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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  August 23, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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many have no place to go but scores of residents are still being forced to leave their condemned apartment complex. good afternoon and thank you for joining us at noon, i'm andrea roane. the deadline is right now for the remaining residents of the crumbling and financially troubled lynn hill
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in temple hills to be out of their units. prince george's county fire officials have condemned the place as a safety hazard. scott broom is at lynn hill now to tell us what's going on. scott? >> reporter: well, the blight here has been really a disaster. this is a 210 unit condo complex with only 30 of the units still occupied. because of previous fires and all kinds of abandonment problems. about 100 people right now facing immediate homelessness because of the disastrous situation. a broke condo association it cannot afford repairs and abandoned units and absentee owners and two crumbling buildings now deemed for the second time in less than a year unfit for human habitation. anger here especially among the very few owners who have been trying the make the -- to make this work and hang on. here's what they said this morning. >> the hardship is that they're giving us until 12:00 noon, like there is
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give people time. you don't treat people like this, this is bad. >> i mean we have to move out. that's a given. it was told by the board of directors october 2nd we supposed to move out. because pepco is going to come in and shut down electric. we were prepared for that. but then here comes the fire marshal. out of nowhere. we didn't even see that coming. so it was really not well coordinated. >> reporter: many owners are blaming prince george's county officials for failing to come up with some kind of solution in the past few years. grants, loans, a redevelopment offer, or some other way to resolve this situation here and bring the complex back the life. right now be-- to life. right now behind me we have u- haul talks and we have the red cross -- trucks and we have the red cross here and who are offering immediate shelter and hotel rooms and trying to help people who qualify with both assistance to
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places. the doors are closing right now here. and police are standing by to keep people out of the buildings as they begin to get moved out. probably once and for all from here at the troubled lynn hill condo complex in temple hills. reporting live, scott broom, wusa9. >> thank you scott. in just a few minutes, president trump will arrive in reno, nevada to waitress the national american league convention. not sure what the tone will be today but last night it was vintage trump. the president trump came out swinging at a campaign style rally in phoenix. he lashed out at democrats, and arizona's two republican senators and his favorite target, the media. meanwhile, anti-trump protestors outside clashed with police. weijia jiang has more. >> the very dishonest media, those people right up there with all the cameras. >> reporter: president trump took aim at the media tuesday night, spending more than 16 minutes claiming his response to the charlottesville protests were
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>> they don't want to report that i spoke out forcefully against hatred. bigotry and violence. and strongly condemned the neo- nazis. the white supremacists, and the kkk. >> reporter: the president went on to slam arizona's two republican senators. he laid out his frustrations with senator john mccain for voting against the gop health care plan. >> one vote away. i will not mention any names. >> reporter: and called out senator jeff flake for being lax on border security. >> and nobody wants me to talk about your other senator, who's weak on borders, weak on crime. so i won't talk about him. >> reporter: president trump also threatened congress to pass funding for his border wall. and spelled out the consequences if it fails. >> believe me, we have to close down our government, we're building that wall. >> reporter: before the rally, trump supporters were met with the wall of protestors angry over the president's agenda. [ screaming ] after the event phx
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disperse what they say was a small group of demonstrators who refused to leave. weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house. >> as you can imagine, the president's speech gave supporters and critics a lot to talk about on social media. regarding the president's continued criticism of the media, bishop writes only donald trump would claim the media willfully misquoted him and then deliberately misquote himself. hashtag #manysides as for the president's comments about senator john mccain, impeach donald trump writes -- you were a disgrace. attacking mccain as he fights for his life was disgusting. and it appears senators john mccain and jeff flake aren't the only ones on the president's bad side. the rift between the commander- in-chief and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell appears to be growing wider. the president publicly criticized mcconnell over the republican controlled senate's failure to repeal obamacare. the "new york times" reports the two haven't spoken in
