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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 21, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning. it's monday, august 21st, 2017. weome to "cbs this morning." russia searches for ten american soldiers. president trump will address the nation tonight about his strategy for afghanistan. he's expected to send around 4,000 more u.s. troops to the war zone. >> in just hours, the day will turn tonight as the solar eclipse sweeps across the country. our k37b9s are in oregon, wyoming, south korea and tennessee where millions will enjoy the best views. plus the science behind the historic eclipse and how to take the best photos. we remembe
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showman jerry lewis. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> u.s.s. john s. mccain >>llided with a merchant vessel. a search and rescue mission is under way for ten missing sailors. >> the disastrous collision happened in one of the world's busiest ports. you see that giant gaping hole in its side, that's the point of impact. >> it's the second accident involving a ship from the navy's seventh fleet in two months. president trump is poised to unveil a new strategy for afghanistan tonight. >> do you agree that president trump is mentally unstable? >> there are serious issuewis th our president that aren't going to go away. indeed, with thess preures of the job may get worse. military drills under way between the u.s. and south korea. >> there is d a re.line we are not going to sit back and have our people targeted by re
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>> the wait for the great american eclipse is almost over. >> millions are getting ready for a spectacular dance between the sun and moon. >> be sure to wear proper eye protection. intense moments as a small plane made an emergency landing on a florida highway. >> all that -- >> a giant sinkhole opens up and mown goes the man on the rmo torcycle tore bike. go get it, young fellow. >> all that matters. >> a day that should be an exciting opening to a brand new season, instead a somber occasion. >> before barcelona take on real, both teams honored the victims. >> just one word on the back of the shirts, barcelona. the world mourning a legend of laughter and tireless humanitarian. jerry lewis was 91 years old. ♪ you'll never walk alone
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thank you. good night. this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs many morning" charlie rose is off this morning. no worries bill we're is here. >> good morning. >> the intense search is under way near singapore for ten missing u.s. sailors. the u.s.s. john mccain collided with the tanker yesterday. crew members' sleeping quarters and other areas were flooded. five other sailors were injured. >> president trump tweeted thoughts and prayers with our
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the collision near the singapore naval base is the second involving a u.s. navy ship in the last two months. ben tracy has new information. good morning. >> reporter: the war shop docked in singapore a few hours ago and investigators are trying to figure out what caused this collision. the "u.s.s. mccain" has a crew of more than 300, making what they call a routine port visit when this happened. this video shot during the search and rescue operation shows a large hole in the side of the "u.s.s. john s. mccain." it extends below the waterline which caused parts of the guided missile destroyer to flood. the collision happened east of singapore in the strait of malacca, one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. the ship collided with a 30,000 ton oil tanker more than three times its size. kevin eyre is a retired navy kappan. >> they have radar and other systems which they can use to identify ships arod
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beyond a certain point, you have dozens of ships within parts a five-square mile box all milling about. >> the search and rescue operation involves ships and aircraft from the u.s., malaysia and singapore. at least four sailors were evacuated by helicopter to a nearby hospital. they are expected to survive. this is the second collision involving a u.s. navy ship in the pacific in just the past two months. seven sailors died in june when the ""u.s.s. fitzgerald"" and a container ship hit each other off the coast of japan. the captain was relieved of command and several others punished for poor seamanship. >> the crews, the officers, the commanding officer are all extremely well trained. this is the cost of having one of the world's most complex navies operating at sea 24/7 around the world. >> reporter: the "u.s.s. mccain"
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mccain's father and grandfather, both admirals in the navy. senator mccain did tweet about this, saying he's keeping the sailors and the ship in his prayers and he appreciates the work of the rescue crews. president trump will speak to the nation to unveil the next step for the u.s. in its longest war ever, afghanistan. the move is likely to require more american troops. the president and his family returned to the white house last night after his 17-day working vacation in new jersey. president trump and his national security team met on friday to decide on a new military strategy. margaret brennan is at the white house this morning with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president trump's decision has been delayed for months by concerns that the u.s. coalition and afghan military are not winning the war against the taliban, al qaeda and isis. tonight we will hear the president unveil his path forward for the longest war in er
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the president is expected to green light the deployment of around 4,000 additional u.s. troops to afghanistan and put new pressure on nearby pakistan to stop giving safe haven to terrorists. >> the strategic process was sufficiently rigorous and did not go in with a preset condition in terms of what questions could be asked or what decisions would be made. >> defense secretary jim mattis said sunday u.s. troop numbers may fluctuate, adding to the more than 8,000 forces already in country. >> i want to find out why we've been there for 17 years. >> reporter: president trump has questioned whether to pull out of afghanistan which the obama administration had once advocated. virginia senator, tim kaine. >> the real question is what is our strategy. then, when you lay out the strategy, then the troop strength question can answer itself. >> reporter: in search of a new approach, now former chief stgi
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president trump to send paid mercenaries instead of troops. >> mr. bannon came on very late. you know that. >> reporter: sources say the president trump was frustrated by descriptions of bannon as his political master mine. bannon saw himself as part of a new political order. >> every day, every day it is going to be a fight. >> reporter: within hours of his firing, bannon rejoined breitbart news and declared war on the opposition. he told "the weekly standard," quote, the trump presidency we fought for and won is over. there are several possibilities into pressuring pakistan to step up the fight, including cutting aid or even labeling it a state sponsor of terrorism. bill, officials do caution that until president trump makes this announcement himself, the plans could still be altered. >> margaret brennan, thanks to you. of course, cbs will bring you full coverage of the president's
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it begins at 9:00 eastern, 8:00 central right here on cbs. gayle? >> have you heard, there's an eclipse today? in hours a total solar eclipse will travel coast to coast across the continental u.s. in for the first time in nearly a century. this is big i. will first be visible in oregon at 1:16 eastern time. it will make its way across 14 states, passing over south carolina about an hour and a half layer. the sew called path of totality will be 70 miles wide along 2,600 miles. we have a team of correspondents in key locations all around the country with the best views. anthony mason, we begin with you, our coverage in carbondale, illinois. word is you've got a great location. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. carbondale is calling itself the solar eclipse crossroads of america. we're on the campus of south earn illinois university where
