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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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first down. >> dan: that's impossible. spiller is number 26. there are two number 26 -- remember, this is the preseason. give jacoby glenn the penalty. icke, vernon hanks, the fun bunch, t.o. and, of course, king of swagger, travis kelce. >> spero: this is the loosened restrictions. you can use the football as a prop. you can celebrate on the ground. group celebrations are all good. this will be a fun element to the nfl. a lot of fans were happy to see this come back and dan, i know you are pleased with the snow angels. you can do that again. >> dan: really? >> spero: the snow angels are back, baby -- kansas city makes another quarterback change. tyler bray, third signal caller for andy reid tonight.
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>> dan: that's mike davis. a little out-and-up move that time. by demarcus robinson. >> referee: prior to the pass, holding. defense. number 39. five-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> dan: double number. demetrius mc-- demetrius mccray with the move. prevented a touchdown, perhaps, with that penalty. >> spero: we've had over 100 yards in penalties tolbert it only happened twice all of last season in the entire nfl. first and 10. bray's pass over the middle is caught. gehrig dieter, the undrafted rookie. patrick mahomes' night is over. the 10th overall pick. nice throws. missed another few.
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mahomes? >> dan: i saw a lot because he made that great throw on third and 19. his first pass was a thing of beauty. throwing over the middle as he's running left. obviously there is a lot to work on but i think he should be pleased especially engineering that long drive. >> spero: mahomes now watching bray. able to get it off just in the nick of time. this is dieter inside seattle territory. forced out of bounds. it will be a first down on the catch-and-run am a pickup of 22. we go downstairs. jay feely with richard sherman. >> jay: such a talented defense. without earl thomas back there a different defense. what does it mean to have him behind you? >> best free safety in the game, to have him out here is unbelievable. it's tough -- obviously, bobby wagner means nothing to our defense. he's just
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>> jay: spend a little bit of time. you know how competitive they are juxtaposed by the family atmosphere. people don't understand what it's like to be part of this team. >> it's good time, guys that love football, love competing, love to play on the field with one another. it's a good time, man. we love just the competitive environment. we don't care if it's preseason, postseason, regular season, we're out here trying to play as hard as we can. >> jay: good luck this year. >> thank you. >> spero: another penalty as craig wrolstad and his crew crew continue on what has been a busy night. isaiah battle the man penalized. richard sherman at the highest level of the sport. so good as a four-time pro bowler, three time first team all pro, last year without a doubt was a struggle for him, we talked about the runins on the sideline a couple of times, the trade rumors during the off-season, seattle twice
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available. he says he's put it all behind him. he's healthy again. he's raring to go for the regular season. that is dieter again. they need sherman to play at a high level this season. >> dan: seahawks fans are happy that the trade never happened and i believe he is as well because the legion of boom is a tremendous nickname but they've earned it with their play. as physical and dominating a secondary as there is in the nfl. we were fortunate enough tonight to see the chiefs secondary without eric berry but still, they can give the seahawks a run for their money. >> spero: defense that has allowed the fewest points ask yards in the nfl over the last three years. bray's pass will fall incomplete. intended for demarcus robinson.
