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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 15, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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what in the world is this? was the president defending white supremists? >> you also had people that were very fine people on both sides. >> that is the sign of a morally compromised person. >> this man knows all about being the target of hate. tonight he's talking with us. >> and the debate about confederate statues hits home, the news a 11:00 starts now. be i
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need the facts. >> so that's how it started, but it wasn't long until presidential statements were coming fast and furious. president trump going rogue. that's what his staff is calling it. he wasn't supposed to take questions from reporters, but oh, did he ever. pete muntean is here to break down a fiery press conference. >> president trump called out white supremists yesterday. now he's back to blaming all sides in charlottesville. the president just kicked that up a notch saying it was counter protesters who became violent. he just started calling them the alt left. >> great to be back in new york. >> president trump started on message pushing for new national infrastructure in the lobby of trump hotel. then he condemned the driver who crashed into counter protesters saturday. >> the driver of the car is a murderer. >> heather heyer was killed. 19 others were hurt, but in
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minutes trump turned his anger their way. he said those against white supremists in charlottesville are now partly to blame. >> what about the alt left that came charging at what you say is the alt right? do they have any semblance of guilt? >> for 20 minutes trump took questions from the so-called fake news media. this was unplanned against the unrelenting newly coined alt left. trump said he slowed this statement to get all the facts. >> you had a group on the other side that came charging in without a permit and they were very, very violent. >> in charlottesville the fight centers on this statue of confederate commander robert e. lee. trump called the push to move it changing history. he invoked thomas jefferson and george washington, founding fathers who did not fight for slavery. >> george washington was a slave owner. was george washington a slave owner? so will george washington now lose his status? are we going to take down the statue because
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slave owner? >> trump said moving that statue should remain a local issue. he said among the protesters on both sides very fine people. pete muntean, wusa9. >> thanks. we searched far and wide for a social media post supporting the president's comments today checking in with his fellow republicans and some of his notable supporters. of this the first one we found, -- this is the first one we found, a thank you from david duke, former head of the ku klux klan. most of them matched the tone of house speaker paul ryan. he tweeted, "we must be clear. white bigotry is repulsive. there can be no moral ambiguity." democratic senator chris murphy had a call to action. his tweet, "after today white house staff have effectively been folded into the white sumpremacy propaganda operation. your choice, stay or go." we want to bring another voice into this conversation,
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that comes from white sumpremacy and the rise of naziism. he's a survivor of the holocaust and here are his thoughts about all this in his own words. >> my name is alfred munser. i'm 75 years old. i was born in holland during the nazi occupation. my mother and i were the only ones to survive from my family. my sisters were killed in auschwitz. they were only 6 and 8 years old. we came to the united states in 1958 really to try to leave behind all the bad memories of the holocaust. we never, never expected to see the kinds of hatred that was shown in charlottesville. this is the time to speak up and condemn it unquivocally. >> so you know
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you're changing history. you're changing culture. >> reporter: if you could give a message to the president if he happened to be watching this very newscast? >> just very, very sad that he wasn't able to speak up forcefully and that he had to be prompted and then he really seemed to take his words back. there is a tremendous difference between people who are promoting hate speech and people what are there to promote and speak up against hate speech. a lot of people are talking about the president's comments in charlottesville tonight including a gold star father who knows exactly what it's like to be the target of hate filled speech. khizr khan said there is no way that the blame for saturday's violence rests with both sides. he spoke with mike valerio who is live
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charlottesville. >> reporter: khizr khan lives only a few miles from where we're standing right now. we're positioned in front of the paramount theater where we'll see the memorial service for the victim of this crash tomorrow at 11 a.m., but back to khizr khan, the gold star father who everybody remembers pulling out the constitution from his pocket during the convention in philadelphia, he went on to em us in his view the president has become -- to tell us in his view the president has become morally compromised and can no longer lead after charlottesville. he electrified the dnc and challenged donald trump. >> i will gladly lend you my comb. >> reporter: now the outspoken critic of the if the citing the russia investigation and trump's handling of the crisis in charlottesville said the president can't lead the country in a moment of racial reflection. >> i am concerned that such a morally and legally compromised leader will never rise and
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blamed in part protesters who he doubled the alt left. khan thinks differently. >> it wasn't any other group that ran over the crowd. it wasn't any other group that carried the weapons. >> reporter: virginia is open carry, but khan said the intimidation was clear. clashes resembling what he saw before moving from pakistan. >> i ran from that because that is contemporary to human spirit, human creation. >> reporter: you find it here. >> i find it right here in my backyard. >> reporter: but even as the furor may be far from over khan remains an optimist. >> when you have so much goodness in the nation, that nation cannot be victimized. that nation cannot be misdirected regardless of the leadership. >> reporter: and speaking specifically about rallies for alt right groups going forward, khizr khan also told us that it's up to those groups to prove to civic leaders that what happened in charlottesll