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the solar skeptical. the moon will completely cover the sun here for a little over two and a half minutes, longer than anywhere else in the country. >> it's a once-in-a-lifetime. >> reporter: in the countdown to one of nature's grand eflt spectacles, serious astronomers to the casually curious, are already looking to the sky. >> these are 20 by 80 binoculars, usually used on naval vessels. >> reporter: at the center of eclipse mania, carbondale, illinois. the small college townhome to southern illinois university is putting the finishing touches on an event three years in the making. >> we are dead foy tore for the total solar eclipse, 2017. >> reporter: nasa scientists broadcasting from the campus as the sun, moon and earth move into position. a viewing party at the university's football stadium is
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60,000 people are expected to descend on the city. jeff grubbs is the police chief. >> overall safety and security of the public is first and foremost. >> reporter: on roads across the country, law enforcement and highway departments are bracing for gridlock. 200 million people are estimated to be within a day's drive of the path of totality. >> solar eclipse glasses are here. >> reporter: the wait continues in stores where eclipse glasses are quickly selling out. andrew bentley bought five for his family. >> part of why i'm waiting in line and doing it. i think it will be fun to surprise them to say, hey, you can watch the eclipse, too. >> reporter: oregon will get the first glimpse of the eclipse. coast to coast up to a million people expected to visit the state. the small town of madras expecting nearly 100,000
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tourists. jamie yuccas is at one of the camp sites. >> reporter: good morning, anthony. this is one of the ka sites called solar town where they're allowing 5,000 different spots to be set up with six people in each of those spots. they are all sold out. this is just one of 25 camp sites around madras right now where people are hoping to witness history. in madras, oregon, the countdown is on, and the town is packed. >> ready to do some camping? >> yeah. >> reporter: visitors spent hours waiting in traffic over the weekend so they could be some of the first in the country to watch the total eclipse. more than 100,000 people representing more than 50 states and 30 countries have traveled to this small city. >> seeing how nice everyone is and how excited everyone is, it's the peerngs. i think we're here for the same reason. >> reporter: some here had an opportunity to see the last total eclipse in
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92-year-old gene brick missed it, now sharing in it with his son bartt. >> you have an opportunity to see it. >> this time i prefer it. now it's up to the sun and the moon to give us what we missed. >> reporter: madras is a mecca for eclipse enthusiasts. data shows it's one of the towns most likely to have clear skies along the line of totality. even those who haven't waited decades like zachira bentlemsani -- >> it's going to be dark. the moon is going to eclipse the sun so the light is going to go away. >> funny. it's so funny that the light is going to go away. >> reporter: meme here will need to have these eclipse glasses ready to go. here in madras they get 30 fewer seconds of viewing than other places in the country because of how oregon is tilted further away from the moon. >> ashe
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nashville will be the powering in for a nashville style celebration. david begnaud is at the grand ol' ap pri. >> reporter: good morning. something tells me a music man like yourself would have loved to have this assignment. i was all too happy to say yes. it's been 500 years since music city had a total eclipse. the city estimates about 90,000 people stayed here overnight to get ready to be here this morning. look, nashville does business conventions and celebration parties well. but the question is, exactly how many people have come here? nashville is about a one-day drive for 165 million people. that many could get here in about a day. the question is how many people drove here and how many folks may be stopping on the side of the road just to gaze up the sky? we have a drone in the air, took footage. at the grand old
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have upwards of 100,000 people. it includes the hotel and the mall. when you factor it all in, you could have thousands of people just on this piece of property looking up when the eclipse happened. as i look up right now, the cloud coverage isn't too bad. the city handed out about 4,000 glasses. anthony, the glasses are key. when you put them on, by the way, you'll notice you don't see a darn thing until you look up at the sun and it all becomes clear. a tidbit for you, if you want to use your phone to take a picture, experts say put your phone inside the glass, that's the best way to take it, because it can actually damage your cell phone lens. mr. mason? >> mr. begnaud, many than. big show coming up soon. for now let's go back to studio 57 in new york. an so jealous of your location,
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demons away. lonnie quinn tells us where the best spots are from wcbs. >> good morning everybody. today is the big day. everybody in the country will see some semblance of this eclipse. most of us will catch the pen numb bra, the shadow of the moon. a select few catch the um bra. day will turn tonight. that line stretches from outside portland oregon, like salem, to charleston, north carolina. the line of totality is about 70 miles wide. the gray shaded area, 90% covered for atlanta, denver, seattle. outside of that area, the light gray shaded area in places like philadelphia, san francisco, 75% of your sun is going to be covered by the moon. but as far as the weather, it looks pretty darn good for this eclipse. i think the two trouble spots will be places around kansas city, missouri, too much cloud cover for you. i think charleston, south
7:17 am
cover issue as well. keep your eyes to the skies. this could be a great show. over to you. >> our two-hour special begins at 1:00 eastern, noon central here on cbs. this morning we celebrate the extraordinary showbiz life of jerry lewis who died yesterday at the age of 91. his comic partnership with dean martin led to hollywood. he devoted much of his time to finding a cure for muscular dystrophy. jamie wax looks back at lewis' 85-year career. >> jerry lewis was a master physical comedian. showing off his skills in more than a dozen hit films in the 1960s. lewis influenced a generation of comics. jim carrey tweeted sunday, jerry lewis was an undeniable genius. i am because he was. lewis spoke with "sunday morning" last year. >> makes you feel great,
7:18 am
people stealing from you. >> reporter: he first rose to fame as the foil to singer dean martin. ♪ >> reporter: they appeared in 17 films together over the course of a decade, an odd coupling that was pure gomic gold. >> it was this handsome, marvelous, beautifully adonis-like man on a stage with this monkey. he was the organ grinder and i was the monkey. >> reporter: their less-than-harmonious breakup led to a heartfelt reunion. during lewis' annual telethon raising money for muscular dystrophy research. >> there was rumors about us breaktion up. when i started the show and you weren't here, i believed it. >> reporter: the tell fons on for 45 years raised $2.5
7:19 am
billion. >> lewis ended each telethon with the same signature song. ♪ you'll never walk alone thank you, good night. >> his publicist says lewis died of natural causes in las vegas surrounded by family. >> he left quite a legacy. lost two grates over the weekend, jerry lewis and dick gregory. >> two comedy greats. >> thank you, jamie. always good to see you. the solar eclipse could help scientists uncover the secrets of the sun's outer atmosphere. ahead, what you should look out for when the moon crosses in front of the sun.
