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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 31, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it'smo monday, july 31st, 2017. the trump administration says the time for talk is over. we'll look at president trump's options to counter the north korean threat. the new whouft chief of staff john kelly is sworn in today. will the four-star marine general be able to restore order in the chaotic white house. a cbs investigation uncovers hoye foreign workers are being used in the auto industry. plus the widow of a
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isto h daughter more than two years after his death. why she was determined to proceed with ivf to honor his legacy. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. the president's made it very clear that iaruss's destabilizing activity, its support for rogue regimes and activity in the ukraine are unacceptable. >> russia retaliates against u.s. sanctions. >> this retaliation is long, long overdue. if the u.s. decides to go further, we will respond in kind. we will mirror this, we will retaliate. the u.s. sends f-1 bombers nover orthkorea. >> what do you make it? >> i make it as a clear and present danger to the united states. >> today is the first day of the job for the new white house chief of staff. >> this ragene ils going to come in and put a fresh set of
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on the inner workings of the white house. an escape. >> an 11th inmate was caught, leaving only one at large. nikki haley is calling venezuela's election a sham as violence continues tore bak t.ou >> the australian government is increasing security. evacuating tensf o thousands. >> governor chris christie fired at again over a confrontation with a baseball fan. >> the first time to ever accomplish that feat. >> soaks it all in. >> on "cbs this morning."
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3-1 down after 79 minutes. >> astonishing turnaround in san diego. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell and gayle king are off hopefully having a great time. margaret brennan is here. she is normally at the white house and chief cbs correspondent and from cbsn. general john kelly will be sworn in this morning in the oval office. president trump named kelly to replace reince priebus on friday. >> kelly was the secretary of
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homeland security but his new job is to bring discipline to the white house and help the president get his stalled agenda on track. major garrett is at the white house. major? >> good morning. his secretary elaine duke will hold that post until a new nominee is named and a senate confirmation process is completed. >> truly one of our stars. john kelly is one of our great stars. >> president trump spoke favorably of his new chief of staff just hours after he announced he would replace reince priebus who helped draft him into the administration. general kelly is credit for bringing discipline to the west weng. that means organizing decision-making, a contrast to the president's own volatile approach.
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secretary and communications director, deputy chief of staff, deputy senior adviser and spokesman have all resigned. >> he was right to hit the reset button and i think it was something that i think the white house needs. i think it's healthy. >> his white house that had been in the white house had been inevitable. >> i think the president wants more discipline and structure in there. >> there's no sign kelly's arrival slowed trump's twitter habits. he unloaded 13 hits on saturday including repeal and replace obamacare saying, quote, they like to look like fools. >> campaign manager corey lewandowski said we should
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fixed. >> anybody who thinks they're going to change donald trump doesn't know donald trump. >> contenders to replace kelly at homeland security include texas mcqala, and tom holliman and a long shot attorney general jeff sessions. his name was raised but essentially sources tell us that's unlikely. >> baker said it depends on how well you depending on how wow you emphasize the chief or staff. what attributes both good and bad does john kelly bring to the job? >> let's talk about advantages. one of the reasons reince priebus was around so long, he couldn't find someone to replace him. he also doesn't have any of the embedded almighty questions that
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campaign when after the "hollywood access" broke, priebus was one to suggest to the president he might want to step out of the campaign. that never left priebus's questions about loyalties. the next big issue, tax reform. the president and treasury secretary will take the lead there. disadvantages, he has no relationship really on capitol hill and he has no experience with all these warring factions if they turn against each other. >> but the president loves generals. >> he does indeed. >> thanks, major. >> you got it. the u.s. is telling north korea and its main ally china the time to talk is over. u.n. ambassador nikki haley spoke out after the second north korea missile test this month. they launched with a live test and two fly by bombers. may
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california or even the eastern coast of the united states. julianna goldman is at the pentagon. good morning. >> good morning. as the u.s. assesses its next steps, officials say it's too late. an unpredictable regime has unveiled its missile director and the u.s. has options. along with its south cree yand and japanese allies first with a live missile test on friday and with a joint test on saturday two super bombers conducted a flyover of the korean peninsula. the military also carried out what the military carried out as a successful missile defensive. they showed what it would look like. video purportedly shows north wirea launching a missile friday
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jong-un overseeing the test. analysts say friday's launch proves that north korea could have the capability to hit u.s. mainland including los angeles and possibly chicago, new york, and near washington, d.c. over the weekend president trump tweeted he was disappointed in china's response. they do nothing for us with north korea, just talk, adding china could easily solve this problem. >> all options are on the table. >> traveling in eastern europe vice president pence reiterated the president's sentiment and said the u.s. was losing patience with china. >> the president of the united states is leading coalitions to bring pressure to bear until that time that north korea will permanently abandon its nuclear and ballistic missile program. >> on sunday they honored the chinese people of the liberation army and showed off the country's
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strength. china's president did not directly respond to president trump at that parade but it did come hours after the tweeteds. now, over the past couple of years, president xi has been challenging the army. >> good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> we've had two successful launches by the north koreans. what's the conversation in the pentagon and the white house about u.s. options? >> charlie, on paper there are three options. there's continued diplomacy. there is at one end of the spectrum acceptance along with containment and deterrence. at the other end of the spectrum is military action. i don't believe that diplomacy is a possible option. we've been at that for 25 years. i think
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says diplomacy has failed. o that leaves us with the two extremes and the risks. there are risks associated with both regimes. i think this is going to be the most significant decision the president of the united states makes during this press senndy in four or eight years. think this is the defining national security issue of his presidency. >> if you can't really bomb. if you say you can't really negotiate, what is that option of containment? won't north korea also seek to sell this technology to other rogue states? >> the object of it involves convincing them, making absolutely clear to them the way we did to the soviet union that if they use those weapons or sell those weapons, that will be the end of the regime. we have the make that crystal clear to them. >> and how? >> you do it through your actions and you do it through your words, right?