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earlier this month. according to "usa today," christopher cantwell says he'll turn himself in. this, after university of virginia police in charlottingsville issued an arrest warrant for him. you may remember cantwell a key player in that long form video vice news posted on social media after the white supremacist rallies. he's now wanted on three felony charges related to using tear gas and causing injury to others presumably for attacking counterprotestors. some good news, three brothers are being checked out after they were pulled from tons of rubble following monday's dead lid earthquake near naples, italy. aside from being exhausted and thirsty, the boys appear fine. two women were killed and dozens more were hurt when the 3.6 magnitude quake hit the volcanic island monday night. it's hard to believe it's been six years though since our region
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magnitude earthquake centered south of mineral, virginia and could be felt as far knot as rhode island -- north as rhode island. it caused more than $34 million in damages to the national cathedral. and so many of you remember that day. exactly where you were. you know some people were in the gym. they felt if shaking and heard the -- the shaking and heard the shaking and it's crazy because you don't think of earthquakes here in virginia and d.c. but it's possible. all right let's turn to the weather today. we are starting off on your wednesday afternoon almost half way through more than halfway through the workweek now. and we've got a mostly cloudy sky. here's the deal. we've had a couple of showers around. spotty showers this morning. and we have in general lower humidity and very comfortable finish to the workweek heading this way. 80 degrees right now still feeling muggy out there. the lower humidity will be working its way in by the evening hours and here are the few shower i was talking about. right now they're in parts of
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spotsylvania county. a few showers back to the west of that in orange county and these will all be shifting off towards the east through southern maryland. and then clearing the area from there as we go into the late afternoon hours. so that's the good news. now what's coming behind this, and end of the cold front. more sunshine and drier air. so really is going to just be a refreshing finish to the workweek. the rest of this afternoon, we still have the spotty showers around at 4:00. going towards 8:00 this evening, look at this. we break out into just sunny skies right around sunset this evening. in frederick, martinsburg, winchester as well. and then as we go into tomorrow morning, clouds have cleared out and we've got a more refreshing start to your day tomorrow. and it is going to be fantastic heading into your weekend. coming up, i'm going to talk about that weekend forecast and also we have a new tropical depression that's expected to make a landfall in parts of the u.s. this weekend. i'm going to show thaw
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coming up and -- you that track coming up and you can always get the latest on the futurecast on the wusa9 app. andrea? new at the noon, arlington county police are investigating a shooting that happened on south frederick street this morning. medics rushed the victim to the hospital with a non-life- threatening gunshot wound. that gunman is still at large. police believe this was an isolated incident. a northern virginia catholic priest is taking a leave of absence after his public admission to having been a member of the ku klux klan. father william watchson wrote about his past in the arlington catholic herald the diocese's newspaper. he is now 62 years old but says that 40 years ago, he was in the kkk. and that he burned crosses on black families' lawns and made threats before repenting and joining the church. he says he came clean about his personal history after seeing the events unfold in charlottesville. >> what people did in the past doesn't necessarily count for what they do now. what they do now is
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at st. leo the great in fairfax for the last three years. no accusations of racism have ever been lodged against him. during his 24 years in the diocese. arlington's bishop says he hopes this story will help turn others away from hate. tonight's powerball jackpot is the second largest in -- highest jackpot in history right now it's worth $700 million. and we know what you're probably thinking about what you would do with all of that money. i know i have my whole plan laid out. let us know on the facebook page so the producer can steal your ideas when she wins or he wins or when i win. and i may see you tomorrow. see how one salon is using a 3d printer technology to help women with thinning hair regain their confidence.
