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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 28, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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people trapped by high water. some cars literally started floating away. there are lots of blooded roads. bruce leshan is in storm tracker 9 with a look at how things are going now. i guess it's sort of cycles? >> reporter: i would say what we're seeing really are some scattered problems, lesli. some people absolutely fine. a lot of people absolutely fine. and then there are some people there are getting hit really, really hard. i want you to take a look outside storm tracker 9. we're on connecticut avenue heading towards kensington. we have seen some significant problems here. firefighters got five or six calls from terrified people this morning from people trapped in their cars. by the time the firefighters actually got there, all the folks were fine and out of their cars. they were okay. that doesn't mean their cars were okay. >> reporter: the victim
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flash flood here didn't want to go on tv, but he's letting me show you his car. take a look at this honda civic. look at the water that has just flooded inside. there's probably 3 inches of water right there. >> one minute the road was dry, the next it was in your friend's car. >> by the time i looked there it was practically, the car was floating. >> reporter: practically floating. away. >> it was moving. i thought it was going to move away. >> reporter: you could see from the deb debris -- the debris how high the water got. >> reporter: look at the seats. you can see it was much higher. there's mud all over these seats. >> looks like the car is pretty bad. >> the car is totally gone. >> reporter: you think it's totaled? >> yes. >> reporter: it is clogged storm drains that seem to be causing most of the problems. here is inbound connecticut avenue in kensington. about 3 feet
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the road. but as soon as a state highway crew arrived and dug out the debris, the water swirled away down the drain. >> a miracle. >> reporter: there are even more logs and debris clogging the bridges over rock creek. crews closed down beach drive. but that failed to keep people from driving through the high water anyway. despite all the warnings that that is a terrible idea. >> the water just pouring out of the sky right now. not that much traffic on the road. maybe people are listening and trying to stay off the roads. we're going to be cruising around keeping an eye for any trouble. we'll let you know what we find. live in kensington, bruce leshan, wusa. >> we'll head to adelia. you talked to people who id
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feet? >> reporter: they say it was crazy. as quick as it came it all disappeared. the clock ticking away when you're dealing with cars that are potentially flooded out. they say it lasted ten minutes. i'm laughing because we literally just had a rain storm of our own activity here. it's been downpouring since 4:30. and our microphone short circuited. we had to switch to another one. we got in this live shot. look at creek parkway and 650. you can see traffic on 650 starting to creep because we have a lot of water accumulating on the road. we have a partial road closure here, because the water is coming down fierce right now. i'm sure the folks i spoke to earlier in silver spring who had those flooded-out vehicles are a bit worried that mother nature just won't let up. >> we
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saayou and your -- saw you and your dad pishing your car out -pushing your car out. this is your baby. >> it might be totaled. hopefully it's not, but it might be. basically it was flooded. we had cars parked here. my mom was here by herself and we weren't here. she tried moving them all and unfortunately she didn't get to my car on time. >> reporter: she got the other car up the hill. >> my baby though. >> reporter: tried starting the car and moving it? >> then it turned off because there was so much water. so yeah, and now we don't want to turn it on to damage it more. >> reporter: so keeping your fingers crossed? >> yeah. hope for the best. >> the big storm isabel we had. all that rain. it never got that bad even with all the rain here. i don't know what happened. either the sewers are backed up. dewy
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going on with the park now. sewer or something because it smelled bad down there on dewy road. so maybe the drain might be clogged. i don't know. i ain't never seen it that bad. >> reporter: he said he lives in that neighborhood off randolph and dewy road in silver spring and had never seen it that bad. take a look. it's looking bag. the creek clearly is right behind us and is contributing to maybe some of this low-lying area that is going to be, we fear, maybe full of water. so of course the road closure will remain in effect. we saw some cars kind of sneaking through the cones. of course, a recommendation and a warning for those drivers. don't even attempt. if you know this is a low-lying area. if you are aware of low-lying areas in your community, best bet is to stay away. we've always
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those drains clear so the water hopefully, will subside. back to you in the studio. >> feeling for all those folks and their cars and homes. you can keep tabs on all the forecast, breaking news and live updates. just download our wusa app. following breaking news from the white house at this hour. rice priebus is out. as white house chief of staff. stepping in is general john kellye. this follows a profanity laced interview that hit the web with the new communications director anthony scaramucci. now former chief -- he called reince priebus a paranoid schizophrenic and a paranoiac. he also took aim at steve bannon saying i'm not trying to build my own brand
