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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  July 31, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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history. >> there is no way to know how many tens of thousands upon hundreds of thousands of cars have whizzed by this section of connecticut avenue. one thing that has never changed since 1936 the uptown theater but one sign on the door threatens to change that. this morning amc threatened to take down the sign add replace it with this one. >> it hat been an institution is this neighborhood for decades. >> it should be saved. >> historic footprint in this community. there is no need to change that. >> still remembers the magic. >> seeing the first ever "star wars" blockbuster there in the 1970s. it is a legend in this neighborhood. why would you want to eliminate a legend? >> we have lost the battle but not the war. >> that is exactly how the community felt at noon on
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monday. by 4:00 p.m. after the community spoke and several calls from wusa 9, the war was over, the theater giant changed its mind. >> just leave it because the memories can be saved no matter what. >> she will be happy the cleveland park community will keep their sign and their childhood memories and those yet to be made. i love it when a plan comes together. after hearing how important the sign is to the community, they are going to add l.e.d. lighting. jim vance was laid to rest today. there was a 15 minute private service at the cemetery in aspen hill. about 40 people in his immediate family gathered to say good-bye. reverend willie wilson delivered the eulogy at the grave site. a public send off is being planned for septemberment he died a week ago
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home from cancer. he had been washington's longest working anchor, 45 years, at wr c. news about a sheriff's deputy found dead after he was arrested and released on bond. they got a complaint about him on friday claiming that he tried to give someone 11 grams of marijuana. the person reported it. jones was arrested and charged with trying to deliver pot and released. >> two deputies went to his home to tell him he was being fired. when they were inside talking to family members, they heard a loud noise in the house. jones was found dead from a gunshot wound and police are investigating. part of the beach is closed, because of a body found ner. s coast guard saved three people over the
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a swimmer got caught up in strong currents. two lifeguards went into get them, but got swept away themselves. a boat crew saved all three. none had any injuries. in baltimore heavy driver will be fined $40. they were given warning letters if they were caught and now if they are driving over 12 over the speed limit, they won't get a ticket. >> there is no notifications anywhere f it is more of a catch than an actual deterrent for motorists to be safer. >> i don't want to see anybody. in 2013 the city deactivated the cameras after drivers approved there were accuracy problems and they were unfairly fined. trying to save two people from a burning car that drove off a
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blow. the car hit the ground and cart fire. officers were able to get the two people inside. the passenger is still there now. unrest in venezuela continues. the country is divided over his effort to recruits the constitution. at least ten people died in sunday's violence including one of the candidates. anti-government protests that started in april, killed over 120 people. police and protesters batted as they have for months in the streets oven ven. demonstrators believe the election continues to turn the country toward dictatorship with the social list party at the helm. >> what do you say about this election? >> fraud. >> constitutional fraud. >> protesters say they were
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threatened with ten years in jail if caught marching the thieves. >> by rewriting the constitution, -- absolutely. >> they sat and favor the opposition and stayed away from the polls. others like yvonne took to the streets instead even though gunfire was nearby. >> they are shooting right now. the national police were targets too. this explosion injured seven officers on motorcycles. supporters called the protesters terrorists. you want some law and order. yes. >> following oil prices and skyrocketing venezuela, oil accounts for nearly half of the government's revenue. venezuela is the third largest supplier to the u.s. which buys about a third of the
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crude. >> why are you out here today? they just want their voices heard. >> you feel like you don't have what you want, what you deserve. liberty, what you really want to do. >> freedom. >> yesterday. >> you don't feel you have it. >> no. >> a sweeping victory claiming 8 mill yon. we expect to see more marches and clashes today. this turmoil here only likely to continue. trending online right now, an oddities cover ry in florida. a guy gets home and finds a bear. that it chilling, right in front of his house in florida. two best birthdays. we'll have those stories
