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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 1, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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campaign. >> absolutely. that's confirmed. >> reporter: wheeler now says fox news and a wealthy ricontr butoedcook up the story to distract from russian election hacking and possible collusion by the trump campaign. the first page of his lawsuit features a text to wheeler from dallas investor and trump supporter ed botowski. not to add any more pressure, but the president just read the article. he wants the article out immediately. it's now all up to you. but don't feel the pressure. >> thank you for the message. unfortunately, i cannot discuss any of the details surrounding the lawsuit. >> reporter: wheeler is not talking. but the lawsuit alleges fox ruined his reputation with two false quotes, including my investigation shows someone within the d.c. government, democratic national committee, or clinton team is blocking the murder investigation from going fo
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anything, heard anything, just come forward. >> reporter: the conspiracy theories have shaken rich's family, and a spokesman says they are hoping this is the end of it. >> for a family that's just desperately seeking to be able to grieve, to have to go through that over and over and over again has just torn their hearts out. >> reporter: d.c. police detectives think that seth rich was killed in a botched robbery. while he was walking home late at night. they are still hunting for his killer. in d.c., bruce luchene, wusa9. >> that dallas investor and trump reporter now insists to npr he was just joking about the president pushing the story. it may be summer, but it's a first day for fall sports in the area's largest school district. despite concerns over concussions, seeing steady rt
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football. their football program has seen a 40% drop in the number of concussions over the past three years. other sports, also seeing fewer concussions. school leaders point to greater awareness, and their concussion policy, which requires training for all involved in high school sports, including students and parents. >> from where we are in fairfax, the majority of our concussion cases are managed, and evaluated essentially from start to finish by the athletic trainers in our schools. they're typically here on the sidelines, and are able to help manage that student's recovery. >> the cdc recommends a baseline exam which assesses balance, memory schools, concentration, problem solving, and previous concussion symptoms. it's recommended for kids playing sports who are over 10 years old, they should take the exam every year. we've got some new details since the news at 6:00 about that missing mom and two children
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the car in the water before first responders. and one of those family members tells us, he pulled the mom right out of the car. we're still waiting for official confirmation on the identities of the people found inside. take a listen to first responders as they arrived on the scene. >> the vehicle has been in the water for a few days. >> fire rescue personnel in the water confirmed as three black tag patients. >> dispatchers went on to say that means the three inside that car had little hope for surviver. severe weather may have played a part in this car going off evergreen mills road. so sad. his first full day on the job for a new white house chief of staff, john kelly. all eyes watching to see if he can
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west wing. >> president trump met with small business owners at the white house tuesday afternoon as part of his american dream week. >> the jobs are coming pouring back. factories are coming pouring back into our country. >> but it's the business behind the scenes that's getting more attention. this is white house chief of staff john kelly's first full day on the job, after he was sworn in on monday. his initial order of business was getting rid of white house communications director anthony scaramucci, an the petting order in the west wing has changed. all will report directly to kelly instead of the president. there is one change the president does not plan to make, his use of social media. he says his tweets are the only way to communicate the truth to the american people. >> reporter: this friday, attorney general jeff sessions will hold a news conference about
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justice's investigation into ongoing intelligence leaks. cbs news, the white house. in other news this evening, the senate has just confirmed president donald trump's nominee to serve as fbi director. tuesday'svote, 92-5 for christopher ray. he's a former high ranking official in president george w. bush's justice department who overcall investigations into corporate fraud. president trump's lawyer is pushing back on a washington post report that the president allegedly dictated his oldest son's misleading statement about a meeting with a russian lawyer. the president reportedly crafted that statement, flying home from the g20 summit in germany, after initially saying that meeting was about russian adoptions, donald trump jr. later released emails showing the person he was meeting with had some dirt on hillary clinton. that dominated the daily white house press briefing. is the statement that don jr.