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and sit down with them and say this is what will happen to you if you ever attack us. >> exactly what are we talking about when we talk about an option. are we talking about bombing their facilities wherever we are if we can, are we talking about attacking a missile on the launchpad or using cyber aggression? >> i think all of those options are going to be discussed in the white house. i think the most extreme option is take out every nuclear and missile facility that you are aware of, take out all of those weapons along the dmz that would be used and possibly even decapitate the regime, go after kim jong-un if possible. o all of those options are going be discussed. and the risks associated with military action have been talked about, the horrific possible war. >> what does horrific mean? >> horrific means a second korean war, attacks on
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million people. that's what horrific means in that content. in the acceptance context, horrific means some day this man might decide to use nuclear weapons against the continental united states. those will be the issues the president will be addressing as he tries to make that decision. >> thank you. always good to have you here. russia is ramping up retaliation against the u.s. over new sanctions. russian president vladimir putin told the staff to slash the staff in russia by 755 people. elizabeth palmer is in moscow with the simmering tensions that have cold war echos. elizabeth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the state department has called this russian action regrettable and uncalled for, but the russians are saying they had no choice but to react to the tightening of sanctions against them. all weekas
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president putin didn't say a world about russia's retaliation against the u.s. he was busy with the pomp of russia's navy day, a celebration, and also a reminder that russian muscle extends out over the oceans too. finally on sunday he weighed in. the american diplomatic division in russia, he said, would have to lose over 755 personnel. we waited quite some time for something to change for the better, he said, referring to relations with washington, but it became clear it wouldn't be soon. the state department won't reveal how many people it employs, but the russians say there are 1,200 in moscow and three other cities. two-thirds of them will have to be cut so the american diplomatic operation is trimmed to the same size as russia's mission in the u.s. the u.s. will also lose access to a storage facility and its beautiful countryhouse and leafy property on the
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moscow. this is the latest round in a tit for tat deterioration in relations between the trump administration and the kremlin when congress began imposing sanctions against russia and on friday russia hit back and then added they may not be done with retaliation. >> we have a toolbox at our disposal. it would be ridiculous on my part to start speculating on what may or may not happen. >> it does look as if the vast majority of 755 people who are going to lose their jobs will be russians, locally hired to work in support of american programs, everything from trade and commerce to agriculture. charlie? >> elizabeth palmer in moscow. thank you. they're in dangerous new phase. a disputed election could grant the ruling partyos
7:16 am
unlimited power. at least ten people died in yesterday's violence including at least one candidate. anti-government protests that started in april have killed more than 120 people. the vote yesterday chose an assembly to start that process. critics say the country appears headed toward a dictator ship. manuel bojorquez is in venezuela with the growing controversy. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the aftermath of yesterday's violence. the u.s. is vowing sanctions on venezuela as early as today. the newly elected 4,500 feet asimply will have an opportunity to to rewrite the constitution. it furthers the divide in this polarized nation. police and protesters battle as they have for months in the streets of venezuela.