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by toyota. let's go places. hundreds of traves
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arrive by rail for today's solar eclipse. >> a speshl amtrak train. >> forget the polar express. this is a solar express. we're on board a special amtrak train with a sellout crowd heading to a spectacular view of the eclipse. that's coming up on "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪you are loved ♪
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♪ >> local news answers the question, should you stare at the sun? >> by now it's been pretty well established that you should never look directly at the sun. >> you'll risk permanent eye damage if you look at the sun without proper eye protection. >> peer through a dark beer bottle, wrong. spray paint glass? never. >> you're not supposed to stare at the sun unless you hate your eyes. >> it's going to cause significant damage to your eye according to my optometrist. >> do not stare at the sun. >> don't stare at the sun. >> don't stare at the sun. >> do not look at the sun. >> despite all the warnings, everything we've been talking about for a year for this eclipse, you'reng
7:31 am
straight in the sun? >> i'm afraid i am, yes. >> she is so going to regret that, especially when it comes off a montage where they make local news look so goofy. >> remember, bundle up when it's cold out, do not stare at the sun. >> we all got the message. that's from john oliver's latch last week tonight." welcome back to "cbs this morning." bill we're is still here. >> that's good news for us. people who see the total solar eclipse are sure to be amazed. scientists say the animals may be confused when it gets dark in the middle of the day. scientists found birds can stop singing or sometimes they even fall to the ground. bees could return to their hives thinking it's nighttime. spiders may take down their webs. >> south carolina is the last state in its path before it
7:32 am
charleston is packed with people eager to see the sun go dark. some of them will watch for boats along the coast. that's where we find our mark strassmann. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. tens of thousands of sky watchers have arrived by air, by land and by sea here in charleston, and the boaters, like everyone else, are a little bit nervous about the forecast. clear skies are key to watching this eclipse. but the national weather service is calling for potential trouble. thunderstorms maybe this afternoon, a 40% chance of rain, a 50% of cloud cover. nevertheless, thousands of people will try to watch this once-in-a-lifetime event from their boats. the coast guard will be on patrol here to make sure those boaters do it smartly and we talked to one coast guard member about what to expect. >> we want to make sure people are aware, be prepared. >> even if you're looking at the eclipse, you need to be in control of your boat. make sure you have someone standing by if you want to take that once in a lifetime viewing
7:33 am
experience. >> reporter: people here are hoping to see the full power and effect of the eclipse at 2:47 eastern time. totality will last about a minute and a half here before this eclipse heads out into the atlantic. gayle? >> derrick pits is the planetarium director in philadelphia. pitts and his team from the institute will observe the eclipse from st. joseph, missouri, within a 70-mile-wide path of totality. hello, derrick pitts? >> good morning. when lonnie quinn was here, he told us it was like christmas in august. michio is saying he's expecting a spiritual experience. i'm wondering what excites you the most, are you feeling all singly today? >> i'm really excited ability what's going to happen here today. m
7:34 am
totality. any time i have the opportunity to stand in the shadow of the moon, i'm happy. today i'll get 2:39 of a nice bath of moon shadow. >> this is the first coast-to-coast solar eclipse in 99 years. what can scientists, astronomers learn from today? >> what astronomers are hoping to learn from today during totality is a little more about the carona of the sun. that's the outer atmosphere that's so thin and ten us. this is what we see, the pearly glow of atmosphere around the sun. the corona is really hot. scientists don't understand why the coronal nah is so hot given that the surface of the sun is just about 11,000 degrees. looking to understand that and more about magnetic fields on the sun. this gives us an opportunity to get a little better idea, shall we see, refine our measurements
7:35 am
the moon as it goes around the earth. during the eclipse, you can use that to get a better measure of that. >> aside from all that's going on in the sky, i understand there's this thing called shadow snakes or shadow bands on the ground right before totality. some describe it like thousands of snakes going in the same direction. explain this. >> yes, shadow bands, it's a really interesting phenomena that happens just before totality and just after totality. what you actually see on the ground are these rippling lines of light and dark, like shadows and light rippling along the ground. this is caused by interference of different temperature air cells in the earth's atmosphere with the light from the sun coming through, but only at the point where it's just before totality. other than that, you don't see it. these are rare and hard to capture. that's part of my particular interest, is seeing if we can see these shadow bands because
7:36 am
to see them, especially because it can only happen during a total solar eclipse. out can't see it anywhere, go to space and see it or anything like that. you can only see it on the ground around you when it's just about to occur, totality. >> you personally gave out 8,000 glasses for people to look at this today. you get big good guy points for that. clearly that was important for you to do. >> thank you, derrick. >> thank you very much. here is a look at some of this morning's other headlines from around the globe. britain's "guardian" reports a manhunt is under way across europe for the barcelona suspect. 14 people were killed in car attacks in northern spain including american jared tucker celebrating his wedding anniversary. the 15th victim was found stabbed to death in a car. footage shows the driver making his escape moments after ramming into dozens of people. police believe he was part of a