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there's no inaccuracy in the statement. the president weighed in as any father would, based on the limited information that he had. this is all discussion, frankly of no consequence. >> an attorney for the president dismissed that washington post story as quote misinformed, inaccurate, and not pertinent. her office is said to dismiss several cases assigned to officers accused of planting drugs on suspects. the move comes after a body cam video appeared to show a baltimore police officer planting drugs that resulted in an arrest. mosby said her office is set to dismiss a total of 34 cases. the public defender's office released the body cam video, that appears to show
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officers working together to manufacture evidence. surveillance video captured the incident outside of a ft. lauderdale resort. it shows the former officer, john kernan, punching rodriguez in the face, knocking him to the ground.. the ft. lauderdale police department says they're following up in the attack. baltimore based underarmor announced today it is laying off 2% of its workforce. cnbc reports that half of those 280 people being let go work in the company's charm city headquarters. shares of underarmor have plummeted about 49% over the past year. a big plunge came after the chief praised president trump as a real asset for this country. the first of the month is bringing summer-like temps for their stormy
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or east, you're going to see showers and storms this evening. these are pretty heavy storms. not severe. a little bit of lightning. the main threat is heavy rachel. as i mentioned earlier, they're not moving anywhere. producing rainfall rates over an inch per hour. there's going to be some ponding on the roads, and minor street flooding. just trying to get out of the city, one of the thoroughfares. even wisconsin, it's going to be a slow go. this is still very heavy rain. western avenue, eastern avenue, everything has heavy rain. do not see any hail, and do not see any strong winds anymore. in terms of the height, it's about 30,000 feet. that's a respectable storm. also another storm toward buoy. trying to get between d.c. and baltimore also will be a little slow going. we'll talk about our chance for widespread relief. still
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residents of north carolina's outer bank strike back at the company that plunged them into darkness. >> also coming up, the mayor of a shrinking town in the deesapeake is preparing to bateal
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for a huge power outage on north carolina's outer bank. nearly 50,000 visitors have been asked to leave. it couldn't come at a worse time for local business owners. they count object these folks to make a living. police are turning away all new visitors until the power is back. >> when the population leaves here, the economy is essentially gone and shut down. >> this company made a mistake, and cut these cables. it is time to get it fixed. >> in a class action suit filed against the construction company responsible for this mess, local business owners say they have suffered thousands of dollars in losses. the company did not respond to messages, seeking some response to the lawsuits. power is expected to be fully restored within a week or two. the mayor of a virginia island that's sinking
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chesapeake bay will debate former vice president al gore on climate change. he says erosion is a real threat, and not a rise in sea level. gore will appear in a cnn debate tonight. coming up on wusa9 news, a push for real technology after children die in hot cars. >> some of the greatest moments in u.s. space history, but the control room in houston is in need of a facelift this is the moment. need of a facelift the moment you could put yourself in the driver's seat of a new mercedes-benz. come to mgm national harbor and enter the choose your ride giveaway. the more you play, the more chances you earn to win your share of $350,000 in prizes including a new mercedes-benz convertible, sedan or suv.
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first, this officer bought diapers for a woman he was sent to arrest for shoplifting them. laurel, maryland police have people calling to donate to a desperate mom, and to reimburse the officer named bennett johns. now they're donating those funds to a trusted charity that specializes in helping those families. >> you have people coming in every day, asking for diapers. >> the organization is called laurel advocacy and referral service, or lars. if you want to donate
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name of officer johns, go to and you'll find all of the links on our report there. >> good stuff. move is underway to give more protection to children left stranded in hot cars. >> i have not forgiven myself. >> reporter: miles and caroll henderson always wanted a childment they were overjoyed when they adopted chase, but on a busy 90-degree day, miles forget to drop the 21-month-old off at daycare. >> it's heartbreaking because i did it. i killed my son. >> nobody thinks it will happen to them until it happens. >> reporter: chase's death is one of more than 700 heat stroke fatalities of children left in cars since 1998. an average of 37 per year. the first 7 months of this year have been the worst in terms of health-relat
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since 2010. >> all cars ought to include sensors that can very simply save lives. >> reporter: aiming to prevent these tragedies, connecticut senator richard bloomenthal introduced a bill -- >> consumers should want this product just as they do seat belts and air bags. >> reporter: general motors began offering a similar sensor for some models this year. but the proposed mandate would miss those who need it most. so few parents of young children buy new cars. senator bloomenthal believes any added cost for the measure would be minimal. he says it should attract strong bipartisan support, and hopes to see it in new cars in 2019. 11 children died in hot cars in july. that's a 10 year high. >> got to do something about that. a move
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restore an historic nasa control room in houston to its former glory. it's the place where a generation of americans watched nasa beat the soviets in the space race. people in the room directed more than 40 gemini, apollo space shuttle launches and landings. that room has been designated a national historic landmark, but it's fallen into disrepair people walking away with pieces of the space history when they visit. gene krantz was nasa's director. >> the displays don't work anymore. >> when you look at the condition of the room today, what goes through your mind? >> a combination of frustration, anger, resentment. this is not appropriate. this is where our generation made history. this is where apollo
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the challenge issued by president kennedy. >> a nonprofit that runs the visitors center has launched a $5 million fundraising campaign. it's designed to restore the control room to what it looked like during its former glory days. i guess it would be kind of hard to look and see all the buttons and things you looked and touched when you made history. >> i'm thinking of all the movies that showed that. >> of course, now may not be in our smartphone, but in our laptops, same computing power that was in that room. we reached a yellow weather alert, because now we have a severe thunderstorm warning for the district, and surrounding areas. we'll show you that in just a second. looking at pretty big storms, especially, they're not moving anywhere. i'm mainly concerned about flash flooding. a live look outside. down to 79 now, because of the little storm at the airport. winds now north-northwest at 16. so here's the radar. there is the stm.
