have served about 9 years of a 33 year sentence forearmed robbery when he is released. fred goldman says prison did not reform the man who he believes killed his son. million police chief had hard words for a police officer that killed justine damond. she called to report a possible sexual attack near the home. the police chief zaida mond did not have to die. >> on the squad cars you will find the words to protect with courage and serve with compassion. this did not happen. >> shortly after the press conference, protestors took to the streets of minneapolis. justine's fiance joined the crowd. officer noor is not speaking to investigators.
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his lawyer said his client will wait until the investigation over the probe is over. elijah come administration will return to work during the august recess. he lives in baltimore. he was expected back sooner but developed an infection that forced him back in the hospital. amazing story. talk about playing through the pain. an indian musician who strummed a guitar through his brain surgery, yeah, says he hopes to release his first album next year. he played the instrument during a seven hour surgery to help doctors identify problems on his brain. he suffered from musician dystonia. it caused three fingers to cramp up while he played. he said the surgery was successful. >> wow. >> you think that tune
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>> i hope so. >> a big seller. the trump administration imposes a ban on americans traveling to north korea. we just got details up ahead.
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a hundred aftershocks in greece and turkey following a killer earthquake. it killed two tourists in greece and injured hundreds of others. it triggered a small tsunami that up ended boats on the coast of turkey. many tourists spent the night outside. you might have seven this coming. north korea will soon be off limits to americans. the state department is imposing a travel ban. it goes into effect late next month. the trump administration cited growing tensions between the two countries and concerns over the risk of americans being arrested during the visit. uva student otto warm beer was ac accused of stealing a post store and died after being released to the u.s. quincy jones is suing the estate of michael jackson. he says he has been cheat
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the past 18 years. the 84-year-old says jackson's estate and sony music improperly mixed some of his most popular songs to side step royalties that are rightfully joneses. it stems from off the wall, thriller and bad among others. >> all that music made tons of money. ahead on wusa 9, a dog's tail and injured canine somehow survives two weeks alone in the remote woods of north carolina. >> the family of a maryland boy suing colonial williamsburg. why when we come back.
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the family of a maryland boy is suing the colonial williamsburg foundation. they say he was excluded from a
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he can't eat anything containing gluten. his father brought food but they were told they had to leave the tavern if they wanted to eat it. he claims williamsburg violated the american's disability act. >> setting aside that it violated federal and state law in my book it violated just basic human decency. >> in a e-mail colonial williamsburg says it does not comment on pending legislation. this is an incredible story of survival. ten days ever a dog disapril -- after a doug disappeared after a crash that killed the owner, nelli has been found alive. >> reporter: with a broken back leg most likely from the truck crash a pit bull wondered in the woods of north carolina for nearly two weeks. >> the area of the interstate she is on, heavily traveled interstate.
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to crisscross that, it blows your mind. >> reporter: the crash happened here on july 10th out of fayetteville. it's believed the owner fell asleep driving the pickup truck north on interstate 95, crossed the median and crashed into a tree. he died before help could get there. >> her role has been spun around. i think there is -- she knows that -- i do believe that she knows her owner is no longer with us. >> reporter: searchers spent hours combing the nearby woods. they put the word out that nelli was missing. then someone recognized her when she limped to this circle k more than two miles from the crash. >> we get to be a part of the miracle. we get to reunite family that lost someone with that. it's part of being what we can do. >> reporter:is
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driving down to get nelli this weekend. nelli needs surgery on her leg but will likely be healed by christmas. >> we are pulling for nelli. >> from a dog gone story to a story about keeping dogs cool. if you are hot when it's 100 degrees outside, imagine how man's best friend must feel. a kennel takes care of 70 dogs per day. it's easy if you have fans, air- conditioning and a pool. they don't just cool off but entertain. they share videos on the facebook page and get hundreds of thousands of hits. >> we have one of the dogs swimming back and forth out smarting us and didn't want pool time to end. >> of course not. >> reporter: the most popular features the nonswimming dog. self-explanatory. [ laughter ] >> that's funny. >> then a lot of monkey business to keep cool at a zoo in china.