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[expletive] mistake of the president. and i sometimes use colorful language. i will refrain in this arena but not give up on trump's agenda. a attempted robbery in fairfax city at the wells fargo atm on tuesday morning before 9:00. the bad by there was crouched behind the car as the woman is trying to pull money out. then jumps in the passenger'sseat and demands cash. there's another angle where you can get a look at the guy's face. he's a wite guy, 6 feet tall. if you know who he is, police want to hear from you. the d.c. police department and the chief are responding about a racist t-shirt apparently worn by one of their officers. this story came to our attention after one of our employees spotted this petition on his facebook feed. the campaign is seeking to have that officer fired. while the petition does name the officer, we are not. we are going to
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shirt. the o in the word power shift is replaced by a sun cross. that's a white supremacist symbol. you can also see the grim reaper there. d.c. police and the chief responded on twitter saying the officer was allegedly wearing that shirt on duty. they call it disturbing disgraceful, and not representative of the department's values and they tell us that officer has been placed on what they call a noncontact status. pending the outcome of an investigation. >> after a contentious two-year struggle the fairfax county school board has voted to change the name of jeb stuart high school. >> much of the crowd erupted into applause when the vote happened just before 11:00 last night. supporters say having a school named after a confederate general runs counter to diversity and inclusion. the vote mandates a search for a new name begin in the fa
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before the 2019 school year. >> it's not appropriate in 2017 for us to bring children through the halls of our schools and say kids, you have to wear on your back the name of somebody who fought to enslave many of you here in this school. >> if the school is named after a confederate or union general, why does it matter to me? i want to go to a school that's going to educate me. and jeb stuart, my high school educated me. >> opponents to the name change say the board did not follow its own policies and procedures. they are threatening a lawsuit and have put the board on notice. they say other schools with ties to the confederacy, like robert e. lee high school in springfield could be targeted next for a name change. this ground hog looks like he's up to no good. going on the attack and scaring a local family. we'll tell you about it in a bit. a local congressman says he's running for president. >> still tracking storms moving through partof
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after casting the deciding vote in this morning's health care vote senator john mccain says he will return to arizona to begin radiation and chemotherapy treatments. he anouned he had a brain -- announced he has a brain tumor earlier this month. he will return in the fall. he sided with susan callens and lisa murkowski to stop the latest attempt to repeal and replace obamacare. every democratic senator gave the so called "skinny repeal" the thumbs down. president trump seems unphased. >> we're going to get it done. i said from the beginning, let obamacare implode and
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it. i turned out to be right. let obamacare implode. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says it's time to move on but didn't rule out working with democrats to fix obamacare's problems. the next presidential election is more than three years away. we don't eveven a campaign 2020 -- even have a campaign 2020 sign made yet, but he's running for president. in an opinion column published in today's washington post, delanie says i'm running because i have an original approach to governing and an economic policy that can put us on a different course. his former health care financeier has a net worth on more than $90 million. a fresh look at live doppler radar. heavy pockets of rain across the beltway and into virginia and maryland. we're following this closey
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we'll find out what's up with the latest on tonight's stormy weather and if it's going to clear out for your saturday. after the break some fightening moments for a montgomery county family after
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fairfax county police spent the day searching for clues after a woman was attacked on the path you see there. near the vienna metro. she was 21 on her way to work when she was stabbed in the neck. she's going to be okay. here's what police are telling us. they aren't necessarily looking for witnesses today, but they want to talk with anyone who might have seen anything out of place sore suspicious in the -- or suspicious in the past few days. police believe this was random. aggressive and not going anywhere. a bethesda family was terrified when they had to fight off what animal control believes was a rabid ground hog. jennifer donelan shows up how often these are showing up. >> its face was smacked up
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window he could. >> he wouldn't go away. kept thrashing against the windows and trying to get in. >> mean and mean-looking. like not normal. >> reporter: so far this year 11 animals have tested positive for rabies in montgomery county. most of them are raccoons. with a house full of kids, the family hopes to never
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animal again. >> animals, even though they're shorter and smaller, they're much more vicious, but their teeth and their claws and their strength. >> reporter: if you encounter windup, your best -- encounter one, your best bet is to call 911. >> in maryland more than 100 animals have tested positive for rabies. only six were ground hogs. >> nor video -- more video from study's storms ask -- today's storms and flash blooding. beach drive was closed in both directions at connecticut. we've seen today some people have avoided the warnings and the sign and they've tried to tread into that high water. it doesn't end well, ever. >> it's only going to get worse tonight. we have a lot more rain to go through and also when the sun sets, you're not going to be able to see how deep the water is.
