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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 26, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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tonight, angelina opens up about her breakup with brad. her anger and pain. the moment things got bad. plus a new illness she just revealed. then -- >> i feel this connection with something that's a higher being. us>> jtin bieber's spiritual awakening? >> the concert due to religious reasons? >> what we just learned about the pastor bieber rumors. and j-lo the snackaholic? >> i eat whatever i want. >> what? her "world of dance" co-stars toll us about her strange food habits. >> and why kate hudson just shaved her head and our behind-the-scenes exclusive with george clooney. >> of course, it could happen. >> directing his buddy, matt damon and forcing him to pack on the pounds. >> he got fleshier and fleshier as the shoot went on. >> now for july 26, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight."
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angelina opens up about her split with brad. inside angelina's new "vanity fair" tell all. cameron is sitting with me now. >> thank you, and angelina crying in the shower trying to heal. hear how she says she and brad are moving on from the trauma. >> we're just coming up aifor r. that is what angie says she, adbr and the kids are 10 months after filing for divorce. the star looking seductive is doing her healing in private saying, quote, i don't want want my children to be worried about me. i think it's important to cry in e thshower and not in front of them. "vanity fair's" writer says there is anger and pain beneath the surface. answering questions carefully, angelina says the marriage started to crumble last summer. quote, things got bad, and she didn't want to use that word, and she changed it to difficult. brad admitted he had been quote, boozing too much.
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angelina was adamant to point out the family's home schooling, hectic lifestyle is and will remain one of the opportunities we are able to give our children. let's embrace being not normal. of course,he split took a toll, and angelina hid a secret illness. she developed damaged facial nerves caused one side of her face to droop. we could never tell from photos. angie did acupuncture, which helped her fully recover. but the single mom of six says her skin became dryer and she has more gray hair laughing saying, i can't tell if it's menopause or just the year i have had. the new interview took place june 16th, four days after angelina moved into her new mansion. boxes were still unpacked, but does she miss brad? angelina confesses there is one thing that makes her miss him. decorating and house stuff saying, quote, that was always brad's thing.
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working on another film right now, saying her life doesn't have the space for it. now to justin bieber. he quit his tour, but now we have the pop star speaking out after new rumors he ditched music for god. >> brother, did you cancel the concert due to religious reasons? >> no. >> no? >> no. >> justin was quick to shut down a report he pulled out of his concert to focus on his faith. an australian reporter took the story one step further with this startling claim. >> he may well be contemplating starting his own church. >> we don't doubt justin has a following, but our sources say he was tired and needs a break. ♪ >> so why is justin's faith raising eyebrows? it might have something to do with this video. >> i just enjoy seeing people worship, praising god. >> justin attended a conference for the church in australia, spent a lot of time with his spiritual guide,ye
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karl lent. >> i love people more. i just want to love carl more. >> living the dream. >> we have been living the dream, honestly, right? >> we have been. >> justin was clearly enjoying himself, and brushing his teeth on camera, and showing off his boots. >> these are off white. >> justin's pal, carl, is known as a rock star preacher. he is based in new york and he and justin have been close since 2008, but don't look for pastor bieber quite yet. he told us he likes to keep his faith low key. >> i believe it's not my job to push anything i believe on anyone else, and it's my job to be a light and share what i went through as far as my spiritual journey. >> he is keeping the faith, and he said sorry to those fans when he canceled his tour. another star is apologizing. michael phelps. >> this after his much-hyped about race against a great white on discovery channel. it turned out to be a computer-generated shark, but is phelps getting slammed by a
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fellow olympian to try to defend his great white hype? >> it's man against beast. >> ryan lochte is pretty pointed. the sign reads, no cgi sharks beyond this point. >> look at all these sharks. >> ryan has been promoting nat geo's wildrk sha fest. as for the controversial channel special, phelps versus shark, phelps issued a no-apology apology on facebook live. >> for those who are disappointed i'm sorry for that, but i absolutely had one of, like, the most exciting two weeks of my life. >> that was a shark. >> the special was very clear that the race was simulated. >> we did mention everything up front. some peoplste ju decide not to li.sten >> but spots promoting the special beforehand do not say the sharks are cgi.
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twitter reaction after the show almost all negative. >> yes, i did get a lot of nasty tweets. i really don't even pay attention to them. >> that is how you handle social media, everybody. phelps also talked about ryan in that video. he wished lochte the best, and michael wants to see ryan happy and swimming again after his scandal in rio. pound people with knives to death. >> that is hbo's "big little lies" that earned 16 emmy nominations and ali is with me now, and so many people are big fans. >> they are, and they are not alone because the tv academy's nominations include most of the cast, and last night reese witherspoon, nicole kidman, were out at the pre-emmys red carpet event with "e.t." online's lauren zima. >> they were matching ladies in black. 50-year-old nicole giving us a peek of her bra under that sheer mesh and lace dress. she was in a playful mood
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crashing that interview with her tv husband. >> nicole and reese will go head to head come emmy time, september 17th, but reese has big event the week before, look alike daughter's ava's 18th birthday. >> it's so weird. i can't believe she is 18. she is great. we did it together. we grew up together, and it's great. >> nicole was solo, ane d shtold us how keith helped her heal after the intense sex abuse scene. >> i came home to loving arms, you know, someone that would hold me, and i was really upset at times. really damaged. luckily, i, you know, have that at home. >> and do you want to know real dirt on these stars? we had them play a game called little little lies. have you ever lied to book a job? >> i said i could ice skate when i couldn't. >> have you ever lied to book a job? >> of course. >> what? >> i probably said i could do something i couldn't do.