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welcome back to the news at noon. 3d printers can be used to make just about everything. from artificial limbs to picture frames. but now one salon in austin, texas is using this technology to help some women feel like themselves again. jason puckett explains. >> reporter: shanna moll's studio doesn't look like a technological wonderland. it looks like a spa but her center focused on giving those with hair loss new confidence is hiding a lot of tech. >> i was introduced to cesare ragazzi laboratories. >> reporter: that's a company based in italy that uses 3d printers to well, do this. >> so this is an actual client. >> reporter: it may look like a wig but it's much more personal. >> the compliant comes in and -- client comes in and i look at the area in which they need coverage. i then do a biocast with fiberglass materials that becomes the piece that i send to italy with a plaster molding
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>> reporter: it's called cnc. >> translated into english, because i'm not going to chop up the italian, it stands for natural hair contact. >> reporter: the process literally maps your head, bumps, scars and ridges and then creates two models that are sent to italy to be assembled and then delivered to you. >> i'm so excited about this. >> reporter: cindy way was getting her current system cleaned when we visited. >> always shocked every time we take this off. you think i would remember it. >> reporter: she spent years looking for the right solution. >> i wore wigs for three years and then i went to a system that was put on with little microbeads. >> reporter: but nothing ever worked. >> six years of -- of giving up on my own hair. >> reporter: she's prone to laughter and open about her hair loss. >> i don't have any problem telling people my age, the fact that i'm wearing -- wearing a hair product. >> reporter: but she and shanna talk often about how important hair is
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>> her hair is our femininity. you know what i mean? so it's huge. >> reporter: just a few months from her custom made system and while the tech is cool. the meaning it gives is incredible. >> when you give a person back their dignity, and their self- worth, and their confidence, that doesn't compare. it just doesn't compare. >> jason puckett reporting. you know monday's eclipse sparked thousands of articles and tweets so why not a bunch of hoaxes as well? some call it the eclipse apocalypse. now while you might not have been tricked into sharing these photos and posts, there's one that is messing with people's heads. it's an article claiming nasa just confirmed that the earth will experience 15 days of darkness in november. betty doyle from fairfax saw this one and asked the verify team the figure it out. well, we've got you covered betty. the
12:16 pm alleges nasa confirms a 15 day blackout starting november 15th at 3:00 a.m. the site climbs the blackout -- claims the blackout will be caused by a cosmic event with jupiter and venus. they say it's written in a study by the nasa head charles bolden. we verified this one is false. posted back in 2015, and on top of that, the article's picture gives credit to news watch 33, a fake news site. and the cherry on top, charles woulden, the nasa administrator allegedly behind this big announcement, he retired last january. the day president trump took office. so no, the days of darkness are not upon us. the sun will come out tomorrow. and every day in november. if it doesn't melissa will let you know. and if you have something you want verified, let our team of referablers do the work for you. find -- researchers do the
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or e-mail us at now some trending news. espn has pulled its new play-by- play announcer assigned to the university of virginia's first football game in charlottingsville because his name is object lee -- charlottesville because his name is robert lee. they started talking after the violence fearing lee would be mocked online and be fodder for internet memes. lee reportedly took the network up on the offer to switch games but it appears social media is still having a field day with this one. here's some reaction. espn hates racism so much that they're punishing an asian guy for having an asian last name. hashtag #roberte.lee. card fans writes, wow, this is absurd, espn knows what have we created? news controls thoughts feeling and makes you react with
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finally michael tweets i can't believe espn thought we'd never find out about robert lee and his past involvement with the confederacy. we hope you share your thoughts with us too. just post your comments about this story on our wusa9 facebook page. all right, wednesday afternoon and we talked about the couple of showers that are out there and what you are still noticing is that the humidity is there. it's not as awful as it was yesterday. but we look at the humidity we always look at this number called the dew point. and anytime it is above 70 it's feeling really muggy out there. and 60s it's still noticeable. that dew point is going to be falling down big time to fall- like levels. get it? falling down to fall-like levels? ha ha. as we get towards even tomorrow. so it's going to be a nice forecast for the finish of the workweek. this afternoon, if you're in southern maryland we still have some spotty showers and down south near orange and fredericksburg, but these are going to