7:37 am
12-person terror cell possibly planning a larger strike. the new york time reports u.s. and south korea began joint military exercises as north korea warrants of rising tensions. the computer simulated drills kicked off today. south korea says they are offensive. north korea warned the exercises would deepen tensions by, quote, throwing fuel on the fire. the austin american statesman reports that the university of texas has ordered the removal of con fed rah era statues from the campus. crews began taking down three figures overnight. the monuments have become symbols of white supremacy and neo-naziism. a former statue of james hog was removed earlier this year. u.s.a. today says the secret service can't meet payroll due to the cost of protecting president trump and his extended family. more than a thousand agents have maxed out thisea
7:38 am
over time allowances. the agency must now guard 42 people including 18 trump relatives. the president has traveled almost every weekend to his properties in new jersey, virginia and florida. "the washington post" pays tribute to dick gregory who died late saturday in washington at the age of 84. his family says that the cause of his death was linked to extreme fasts he undertook to protest the vietnam war. he broke racial barriers in the '60s and his satire inspired richard pryor and a generation of african-american comedians. they say he was a one-of-a-kind. he had a funny joke back in the day where you didn't talk about race. you said to people, you better be nice to me because under john kennedy's housing policy, i could be your neighbor. black man in the neighborhood. >> he inspired a lot of comedians. he really did. penn state students return to class as the u
7:39 am
life safer. today the university will take responsibility for oversight and discipline of fraternities and sororities. it was previously done by independent greek governing counsels, also firing 14 new positions. the measures come after sophomore timothy piazza died in the now closed bay that theta pie case. he was hazed emt drinking excessive amounts of alcohol at a party. 1 fraternity members have been charged in connection with his death. tomorrow his parents will join us only on "cbs this morning" to share their reaction to penn state's charges and whether they go far enough. i tell you, i always get the chills reading that story. that's so painful. >> you know he didn't have to die. it's heartbreaking that his parents are going through this. >> look forward to hearing what they have to say. >> they've been pushing for
7:40 am
lot of changes. >> rippled through greek systems everywhere. coming up, a packed shadow chasing amtrak train rolls right into the path of today's eclipse. ahead, we'll take you aboard the eclipse express to see a special passenger experience. plus, getting a perfect photograph of the eclipse takes a lot of work, no matter your skill level with the camera. you're watching "cbs this morning." you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. so you'll be ready for whatever tomorrow brings. because mom's love is unconditional. even at 6am. nature's bounty melatonin. we're all better off healthy. nature's bounty knows healthy cholesterol starts in your gut. so we made cardio-health, an innovative way to support healthy cholesterol, containing lrc, a probiotic strain that helps you metabolize dietary cholesterol. because we all want to be healthy for whatever comes next. nature's bounty cardio-health. ahh,what a sight!kload of terrific toyotas. yeah, during toyota's national clearance event,
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♪ the tourism industry is trying to cash in on eclipse-related travel experiences. amtrak is offering special service in illinois where the darkness will last the longest. the train goes from chicago to carbondale and then back. tickets cost $153 from chicago and $90 from champaign. riding the train is done dahler. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we picked up a few more passengers in champaign,
7:45 am
boarded in the middle of the night. those folks are taking a little nap, resting up for the day's events. when amtrak announced the special train, 409 tickets sold out in less than a day. people thought, i don't need to get a row tell room or a rental car. that's a good look. instead i get a comfortable seat with complete strangers to share a once-in-a-lifetime experience in total darkness. we boarded the amtrak eclipse express to carbondale early this morning. but passengers were anything but sleepy. >> why did the sun quit college? because it already had a million degrees. >> reporter: they were full of jokes and anticipation. >> why are you going on this train? >> because i want to see the eclipse. >> you think carbondale is the best place to see it? >> yeah. >> reporter: some came with families, others rode solo.
7:46 am
>> i was bound and determined to get on this train and to see this total eclipse of the sun. >> reporter: amtrak employees handed out gift bags with special eclipse viewing sunglasses for wherever we chose to watch. many will bus to southern illinois university's football stadium for a nasa watch party. we arrive in carbondale a few hours before the moon crosses over into the path of the sun. then we've got some time to kill there during the event itself and afterward when my new friend gabby and i will reboard the train around 5:00 p.m. that's a 22-hour day for less than a three-minute experience. but worth it, right, and we get these really cool glasses. gayle. >> you can tell, don and gabby really bonding there, hi, don, good to see you. i can't wait to see how that works out for the two of them. bill nye, the science guy, will be in nebraska for the eclipse. ahead we'll explain why he believes it's the
7:47 am
for us to appreciate our place in the cosmos if you don't already appreciate it now. up neblt, a jean your league player with major league moves. what he told us after stealing ♪ it's me and my best friend >> announcer: this portion of cbs this morning sponsored by tena. tena lets you be you.