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permits are approved. for now that's latest. reporting live in charlottesville mike valerio, wusa9. >> thank you, mike. we'll explore what could be next for controversial protests in a few minutes. right outside charlottesville city hall something pretty amazing is happening. it's a freedom of speech wall. you've got something to say, grab some chalk, write it down and people are writing away on the wall, in the street, on the nearby buildings, messages of peace and love and coming together and now while we were there tonight we asked people what they thought about the president's remarks today. >> just stunned, stunned with the lack of leadership for all of us. >> i don't agree with him, nor do i disagree with him. i think once again it's somewhere in the middle. >> the statue that's at the center of the whole story in charlottesville was the site
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another tense standoff earlier today. look at this. a man arrived dressed in confederate clothing with a confederate flag, a rifle and a gun on his hip. he said he was there to defend the statue of robert e. lee, but an angry crowd demanded that he leave and he eventually did being escorted by police. the governor of maryland is giving the boot to a statue that's outside the statehouse that's a monument to robert b. taney who served as chief justice to the u.s. supreme court. think back to the dred scott decision of 1857 that said african americans can't be u.s. citizens. taney wrote that. today governor larry hogan said we can't hide from our history, but we should not glorify the dark chapters. a statue of the confederate soldier stands outside the old loudoun county courthouse in leesburg. a pro confederate group planned
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after seeing what's happened in charlottesville they've now canceled that rally and by the way, the naacp wants that statue moved to a nearby confederate cemetery. what will protests of white supremists look like. in virginia a team will review the process for issuing rally permits, but a charlottesville attorney said everyone should be able to have their say peacefully, even a possible terrorist group. here's stephanie ramirez. >> reporter: the keyword is peaceful. as long as you follow the law and are peaceful, the rutherford institute president said it's your first amendment write. >> james madison who wrote the first amendment said this very clearly, to protect the minority against the majority. >> reporter: he said whether you agree with it or not, the right to unite falls under that. >> we're going to continue fighting for everybody's rights whether it's people on the left or right because we don't get into that dangerous game
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we're saying only certain people have rights under the constitution. >> reporter: two attorneys sued charlottesville on behalf of the unite the right rally organizer, the man seen getting punched and chased from his own press conference. he claimed his first amendment rights were violated by the city when it tried to move the rally to a more remote location days before the protest. since then everybody has been pointing fingers on who is to blame for the violence. virginia governor terry mcauliffe commended police action with armed protesters. >> the judge ruled against us. that rally should not have been in the middle of downtown. >> the peyton manning thing to do much better -- the main thing to do much better is before these events occur set up a buffer zone and no. 2, start teaching tolerance. >> reporter: stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> now they all condemned the violence. there was a rally set for richmond in september in support of confederate
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led that organizer to cancel it. while we're talking about first amendment rights, there is one guaranteeing a right to assemble. so why is the government demanding data this shows who was interested in protesting on inauguration day? >> one of the busiest stretches of street in our area is about to become a construction zone for the next two years. ouch. we'll help you get ready. hey, top. >> all right. all eyes on monday. here's the deal on the eclipse. it start at 1:17, peaks at 2:42. we have 81% totality here, not bad. the shadow travels at 2,000 miles per hour. you'll want to see it in totality, knoxville is probably the closest city, next eclipse 2024. we'll come back, have the forecast for monday and tell you who needs to set your alarm earlier for tomorrow. >> after a violent couple days in southeast a d.c. community leader has a message for the mayor, one term and you're done. >> we've got a lot more to tell you about
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the news at 11:00 continues now with a look back to january 20th. remember this? the violent protests in the streets after the inauguration of president donald trump. the justice department is trying to force an internet company to hand over information about every person who visited a website used to organize protests, not just the people who actually took part in the protests, but everybody who visited that site. the company is fighting back saying the order is too broad and unconstitutional. we've got breaking news out of alabama, a setback for president trump in tonight's republican senate primary. the candidate he endorsed has come in second. luther strange, nobody got a majority of the votes. so strange and the first place fini
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runoff. moore is the former alabama chief justice kicked off the court for refusing to remove a 10 commandments monument from court ground. a story that's new tonight and sure to create some headaches, two years worth of water main repairs on a major commuter route, we're talking about colesville road in silver spring. crews will replace water mains underneath it on a 2-mile stretch. so the work is going to start in downtown silver spring at georgia avenue right by the afi silver theater and the work zone will extend 2 miles to the north all the way up to where colesville road meets the beltway. they won't work during rush hour, but they will work all weekend. this starts next week. more information about a deadly blast, you remember this one, the explosion at flower branch apartment in silver spring that killed seven people and injured dozens more and left 100 people homeless. the national
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says investigators found a vent pipe disconnected in the basement. so that caused natural gas to build up and bypass the safety feature designed to vent that gas. the ntsb doesn't know how that got disconnected or who did it. they have scheduled more tests. in the district tonight after five shootings in two days in southeast an outspoken elected leader is calling out the mayor. the ward 8 anc commissioner calls that area a war zone and said the mayor is not only ignoring the problem, she may be part of it. here's delia goncalves. >> reporter: there are plenty of uniformed officers when there is a shooting in the area, but amc commissioner said we need to go back to what works, plain clothes officers. >> just because it was bad then, does that mean it's going to be bad now? >> reporter: in 2015 d.c. police disbanded its squad on