7:17 am
election continues to hurtle the country toward dictatorship with president nicolas maduro and his socialist party at the helm. >> what does that mean? protesters say they were threatened with ten years in jail if caught marching the streets. >> we have so little piece of democracy and he's killing us of it all. >> by rewriting the constitution. >> absolutely. >> voting sites empty across the country as many of the venezuelans who favor the opposition stayed away from the polls. this man took to the streets've as gunfire was heard nearby. the national police were targets too. this explosion injured seven officers on
7:18 am
falling oil prices coupled with skyrocketing inflation has crippled venezuela's economy. oil accounts for nearly half of the government's revenue. they're the third large earth supplier of oil to the u.s. which buys a third of the country's crude. they just want their voices heard. >> you feel like you don't have what you want, what you deserve. >> reporter: what's that? >> liberty. what you want to to, really want to do. >> reporter: you don't feel you have it. >> no, we don't. >> reporter: president maduro claimed a sweeping victory after the polls closed claiming 8 million voted for the assembly but they believe that number is less than 3 million. we expect to see more marches and classes today. the turmoil here only likely to continue. ad
7:19 am
venezuela. thank you. australia has increased security after terrorists threatened to bring down a passenger plane. law enforcement raided a home over the weekend. the plot involved putting a device on the aircraft. anyone have not yet been charged. a manhunt is going across alabama after a dozen inmates escapes from jail outside birmingham. only one is still on the run. the police recaptured the 11 shortly after they ran. two of the inmates were facing attempted murder charges before their escape. it's not clear how the men were able to slip through the jail security. thousands of american jobs building auto factories may be lost to imported workers. ahead, how contractors are
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coming up, a
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blackout sends vacationers packing from north carolina's outer banks.
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it's so extreme. they put news networks in a tricky position. >> i'm not trying to skplooev. >> leave it to gayle king on "cbs this morning" to cut right to the chase. >> how is that even physically possible, number one, and, number two, when you hear something like that, bob, are you offended? >> she's talking to bob schieffer. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." it is an important day for one
7:31 am
of the best loved people in washington, senator john mccain. he begins post surgical treatment for brain cancer. he will undergo radiation and chemotherapy in arizona. mccain plans to work through the treatment and he plans soon to return to washington. that is at the end of august recess. >> mccain cast a decisive vote last week in a push to replace obamacare. he posted a new twitter post showing him and his daughter meghan overlooking the arizona landscape. "the baltimore sun" reports that city prosecutors are dismissing dozens of gun and drug cases because of a police body camera investigation. baltimore state's attorney marilyn moseby said 34 cases were dismissed. another 77 cases involving officers are being reviewed.
7:32 am
camera appearing the plant drugs. his partners watched and they did nothing. the officer thought his camera was off. many smugglers are growing pot in states where it's legal such as colorado and sending the krug elsewhere. a pound of marijuana might sell for $2,000 in colorado but it might sell for three times more where pot is still legal. the average width of airline assets has been squeezed from 18 inches to 16 1/2. it can lead to blood clots and slow emergency escapes. the group will look into the group's complaints. foreign automakers have received billions of dollars to build factories in the u.s. and create american
7:33 am
a new prime time series "cbs on assignment" looked at plants. we went to slow shevenia in seaf answers. >> reporter: for three years gerald greiner managed safety. his first job was at mercedes in vance, alabama, in 2014. >> there were polish to ukrainian people. >> what do they do in. >> anything from steel fitting, pipe fitting, pouring concrete. just about everything. >> the cars will be built by american workers but the plants are built by them. >> yes. >> did you think to yourself that the jobs these guys were doing could be done by
7:34 am
americans? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. yes. >> reporter: our investigation led us to this apartment complex in spartanburg, south carolina, where it appears people were being housed. we found them. around 6:30 a.m. the workers had one last cigarette and headed to work. >> the van that we're looking at right now is the van ha is carrying the workers and the plant is not too far away. >> reporter: another cbs reporter filmed. we showed up at the plant a few minutes later. >> we know that our producer who's been here since 5:30 in the morning, 5:00 in the morning has shot at least 15 and now
7:35 am
filled with these workers from eastern europe. >> angry. >> daniel travancic has worked in sheet metal for years. >> thousands and thousands of workers working here and they're abused too? who let this happen? >> automakers declined our request for an interview. in statements they said their contractors are legally obligated to comply with all safety, immigration, and enforcement laws and all violations are promptly addressed. >> how are they getting into the united states and what kind of sri savisas do they get? >> they're essentially coming in on tourist visas and uncovered a loophole. >> thank you, vlad. >> you can watch our
7:36 am
tonight. a manmade blackout is forces tourists to evacuate at the height of the summer season. thousands of homes and businesses. thousands of businesses in north carolina have not had power since thursday due to a power outage. demarco morgan is there with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning pt right here is highway 12. it it is main artery in the outer banks and besides the ferry service, it's the only road drivers can use to escape the blackout. residents can come in but visitors can't come back in until power is fully restored. construction workers are working around the clock. >> we have been working very hard to make sure that we can get our visitors back to the island. >> last year construction began on a new bridge that will connect hatteras
7:37 am
mainland. on thursday workers damaged all three underground transmission cables cutting power to hatteras and ocracoke islands. that mistake has forced thousands to evacuate. >> the past couple of days have been extremely frustrating. >> charlie hornfeck own as bar there. he said this could cost him tens of thousands. >> this is not a natural disaster. it's somebody's fault, and i hope they step up sf our number one goal right now is our residents. >> robert woodard is chair of the board county board of commissioners. his first priority is caring for local buzzers to keep the economy running. >> with that being said, we can get visitors in here so we can have a good season. >> one is to s
7:38 am
damaged cables on the ground. the other is to build a transmission line to travel above ground. the government is said to tour the construction site some time later today. >> this is interesting. this is where i love to the atlantic ocean. it's a warning of what happens if there's a cyber attack on our electrical power. which has been positive could happen. >> and at a minimum, big hit to the local economy at a time where this is their bread and butter for the year. >> like christmas for other people. >> exactly. a newlywed woman lost her police officer husband to deadly violence. she's celebrating new life. she tells us how she nerve gave up having his baby. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." come on.
