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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a drowning in a backyard pool. a child is dead and so is the man who tried to save her. a lightning strike sets a house on fire while the owner is on vacation. robert mueller's investigation into the president takes a big turn. this transgender woman wants to unseat a virginia delegate. and documenting dc's hidden history. the news at 11:00 starts now. we begin with breaking news in the district. the spike in violent
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we've been reporting on series of shootings around the district last week. tonight we can add four more to the list all in one place in northeast. marcell -- markette sheppard -- marcella robertson with more. what do you know? >> reporter: police describe a scary situation at 18th and monroe in northeast. i want you to focus back where those cars are in the bay. basically where the auto shop, where the people who work on those cars. a group of men were standing back there when another group of men pulled up about 7:40 broad daylight. three armed men got out of a car and started firing into that group. we know four people total were shot as you mentioned. one person did die from that shooting. three other people shot were breathing. they are expected to be okay. neighbors are pretty shaken up that it happened right here. they say for the past few years this area hasn't been that bad,
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hear what happened. >> it's the calm with a lot of families. i'm surprised it happened now. >> reporter: police still have this entire area here blocked off on 18th and monroe. they're putting down evidence markers, taking pictures. at this point there is no suspect description. they're looking for those three armed men to come forward. wusa9. >> all right, thanks. now to a developing story in anne arundel county. a little girl and her grandfather are dead both drowned in a backyard pool after he jumped in to try to save her. this happened in servena park. pete, just a tragic story. >> yeah lesli. this whole neighborhood is hurting tonight. the house with that pool behind me here. this is suppose to be a
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gesture gone wrong. >> reporter: in 32 years of living in this neighborhood, joanne horn knew something was wrong. she drove by jamar drive this afternoon, a crowd of police outside. county firefighters pulled a 4- year-old girl and her grandfather from this backyard pool. they say both did not know how to swim. the girl jumped into the deep end. police say other kids tried to pull her out with a pole. that's when the grandfather jumped in too. >> nobody ever expects their family members not to come back home. >> reporter: the girl and her grandfather did not live here. they are from a few doors down. the homeowner here let them use the pool as long as adults were watching. police say the girl's great grandmother called 911. a traumatic memory not fading away any time soon. >> i imagine people as long as th
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think oh yeah something tragic happened there and it is always going to touch your heart when you go by. >> reporter: police are not releasing the names of those who died. the man who owns the house with the pool is a private investigator in town. we tried to get in touch with him tonight. >> a lot of broken hearts there tonight, thank you. and one last story, one last note on this story. police in anne arundel county say that owner is not facing charges tonight. some prince george's county tonight. a homeowner said her house burned down after being hit by lightning. stephanie ramirez is here. this is pretty extraordinary story. she was not at home, but she decided last minute to stay one extra
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around 1:00 in the morning prince george's county fire department arrived to find a tree and valley simmon's house on fire. she says neighbors reported hearing a boom. you can see what looks like a big hole throughout the house. what i wasn't expecting to find was an honest person. i asked her how she's surviving. >> and i'm like everybody else in america. from paycheck to paycheck. >> reporter: she is still keeping her spirits. it's a lot. >> it is very difficult to walk through here. this was her home of 9 years. >> i hadn't even grasped my mind around the whole situation. >> reporter: the catch she had died in the fire. they also lost about $75,000 worth of damage. books, artwork, and they
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both musicians on a tight budget. >> it was numbness. i was like oh my gosh. everything is gone. she is still singing a tune after showing me this. >> i'm a breast cancer survivor of two years, yes. so my friends are like you beat the main thing. you'll be okay. >> it is such a small world sometimes. we had no idea about the connection until today. if you want to help her check out their website and look for the story on our app as well. on the house i can tell you fire investigators say the damage outside is consistent with the lightning strike. they're still looking into it, but there is nothing you can do about it. lesli? >> that is traumatic to sea. she has got to be just filled. this is why people have to take lightning so seriously. >> we do. it's not one of the criteria. that's all wind and hail. but it's the second