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racial profiling. do you feel like people are not afraid of uniformed officers, that's why we need more plain clothes? >> it is a known fact they do not respect the uniform. >> reporter: trantham said retrain those officers, return them to the streets so they can stop these shootings. >> people say the mayor has the chief of police hands' tied. i do believe that. i think chief newsom would do much more if he could. >> reporter: a spokesperson from the mayor said mayor bowser has fought for more officers and implemented one of the most comprehensive body worn camera programs in the country to build trust between police and residents. >> the only time i see police around here is when something has gone wrong. >> plenty of opportunity for police to engage with the community. >> reporter: and they're not doing that? >> i haven't seen it. >> reporter: i called d.c. police asking about plain clothes officers in ward 7 and here in ward 8. a spokesperson wouldn't get into details about po
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she does say, "i can assure you mpd is deploying appropriate resources to those areas." in southeast delia goncalves, wusa9. fear of being a snitch should not stop people from speaking out against violence in the neighborhood. police always encourage residents to text anonymous tips to 50411. topper has your solar eclipse day forecast in a minute, but we wanted to point out a few things we got posted online for you. first 32 fast facts about the eclipse and science surrounding it. a suggested party play list created by our one and only melissa nord and details on when you might be able to still find some eclipse glasses a click or two away at >> you can still find them at this mount? >> stop libraries -- point? >> some libraries still had them. it's updated on the app. they won't necessil
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or sunday. let's talk about the forecast because right now it look good on monday and that is super important because if it's cloudy, folks, we don't see anything. we're going 91 for a temperature at 2:42. that's peak for us, 81% totality under partly cloudy skies and if that holds, that will be about all we can ask for. it is august. we won't get a crisp clear canadian day, although too bad it's not october. we would then. 3-degree guarantee, i lowered it yesterday from 85 to 84, wouldn't have mattered. it was 83 today, so only one off. i'm going 89 tomorrow, more sunshine and a little warmer day. so live look outside, our michael and son weather cam. it's still 77, feels like it's 78, winds not moving in. i was worried about fog and now the weather service is in agreement. we already had visibility down to 1/4 mile in warrenton. i tweeted this out about 10:15 and 1/2 mile visibility
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gaithersburg. anything around a 1/4 mile is bad, 1/2 mile is great. we are looking at a yellow weather alert for this fog until 9:00, montgomery county, howard, frederick, fairfax, loudoun county, most everybody to the west of i-95, but folks into prince george's county to southern maryland could have extreme fog. if you're in this area, i'd set my alarm 10 minutes earlier. hot through next tuesday with temps around 90. the best chance of storms is friday, our next yellow weather alert for storms and eclipse viewing monday once again, friday cloudy, 91, just hope that holds. it's staying tropical. 89 tomorrow and thursday, 90 friday, 92 saturday and 90 on sunday. it stays hot through the weekend. early in the morning at 6:00 low clouds and fog, upper 60s, low 70s, maybe 72 to start in bowie, 73 downtown. by
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sprinkles. 85 and then by evening 86 down town, 84 in gaithersburg and i think those numbers are a wee bit low. day planner mid-70s to start, some continuance fog early, 82 at 11:00, -- dense fog early, 82 at 11:00, 85 by 1:00. scattered showers thursday near 90 and a lot of storms friday, near 90. saturday an isolated storm possible, more storms sunday and boom, partly cloudy monday and tuesday but still hot, highs in the low 90s. we will be back right after this. ♪
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you guys continue to light up my facebook page and that's where this topic came from tonight. lynn from west virginia asked us to verify whether this video shared more than 100,000 times is true. it's a posted claim that a d.c. nonprofit is pressuring a university in oklahoma to remove bibles and altar and the christian cross from on top of the chapel which is supposed to be nondenominational. >> before i shared
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of the people that i know i wanted to see if you could verify. >> good call, wish more people did that. the video here says that d.c.'s americans united for separation of church and state is the one pressuring the university. so we reached out to them first. attorney iian smith confirms they did send a letter saying a cross on a state campus violates the constitution which explicitly bars the institution from favoring one religion over another. >> it then becomes a space that all students can move for religious worship as i see fit. that increases religious freedom for all of the students. >> the letter is addressed to east central university are president patricia pierson who initially said they were looking at removing the cross but then had a change of heart after locals flocked to the chapel in opposition. >> i just don't want this building touched. >> the next thing we did was
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it comes from randall cristy, a pastor in oklahoma and alum, he's sponsoring a petition and holding events where children paint crosses. okay state's attorney mike hunter is taking on the case because in a primarily christian town they say the chapel at east central university may become precedent. so yes, lynn, we can verify that a washington nonprofit is calling for a campus chapel to take down its cross. again, lynn put that question to me through my facebook page at adamlongotv, but send us your verify suggestions any time at wusa9, twitter or the facebook page or send us an e- mail. pretty good night for the nats. they are winning over the angels 3-1. bryce harper is still on the sideline
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significant bone bruise, but gm mike rizzo is hopeful harper will be back before the season is over. the news at
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dense fog advisory till 9 a.m., west of i high i-90 -- i- 95, take it easy tomorrow and it looks partly cloudy
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