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columbia. southern montgomery county, and prince george's county until 7:00. i couldn't find any hail or damaging winds. suffice to say the warning is out there until 7:00. we know it is heavy rain. rainfall rates an inch an hour. also as you get toward route 50, not quite to buoy just yesterday. but look at the heavy rain from silver springs. we just follow east-west highway, and you get the heavy rain. if you're in this area, you're under the warning until 7:00 p.m. tonight. look at the rains. creek parkway, that can be atone to flooding as well. you just sort of follow 410 eastward toward the beltway. you've got big time rain. that's going to slow folks down a lot. looking at the heavy rain slowly evading, but just drifting northeastward 5 miles per hour. barely moving at all. we have had damage earlier around 2:00 up
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there were reports of some  telephone poles down. some power lines down, a tree down on a vehicle near the intersection of old farm brook drive and brice court, and also power lines on ballinger creek. so that storm was heavy earlier around 2:00. so early heavy thunderstorms this evening, then just muggy, morning temps 68 to 82. hot and more humid tomorrow. a few more storms tomorrow. hot the rest of the week, and cooler over the weekend. it looks nice over the weekend in fact. temperature wise, low 90s wednesday, thursday, and friday. then we're back in the 80s on saturday and sunday. future cast will advance this now to 11:00 at night. maybe a left joafort shower, most of the showers gone by 8:00. low 70s to start with lots of sunshine. 70s to start, no doubt, downtown. quickly, 85 by 11:00. maybe a storm by 1:00, walking to lunch. you migh
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and win? we may never truly understand what drives mercedes-amg. but here's to another 50 years o.f it mercedes-amg. half a century of driving performance. we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. for example, thyme. it's part of our 100% veggie diet and helps support their immune system. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever. a company in wisconsin became the first one in the country today to offer implanted chip technology to all of its employees. people are literally lining up saying stick the chip in
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i can get into work easier, and go to the break room, and get into my computer. okay. i mean, it's optional. the chip is implanted between the thumb and the forefinger underneath the skin within seconds. not unusual to see former college players end up on the same team in the nfl. doesn't happen all that often with high school players, diane roberts has more on a player making an impact with a high school teammate by his side. >> jay gruden says he loves the way the free agent acquisition plays, covering receivers, breaking up passes. he's very impressed with his play this camp. in the backfield with fan favorite josh norman, an old teammate. not his first former high school teammate. >> i sounds
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montgomery. i don't know how that happened. i got drafted with a high school teammate, to come and play with another high school teammate, which is very rare. we've got a lot of talent in greenwood. to have two guys on the same team from greenwood is amazing. >> reporter: i'm sure what swearenger hopes to do is break up passes, maybe catch a couple interceptions and maybe take one to the house. in richmond, diane roberts, wusa9 sports. >> the takeaway, the maryland coach needs to get down to greenwood high school and get some recruits. news at 6:00 is next. >> you guys will be back at 7:00, an
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( applause ) >> mason: the bell ringer. stocks at a record high. 401(k)s, too, but... but. >> reporter: how ishe t economy grading out? >> not as strong. >> mason: also tonight, the president was involved in his son's misleading account of the meeting with the russians. >> he weighed in, offered suggestion, like any father would do. >> mason: a warning about travel-- not abroad, but in one of the 50 states. teenaged drivers-- why the oldest teens are a bigger risk than the youngest. and for astronauts in space, it was the most important place on earth. >> reporter: when you look at the condition of the room today, what goes through your mind? >> it's a combination of frustration, anger,


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