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by 3:00 we are still mostly cloudy and a lot of spots but we are dry. by 6:00 look at that. even more sunshine. so increasing sunshine, temperatures up in the 60s today. meanwhile, that drier air is pushing its way in. so is the cooler air. so we have a relatively comfortable start to your thursday morning. look at this. 67 in d.c.. we will have some upper 50s showing up in the suburbs tomorrow morning. just 61 in leesburg and 56 martinsburg and then manassas 60 degrees and starting tomorrow for the next seven days in a row -- several days in a row, really going to be that september kind of lull in our weather. where we see a lot of sunshine and we get the lower humidity. we get the comfortable afternoons that are not too warm or too cool. so our forecast days are rather quiet. the reason why the we're going to have this -- we're going to have this persistent dip in the jet stream. it's like a fence in-between the cold air and the warm air. and when we're on the northern side of this jet am
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that's whoo we're going to see. taste of fall. low -- what we're going to see. taste of fall and low humidity and below average temperatures the through the weekend. a play-by-play day by day. 86 degrees today and 82 tomorrow. lot os sunshine in the afternoon. -- lots of sunshine in the afternoon. 208 for friday and you -- 80 for friday and you notice in weekend i have things in the -- this weekend i have things in the 70s and i think saturday starts off just sunny and that's what we have in the afternoon. by the end of sunday maybe a few more clouds building in but looks pretty good if you're going to be tailgating or heading into the redskins game. bengals are coming into town. mostly sunny and 70s for sunday afternoon. to the tropics, rejen rated tropical depression harvey -- regenerated tropical depression harvey is churning in the gulf of mexico. here's the deal. with none is going to -- this one is going to make a landfall and strengthen into a tropical storm if not a low end category 1 hurricane. already got some watches up along the texas coastline but the main impact from this one will be very heavy rain. how much rain am
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about? i want to go back and show you. locally, they could see 15 to 20 inches of rain in parts of southeast texas and also into southwest louisiana. so lots of heavy rain heading that way. starting friday and continuing through the weekend. closer to home, we're drying out. that stray thousand sending and more sunshine coming in -- shower ending and more sunshine coming in this afternoon. mostly sunny tomorrow. comfortable. 80
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a new jersey couple is celebrating the find of a lifetime. the engagement ring they lost nine years ago justin and margaret mussel noticed her ring slipped off on vacation in southern italy in 2008. where he
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well, they assumed it was lost for good. but this summer, they went back to the same town along with their two boys. justin noticed a flash of light coming from a crack in the sidewalk. he used a screwdriver to pry out margaret's engagement ring. so what about her replacement ring? margaret says one of her boys can have it when he's ready to propose. amazing story there. one final look at the forecast when we come back.
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okay, your seven day forecast, have you ever seen so many 7s in august? >> i love it. >> maybe it's lucky and maybe win the lottery and powerball. >> all right. >> enjoy the weekend though. should be nice. >>
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noon. we'll be back at 5:00. until venn have a great afternoon -- then have a great afternoon and maybe we'll see you tomorrow. unless we win the big money. [ laughter ] [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775- 7838 email: ] [ female announcer ] are you one of millions of women embarrassed by hair loss or suffering from thinning hair? you have a personalized, proven solution right here. welcome to hair club. i had my self-confidence back. my husband was like, "that's my wife." [ female announcer ] hair club offers a wide range of private, designed-for-you hair loss solutions, each of them proven and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. call or go online for more details. do you realize how nice it is for someone to walk up to you and say, "my god, you have the most beautiful head of hair"? [ female announcer ] after 40 years and 500,000 happy clients,
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>> victor: i'm sick and tired of your self-righteousness and your hypocrisy. as of tonight... you're no longer my son. i will no longer hide the fact that you and i are not together anymore. you're the love of my life. but if that is no longer of interest to you, then i bid you farewell. [ footsteps approaching ] bonnie? is that you?


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