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only on "cbs this morning," a widow of o a murdered detective speaks out for the first time since giving birth to his daughter two years after he died. a gunman ambushed and killed new york city police officer wenjian liu and his partner in december 2014. through in vitro fertilization lu's wife delivered a baby girl just last week. she shared her story with jeff glor. >> they were newlyweds, married just three months when she got a call. her husband had been shot. she thought of a plan when her husba husband was at the hospital. >> i wit sitting there, and he was -- >> just after the death of her husband on that horrible night when he was assassinated inside a police cruiser,
7:44 am
dream. >> i had a dream he handed me a baby and it was a girl. >> you had a dream he handed you babynd a it was a girl. >> right. >> she remembers asking the doctors if they could preserve her husband's sperm. >> they didn't know if it was going to work, if it was going to be a possibility. and here it is 2 1/2 years later, and it's a miracle. >> this is your daddy. he's in heaven right now, but he always looks after us. >> sanny tells u us she prosided with ivf to honor her husband. >> wanted to have a child to carry on his legacy. >> do you want her to be a police officer? >> it's up to her. it's up to her. >> would you like to see her be a police officer? >> of course. >> that's brave.
7:45 am
she's a courageous woman and that's a great job. >> wenjian liu's daughter will always know. i'll show her her father was a hero and made this world a safer place. >> the baby's name is angelina. why is that? >> she's not only the angel for heaven but for the police officers. i hope she brings hope and strength to my big blue family. >> big blue family. >> so now you have an angel for your husband and for the big blue family. >> yes. it will bring strength and hope for everybody. >> as you can see, both mom and daughter are doing very well. sannidy not rule o
7:46 am
angelina a lit brother or sister in the future. >> what's amazing, she asked for it. >> yes. she said that night she knew. they didn't know if it would work. they are a joy to be around. a joy. she is so happy. the baby's so happy. the baby's not sleeping at night at all, she said, but they're just a joy to spend time with. >> thank you, jeff. nearly 500 incoming college freshman get a lessen in disappointment. ahead why a california university admitted them but then said no. and new jersey governor chris christie
7:47 am
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new jersey governor chris christie got in the face of a cubs fan who reportedly heckled during game. he then returned to his seat, nachos in hand. you may remember nets fans booed christie in new york after he caught a foul ball. he was also criticized for vacationing at a public beach after he forced a shutdown. coming up, the arizona senator is here with his reasons why the modern gop has lost its way.