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like shoot a gun. >> oh, my god! are you okay? >> you will figure it out. have you ever lied to your significant other to get out of something you didn't want to do? >> of course. >> no. i can pretty much tell him when i don't want to do something. i can straight talk. >> have you ever lied to your kids? >> of course. >> and that was? >> every day. >> when you are dealing with a 6-year-old and the certain questions they ask, there are certain answers they are not ready for. i get so heavy, don't i? i'm meant to be light and funny, but i'm, like, the heavy one. >> the burning question is are we going to get a season two of "big little lies"? right? well, reese said she wants the author to decide because these are her characters. >> good point. >> i think so. who wouldn't be? coming up next, details on sofia vergara and joe manganiello's first film together. and star kids with swagger. >> he is a mini justin. >> why jessica beil is
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intimidated by her son, christina aguilera's son with his mom's moves and j-lo and a-rod's modern family. then, matt damon and george clooney are reunited onset. our behind the scenes exclusive. >> it's more fun when you are doing it with your friends. closed captioning provided by --
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at a screening of al gore's inconvenience sequel, the property brothers told us how
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check out sofia vergara and joe manganiello. they were looking adorable out in new york yesterday, but see what they are holding there? that certainly looks like a script. the husband and wife pair are shooting their very first movie together, playing a couple. it's for an upcoming drama called "stano." we're told they play a could believe. real stretch there. also in new york, jessica biel talking about her pride and joy in tonight's know & tell. it's going to be mini me. >> he's got, like, a daddy swagger. you know what i mean? >> of course he does. just look at his dad. ♪ silas' mom was hanging out with family friend jimmy fallon on "the tonight show" last night. looks like she was running late for her interview, posting this
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shower. #momlife but even she can't believe how cool her 2-year-old is. >> how do you dress him? he looks like he is going to a club or something. >> he is like a mini justin. he is on the list. i'm not on the list. >> from one kid's swagger to another, christina aguilera's little man has his mama's moves. that's the singer's 9-year-old son, max, filling in for her at rehearsal. we got to see the whole family at his mom's "emoji movie" premiere on sunday, including little sister summer rain, but seriously, check out max holding his own with christina's backup dancers. >> and finally, j-rod's blended family just makes us happy. >> this cake is ridiculous! >> they're still celebrating birthdays. a-rod and his daughters surprised j-lo with another
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poolside. we love this photo he posted. check out jennifer's son, max, all cuddled up with him, and we know his daughters feel the same way about her. >> jennifer is one of the most brilliant business minds that i've ever met. she's the hardest working lady and, you know, i i have two daughters. i am a big, big promoter of women equality and all of that i like that for my daughters, and jennifer is the role model. >> j-lo didn't just get birthday cake from her man. coming you, was she just serenaded? ♪ happy birthday to you >> plus her "world of dance" co-stars compare their sexy bodies. >> who has the best abs? >> let me see. these are good. and why kate hudson just shaved her head. and matt damon's movie weight gain. george clooney and matt together for their seventh movie. >> he ate i don't know how many bags of doritos on the set.
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there she is. goldie's daughter sheared off her locks. everyone's buzzing about kate hudson's shocking cut. her hair just ain't there. >> i know, right? i admire her so much. i would never ever do that in a million years. kate instagrammed this. this caption, freedom compliments of sia, our beautiful director.
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kate actually has a role in the singer's new film. >> i got to buzz my hair off for a role too. i loved it. >> it's different for the guys though, than the girls. >> the audience wasn't that crazy about it. move on. lots of movie buzz about george clooney. he's directing his sixth movie, "suburbicon." it stars fellow oscar winners julianne moore and matt damon. george and matt have quite the bromance which you can see in this exclusive first look behind the scenes. >> everybody loves matt. >> this is the seventh movie i've done with george, because he's great and it's a lot of fun and like what else is the point. >> what's the worse that can happen? >> from george's laid back directing to matt's blood-splattered makeup -- >> you really have terrible aim. >> in this behind-the-scenes footage, the longtime pals make moviemaking a blast. >> we work because we love our job and we feel lucky to do it and it's just more fun when you're doing it with your friends. >> george and mattst
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16 years later, they're working together again on this thriller. >> these animals took everything from us. i have to make decisionis like what's best for the family. >> matt packed on the pounds to play a middle-aged dad rattled by a home invasion. >> i was afraid matt was going show up looking like he could take care of himself, and he showed up and he was already, you know, a little fleshy, and he ate i don't know how many hundreds of bags of doritos on the set, and he got fleshier and fleshier as the shoot went on which was really fun. >> only a good buddy can get away with giving you a hard time. matt, i think you look great, and we'll see these bros next in italy, and matt keeping busy as usual has two movies there. he is in the sci-fi comedy called downsizing.