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montgomery county, prince george's county, arlington, fairfax. i would just say home. it is just not looking good out there. the national weather service -- flash flooding will continue to occur in the next few hours. we've already had some reports, especially near harrisonburg. but through the overnight hours, downed trees and power lines, that's going to be possible too. tomorrow morning is going to be rather gusty. imagine all the soil kind of drenched. it will turn to mush. that's enabling trees to fall over. when does it get out of here. not anytime soon. tonight is a washout. tomorrow we are going to see the showers continue and slowly gets out of here by tomorrow afternoon. more so into the evening hours. so count on tomorrow not looking good for outdoor plans. even if the rain starts to get
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cloudy and cooler than you're used to for late july. i was just checking the airport delays. there's a lot of them and some cancellations at reagan international. this storm is not moving. it was moving at 15 miles an hour to the northeast and now it's not. flash flood warningscontinue. don't worry about the time stamp there, because we have a lot more to go through. 2-3 inches for the areas in properup and a bittal -- purple and a bit more. we have another couple inches to go through. from leesburg all the way through culpeper, this is going to slide through. even if your flight is set to take off in a few hours, it may not. and they might wait until the last moment to cancel it. here we are, expecting another inch or so across d.c. there are some other areas farther to the south that say we don't have much yet. you're lucky. we'll get more rain tonight. 9:00 drying out
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comes more by 11:00 and then it starts to linger. overnight hours through tomorrow morning. if jore getting up -- you're getting up early at 6:00, you might have some light showers. as far as nuisance showers are concerned, it continues. this is the middle of the day. notice the temperature. this is kind of like a nor'easter system. if this were winter, we would be dancing in the cold. see how large those wind arrows are, 15-20 miles per hour through the hour. it continues and slowly gets out for the evening. i think tomorrow's nats game looks more promising. and sunday we have a double header because of the game cancellation tonight. so for tomorrow, 76, that's optimistic and really dependent on how long the rain sticks around. if it gets out of here, we could easily hit 76 or 77. if not, 71, 72. keep that in
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morning showers, late-day clearing. by sunday we're at 80. gorgeous on sunday. and a nice day on monday as well. we will have temperatures return to the 90's by next week. we head to prince george's county now where a police officer convicted of assault will not be heading to jail. juan hernandez will instead serve two years of probation and give 100 hours of community service. prosecutors say he used his patrol car to knock down an unarmed man in 2016. he was responding to a call about a man with a gun. a dispute over president trump is leading to a divorce. this is one of our most popular stories on our facebook page. out of west palm beach, florida, the woman there is a staunch republican and supporter of president trump. her husband is state's attorney dave aaronburg, not a supporter of the president. lynn is walking away with $100,000 in
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isabel writes political views aren't about politics, but also social views and ultimately a gauge on one's moral center. when the couple has extreme differences in such views, they probably are incompatible. no matter how you feel about the president or marriage, you can tell us what you think anytime on our wusa9 facebook page. we're almost a year from the deadly floods in elicate silt -- ellicott city. a scam targeting wells fargo customers. what to look out for after the break. >> we're tracking storms moving through parts of our area. it is a
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z2e2dz z1a2z y2e2dy y1a2y
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in today's consumer alert. more trouble for wells fargo. they have a scam targeting its customers. it starts with a recorded phone call that sounds like it's from the bank. you're directed to call a number and asked to provide information including your social security number. if you have a question for your account, call the number on the back of your credit card or debit card. wells fargo has come under fire after employees opened up fake checking and credit card accounts. >> now the problems that continue for ford. some explorer suvs
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off the road after problems with carbon monoxide. the national transportation safety board has gotten more than 27 complaints about the trucks and 41 reports about injuries. in 2016 a louisiana police officer passed out behind the wheel and crashed and she says it was because of exposure to leaked carbon munoxicide. >> we had requested testing for carbon monoxide and her levels came out near lethal. >> the austin police department had 400 in their fleet and they're pulling them service. verizon keeps top spot as highest performing network. the company was ranked number 1 in overall performance, speed, data reliability and calls. all the mobile major carriers have improved their networks. tomorrow is national lipstick day and in honor of this made-up holiday,
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looked at the numbers and they found pink in all of its shades is america's best selling color. red is top in washington, d.c. and maryland. pink is the pick again in virginia. if you're in the market for a local color, your local max store is giving out freelipstick, not samples, the real thing. no strings attached. the news at 5:30 starts now. right now at 5:30 rain leaving roads flooded in montgomery county. live conditions from our mobile storm tracker. you're looking at aspen hill there. we also have a shot from out intacoma park. and roads shut down there because of the flash flooding. week seen a lot of -- we've seen a lot of it because of branches and leaves building up and it all backing up on the street. the ever a good idea to drove -- never a good idea to drive through the
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already canceled the nats game. >> it's all night and only continues. some areas are dealing with the water better. we're getting rain all day and night where we don't deal with water well, in d.c. so we are going to deal with potentially a significant flooding issue later tonight and into the overnight hours. doppler radar, these showers and storms have not moved at all. this is just a loop for the past hour. going right over d.c. through silver spring up through rockville and right mere rock creek. it's just a lot of those roads are closed due to the high water. if you know that hey, that one street always gets a bit of water on the sides, imagine how much water it has now. it only takes a few inches to lose control of your car and 12 inches water kind of pegged up against the side will take your car down it road. a few water rescues earlier this morning. so that's a sign of how dangerous this has


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