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the preseason continues. one game left. usually you go from 90 players to 75 and then down to the final 53. they've eliminated that middle cut, dan, so teams go from 90 to 53 on september 2nd. it is going to be i wild few days. >> dan: no question. the great thing about that is it gives some of these marginal players one more opportunity to make an impression. either to the present team you're on or to another team because everything will be examined closely. tyler bray is hanging in there and doing a pretty good job as he hits escobar that time for the first down. >> spero: gavin escobar, fifth-year man out of san diego state signing a free agent contract in the off-season and a dart that time by bray. a pickup of 12. that will get the chiefs a fresh set o
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a good looking drive here as we play with under four minutes left here in seattle. >> spero: bray steps up in the pocket and that pass is incomplete. once again looking in the direction of escobar. >> spero: the chiefs will have a very tough open to their schedule as opening day is just around the corner. >> dan: they get the patriots on thursday night to open the season. but alex smith says that's a great time to play the world champions. even if you don't have everything all together and losing julian edelman tonight to a knee injury can't help. >> spero: that pass deflected high in the air. live football, say the officials. who'
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right around the 46. seattle coming with the pressure. fumble football. >> dan: he got drilled in the back as he was letting that go. bottom of the pile. jeremy liggins. his hand was coming forward and the ball not in it. >> spero: liggins, a former offensive lineman and tight end at ole miss. >> dan: tramaine brock will get credit for the sack and the forced fumble. >> spero: austin d
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under center. run play to mckissic. he continues what's been an impressive fourth quarter for him. how about the san diego schedule. they'll try to repeat as division champs in the afc west. dan mentioned the opener thursday night, a week from thursday in foxborough. >> dan: spero, this is the second toughest schedule in the nfl. the first six, no picnic there. >> spero: they will have their work cut out for them early. they'll have that week-three game against the chargers right here on cbs. mckissic. finds a gaping hole as he runs toward that seattle side. eric murray finally on the tackle but not before he picks up 15 and a first down. >> dan: looks at the end of this run that he was trying to cut back to the inside. lost his footing. a different way to end the run as he did earlier in the game when he had that great
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stiff-remember. you can see doug baldwin on the sidelines wanting to get more out of mckissic. >> spero: seattle with 134 rushing yards tonight. we know how much of a struggle their running game was last season. two-minute warning. ♪ cameras. introducing the newly redesigned gla suv. at a price that'll make you feel like you've gotten away with something. the 2018 gla. lease the gla250 for $359 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. we don't just want to watch games cable gives us. we want all the teams, no matter where we live- with directv nfl sunday ticket. we want falcons in new york. jets in la.
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>> spero: final two minutes. centurylink field. downtown seattle, washington. this great american city in the pacific northwest. first and 10 for pete carroll's bunch. his third-string quarterback. austin davis will work under center.
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i formation set. mckissic stumbling forward. marker thrown from the near side of the field. this one appears to be a hold. >> referee: holding. offense. number 87. 10-yard penalty. replay first down. >> spero: tomorrow night it's an l.a. party. the chargers and rams tough it out for bragging rights in southern california. right here on cbs sports. our man dan fouts pulling double duty. it will be the bird and the beard tomorrow night we'll be watching. >> dan: the fight for l.a. i got a kick out of what raider owner mark davis said when he channelled his father al davis, fight for l.a.? the raiders have already won that. >> spero: hard to argue with him so far as the chargers try to ofady themselves after a couple
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performances. slth will play here against green bay opening day, september 10 then the early bye which a lot of teams don't like to have so early in the season. >> dan: you want it when you need it. and you can never know when you need it. you will hear complaints about teams having a bye late in the season. >> spero: hope that russell wilson can stay healthy, dealt with an assortment of injuries last year, all smiles as wilson looked impressive tonight. threw for 200 yards and a touchdown. that seattle defense after a slestart looking like the dominant bunch we've grown accustomed to seeing. >> dan: the key for seattle is protecting russell wilson. revamped offensive
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reece odiambo starting at left tackle. this evening a good night for wilson and good night for that offensive line. >> spero: five straight trips to the postseason for pete carroll and seattle. looking to take that next step as they try to climb the nfl mountain here in 2017. final seconds will come off the clock as andy reid and the chiefs falling to seattle here at centurylink, 2016-13 your final. chiefs unable to get into the end zone offensively. they did have the long kick return by de'anthony thomas but that was just about it. your final score once again, seattle 26. kansas city 13. coming up next for most of you, your late local news. now for dan fouts,ay
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tracy wolfson, our producer jimric off, our director mike arnold, our entire cbs crew, spero dedes saying goodnight from seattle. you have been watching the nfl on cbs. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> cbs sports thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league.