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7:52 am
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>> good morning. it's monday, august 21st, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the first coast-to-coast total eclipse in nearly a century is just hours away. we'll visit some of the places that can't wait to see it get dark. plus a photographer's tips to help you get the perfect snapshot of the eclipse. first, here is today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> the warship docked in singapore a fewrs hou ago. investigators are trying to figure out what caused this collision. >> tonight we'll hear the president unveilis h path forward for the longest war in american history. >> carbondale is calling itself is the solar eclipse crossroads of america, where thousands will gather. >> this is just one of
8:01 am
sites around madras right now where people are hoping to witness history. >> it's been 500 years since music city has had a total eclipse. the city estimates about 90,000 people stayed here overnight to get ready to be here this morning. >> what excites you most? are you feeling all tingly today? >> any time i have an opportunity to stand in the owshadth of one mo, i'm happy. today i'll get 2:39. >> on the ground to short. they'll go to second and they've done it. history here in williamsport. never been done until right now. 71 years of major league world series baseball history, no u.s. team had ever pitched consecutive no-hitters until here in 2017. wow. i'm norah o'donnell with gayle king and bill weir. the u.s. n
8:02 am
ten sailors after a guided missile destroyer collided with a oil tanker. it left the "u.s.s. john s. mccain" with a big hole in the hull. the ship was about to stop in singapore after finishing a mission in the south china sea. >> ships and aircraft from self countries are looking for the missing sailors at this hour. president trump offered his thoughts and prayers to the crew. the crash happened just days after the navy removed the captain executive officer and senior enlisted man of another destroyer, the "u.s.s. fitzgerald." it collided with a cargo ship off the coast of japan back in june killing seven sailors. millions of americans will look skyward today at the first coast to coast total solar eclipse in nearly a century. for 1:42 that moon shaped ball of shadow will travel from oregon to south carolina. the eclipse could be the most photographed and most studied in history. 200 million americans live
8:03 am
called the path of totality. partial eclipse will be visible across the entire country. we have a team of correspondents spread from coast to coast. they'll all take part in a special report later today during the eclipse. anthony mason leads our coverage from carbondale, illinois. happy eclipse day, anthony. >> reporter: happy eclipse day, bill. good morning. carbondale is a small college town, home to southern illinois university, today arguably the best place in the country to be. just after 1:00 central time, the moon will completely cover the sun for 2:38, longer than anywhere in the u.s. about 60,000 expected to travel here, nearly tripling the size of the city. it's one of the places nasa scientists will be broadcasting from as they study the eclipse. 14,000 people will pack the siu fooshl stadium for the event. planning for today's festivities
8:04 am
carbondale is also looking ahead, the city is being called the eclipse crossroads of america because it's not only in the so-called path of totality for today's eclipse nks it will experience the next total solar eclipse in seven years. today's eclipse begins the track across the country in oregon. that state expects about a million visitors for the event. jamie yuccas is in madras where thousands have been camped out. >> reporter: they are expecting 100,000 visitors to watch the eclipse. the city here started planning about two years ago. that's when scientists started booking out hotel rooms and the city went, we better do something about this and see what's going on. the majority of people right now are actually staying in tents, not hotel beds. all 5,000 spots at this campsite are sold out with an estimated 20,000 people staying here. it's
8:05 am
up around the area because all the hotels were booked so early. yesterday long lines of traffic led in to mad draes and cars had to snake around through the town. people are coming to madras from all 50 states and more than 30 different countries. there is a board where visitors can put pins to show how far they've traveled. the eclipse will be about two minutes. while there's a haze in the air from nearby wildfires, the sky is expected to be very clear. anthony? >> jamie, thanks. back to you guys in new york. >> chief weather cast center lonnie quinn of wcbs is here with a timeline of the moments leading up to and after totality. lonnie, good morning. >> good morning to you as well. let's break it down for you. it's all going to begin about 90 minutes prior to the total eclipse. that's when the moon is going to start to cross the face of the sun. this is the partial ese
8:06 am
going to see this in some semblance. as the moon covers 90% of the sky, the sky will dim a little bit. it's two minutes before the total eclipse that 99% of the sun will be blocked. you'll get the colors of a nice looking sunset. although you only see this little sliver of the sun, you've still got to wear protective lenses. this little sliver is still about 10,000 times brighter than a full moon. again, it's looking pretty cool out there. keep the glasses on. as you make your way closer and closer to totality, if you're in the path, you're going to see just before the moon covers the sun, something called baily's beads. these are the last spots of light peeking through. totality will last two minutes and 38 seconds. you'll be able to see is the corona of the sun. here in new york we get about 71% coverage
8:07 am
see. this is the only time you can take a look at the sky at this image with your naked eye. if you're not in the bath at this time, perhaps you'll be luckier in 2024. that's the country's next total solar eclipse. that goes from texas to maine. for those of us here in new york city, we may have a better shot then. >> lonnie, such a good explanation. thank you very much. >> i love the excitement of everybody. i was at the martha's vineyard airport. i met people coming from london headed from martha's vineyard to st. joseph, missouri to see it. >> they describe it as a spiritual experience in many ways. >> i'll be on west 57th street. let's see what happens there. >> that's right. anthony mason, however, will anchor a two-hour cbs news special report on the eclipse. if you're not outside, you can watch beginning at 1:00 eastern, noon central here on cbs.
8:08 am
wonderful spectacle for humans, but could be confusing for the birds in your life. scientist bill nye will join us from nebraska. ahead, how the phenomenon will throw off the schedule of wildlife. he's getting ready for us.
8:09 am
some people follow football teams or the grateful dead. one couple has spent decades chasing solar eclipses around the world, but not today. ahead, how this rare event is coming to them and bringing loved ones together. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me.