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good morning. it is monday, july 31st, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." republican senator jeff flake says his party has abandoned its principle. he's in studio 57 with his new book, "conscience of a conservative." plus a university tells incoming freshmen, we have no room for you anymore. but first here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. president trump is trying to start a new chapter in his administration with a new white e houschief of staff. >> one of the rfs reince priebus was around so long is president trump couldn't find a replacement. now he has one a
8:01 am
knows that. >> what's the most extreme option? >> i think the most extreme option is take all every nuclear weapon and take it out along the dmv. the russians are saying they have no choice. >> this is the aftermath of yesterday's viceolen. the u.s. is vowing sanctions on venezuela as early as today. >> right here is the main artery th the outer banks, and besides ere fry service, it's the only road visitors can use to escape the blackout. visitors can't come back. >> in the 1960s and '70s, dick cavett served as a ring master to a revolution on hid talk show. >> some say it's the best to be. >> i dare them to cut this out. you are really good. >> coming from you, that means a lot. >> i say that to
8:02 am
course. i'm charlie rose with margaret brennan and vladimir duthiers of our streaming network cbsn. u.s. ambassador nikki haley says the time for talks is over. >> haley called on china to help ramp up pressure on north korea's government. president trump's and japan's leader shinzo abe spoke over the phone last night. they plan to increase diplomatic pressure. >> president trump is counting on the retired four-star general to bring order to the west wing, but it is unclear how much authority kelly will be given. the homeland security secretary takes over for reince priebus who resigned friday after a tumultuous week. the shake jum comes as the
8:03 am
republicans over health care. he tweeted, the world is watching. rew e peel and replace. republican jeff blake believes the world no longer conservative. he writes, quote, never has a party so quickly or easily abandoned its core principles as my party did in the course of the 2016 campaign. we ee leveraged from a tranquilized elephant to an incoherent and often untrue mesh of the backs of envelope popular slogans. mr. flake is her. welcome. >> thanks if having me on. >> let me read this. -- like mr. trump's attacks, the vulgar tirade by his communications chief and the collapse of a conservative backed health care legislation soechl what's happened? why is this happening? >> you know, being a conservative doesn't just mean that you adhere to conservative
8:04 am
limits government, economic freedom. it means your conservative in comportment as well. your demeanor. in important policy. a conservative is nothing if it's not sober and measured and that matters in the white house. it matters in congress as well. and i think we've lost that. >> you write unmattered behavior is the opposite of conservatives. >> that's right. during the nixon era he had what was called the madmen theory. he wanted our adversaries to think he was a little off-kilter. that might provide some strategic advantage. but there has to be some underlying strategy beneath that and i don't sense that we have that now. and if you just have, you know, erratic behavior unmoored from principle, that's not a good combinati combination. >> is donald trump a republican? >> yes.
8:05 am
saying his behavior does not match with the principle os the republican party that you carry. >> i do think that he has some -- some things he has done has been conservative. i think he appointed a great supreme court justice. regulatory policy that his hae embraced is conservative. his instincts on tax policy are conservative. but some things are profoundly unconservative. protectionist attitude, trying to get out of multi-national free grade agreements. isolationism. >> we were not the first. >> exactly. we need desperately to play the game of addition, not subtraction, and i think this campaign, the 2016 campaign was all about drilling town on a base and not adding to numbers. >> let's talk about this book. you kept it a secret from your staff while you were writing it. why? >> this was tough to write. you never want to,
8:06 am
particularly in an election year for me or election period -- you never want to upset the apple cart or talk about unpleasant things. so it was difficult to write. i didn't want to be talked out of it though. this is too important. we have a crisis of principle and we need to get back to what conservative really means and i think that's a combination for the future. did keep it quiet until a couple of weeks ago, but now i hope everyone reads it. i hope everyone in the white house. >> to you expect to have president trump in your re-election bid? >> that's up to him. obviously there are only 52 senators. we have a small majority. we've reached the limit of what we can do with our small majority. we have to start reaching across the aisle. the problem that bothers me the most, whether it's for pol
8:07 am
the looming debt deficit, $22 trillion again will be soon aegd a trillion dollar as year in true deficit, you can only do that if parties sit down and share the risk. that's not going to happen when you refer to the other parties as enemies or losers or clowns. you can't sit down together. >> if, in fact, the president had tried to negotiate in terms of infrastructure and then moved to health care, would he have had a better job of fashioning a health care bill than repealing it? >> i do think so. i think we should have started with something else. keep in mind i'm from arizona. it's ground zero for the failure of the exchange. we have people paying skpord tant premiums. 200,000 air zonians will wake up today with no health care. most of them used to have it but it's gone now. it's too high and they can't buy