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weather phenomenon, next with the floods. about every year with lightning. >> nobody thinks they will be in that number. they think it won't hit them, but it will hit them twice. we have big storms earlier today, but these storms produced some hail and lightning and wind. check this out as we talked about this on facebook live and we talked about hail as it was hitting. thank you for sending this in. this is great video and i slowed it down as it kind of looks like a march snowstorm. but that's hail about the size of the quarter almost to half a dollar. then you get a severe thunderstorm warning automatically, but that is in springfield earlier today. that's crazy stuff. now check out these pictures. they're intense. this is a storm around leesburg with a little wall cloud here and a gorgeous picture. this is out in bull run
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just a beautiful picture. look at this this is moving in towards the district. we will come back and talk about the storms tomorrow. >> thanks, top. we're tracking a story developing at the white house tonight. robert mueller who is investigating connections between president trump's campaign and the russian government has impaneled a grand jury in washington. this might be a thing and it might not. they need a grand jury to issue subpoenas for witnesses and bank records and e-mails, things like that. president trump dismissed the allegations yet again. take a listen. >> there were no russians in our campaign, there never were. we didn't win because of russia. we won because of you. >> this will be one of the last stops before vacation. he is scheduled to take 17 days off starting tomorrow. but the plan? well he's headed for
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resort in new jersey. yes, he told 60 minutes after his election. "i don't think we'll be very big on vacations." congress didn't even wait for the president. they're leaving with no reform plan, not much in the way of ledge -- legislation. what's waiting for them when they get back? two items they will have to tackle right away. raising the debt ceiling and funding the government. she's a transgender woman and she wants your vote for the virginia house of delegates. her name is danica roem. we asked debra alfarone to introdheuce r to us. today we're going to see the sort of commute we have to deal with every single working day and it's been like
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decades. come on, take a ride. >> reporter: ride with danica roem for two hours in stop-and- go traffic and you'll learn a lot. >> these are one milligrams, where those are two milligrams. >> reporter: the former journalist started her transition in 2014. >> the word freedom is what a lot of people will use to describe their process and their ability to actually live. i work and i had a chance to tell them i was outed to say hang in there, it will be all right. >> you could make history? >> yeah, when i finally fixed it up. we're at zero miles an hour right now. we're not moving, but we're stuck. there comes a place where you cover politicians
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could do better than this. >> bob marshall was a reporter for the gainesville time and prince williams time.  >> this happened every single working day. it's been happening for three decades. >> reporter: he talks about marshall, proposing a bathroom bill in north carolina. my he misgenderred her to the washington post. >> i had to go through a lot in my transition to get to where i am right now. i think when you're a delegate you need to respect your constituents. respecting your transgender constituents means you acknowledge them. >> how comfortable are you that they would get that? >> they have not gotten it done and they can't get it done and they will not get it done. >> why do you think
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getting reelected? how do you know you'll win? >> the numbers, they're there to win. bob marshall is slammed with constituent work, but addressed two things. one, danica is mistaken about the legal authority state delegates have. there's no magic wand. and two, i asked about misgenderring her and he said, "dna doesn't lie and biology isn't bigotry, and i caught grammar." we asked for an interview, but he says he'll get back to us, lesli. >> by the way danica has seen a spike in campaign contributions right after president trump announced he's banning transgender people from serving in the military. there's a viral article out there claiming federal agents found rat meat for sale, but labeled as chicken wing. is that for real or fake news? you asked, so we'll verify.
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in southeast dc is ready for their next move and that means jobs. lots of them. we'll tell you about that. you're going to learn about a project that is documenting the hidden history of one particular year in the district. there's lots of great stuff ahead. and then dc's most accurate forecast. when the news at 11:00 continues here
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work development in washington, d.c. is growing every single day. that means jobs. if you're looking for one more than 40 employers will be in one place interviewing for retake into consideration hospitality, and jobs. it's happening next thursday on august 10 at the arena stage from 9:00 to noon. you'll need to register online. and we'll have all this information online for you tonight at we waited until after dinner to bring you this verify. it's about an article that's been shared thousands of times already on facebook. and it has one of our neighbors pretty grossed out. >> hi. my name is leslie.