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8:12 am
8:13 am
nasa estimates a total solar eclipse happens where you live on average of once every 375 years. as we've been reporting, much of north america is preparing for today's eclipse. the path of totality stretches across the country. bill nye joins us from beatrice, nebraska at the homestead national monument. scientist, author and ceo of the planetary society. good morning. he is waving to all of us. good morning. how are you? >>
8:14 am
it's a beautiful day here. >> i understand this is only the second time that you've seen a total solar eclipse. >> second time i've been under it, in the path. i've seen some partials over the years. very exciting. going across the world's third most populous country with an interstate highway system. people who want to get in front of the path of the eclipse can. it's an exciting year. i hope this reminds everybody on the primportance of science. we can predict it because of as strong many, because of science. >> bill, i've heard from a minute to 42 seconds to 2:38. how should we make the most of this? >> i recommend two things to everybody. first of all, if for some reason you don't have official size and weight eclipse viewing glasses, you can take a look at the eclipse through a
8:15 am
pinhole viewer. you can make a pinhole viewer from a cereal box. cut a hole in the top, cut a hole here. put a white piece of paper inside the box. when we call it a pinhole viewer, we're not kidding. make the hole of the aluminum foil with a pin or another common object, this is a paper cl clip. then the light will pass through the pinhole where you get a very sharp image of a bright object. you can try it now before the eclipse shows us with a lamp in your room. you can look at the eclipse through the pinhole opt a white screen and you can see the moon cover the sun. when the moon does cover the sun, you can look right at it. you know the myth of the eye patch? >> yeah. >> that's
8:16 am
could be pirates who had primitive navigation instruments every day would have to stare right at the sun to get their position on the earth's surface. by doing that, you ruin your eyesight. the trouble with the eclipse, the sun is still the sun, everybody. the trouble with an eclipse is you just want to stare at it. if you star at the sun for five or six minutes, it's hard on you. it's an exciting thing. the other thing to remind everybody, we all want to take pictures, get our phones out and take a picture. phones are not ideal for taking pictures of the sun. try to be in the moment. try to remember where you were and what was going on when you saw this happen. we encourage everybody to look at the ground, look at your surroundings because you won't see this most of the time. if things go really well, the mountains on the moon create what we call these beads of light. they're named after a british
8:17 am
astronomer named baily. you're seeing imperfections in the lunar surface all the way down here on earth. galileo took a military telescope and said moon is not a perfect circle, and they put him in prison. >> i'm curious, can a blind person feel the eclipse? does the temperature change that dramatically? >> oh, yes. a couple things happen. first of all, it gets dark. you can see the sky, you can see stars, and it gets a little bit cool for a few minutes. then you'll hear birds act like -- and insikts r sect act like it's nighttime, but it's the middle of the day. it's a striking thing, you guys. it looks like a normal day, but for these few minutes from here in nebraska from 11:30 to 2:30, it gets darker and darker. >> bill, i'm concerned about time here, but i think you've given the best advice are you say everybody be in the moment. that's the best advice. >> be in the moment. if you want to make a
8:18 am
put a pinhole in a box, put your head in it and then you're find. >> that's quite a moment. someone said you could use a ritz cracker, too. >> photographers will face challenges taking pictures of the eclipse. more on that ahead. you're watching "cbs this morning." it's there for a reason. it dries much better than detergent alone. sorry dishwasher. finish® jet-dry. for drier, shinier dishes. bmilk and fresh cream,a. and only sustainably farmed vanilla. what is this? a vanilla bean? mmm! breyers the good vanilla. we use non-gmo sourced ingredients in some of america's favorite flavors. mmm!
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8:20 am
8:21 am
today's eclipse might become the most photographed event in history.
8:22 am
a lot of preparation. we asked photographer stan honda about tricks of the trade. here is advice on how to capture the eclipse and why you may not, tony, a member of our crew, want to photograph it with your smart phone. don't do it. >> my name is stop honda. i photograph a lot of night sky landscapes and astronomical events like eclipses. the one total eclipse i photographed was in the a archipelago north of norway. it was a spectacular eclipse. something i'll never forget. i was surprised how fast the totality came. once the moon covered up the base of the sun, it was like someone turned the light off. and the photography, it's just a matter of trying
8:23 am
camera to the changing light conditions. one thing i tell people about what kind of settings to use is mainly to look at the eclipse because it's something you'll never, ever forget. i probably spent a little too much time adjusting my camera. for the partial phase of the eclipse, you definitely need the protective solar glasses and you need a good approved filter for your camera lens. i think if people have a digital slr or the new mirrorless cameras, i would suggest bringing one camera and lens because you won't be able to change lenses, and just decide on the kind of picture you want. when you're shooting the eclipse since your shutter speed may go slow, you need to have your camera on a tripod to have it steady. as the eclipse begins, as the moon starts to take a bite over the sun or move over the face of the sun, that's when you have to have the filter. at totality you have to take the
8:24 am
camera lens because it blocks out so much of the light. it's a much longer exposure during totality because you're photographing, not any part of the sun space but the corona, and it's much dimmer than the face of the sun. i'm sure a lot of people want to take pictures of the eclipse with their smart phones. the sky will turn very black. it will be like night. things like smart phones tend to overexpose the pictures. you'll try to adjust the manual settings in the phone itself. that might involve a lot of time and looking at a lot of menus. the eclipse is happening as you're trying to do this. the more that you see the eclipse with your eyes. you'll have this memory and you'll never forget. >> we encourage you to post your photos and video using #cbseclipse. they may end up on our broadcast or
8:25 am
ahead how some of the country's
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
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8:30 am
i'm hoping to take another look at the camera above our head right now. that's what new york is seeing right now. >> wow, that's cbs news anchor charles kuralt tracking a total eclipse of 1970 in a special report calling earth in the shadow of the move, it went from mexico to nova scotia canada. we're hours away in today's coast-to-coast solar eclipse. it excites me so many people are so excited about it. you can look forward to something we haven't seen in a very, very long time. >> something to bring us together for a chieng. >> don't we need that right now in the world. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning.
