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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 16, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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of the charlottesvilles -- some who witnessed the horrific incident that took her life. >>reporter: the her moral for heather took place at the paramount theater. that's just a block away from where she was killed here on 4th street. and today we talk to an eyewitness who saw that dodge charger and he says it took a running start from that hill twice before it mowed in heather heyer and other people >>[screaming] >> we saw the people -- >> when daniels saw the dodge charger started backing up the second time he realized his girlfriend was about to get hit. >> i saw his reverse lights and he came up the street full speed and i had to grab her to keep her from getting backed over by him. >> it was an emotional day? >> yeah, just a little bit. to see bodies flying in the air. >> heyer killed and 19 injuries and fields is
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>> an act of sheer murder's intent of just cold-blooded anger and hatred. >> heather's name showed blithe brightly on the paramount theater where she was remembered today. outside friends and supporters wear heather's name and favorite color purple. >> it's undescribable feeling. >> star asia stood strong to describe her friend heather who she and the world have lost. >> people honestly -- this is her everyday life. this is what she believed in. this is what she stood up for. she could kill someone with her words. she was very smart. she knew what she was talking about and she felt strong about what she talked about, and like her mother said you can argue with her and be upset with her, but five minutes later you have no choice but to love her. >> tim cane had stron
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his backtracking and now failure to put the blame on white supremacist. you'll hear -- >> and there were two virginia troopers killed on start patrolling the protest when their helicopter crashed. trooper pilot bait's funeral will be friday in richmond. lieutenant cullen's on saturday. there was a confederate -- the roger monument and the confederate women's monument and two confederate soldiers. we talked to people excited to these come down. >> it's a teachable moment and it's time for other people to be on a pedal stool. >> it represents the worst part of our community and it's something worth --
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directly after the civil war. >> a woman who wrote are we helping on the base of one of the monuments says she's upset about the deletion on history. katherine hu are join me live to remove those monuments and that's at 7:00. all this apart of the nationwide movement to day take down these confederate statutes from wednesday wednesday to birmingham. in birmingham, the -- if there's one place the statutes are to stay, it's an hour and a half northwest of washington, at the gettysburg, but people there are pretty uneasy, and we talked to them today. >>reporter:
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high water markets of confederates. the place where robert e. lee advanced in the bloodiest battle in the civil war. >> i can't imagine these places without these monuments. >> for barb adams, even the idea of removing monuments leaving her weeping. >> i cried this afternoon because i couldn't take it anymore. these men, these soldiers they lived. they believed -- they fought for what they believed in. >> the virginia monument was the first one here for confederate soldier dedicated in 1917 by a niece of robert e. lee. and it is the largest. the park service says it's not going anywhere. >> it's kind of like a hate thing, i hate to say it. >> as a -- vicky feels the pain of enslaved people but says the monument should stay. >> we come out to see this stuff because it might be gone. >>
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racism idiot, you're free to do that. >> sure trump supporter and they say we need to learn from our past. >> we were separate and we came back together and it took battles like this to do this. >> i wonder why we will still putting these individuals against equality, putting them up on a pedal stool. >> malendez wants the confederate taken down elsewhere, but not here at gettysburg. >> you can understand it in context. >> bruce, wusa9. >> bruce ran and admittedly a scientist poll on his twitter page on the gettying -- more fall out after
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about the violence in charlottesville. this afternoon, the president tweeted that he is ending few white house business groups, the manufacturing council and the strategy and policy for ' em. in the past two um. business leaders resigned in protest. >> not all of those people were neo-nazi. not all those people were white supremacist. i tell you, there are two sides to a story. i thought what took place -- >> we saw the president demonstrating he doesn't nope right from wrong, true from false, american patriotism from white nationalism. sad for our country. >> vice-president pence said what happened in charlottesville is a tragedy and he stands by the word of the president. hogan is criticizing trump. he said he thinks trump made a terrible mistake.
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where temperatures were pushing into the 90s today. meteorologist -- did we have storms popping up, tom. >> we're tracking a couple adam on a radar. if you look carefully, this storm popped up west of leesburg and it will have brief heavy rain and it's -- it's headed toward leesburg and it may fall apart. headed to hamilton at 5:15. it's a different story tomorrow. for the game, it's going to be hot, but nice baseball weather. it's muggy, but that's not bad for baseball. 84 start, and angel in town. it's baseball weather. 8:00 tonight and temperatures 83 downtown. as we get into tomorrow night or excuse me, temperatures around 80, but patchy fog tomorrow to start the day. that's going to b
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like it was thing and look ahead to the weekend. ever heard of a protein overdose? a warning tonight after it claimed a life of a 25-year-old woman. and cities are about to be over run with tourist longing for a nice, long look at the solar eclipse. i'm going to help you make sure you've got the right glasses. >> you're watching wusa9 at 5:00. we're back after this.
