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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 24, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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very angry mel b. >> you had to ask! plus we're revealing the very telling title of taylor's new record and why she seems to be calling herself a snake. >> plus, how swift is planning to steal caty perry's thunder once again. >> i'm basically going to laugh the whole way through. who is making the most money and the big difference between the "this is us" star paychecks? and doing yoga with dogs? >> i'm going to be real insta-famous after this. now for august 23, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." i wouldn't let it break me. prince william takes us inside his emotional state following princess diana's death. >> the princes are opening up like never before, and for prince harry, that means revealing for the first time exactly why he feels the paparazzi are to blame for the loss of their mother. >> one of the hardest things to
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that the people that chased her into the tunnel were the same people that were taking photographs of her while she was still dying in the backseat of the car. william and i know that. we have been told that numerous times by people that that had been the case. she had quite a severe head injury, but she was very much still alive in the backseat, and those people that caused the accident, instead of helping, were taking photographs of her dying in the backseat, and then those photographs made their way back to news desks in this country. >> prince harry and his brother, prince william, are candid and emotional in the new documentary which airs september 1st on nbc. on sunday, the smithsonian channel aired two specials. one includes new analysis of the worldwide phenomenon of the revenge dress. it all started with prince charles admitting adultery. >> it became irretrievably broken down.
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>> just as that interview with us airing diana stole the prince's thunder, arriving at a high profile event wearing this black stunning mini dress. >> that was her at her most manipulative magnificent. the way she walked, so slowly, the way she worked the crowd. >> amid the drama surrounding his mother's death, prince william's focus is simple, the impact of his mother's legacy. >> when you have something so traumatic as the death of your mother when you are 15, it leaves you -- you know, it will either make your break you, and i wouldn't let it break me. i wanted it to make me. i wanted her to be proud of the person i would become. >> she would be so proud. >> oh, so much. they handle it with class. well, the night before the anniversary of her death, william and harry will pay tribute to their mom by visiting her memorial garden at her old home in
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let's switch gears to last night's very live episode of "america's got talent." everything that could go wrong went wrong. >> sure did. >> and simon just got served, my brother, by scary spice. >> he should know, if you say something inappropriate, you're going to get stuff thrown at him. >> i'm kind of imagining this would be like mel b.'s wedding night. . >> no, no, no! >> there was no ice in it this time. >> mel b. is out. this is live tv, y'all. this is live tv. >> i was thinking, i think she wished there was some coffee in that cup. >> unleashing her inner x-men storm, both with her looks and her actions. mel b. triggered a category 5 downpour on simon after that crude comment. she is in the midst of a very nasty divorce and custody battle with exstephen dell fon
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belafonte. last night, she was not happy. >> how did that end? >> i told him he was [ bleep ] and that was it. >> what went wrong there? >> simon didn't even walk the carpet tonight. >> oh, he didn't? >> he didn't. >> so lazy. >> heidi got caught in the cross fire, and that wasn't the only glitch that happened last night. >> we can't transmit the lights right now. >> host tyra banks tells us what you didn't see on air. >> i heard, tyra, go out there, wait. don't want to go out there. it was crazy like that. that was not jamie's fault. i'm bringing inglewood up into hollywood tonight. i need to make sure this keeps going and we don't spontaneously combust into the eclipse. >> it seeming like all the drama was good for the ratings. they had 12 million views. a different kind of drama has taylor swift fans slithering today, so could her new album be wlledmoith adre bod blo? ♪ ♪ baby now we got problems . >> hey, guys. it's taylor.