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also stars kristen wiig. ♪ happy birthday to you look at that. that proves that working on your birthday doesn't have to be a drag. j-lo's shades of blue crew celebrated her 48th birthday yesterday, a little late, but it's okay right here in new york. of course, that's nothing compared to a-rod's three-tiered version we showed you early. he knows the way to her stomach, and the "world of dance" crew knows that all too well. listen to what she told our carly steele. >> it seems like you guys have become very close when making this. can you tell us what surprises you most about jennifer? >> in between breaks her ham sandwiches. >> that's what i thought. i'm surprised how much you eat. that's what i'm surprised about. >> that's what i thought they were going to say. he is always taking pictures of stuff that i'm eating. i'm like what the - well because first of all, i kind of eat on the run, and i eat whatever i want but i -- but i do it, but i do it like, i'm very portion control.
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judges for being a snackaholic. in fact, if you look real close, you can see crumbs on the judge's table because she's been eating between takes. >> i'm going to stir up some competition here. ready? who has the best abs? >> abs? >> abs? >> abs? >> abs. >> a-b-s abs. >> right now? >> i don't know. >> i don't think we have seen each other's abs yet. >> me? >> should we all strip down and see? >> i think derek. let me see. yeah these are good. these are good. >> okay, i'm going to pass out. >> i think you're all pretty solid. >> i have what you call dad abs they're in there. they're just under all of the crap that i eat with my kids all day. >> you're going into the lion's den right now, and you have to go for blood. >> it's down to the final six acts on "world of dance." there's only two episodes left, so could we see jenna's husband, channing tatum, magic mike himself, make a cameo? >> you never know. you never know. >> he shows up where it counts,
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daughter. >> yeah he was on dad duty big time. >> yeah, so awesome. >> chasing around our daughter with no shoes backstage. >> i love that. >> i was like, i'd look off and i was like, how does she have no shoes on? >> i was like, yes. yes to dad right there. >> get her! >> judge neil is also on daddy duty with his son, shaffer. the grammy-winning superstar has a new music video to go along with his new single. you can see that tomorrow on "e.t." right now, let's talk about the "star wars" actor john boyega. a lot has changed in his life since joining the franchise. nischelle turner found out just how much. >> what's the most rock star kick ass things have you done? >> well i bought my mom and dad a house. i mean that's a way to do it. >> that's pretty rock star, fella! >> and, you know, i also think that's giving back to my king and my queen so that's what i did. >> i love that! >> gotta appreciate a guy who takes care of mom and dad. playing finn in "star wars: the force awakens" made john st
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yet? are you taken? >> nah, i'm not taken. i'm single. >> ya heard that? he smells good and he's single, ladies. >> in his new film, "detroit," john shows a more serious side, playing a security guard caught in the crossfire of the detroit riots of 1967. >> it's a war zone out there. they're destroying the city. >> you carried a revolver. >> the movie is already generating oscars buzz. anthony mackie also stars. he got his start in another film set in detroit, eminem's 2002 epic, "8-mile" as the rapper papa doc. ♪ >> do you think about the evolution of anthony mackie? in a lot of ways, a boy from new orleans who now, i mean look at you. do you think about that often? >> i definitely think i'm blessed and fortunate to be where i am, but the thing is if you are not enjoying it, you're not doing it right.
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>> he continues to rise, you will see him in a new movie next year, but back to "detroit" for a second. it's the most intense movie i have seen this year. the director really has crafted a masterpiece. >> look for her come oscar time. >> looking forward to seeing it. kevin, thank you very much. we'll be back with which actor had jennifer aniston
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travel consideration provided by -- i love this human very much. >> that is jennifer anniston honoring jason bateman today as he got his star on hollywood walk of fame. jason bateman is busy with his show, "arrested development," but also doing double duty for the streaming service because he is a star producer and one of the directors for a drama series called "ozark ." >> i lovate th guy, he is so talented and we were with with him today, and he got a shoutout from none other than jennifer aniston. >> good night, everybody. >> bye. >> i love this human very much. >> jason and jennifer have co-starred in five movies together so far, but we have known since 1982, when he was just a 13-year-old kid in "silverspoons." jason posing next to his wife and daughters. he told us he was a little uncomfortable with the whole thing, so how did it feel to get a star on the walk of fame? >> it's a reon
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i really feel fortunate. of course we've known jason since 1982, but jennifer, well, she's got stories. >> he always manages to come to our house, find the clicker, plop himself on the couch and get his beloved dodgers up on that tv screen as fast as humanly possible. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have.
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>> previously on "big brother": after the marine successfully completed operation battle back -- >> congratulations, cody. you have wone th battle back showdown, and you are back in the game. >> jessica briefed him on her good news. >> if you and i get put on the block, i can literally halt the eviction. >> what! >> with everyone wanting cody back out the door-- >> remember, cody, public enemy number one? he's still public enemy number one. >> it was 10 versus two at the head of household competition. so josh tried to psyche out jess and cody ♪ you're like a


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