8:31 am
with us today. >> it's time to show you some headlines around the grobe. big ben bonged for the last time today before four years of repair work. [ chimes j. >> the bell is undergoing a $38 million renovation program. prime minister theresa may and some lawmakers are concerned the famous clock will be silent for so long. the indy star reports the discovery of legendary navy ship from world war ii way beneath the waves. microsoft co-founder paul allen tweeted news when his research team found the "u.s.s. indianapolis," the wreck 3.5 miles down in the pacific, torpedoed by the japanese after delivering parts of the atomic bach dropped on hiroshima. one crew member still alive told us how he survived
8:32 am
thirsty, hungry, completely exhausted, but we dare not give up. >> the sinking wasn't immediately known because of the top secret mission. >> amazing that somebody can tell the story. "the washington post" reports president trump and melania trump with attend the kennedy center honors. the white house says it's to allow the honorees to celebrate without political distraction. it takes place december 3rd. three of the five including lionel richie, carmel may boycott the reception. over the weekend, the trumps said they extend their sincerest congratulations and well wishes to all of this year's award recipients for their many accomplishments. >> supposed to be incredible this year. the new york teams reports jakarta is a city where no one wants
8:33 am
it's last among 46 countries and territories for the number of walking steps its citizens take. the average is about 3500 stops a day. by comparison, people in hong kong, took more than 6800. china, ukraine, japan and russia round out the top five. the u.s. people took an average of more than 4700 steps. forbes predicts a lot of work won't get done today because of the eclipse. the nation will lose an estimated $694 million in productivity during the eclipse process. eclipse in the path of the solar shower will loose about $200 million. economists predict even those who don't miss work or school, will go outside and take a break. we'll see if it will drive the stock market down which has happened in ellipse past. >> we've got to go outside. >> or turn us on. >> you get bonus ts
8:34 am
>> first day, sucking up a little bit. >> it's working. during the last total solar eclipse to cross the united states in 1918, the university of chicago sent an expedition to green river, wyoming. bath then the city was in the path of totality. today it's jackson wyoming, about 150 miles northwest of green river that's in the sweet spot. i'm jealous because jeff glor is in jackson outside the chapel of configuration inside grand teton national park. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. grand teton is one of 21 national park properties in the zone of totality. this is the most high profile by far and should offer the best views today. campers started rolling in here last week trying to claim the best spots. and rangers were also busy this weekend and getting busy with telescopes and adding to staff by
8:35 am
rangers, some kids getting sworn in. a park superintendent tells us this is expected to be the busiest day in park history. this park was established in 1929. 20 miles south of here, the jackson hole ski tram is taking 800 guests who paid $150 a pop up to the top of rendezvous peak. those people will watch at 10,000 feet. there are people who camped out at the top of grand teton as well to watch the eclipse, and assuming we get some morning clouds to burn off here, the view should be spectacular. gayle? >> jeff, i'm telling you, talk about spectacular. you look gorgeous today. it looks like you're in the middle of a painting. you look great. >> reporter: there's not much better than grand teton national park in wyoming in the summer. >> lucky you. eclipse en thus assists, bill and sharon hahs spe
8:36 am
previous spectacles, from chile to the arctic circle, but this year the eclipse will travel right over their farm. adrianna diaz is in carbondale, illinois, with their story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. people from across the country will soon fill this stadium in carbondale, one of the top spots to view the event. totality will also be vubl in parts of missouri. these aren't just casual fans of the cosmos. these are eclipse probes who say this year's event above all the others will be eclipse bliss. >> there's just nothing else in the universe like a total solar eclipse. during totality, the air gets cool. you have a 360-degree dusk. all of a sudden it's over until the next time. so it's science and magic all turned toge.
8:37 am
>> sedgwickville missouri, population 197 is about to get the influx. >> sharon and bill hahs are welcoming about 60 friends and family members to the family farm which falls within the path of totality. a scientific serendipity. >> life changing sounds a little much. >> life changing, just a few seconds or minutes? >> it's way, way up in the sky. nowhere we can reach. and we can't rerun the tape. >> the hahses have been chasing the phenomenon since 1981 when they visited costa rica. >> does an eclipse remind you to slow down? >> i think it reminds you to appreciate the moment. you live with this fantastic, improbable set of scientific realities. it is a kind of moving experience. th it was like, okay, let's do
8:38 am
right away. you have to wait a year or two and go to a different place. >> they've made 14 trips from thailand to easter island to mongolia and libya. >> we stayed in the say hara desert. tease are the tents we stayed in. skipping over here, this is billy paenting afterwards and me with my equipment. >> they have a routine. sharon takes about 25 photos to capture the full moon evolution from the partial eclipse to the corona to the diamond effect. >> these are two of my paintings. >> billy started painting. >> the thing that changes, of course, is the size, the shape of the corona and the exact flavor of blue that you got on that particular eclipse. >> is that why you have all of these? >> that is exactly why i have them all. >> their coldest eclipse was north of the arctic
8:39 am
svalbard, norway. >> it was eight degrees below zero. when the eclipse came and the moon blocked the sun, it went to 18 degrees below zero. >> i do water colors. when it came time to do the painting -- >> there was no water. >> only ice. >> that painting was indoors. >> reporter: they document they're clips encounters with story boards and memorabilia like this carpet from mongolia and their house you almost can't escape the sun and monday's gaze. >> what are your favorite? >> all of them. the journey, the actual experience of the eclipse. it's hard to choose among them. >> you sound like a mother describing your children. >> actually, that's what i think of. >> i may have a favorite after monday. we didn't get to bring 60 people along on any of these others, and these are 60 people we treasure and love. >> my aunt and uncle have been chasing these around the world for year a