8:08 am
so we definitely neat reforms there. >> the president has talked about changing the voting rules, changing the filibuster. is that in the process of happening? >> no. that would be a big miss stachlkt we work our best when we work across the aisle. u think with obamacare, many of the problems it has because it was pushed through by one party by the same token we found it difficult as one party to repeal it. so i don't want to lure p back every couple of years from one extreme to the other. the genius of the senate is the saucer that cools the milk as george washington said at one point. those rules are there for a reason. they're good. they force us to work across the aisle. they invite us to work across the aisle, and we're better when they do that. >> your dedication is to that girl i met
8:09 am
beach or your better half. >> your wife cheryl. >> she's in the green room. it is my wife. we met on the beach on the first day of school. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, senator. hundreds of students who thought they were going to a top california university have been told not to come. ahead why so many offers were pulled back just two months before the
8:10 am
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the university of california irvine is apologizing to students whose offers to admit were revoke. more than 7,000 said they would enroll as freshmen. that's 100 more t
8:15 am
university had planned on. the advice chairman said for those who felt ignored or mistreated, i sincerely apologize. tony dokoupil with more on how the students are responding to being shut out. good morning. >> good morning. nearly 200 students have filed appeals while others are scrambling to find another clij that will take them in the middle of summer. >> my heart sank when i first saw it. >> reporter: emily rose said she was shocked to learn the university had withdrawn her offer of admission. >> i didn't really understand why they would do this to me because i fulfilled all the requirements. i turned in everything on time. >> reporter: irvine said it can withdraw admission offers for a variety of reasons including not maintaining a 3.0 senior year gpa, earning
8:16 am
class or not turning in transcripts. >> there's no stay tuned who has been admitted who did not meet the requirements. >> he says the university took a harder line this year enforcing its deadlines. he admits the high demand for spots for the incoming class was likely a faster. u.c. irvine ranked number nine on the list of top public school, received a record of 104,000 admissions applications this year. it's larger than expected. >> i certainly want to examine how the numbers played out and whether or not we could have been mrkt coming. >> in all, irvine rescinded 400. less than 100 have been reinstated so far. >> it's an unfortunate situation to be in. no one deserves
8:17 am
my greatest enemies. >> there have been issues at other universities. in 2009 a university sent welcome e-mails to 29,000 students who had been rejected. harvard welcomed ten who shared vulgar messages on facebook. >> for so many young people who sweat and stress over the college application process o get a letter that says you get in and then another that says, sorry, we're resinlding it, that's absolutely devastating. >> absolutely. >> a lot of angry parents. >> what ought to be their obligation for screwing up like this? >> well t college is at liberty to set deadlines and if you miss them to revoke admissions. i think read the fine print going forward if you're a college student or want to be one. more than half the population is
8:18 am
big a role do women play on the big screen? first, on "cbs this morning" what a new study found about the lack of diversity in the movie industry. and former astro not scott pierzynski shares what it was like to be dr. john glenn's doctor and crewmate when he became the oldest man in space. you're watching "cbs this morning." who wants ice creeaaaaaam!? so that's how you get them to listen. take on summer right with ford, america's best-selling brand. now with summer's hottest offer. get zero percent for seventy-two months plus an additional thousand on top of your trade-in. during the ford summer sales event get zero percent for seventy-two months plus an additional thousand on top of your trade-in. offer ends soon.
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a national baseball tournament just for girls will play today in rockford, illinois. 17 teams from the u.s. and canada travel there to play on a field that holds a special place in the history of women's baseball. for 12 seasons beginning in 1943 the stadium was home to the rockford peaches, an all feel maehl team made famous by "a league of their own." jeric jericka duncan speaks with them. >> now, women have made great strides playing professional sports, but tournament organizers say baseball still remains a few plays behind. at buyer stadium in rockford, illinois, sports history is
8:23 am
200 girls, age 7 to 17 have come here for the largest girls-only baseball tournament in u.s. history. 15-year-old kendra la veeck plays third base. why is that so important to be around other girls at this level? >> because other girls know what it's like to play baseball on an all-boys team back home and they know the extra work they have to put to be as good if not better than the boys. >> the mission is to em poyer baseball. segal was inspired by "a league of their own." the 1992 film about the first all-american girls professional baseball league. baseball
8:24 am