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i'm from capitol heights, maryland. i've seen this headline on facebook. it says there is more than a million pounds of rat meat being sold in the u.s.a. for boneless chicken. wusa9, tell me is there any truth to that? please verify. >> all right, our researchers went straight to the article. here is that headline. more than a million pounds of rat meat is sold as boneless chicken wings in the u.s.a. our researchers chased this article back to the original report posted on a website called world news daily report, which is known for posting satire. their hot story for today is south africa. man gives birth nine months after presumed alien abduction. but just to make sure there wasn't a nugget of truth in there we took a
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their alleged facts. the article claims the fda seized the meat from illegal shipping containers at a part in san francisco. but the fda says nope. spokesman peter casell says the agency is not aware of the seizure of rat meat seized. rest easily leslie with an e. we can confirm this article about rat meat being sold aschicken is false, thankfully. our verify team is always ready to go for you if you spotted something you think might be fake news let us know about it. we'll check it out. reach out on twitter or facebook on now to a story about a history hidden no more. don henry told us about a project designed to preserve the memories of one of dc's most significant years. so we asked him to put that story together to share with you. >> reporter: a lot has changed in washington over the years. just take a
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city was like almost 50 years ago. in 1968 unrest poured into the streets of washington following the assassination of dr. martin luther king jr. but there is so much more to that year beyond these pictures. one northwest woman has committed herself to telling those stories. >> maria mccoridor. >> reporter: this woman is in charge of the 1968 dc project. >> so many wonderful things happened in 1968. the urban institute, the latin american youth center and the memorial library was ground broken. >> reporter: she is asking for pictures, flyers, and yearbooks that'll show what the year was like. she'll then post those stories to a digital platform in 2018. that'll provide the public with 365 days worth of stories. >> what does the yearbook mean? >> it allows you to get a snapshot of that particular moment. when you look at them collectively, then you are also able to make
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gotten a lot of interest. they have taught people how to preserve their memorabilia if they want to contribute to the effort. they received a $15,000 grant from amenities in d.c. on top of that they have gotten a lot of help from the community as well. >> i was about 8 years old where we lived in washington, d.c. >> reporter: tom fong helped identify the people in this chinese new year's parade photo. >> this picture is very near and dear to my heart. when i see this photo, it's our history, tradition, pride in our culture. >> reporter: he is happy someone is working to preserve these memories. >> i do think it could be lost and really not even know that it is lost. >> we've got a link on our website wusa9. you can actually follow and contribute to the 1968 era to this project. >> it was a defining moment in the city's history and this country's history and it is hidden no more. thanks for sharing. speaking of dc's history, here is th
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in the digital collection at the library of congress. it's a photo from 1920 or so showing the old capitol where congress met after the british burned the capital during the war of 1812. it's no longer a part of the city scape torn down to make way for what is now the supreme court. always good to take a look back at history. >> yes, it is. but remember not to repeat it. we study to organize. >> and to remember what would happen so we don't repeat some of it. >> we repeat it all the time. it's a shame that we do as human nature. 3-degree began feoffment we went to 92. and with the winds going out of the south, it will come up the river and keep temperatures down. it made it to the 90s, so we are okay. 92 tomorrow, why not? three days in a row 92 on friday. okay a live look outside. michael and son weather cam. it's 75 right now. feels like it is 75. it is pretty tropical outside with the winds light out of the northeast at 5. her
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9:00 and 10:00. especially moving out of leesburg towards frederick and another batch along i-81 with a couple of storms that are still hanging on, but they are diminishing. a little heavy storm south of hagerstown with a couple of flashes of lightning and brief heavy rain, but they are not severe. the morning temperatures in the low 80s. isolated storms tomorrow afternoon. again your early plans are fine and the commute will be fine going home tomorrow. later a different storm best chance will be overnight. i was there right now about 3:00 a.m. and the best chance for thunderstorms. we are talking about low humidity and pure sunshine. check out these temps after 92 tomorrow, boom. 85 on saturday, which may be too high. 85 on sunday with the low 80s on monday and tuesday and that's more of a reflection of showers and clouds, but saturday and sunday pure sun and low humidity. pretty sweet. early in the morning we're back in
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by 9:00 we're 80 downtown with a lot of sunshine. could be a little patchy fog tomorrow morning. 1:00 you can walk to lunch. temperatures are close to 90 already. 89 in leesburg and 88 downtown. by 6:00 you'll notice the share of showers are west of i-81. that'll be the case. so you could cook out tomorrow date night and eat outside if you want to. 86 and 83 in gaithersburg. but by 10:00 we're 77 in bowie and leesburg and here comes our line of showers and storms with the front itself. but again the best news of all, these are going to roll on through while you're sleeping on friday night. that's about perfect timing i would say. so day planner, 70s to start and already 80 by 9:00 and mid- 80s by 11:00, almost 90 by 1:00. so we will get into saturday and could be a few more clouds and then beautiful. 65 at 8:00 and saturday night and 68 in the burbs. 85, gorgeous on sunday. monday though get ready. showers and rain, showers d
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afternoon storm on intend more showers and thunderstorms on thursday. we'll be right back after this.
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football at all levels at redskins training camp. as they continue the team hosted a special clinic for moms of young players in richmond. moms learned some of the basic fundamentals on the field. chris cooley and gary clark. >> leadership comes from within, not necessarily following. that's what i'm telling parents to make sure the kids don't go down another road because another kid goes down that road. >> it's always fun to learn a new and innovative way in the way of safety and teaching drills to children. i do support the elementary schools. >> while he's making people look bad in miami's summer league. we will all explain how they are making those fans with their news conference. 's
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extension. >> yeah, you want to be in that section where the skittles
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okay, one more hot day, 92. an isolated storm during the day with a better chance overnight tomorrow, which is perfect because you'll be sleeping and set the stage for a spectacular weekend. >> you made up for it. >> thank you. >> it'll be good. all right, that's it for us. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you
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