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♪ ♪ all right. let's go friending because nothing gets people on social media more excited than posting pictures of the pets. >> i do not restumble that. it is national mud day. check out my facebook. >> tons of pictures came in like this one. miranda posting about bella, her three-year-old. >> karen shared photos. she said they might not be 100% of any kind of dog breed but they have stolen my heart 100%. >> cut
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with her mixed bulldog taking a nap. hey, just chilling. >> there is no we didn't include murray. it is his one year mur verse sa ry. >> we'll have to get that on at 11:00. >> so cute. >> if you want to share your pictures, they can go to facebook, too? >> please do. absolutely. we're going to florida now. something a little -- it is always something different. >> monkeys, snakes. >> okay this is a little different. so a man gets a call from his wife, hey honey, there is a black bear on our front doorstep. he gets home and it is sleeping right there in front of his house. >> when i got here, his hind legs were sticking up in the air, 6, 7-foot long. >> you're like oh how do i do this without disturbing him? >> you don't poke the bear. number one rule. >> there were storms all day, maybe the bear was trying to
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>> dad snapped a few pictures and when it was over, he called 911. officers showed up, but they were like what do you want us to do? the sound of the cars woke up the bear and it's like bolted. what do you want us to do exactly? i would be like, get the bear. >> get the bear out of here. do something. >> down in brazil, there is an attempt at a strange new world record. >> this record, it is the largest number of people sitting at a dinner table in the sky. 102 people enjoyed some brazilian barbecue just dangling 65 feet off the ground. they are attached to an abandoned bridge bay a rope and guinness world records have not issued an official statement saying they set the record, but i will never forget this video. >> you wouldn't want to be sitting under there just in case something didn't go so well. >> a ec
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has a new home. a 1946 italian movie poster for casablanca sold at auction this weekend. $478,000. here is looking at kid. it ties the record for the highest amount paid for a movie poster at a public auction. >> got to have some money for that one. >> i know. >> two special birthdays for harry potter fans. a.j. raolings turns 52 and harry potter shares a birthday with her. the first book came out in 1997. since then, all the books and movies and toys, they have all grossed around $25 billion total. that is according to a survey done by statistics brain which is easy for me to say. she has an amazing story and clearly everybody has been loving harry potter. >> speaking of making money, a kid does
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c1 many high school athletes playing sports and making good grades takes a lot of time, but for student will leach, he is really going above and beyond. he already owns a sneaker business and he will tell us the story. >> reporter: pretty much anytime you see him he is rocking fresh kicks on
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feet. >> i'm a basketball player so most basketball players are like need some sneakers. >> reporter: unlike moat of them, he doesn't just wear them, he resells them. >> i started in fifth grade. i regularly went to the store and bought a pair of shoes, wore them outside. someone offered to pay more than what i paid for them. that gave me a hint like maybe i should buy more pairs and start reselling them to people. >> he started selling shoes by word-of-mouth and then social media. his big break came a couple years ago when he sold to quinn cook. >> he was the first person that i sold celebrity wise so that really took off from right there. >> sometimes making as much as 6 grand a month, he sold to celebrities like russell westbrook and friends. >> he always jokes around like you are too big for us now. i'm not. i'm the same kid i alwa
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buy them for a higher price? he buys limited edition sheik curse from nike to jordan so there is a high demand but short supply. will, he is the pluck. >> i never thought i would make it this far to sell to these certain people in the industry. >> why he plans to get it, i might want to open a store. i want to reach $1 million by the age of 23. we're going to see a whole lot from him. >> this is just the beginning. >> just the beginning. good for him. >> nice stuff. so the wettest july maybe? could we have a record? >> we do have some records as a matter of fact. you are correct. let's take a live look because it is not wet now. we're ending july on a spectacular note. it is .