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convicted dc sniper lee will not be getting a new sentence. a judge denied that request. ryan physical,mo
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consideration before he was sentenced to life without parole. navo was 17 when he was convicted in a shooting that killed ten people. he'll receive sentencing in virginia. mud slides killed 400 people and another 600 are missing. there's so many bodies at this morgue. there's nowhere to put them all except on the floor and outdoors. officials say the chances of finding any survivors are slim to none. the story of a woman who died after what's being called a protein overdose is getting a lot of clicks today. >> megan's family says the 25 year old had been taking protein vitamins and shakes to get ready for a body building competition. she had a rare genetic condition called -- that means her body couldn't break down parts of the protein. a nti
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don't have to worry about that, but it's a lesson for anyone taking supplements. >> the supplement industry is not regulated and make sure that what the -- the nutrition says taking the extreme amount of protein taken is not true. get ready for bad hair days. chopper is coming to tell us about the tropical weather. after the break, a drainpipe that serves a charles county neighborhood busted. why is this family getting stuck with the bill. i'll tell you what, if they win this power ball jackpot, that may not be a problem. it's worth $430 million and the big winner could come home with $370 million in cash if they
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a charles county couple woke up to find not one, but two sinkholes in their backyard and now they might be getting stuck with a $100,000 bill to fix them. even though the sinkholes thrmed after a drainpipe
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bursted. so we sent debra to dig for answers. >>reporter: i'm standing here by gary and coral showwelser. it looks beautiful. let me turn my head. that's a big sinkhole. and that's video of the big sinkhole full of rushing water. when did you see the sinkhole? >> we first saw the sinkhole on the morning of saturday, july 29th. we had more rain that friday night. it really came through here like a gully washer. it is now eroding underneath the support for our pool. so we're at-risk of losing the pool. >> you need to act quickly? >> yes. >> all this because core says a storm water drainpipe that runs under their yard busted. >> how much does this cost to fix? >> the lowest estimate we received was $86,000. the highest was $120,000. >> wow. a little more money than we have in the
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so we are in a crisis mode and we're looking for help because we're not getting it from the county and we're not getting it from our homeowner's association. >> we called the county and the homeowner's association and we heard from mcdonald, the treasure of that homeowner's association. >> it didn't sound like i was responsible for the ones under the streets and in people's backyards. >> to you this is a gray area? >> absolutely. >> we just checked -- did you check the weather forecast? >> i do everyday. the first thing i do is look out the window and make sure it's not worse. >> and then look at that beautiful pool that she probably can't swim in my more. the county says that pipe is not apart of the storm water infrastructure they maintain and it's a private matter bus the developer and or the homeowner's association. >> a real mess. solar eclipse day is approaching. observationers like in south carolina will be over
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people hoping on watch the size turn dark. the eclipse will travel almost 2400 miles across the u.s. [indiscernible] live in that toe ality -- ten million visitors are expected to squeeze their way into the eclipse's path, possibly doubling the population in some counties and cities. this ohio market is seeing a run-on supplies. >> i say we're going to run out of stuff. we're hoping we can get stuff everyday to keep up with the demand we're going to have. there's going to be a lot of people. >> in parts of oregon, first responders are worried about being able to get through in the case of an emergency. in south carolina, the national guard is ready to act if needed. so there are recalls and knock offs and all kinds of warnings about what could happen if you don't have the right kind of glasses, so we want to separate the fact from the fear before you look up at the eclipse. >>
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these -- first you want to look at these. it's the iso, 123-120 stand hard. ard and some have fake stamps. here's a look at the ven vendors. a lot of stuff was thrown at you once. all that information on our website at and you can check out it out on -- >> that's a lot of work. how about you join the great day washington team and sunny from the joe and claire morning show on -- go to our solar eclipse viewing party and make them do the work to help you see it. it's monday from 1:00 to 3:00 at the college park aviation campus. it starts, the eclipse around 1:17 and peaks around 1:40. we're taking the first 600 people. you'll get special glasses and we have done the groundwork for you. you'll be required to sign a waiver to enter the event. that may be the hardest thing you do that. >> yes. >> and if
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more, go to our wusa9 facebook page. >> you say there might be clouds. >> partly cloudy. if it was october, we would get a crisp clear air mass. we don't get that in august. a partly cloudy -- i went to the post office today. the first one didn't have it, but there's a commemorative stamp. it's heat activated so if you press your finger there, you can see -- >> can i see it? >> sure. >> i got to take it away now. if you want to -- >> oh. >> get that postmarked august 21st. mail something to your kids or mail something to yourself, you'll have the stamp august 21st and remember the total eclipse. >> is this for me or do you want it back? >> you can still look at them, but