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soon. are you ready? >> taylor's been teasing the new music since april, and it's now revealed, called "reputation". the first single will come out tomorrow, the same day katy perry's music video for "swish swish" is expected to drop. ♪ swish, swish fish it's so on with t thesewo. soher cial media clues are, in fact, a snake. it seems the secret message is enemies beware. we're talking, katy, kim and kanye. ♪ don't say i didn't warn you ♪ s>>o let's break down the meaning behind the snake. it's something she has been called a lot in the past, and she is clearly embracing it. remember when kanye called taylor a "b" without her permission? kim snapchatted and taylor fired back, when kanye west secretly records your phone call. and kim posts it on the
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internet. and then kim with this thinly veiled tweet aimed at taylor on national snake day. that's a thing. >> no matter what you do, you're wrong. >> will taylor use inspiration for new songs? we cannot wait. >> i just thought, all right. if they want to play this character, cool. i'll write a song from that perspective and see how you like it, and it ended up being the biggest song i ever had. ♪ >> although we would love to see a reconciliation at the mtv vmas, but katy is focused on her hosting skills. ♪ >> i've got a lot of beautiful outfits and i'm going to keep the show moving because we know it can be a three-hour plus show. >> katy's strategy? humor. >> i'm going to laugh the whole way through, and maybe i have one joke up my sleeve. >> katy, who is in pennsylvania rehearsing for her "witness" tour called in to ryan seacrest this morning with a reminder
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fans. >> i'm not jimmy kimmel or jimmy fallon. i'm not a jimmy. i'm not even an ellen. i'm just katy. >> in addition to hosting, katy is up for five awards and will also perform. she claims to know nothing about taylor joining her on stage, and producers told us this today. >> not so far. no. no, that's not happening as far as -- i'm certainly seeing all the rumors plying around, but no, that's not happening. >> we do know katy will do a medley of songs and will have a slew of stars. sounds like a show to remember, and the vma performers list is growing, featuring demi lovato, and d.n.c.e. will perform from vegas. >> moving on to names we haven't heard in a a while, jon and kate gosselin. why police were called to the scen
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were called at 1:10 p.m. they got into a, quote, lengthy fight at this pennsylvania orth do not itselves office once featured on the show. the exes were arguing over who had custody that day. police say it involved one of their 13-year-old daughters. that would be alexis, leah or hanna. >> mom is pretty frustrating. >> kate has full legal custody of the eight, and he has joint physical custody. >> she determines who is going to come. the kids that i do get are hannah, leah, joel and aaden. sometimes i get alexis. >> so john says police have been called before. >> she didn't want to go home. she complained and she was stressed out. kate called the cops and filed a police report nsagait me. >> they visit him from time to time, but otherwise he lives his own life. >> good to see you guys. >> this time, cops responding to orth
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no one was arrested, but kate was escorted out of the building and the daughter did go home with jon as that was her desire. jon called police, claiming he was being threatened with legal action by kate's attorney friend, but we were told the authorities add visethem both to, quote, get clarification from the court system on who is supposed to have the child on certain dates. >> then, we're inside the victoria secret casting call, but don't break the rules. what can get these models disqualified? >> and new scoops straight from the set. closed captioning provided by --
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the kiss. the sweet lean in. jo george and amal packed on the pda while out to dinner with friends in bellagio, italy on saturday. the couple left 2-month-old ella and alexander safely tucked away in their lake como villa and arrived at dinner by ferry. amal's style still on point, showing off her toned arms in a red tank with plunging neckline and wide leg trousers that retail for almost $850. next up, anna faris is hard at work after her split with husband chris pratt. >> she is an amazing professional. she is extremely funny and adorable, and we -- we have a genuine love for each other, and appreciation. >> anna's "mom" co-star allison janney says her tv daughter is a trouper who comes to work with a smile on her face in spite of her troubles at home. they are back on set for their season
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>> we have great dialogue, and we can finish each other's sentences. >> and dad david beckham drops brooklyn off for his first day at school. >> i'm excited the live as a student. >> they look more like buddies than father and son. david snapping pictures of brooklyn starting classes in new york where he'll be studying photography. not that he needs it. the 18-year-old is already a published photographer withis h first book out now. >> my mom cried. she is really proud. still ahead, the highest salaries revealed. >> it's a lot, kevin. owi kn it's a lot. "ncis," "big bang," making bank. why the "this is us" cast makes way less than you might think. and we're road-tripping with guy fieri and his son. is his son following in his's father's foodie footsteps? and we're behind the scenes as victoria secret casts its newest
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oh, my god, becky. look at her butt. she looks like one of those
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guy's girlfriends. >> sophie turner's ride along with her co-star. that was sir mix-a-lot's "baby got back." cameron joins me now, and we know "g.o.t." is a moneymaker and the proof is in the paycheck. >> seems to be a very big reason why most of hollywood is flocking toe that small screen, right? from the cast of "the big bang" to "this is us," you might be surprised as the star salaries are revealed. >> there's only one of me. i'm more valuable. >> right. >> the main five stars on "the big bang theory" pull home an estimated $900,000 per episode. >> sounds like a big night. >> the five also reportedly banded together to campaign for raises for melissa rauch and mayim bialik, who are now making $500,000 a show. >> i think the fact that our cast feels like a family is very important, especially for the business aspect of negotiations and what's kind of presented to the public, because we know that we can't do what we do without each other.