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88 so it is dry enough to not change this number from that number. winds light north therm at 3. top ten wettest july on record. we had 9.15 inches at national. that is the 7th wettest july in history. our records go back. our third wettest at national. 11.06 in 1945 but a different story for dulles. 8.80 at dulles, that is their wettest july ever on record. our average is only 3 1/2 inches for the month, so indeed it was a wet, weather july. let's talk about august now. on the first, average high 88, 89. average low 72. by the end of the month it falls. 84 and 67 are the average high and low. the average precipitation about 3 1/2 inches of rain give or take. highest teat
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high on the 20th of july and also on the 6th of august. record low is 48 so things are kind of changing in august. another comfortable night. temperatures it 60s in the suburbs. by 9:00, 80. hot the rest of the week with highs of 90. looks like more widespread storms around on saturday. 91 tomorrow. 91 wednesday. 93 thursday, 91 friday. then back in the 80s on saturday. a cold front approachings and we'll have showers and storms. when i want to walk the dog, i can't. open, 80 downtown. 78 leesburg. then by morning, over looking at temperatures it suburbs. even 66 in la pl
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then you could walk to lunch. temperatures in the mid- to upper 80s. by 6:00 p.m., future cast trying to develop showers. i feel mostly showers are west of i 81. there is just not enough around to put them in the forecast. on the dayplanner, fair to start. 84 by 11:00. mostly sunny why 1:00 and 87. we have 90s on wednesday. 93 on thursday. a few storms. the next several days. friday, a few storms. then a lot of storms. nice on sunday, 85. monday 88. a slight chance of an isolated storm. now wusa 9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity a tonight the nationals are taking on the mas.
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here is frank with the pitch. his name is familiar. it is ryan zimmerman. home run against colorado yesterday. career .238 pasting howard for the most in history. he spent his entire 13 year career at the nationals and he was an all-star this summer. plenty more coming up. coming up at 6:00, a brother of the top prosecutors dice just steps away from escaping his burning home. >> up next, we'll take you to a tournament where girls are in a lead of your own. >> send an e-mail to news tips at wusa
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so you remember the line there is no crying in baseball made famous by the movie a league of their own? it is about the all-american girls professional baseball league and now girls across the country are gathering at the headquarters to play the game they love. [applause] >> reporter: at the stadium in illinois, history is being made. 200 girls, age 7 to 17, have come here for the largest girls only baseball tournament in u.s. history. 15-year-old kenndra plays third base. why is that so important to
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around other girls at this level? >> because other girls know what it is like to be a girl playing baseball on an all boys team back home and they know the extra work they have to put into be better than the boys. >> this is the greatest game on earth. >> she was the founder of baseball for all, a group whose mission is to empower girls through baseball. >> there is no crying in baseball. >> siegal was inspired by a league of their own. >> ♪ ♪ the 1992 film about the first all-american girls professional baseball league. baseball execs created it while the second world war while they were fighting overseas. they once played for the all girls' league the >> we'll never have any babe ruth in the major leagues and we n'
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our own game. >> they went to rockford. they wanted to play baseball at the professional level. >> a lot of people don't think girls can play baseball. they don't think you can play and you have to show them differently on the ball field. >> you may have notice the in the video, the d.c. girls baseball team is the only one in the d.c. region. it is based in washington but it draws girls 13 and under across the metro area. right now at 6:00, a late day shake up at the white house. 11 days is how long anthony scaramucci lasted as communications director. the much as we like to call him around here was let higo ts afternoon, hours after general john kelly was sworn in as the chief of staff. anthony scaramucci is out as white house coic
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the job. >> i think this was a mutually agreed conversation that took place between several people. >> anthony scaramucci's hiring prompted then press secretary sean spicer to quit. days later his tirade about chief of staff priebus forced him out. >> the president certainly felt that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position and he didn't want to burden general kelly with that. >> president donald trump started the day welcoming his new chief of staff, john kelly. >> we just swore in general kelly. he will do a spectacular job. i have no doubt as chief of staff. >> kelly, retired marine corps general will bring discipline and order to the west wing. >> this looks like john kelly is coming in as chief of staff on day one and set up a staff that works r


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