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of the cage and filled it with water. visitors were entertained and the monkeys received watermelon. >> i'm not sure what hits cuter, the little dogs or the monkeys. >> dogs. >> you know it's the dog. >> i'm a big dog fan but the monkey -- >> the dog sitting is hilarious. >> perhaps he was a self appointed life guard. lower temps tomorrow and sunday. don't get excited but we increased the chances for thunderstorms. a live look outside. we have clouds rolling through and blow off from earlier storms in the shenandoah valley. they have fallen apart. it's 94. it feels like 100 degrees. dew points are around 70, winds are calm. here is the radar over the last hour. these storms continue to fall apart diminishing their
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through loudoun county and approaching montgomery county. far and away, heavier storms around hagerstown. either side of hagerstown. these are moving east on 40. hagerstown you had one storm. this will get you in 15 minutes. they are hitting hard in wilson. heavy rain and strong gusty winds but they are below a small craft advisory. heat advisory until 8:00. heat index 103 to 107. too hot to exercise. air quality is about as poor as it gets. heavy to severe storms saturday and sunday. morning outdoor plans are safer this weekend and healthier if you are doing stuff outdoors. cutting the grass, do it in the morning. heat breaks tuesday, sort of. by that we mean temps go back to of a rage. 90-degree in d.c. 67 90-degree days. we average 36 for the entire year.
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we average 30 for meteorological summer. 97 monday. then we kind of sort of break the heat. around 90 tuesday and wednesday. futurecast, by 10:00 most of the showers are gone 7:00 tomorrow morning residual showers and storms. it's mainly in the afternoon. strong gusty winds and hail. low 8 toughs start. 89 by 11:00. and 92 by 1:00. sunday the same deal. more dig storms. isolated storms monday, 97. we monitor that for a yellow weather alert. here is our kind of reprieve, 90 tuesday and wednesday. 90 on friday. nats back in town and nats on 9 next friday. >> you are talking about the demise of americans in tennis. i am looking for the superstar in golf. >> we are still waiting. it could be jordan spieth. u.s. player
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statement in england. it's tough.
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z2e2bz z1a2z y2e2by y1a2y fothere's a seriousy boomers virus out there that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. one in 30 boomers has hep c, yet most don't even know it. because it can hide in your body for years without symptoms, and it's not tested for in routine blood work. the cdc recommends all baby boomers get tested.
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for us it's time to get tested. ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. it's the only way to know for sure. weather expected gloomy in england for the open but jordan spieth didn't let the elements get in his way. wet and dreary across the pond.
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solid in not so easy conditions. this is the big shot. back 9. he sinks it for eagle to get to 7 under par. it's looking like this might be his weekend to win the third major title. the leader after two rounds of play. a young tennis player was trying to learn the game. he is still a kid at 19. he was teaching the next generation at smith center this afternoon. kids got a chance to learn from the pros, tips, basics of the game then one on one. how about this. mason edmond getting a chance to play against him. >> he got pretty far. he grew up in the same area. i think i can ash chief the same goals -- achieve the same goals he has. >> i remember doing things like that and events like this in the city of oakland back home all the time. it was really nice to see the kids happy to play and really
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>> get down to the smith center. it's possible head night for him. it will be a collect tore's item one day -- it will be a collector's item one day. >> heading out to dinner okay. >> yes in terms of rain. heat i don't know if you can eat outside. the dew points are generating heat index over 100. now, tomorrow, mid-90s. yellow alert for heat and storms both days. on monday it goes back to a comfortable 90. average. >> cbs is next.
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>> mason: the white house shake-up and a lovefest. averell spicer is out. >> and i love the guy. >> mason: anthony scaramucci joins the communications team. >> i love these guys. >> mason: and the message of the day: >> i love the president. i love the president. >> i love the president. >> mason: also tonight, fighting alzheimer's. a new study says start early. >> everyone, today, right now, can grab the bull by the horns and can say, i can do something today to reduce my own risk. >> mason: is this the future? new york to washington in less than a half hour underground. and steve and andrea hartman in "return to green acres." >> he goes out at 7:00 at night and weuneds datil rk. sometimes he's out there past


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