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>> "variety" has put together the list of star salaries. on "this is us," milo ventimiglia and mandy moore earn $85,000 an episode. sterling k. brown, $75,000 and chrissy metz and justin hartley $40,000. >> that's the best thing that ever happened to me in my entire life. >> the show's lower payroll is most likely because it was a first year series, but the cast was rewarded with new luxury trailers. >> it's nicer than my apartment. >> we have floor warmers in case you want to warm fluid on the floor. >> on "game of thrones," the five top stars all make the same salary, $500,000 per episode. kerry washington makes a $250,000 an episode, but her fo form former costar ellen pompeo rakes in $450,000 as dr. meredith grey in "grey's anatomy," most likely because the series is headed into season 14. mark harmon earns $525,000 for an episode of "ncis." dw
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two top paid actor in movies, making $65 million last year, else gets 650,000 an episode for "ballers" on hbo. >> good morning handsome. >> that's crazy. somebody who's got the rock beat, robert deniro. and he'll reportedly receive $775,000 an episode. that's quite the heavenly number. well, that brings me to this year's victoria secret's fashion show. it's still months away, but the search for new angels has begun. what's the process like making it as a heavenly creature? we are inside the casting process to find out. >> my biggest piece of advice is not to be afraid to be yourself. >> strong walk, an amazing personality, a good sense of humor. >> veteran angels martha hunt and jasmine tookes, telling us the must-do rules of winging it. >> you walk.
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>> this is my very first time. i'm so nervous and excited. >> there was no lack of confidence inside the makeshift casting catwalk. >> making sure your skin is on fleek, nails on fleek. >> but there are rules. models have to wear little to no makeup. >> did you do your own makeup? >> no, but it's very natural. >> all the ladies have to wear identical black lingerie and hold steady in sky-high stilettos. >> oh, god. are you all right? don't worry. >> this is the last round of callbacks before november's show, and it is the same process we saw gigi hadid go through in 2015. no word yet if gigi, sister bella, or kendall jenner will return again this year, but "e.t." has confirmed adriana lima and alessandra ambriosio will. ♪ also hoping to come back? model dilone who went a little
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rogue dancing with bruno mars last year. >> we were dancing and a little bit of that. oh, my god. i was thinking to myself, that could have ended very badly. the heels were, like, this high. >> it wouldn't have been the heels, but bruno that would have made me fall over. all right. let's move onto guy fieri's road trip exclusive. nischelle turner hit the road with the chef, you who is taking his family along for one of his cross-country adventures. so how was his family time working out with his two boys, hunter and ryder? >> i love the fact that you want to hang out with your parents. >> good job, champ. >> so this is what it's like to have guy for a dad -- nicknames and, of course, amazing food. but there's also hanging out with some famous faces and a lot of razzing. >> what are you going to do? >> no, don't. please don't. >> it's the show 24/7. >> is it? he's always on? >> yeah.
2:02 am
vegas, his dad's alma mater, and 11-year-old brother, ryder, practically grew up on their dad's food network show. >> you have had a lot of my food. what do you think of this? >> do you love food like your dad? >> oh, yeah. >> oh, yeah. >> the whole family. >> we'll be laying in bed, not having coffee it why, and it will be, what do you want for dinner tonight? >> haven't had pizza in a while. >> do you like to cook? i don't do it as much as he does, but i'm learning. >> this is a map, ryder, of the united states. >> now guy, his wife lori, and the boys are riding this bus to flavortown in his new show, "guys family road trip." it's something he did with his own parents -- who, by the way, live right next door to him. >> when i have kids, he wants my kids to call him the man, and loretta. >> who is picking you up from school today, little timmy? the man. >> are you going to name him timmy? >> no.
2:03 am
>> buddy. >> how about they will call you the old man? >> that would be so mean, kevin frazier. >> but he's got a 12-year-old. think about by the time that kid has grandchildren. coming up, working out going to the dogs. we'll explain next.
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well, before we go, yoga lovers know all about the downward dog. well, lance bass may have taken that move literally. >> yeah, lance is telling etonline's lauren zima about the exercise craze, dog yoga. >> bye, everybody. >> so often we are always on our phone, and don't give them as much attention as they want, and this was an hour of sitting and connecting with the dog. >> after upward dog at his first yoga event, lance says his little rescue, chip, was transformed. >> look. he is already passing out. he is going to
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>> at least 35 members of president trump's advisory councils have now resigned in protest over his comments about charlottesville. among them, thea lee, former deputy staff of the afl-cio, a member of the manufacturing council. thea lee joins us now. what was it about charlottesville that made you quit the council? >> it was that final trump tower press conference on tuesday afternoon that was so -- unhinged. and it, i think it was -- the fact that after watching those horrific events in charlottesville and seeing a person actually lose their life and to have nazis marching on the streets with torches and chanting anti-semitic and racist slogans it didn't seem like asking too much that the president of the united states should show the same revulsion. and the president's reaction was so, inappropriate, so, inadequate, so -- so, painful.


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