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we're thinking partly cloudy sky and 91 in the afternoon on monday. 242 is the peak totality for us which is 81%, but remember it's going to be a slow event. it doesn't happen quickly. a lot of questions on how dark it will become and this is an estimate for us. clear sky. let's say this is clear and crisp. this is what it would look like. let's say we have the eclipse. it looks kind of eerie and darker and almost like an overcast day. this is 242 next monday. if you're going to those places like charleston or knock -- it's dark and you can see the planets and the real cool thing is nasa is going to study the camacho roane of the sun. it's blocked out by the moon and that's going to be helpful to scientist. lots going on. we'll get scientific data from the eclipse. that's about 2:47 down in charleston, south carolina. live l
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our live weather cam. it's 90 right now. feels like 95. winds out of the north, northwest at 80. that's usually a cooler wind. radar, a couple of showers retracting. i showed you this earlier. this is falling apart around percenterville. brief moderate rain. not a lot for a weather alert. shower west of leesburg and this is diving parallel to dry mill road. might run through the center of belize before it falls apart with brief rain. that's about it. tropical tomorrow. tropical friday, which means humid and then just hot, saturday, sunday and monday. temperatures around 90 right on through next monday. 6:30 tonight, a couple of showers. this is probably over done. by tomorrow morning, we could see patchy fog, not any problems like we had this morning. 79 downtown. 75 in gaithersburg and 7 #7 7 tomorrow morning in -- 77 tomorrow morning. here's
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foggy days you have in august, equals the number of snow storms this winter. right now we have won. 76 to start tomorrow. 76 at 7:00. almost 80 by 9:00 and mid 80s as we get into the lunch hour, 86. now, yellow weather alert for tomorrow afternoon, yellow weather alert friday for storms. some of these storms that develop have damaging wind and -- still hot, 91 saturday. still hot on sunday. should be dry for the game at fedex. low 90s on monday. there's your partly cloudy day and more storms next tuesday and wednesday and still in the 90s. >> all right, tom. we know some fans are going to be disappointed. the kevin durant festival has been cancelled in mt. pleasant, but the parade at 10:00 will go forward and the prince georgia's native will be there. you don't get all of
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some of it. >> we'll be okay. >> yeah. still ahead on wusa9, the hogs are coming back. this offense line is bringing back -- and everybody loves a good movie, but taking the whole family can cost a fortune. paying full price for a trip to the movies could be a thing to the
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in today's consumer alert, talks over nasa starting today. the trump administration began negotiations despite withdrawing you have the s. from the trade agreement. the deal eliminated more tariff and encourages the flow products of new mexico and canada. if dismantled it could -- trump says -- and lower wages. the u.s.
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transportation is being sued over seatbelts. the lawsuit calls for the federal government to issue a requirement to car makers for a seatbelt warning be put in the back state. 1,000 people were killed in 2015 because they didn't have seatbelts on. 300 of those were kids. a company is trying to make movies more affordable. it's called movie pass. they just released a no contract pass that allows you to see one movie each day. you pay less than $10 for an entire month and the subscription works with 91 theaters across the country includes cinemark and regal. you were limited to two movies a month and you paid $50. amc says they are trying to block this program from their theaters. the biggest names in silicon valley and verizon wireless want to make it harder for your data records to be
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to records. the tech companies filed a 44-page brief with the supreme court seeking greater clarity on whether authorities need a search warrant before your information is released. the brief comes as the high court prepare to hear a case on the issue of privacy. amazon is lodging pickup points and the service lets you get your hands on your merchandise within minutes of purchasing it from the website. you pick it up at an amazon store. they have it -- amazon plans to expand the service to all major cities. that's wusa9 news at 5:00. the news at 5:30 starts now. students in our area are getting ready to go back to school at the same time the country is healing from the incidents in charlottesville. the racism seems to be all people are talking about and michael quander explains how teachers are
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getting ready to have tough conversations. the 2017-18 school year. >> more than 800 teachers and staff with the friendship charter schools got prepared and excited for a new school year. >> bringing -- there seem to be very little to cheer about. >> it was sad. sad more than anything. >> teachers say the tragicy vents that went down -- the tragic events that went down killing heyer and hurting others may have an affect on our children heading back to the classroom. >> [indiscernible] thinking of how to approach this and every teacher is conscious enough to -- it needs to be discussed in a responsible and understanding and sympathetic way. >> we should be able to talk about it as a group, as a family, you know in class and be able to speak our mind. >> students we talk to are curious and they


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