8:40 am
one. i'm excited to see what the hype is all about. >> reporter: this year those loved ones will be joining the hahses who have been married for 48 years. they'll all be wearing matching t-shirts. >> are you disappointed you won't be able to travel for this one? >> no, no. it's all about family and amazing, having gone around the world and told our families how wonderful this is and showing the pictures, that we will get to show them a real eclipse and we're all coming together. >> instead of you chazing the eclipse, the eclipse is chasing you. >> coming to us, i like that. >> it took a while to get around to it, but it's happening. >> reporter: though sharon and bill have traveled to 14 eclipses, they've only seen 11 because weather blocked their view. if the weather doesn't cooperate today, they told us that's okay, they're thrilled to be with friends and family, plus they have something else
8:41 am
celebrate, grandma eloise's 83rd birthday. >> what a great couple. it's great they both feel the same about it. >> absolutely. >> he paints, she photographs. >> very nice. >> david begnaud is in music city, nashville, where music stars are turning into stgazers. >> i can't see anything. wow. >> is that hootie? coming up, celestial celebration
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
intelligent technology can help protect it. the all-new audi q5 is here. nashville famous for putting on great shows. the big events in music city, not on the stage but the sky above it. david begnaud is at the grand ole opry where famous names are gathered to watch the stellar event. >> reporter: good morning. from the show that made country music famous is about to eclipse itself, with something that will blend science and music. last night on the stage, performers had a heck of a show which is exceptionally rare on a sunday night, and it wa
8:46 am
ability t about the' clipgs. in music city, even the eclipse comes with a sound track. ♪ someone stops loving you >> reporter: some of country music's biggest names turned out sunday on country music's biggest stage, ushering in a celestial celebration more than 30 years in the making. >> i'm looking for my glasses. hang on. ♪ >> reporter: today's i'm pending party in the sky is turning rock stars into stargazers. >> you can't see anything. i can't see anything. >> but when you look up at the sun, boom, it all comes into view. >> what exactly is happening? it's not just a reason to party. it's something that's really big in science that happens so
8:47 am
of science -- >> they would much rather work for scott than they would be in our band. >> reporter: nas sa scientist ss the connection is not very complicated. >> the same equations that explains what happens when i pluck a guitar string as to what's happening in the interior of jupiter, all harmonic resonances, nature's vibrations. >> reporter: the sounds vibrating from downtown nashville don't require much scientific theory. nashville is the largest city in the country that is in the direct path of the solar eclipse. >> this is what we call a new moon that's on steroids. tom parsons is an as stroll gist who says there is an emotional aspect to all of this. >> we could have like a rebirth or reboot of our lives at this
8:48 am
so this is the time to take action and assert yourself and go after the objectives and goals that you want to accomplish. >> it looks amazing. >> reporter: katy laeger is using today to say i do. she and her husband will celebrate one of the brightest moments of their lives under the darkness of totality. >> i'm excited to finally be able to start our life together. it's very neat that we do get to share such a big day with the city i love so much. >> people are traveling from all over the place to different places in the u.s. just to follow this. i think we're so lucky that we ended up right in the middle of it. >> congratulations you two. back here at the opry, we have our drone up in the air. all the cement on this opry property is expected to be filled with people. we're told as many as 90,000 folks have driven in, lore gotten a hotel room, ready to stare up at the sk
8:49 am
know has a menu. on the menu today, the moon pie. >> we guessed that, david. very nice. nicely done. what a great day to have a wedding. you'll always remember that. thank you, david. our coverage of the solar eclipse will continue this afternoon in a cbs news special report. you can watch beginning at 1:00 eastern, noon central right here on cbs. we'll be right back. fety
8:50 am
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♪ >> well shlgts th >> well, that does it for us. >> d p
8:53 am
who says a good day for pickpockets. don't look at the sun and don't
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good morning and welcome to great day washington. i am markette sheppard. >> i am kristen berset, solar eclipse day. >> right. >> finally here, we will have andi hauser live to talk more about that before we head to our viewing party. >> i know, all about the eclipse all morning long, we have a nasa scientist on the show,
8:59 am
college park, aviation museum, looking like amelia earhart but joined by scientists and fans, hopefully you will join us later today. i want to tell you about something, eclipsing social media this morning, on friday a man posted a picture of a custom-made dog room that his brother built in his house, and since friday afternoon it has goten more than-- gotten more than 336,000 likes. >> even has pictures on the wall. >> it is truly an internet sensation. >> looks like the guy renovate adcrawl space under the-- renovated a crawl space under his stairs, a doggy heaven, he pit up dry wall, laid down hard wood floors, hopefully he got a deal from watching our show, we have a lot of flooring segments, but he also put up family pictures of the dog in his glorae long walks on the beach and people from the family up on his little doggy room. my question to you, i know you
9:00 am
kitty condo in your home? >> i know people love their animals so much, and some of them need to have their own little space, i have tried, i haven't gone that far. my cat's name is penny, i tried all the-- benny. i tried all the toys, the bed, they like boxes, but he likes to sit on my suit case when i go out of town, every time we get a package he is in the box, he sits on every chair. the whole house is his. >> king of the castle. >> he pretty much is the king of the castle, especially when he wakes me up 1:00 in the morning. >> my dog, sorry, marco, not getting your own room but i will buy new dog toys, since i saw that i feel guilty. >> the last you can do. something else viral is from yesterday's junior league world series baebl game-- baseball game. check out


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