league during the second worldware. 90-year-old may bell blair and shirley once played for the all-girls league. >> we'll never have any babe ruths in the major league and we don't expect to. we just want a chance to play our own games. >> they traveled with levesque who even throw's a generational gap, they want to play baseball at the same level. >> you've about got to accept that they don't think you can play and go and show them differently on the ball field. >> this month marks 25 years since the release of "a league of their own," and despite being one of the most successful baseball movies in history, tournament officials say little has been done to create ave avenue for girls wanting to play at that level. >> jericka, thank you very much for that. ap
8:25 am
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colbert asks me to do because he's always been there for me. welcome back to "cbs this morning." right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. "the wall street journal" says american companies are posting profit growth that has not been seen in six years. earnings at s&p 500 technology companies have risen 5%. they're on pace to show double-digit profit grouktd for the first time since 2011. companies are benefitting from cost cutting, a weaker dlonger and spending. the span rises 28 stories above a ravine in switzerland. hikers must walk a third of a mile on a strip just over 2 feel white. look at that. time has
8:32 am
lift-off, so to speak, of a space memento. the solid gold replica of the lumar module is missing from a museum in armstrong's hometown. officials said in a statement, theft from a museum is a theft from all of us. for every day that an item is missing, we're all roubed on the opportunity to enjoy it and our history. experts think the thieves might melt down the mod and sell that gold. britain's "independent" reports on a northwest crossing. a british ice breaker did it in 24 days setting a record. it started in canada and finished in greenland. that's more than 6,200 miles. ships have been able to make the journey in recent years because there's less arctic sea ice. many believe it's one of the
8:33 am
clearest signs of climate change. the "washington post" reports "game of thrones" is facing a tweet storm over their next project. there's a time line where southern states successfully left the union. hbo's announcement of the drama series set off a back lab on twitterle april rain who created the #oscarsowhite campaign is tweeting again. >> there are times they're so a egregious you don't have to wait for them to come to fruition before you object to them. our goal is to not have the "confederate" see the light of dayet that's the bottom line. hbo says we hope people will reserve judgment until there's something to see. >> some on media says it cuts a little too close to the
8:34 am
one of the top ten nominated animated movies was led by a woman. the u.s. study examines a quality in the film industry. researchers looked at 900 movies and more than 39,000 characters over the past decade to measure the changes in diversity. first on "cbs this morning," professor stacy smith, a coresearchers of the study is with us. pgood morning, professor. it's good to see you. >> good to be here, thank you. >> break this down for snus we look at 100 of the top films, every character who utters one wrd to the protagonist. we'll get a variety of genders. >> you've been doing these studies since 2007. what have you found when you look at those numbers in terms of diversity? >> that's a great kwerquestion,
8:35 am
it clocks in a gender ratio of 2 37b9 males to every one female. we also soo an epidemic of intersectional invisibility. we look at how many films of the top 100 last year are missing different groups. over 45 don't mistle a single female black speaking character on screen. 66 completely devoid. 72 don't feature one talking latina and over 90 completely erase the lgbt group. we don't have a diversity but an inclusion process on screen and behind the scenes. >> what if there were more executives with more diversity in offices in hollywood? >> we've examined that. our federal card study in 2016 sees few women are at the upper echelons of power. what we have is
8:36 am
female directors in the chair with short films and independent features, you see more females on the screen. we need more female directors to be calling the shots behind the camera. >> you see reekse witherspoon directing mievs and bringing women in. >> patty jenkins and wonder woman or kathryn bigelow coming up with "detroit." >> what's inhibits the studios from this this exclusion in. >> there's exclusionary hiring practices. last year 4.9%. 1.2% feature women, we really see that there's exclusion when it comes to who's getting to call the shots.
8:37 am
only three. our findings condemn a pretty condemning exclusion. >> why is that? the question is why are they not hiring if in fact they were hiring? what factors would cause them to do more? more successful films of a certain kind or what? >> absolutely. there's an argument and often they lead to the gender of the character with the lead director. if only 34 films feature a colleague, it gives females fewer opportunitieses out of the top 100 last year. women aren't on the consideration list. we asked 59 executives how many top of mind directors could they think of. the mode was zero. the average was three. people aren't recalling female directors to consider them across the range of these top directing jobs. >> is there also just a shortage of good scripts and opportunities? there'
8:38 am
direction rather than opportunity. >> that's a great question. there are amazing stories to be told and the female prowess. it's the lack of decision-making and green leaning of who says these stories can move through. >> do you think the film's success will make a difference? >> it should but often it doesn't. 900 films, year in and year out. >> even with a film like wonder woman, patty jenkins, making so much money, doesn't it always come down to particulars and sense? >> it should when ha of the box office is women. 49% is women of color. you would think, why are we leaving money on the table. "ruana," "hidden figures," "girls trip."
8:39 am
he's in our toyota greenroom on what i
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
after a steak and eggs breck favgts john glenn and the others
8:43 am
what's so much part of history is john glenn is fixinging to be the oldest ever go to space, 7. >> that was the cbs news as job glen flew abort the space shuttle discovery. at the time he returned to orbit scott pair zin ski was his personal figz. pair zin ski has flown five missions and conducted seven spacewalks. 's also the only person to fly in space and reach the summit of mt. everett, separate occasions. on his new book he looks at his life in space. it's called "the sky below." . welcome to the table. >> thanks for having me. >> so you performed one of the most dangerous spacewalks to date. tell us about it. >> it was one of my best
8:44 am
t record but. we had to go out and repair a solar panel. the risks were that important. it was on my last mission. we had installed a new one at the up the of the space indication and as it was being commanded to unfurl it began to limp apart. this with us a limp noodle that had to be addressed or go out and throw away a billion dollar asset. >> what was at risk to you? >> electrocution. any part of my spacesuit and the panel could cause a bad day on orbit. >> what did you do? >> an incredible team of people in houston and around the country gave up with a brilliant plan within 72 hours to basically stuck together a solar panel on the tip of the spags station than we had e
8:45 am
before. it was really a hail mary play. >> that should be enough for any man or woman. but you also had to go climb mt. everest. >> i didn't have to but i was compelled to. i had been climbing since i was 15 years old. just the challenge of going to the world's highest peak, i had seen it from orbit. i took a from of looking straight down and i conjured up in my mind what would it look like to actually have my boot prints down there on that beautiful summit. so many years later on my second attempt i was able to top out on the mountain. >> talk about the toll that climbing mt. everest and space travel takes on the body. >> there are many challenges. yeah, actually i think my repeated exposures to space actually set me up for a back injurying which unfortunately led to a ruptured disk on mt. everest in 2000. whe
8:46 am
actually grow. i'm 6'3" on earth when i don't slouch. in sparks i'm 6'5-1/2". >> what happens? you sh link back down? >> you shrink back down. those repeated cycles probably led to a weakening on f my spine. and in 2008 on mt. everest i ruptured my disk and had to limp down. >> what are one of the changes many. >> some astro gnats are coming back with permanent changes to their vision. the question is if we send them o mars will they have functional vision by the time they get to mars or back? >> in your limited time, talk about what it like to work with john glenn? >> one of the best moments in m
8:47 am
life. to call him a friend and crewmate. he was an incredible crewmate. he added to our knowledge of science. i miss him dearly. >> is there any reason for him not to go? >> i can't think of a single one. >> physically he was up to it. >> he was 77 at the time, top condition. brilliant man, sharp as a tack until his final day. >> charlie, you sound interested. >> yeah. we'll sign you right up. >> 77. you talk about the stress that space travel and mountain climbing has on your body. what did you see after you came back? >> he had a little bit of an issue with balance. our nervous system, the inner ear gives us our balance here on earth. but in space without gravity, our eyes are our primary senator. coming back actually the reverse happens and wve
8:48 am
he had wobbly legs for a day or two. not uncommon to have astronauts expect six month osser more. >> what can we expect from you again? done the summit? >> i have a tech startup and author. i'm thrilled to -- >> it's not the same kind of risk. >> you know. it's interesting. you kind of bare your soul in a book. it's -- you know, the pathway to success is nonlinear and you have to accept some failures along the way. i've had failures and close caughts with my health as well. so by setting goals and being resolute in achieving them, you know, wonderful things can happen. >> thank you for coming by. >> thank you. "the sky below" goes on sale tomorrow. you can hear
8:49 am
morning." on our podcasts for originals on i teens and apple's ipod app. you're watching "cbs this morning." fety."
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8:52 am
say hi to everyone. >> hi. >> ah. in north carolina a 2-year-old showed his love to everyone on board his flight to chicago. guy jakubowicz made fist bumps down the flight. he does this every time he boards the plane. she told "cbs this morning" her son considers fist bumps his
8:53 am
>> that's how you get on the plane, right, charlie? >> yes.
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oh, my goodness we are in the great day kitchen with a fresh and fast tomato burger. >> markette gets a taste of the great food available at the citi open. >> it's monday, july 31st, and this my friends is great day washington. ♪ [ music ] good morning, and welcome to great
8:59 am
i'm ellen bryan in for markette. >> we'll talk about you in a second. i'm chris leary. we are in the great day kitchen with the head chef of beefsteak. casual restaurant by jose andres. >> i was worried. every time i've filled in today they've brought in barbecue and i'm a vegetarian. it's not necessarily all beef right? >> it's a twist on words, it's the name sake of the beefsteak tomato. >> name steak or the name sake. >> it's the name stack of the name sake. >> they look like it. >> they're hearty. >> yeah. >> you guys are fast casual. what's that mean? >> that means that really you come in for a quick lunch or a quick dinner, and you can be in and out and back on your way in 15 minutes or you can sit and dine with us. it's more of the casual environment versus the sit- down, have a server at your table longer experience. something for a qu
9:00 am
lunch or a quick bite for dinner. >> i think you deliver too. >> we're starting up catering too. >> stay here, i want to talk to you more and make we'll cook something. >> love that. >> i'm going to head back to rock street park tennis center, that's where markette sheppard is with the great day mercedes benz. what's happening out there? >> i am at the citi open here in northwest d. c. and i'm so excited. i used to be a tennis player in high school, and the best part about playing tennis is you burn tons of calories. now i'm a viewer like many of you viewing at home, and they have great food. whether you're a foodie or a tennis lover there's a great reason to come out. from the embassy of barbados feeding the hungry tennis viewers. >> basically today i'm going to do a fish, i'm going to season


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