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those winds are stronger than ever. >> hurricane harvey roars ashore. >> reporter: we are expected to get part of the eye wall here in corpus christi. >> texas is bracing for what could be a deadly night. >> reporter: things are only going to get worse. >> let's get right to the latest on this storm. the news on wusa9 starts now. >> essentially harvey is making landfall as we speak as a category 4 storm. here is the latest satellite picture. the eye is in the center a little east, northeast of corpus christi close to rockport. they've had sustained winds 102 just north of corpus christi. so there is the eye making landfall right now. you have to remember once the winds subside it's still going to be a story because of
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rainfall the next several days. it's not going to go anywhere. so category 4, maximum winds 130, gusts to 160, strongest storm to hit texas since brett in 1999. look what happens. category 4 still as it moves inland and then as a category 2 by the time we get to saturday morning with winds still 110 doesn't move very far very fast. even by saturday at 7:00 at night winds are still 75 miles per hour, so just barely a category 1 storm and then it starts to make a little loop with winds up to 60 miles per hour by sunday morning. look how long it's been inland, may do a little loom, come back in the gulf and go into -- loop, come back in the gulf and go into louisiana. tomorrow morning at 6:00 there will be a little core of hurricane force winds or higher just to the west of port lavaca and north and northeast of corpus christi and tropical storm force winds still extend out 140 miles from the storm. san antonio by noon tomorrow still has tropical storm force winds as do corpus chri
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still hurricane force winds possible between san antonio and port lavaca which is incredible for how long it will be on land by saturday night at 7:30 hurricane force winds. rainfall again this is the story once the storm surge goes by and the winds subside, rainfall 15 to 30 inches from corpus christi up to houston and even several inches possible as far inland as san antonio and dallas. here's the radar. there are the bands of heavy rain, absolutely hammering the islands and the coastal areas of texas. here's the eye moving ashore. landfall near rockport just north of corpus christi with sustained winds of 102 miles per hour. that is the latest official information we -- but again category 4 130 -- we have, but again category 4, 130 mile-per- hour winds. here's some more headlines on hurricane harvey at this hour. coastal towns in texas did order mandatory evacuations, but houston did not and you
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see from what topper showed you, that storm is not too far from there. the mayor there is asking residents to stay put. 700 members of the state and national guard have been deployed to the coast to assist when it is over. >> that massive storm surge that topper talked about already catching people off guard despite the numerous warnings. this video from corpus christi, a town that's taken the brunt of harvey for most of the day, this driver ran off the road and ended up in pretty deep water. he was rescued by people who just happened to be nearby. that rising water is just one problem in texas tonight. >> reporter: i want to show you a palm tree that went down near where we were doing our live reports. look at how massive this palm tree is. you can see it is probably about 25 feet long and you can see the entire root system is just completely soaked. so when one of those massive gusts of wind came at it, it just went tumbling down.
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>> topper and his fellow forecasters are getting some extra help from above tonight. we're talking about a new weather satellite and pete muntean tells us harvey is the first big test for this big test in technology. >> here's what we're talking about, the new bose r satellite by noaa. harvey is giving this $11 billion project a run for its money for the first time. look how detailed this is. images come every 30 seconds instead of the usual 30 minutes. the resolution is four times better than what's already in space. all of that means meteorologists can forecast storms better. they can also demystify how storms build and break apart with a lot more clarity. the satellite launched last november. technically it's not live till later this year, but noaa is already posting pictures of hurricane harvey online. the satellite is beaming images back to earth to the noaa facility in suitland. >> improvedca
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to enable forecasters to have earlier and more accurate information. at the end of the day that's what it's all about is saving lives and property. >> this detail doesn't just show the size of storms. it can also help predict how much rain will be produced. all of that means more accurate flood warning. now this is just one part of a larger project. noaa will launch three more weather satellites over the next 20 years. coverage of the pacific ocean is next, but for now scientists all over the world are glued to this view from 22,000 miles up. pete muntean, wusa9. >> step forward there. president trump is monitoring the storm from camp david tonight as he and his family walked to marine one, a report shouting a question asking if he had a message for the people of texas. his reply? good luck. lots of you asking on social media about how the storm and the damage it leaves behind might affect the price you pay for gas. our verify team is on it
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the texas coast is home to almost half of america's refineries, the blue dots here. a refinery is what turns oil into the gas that you buy at the pump. as for the crude oil itself, have a look at this. all of these red dots represent oil wells or oil rigs out here in the gulf of mexico. they turn out more than1.5 million barrels of oil every day. that accounts for 17% of america's total crude oil production. here's the bottom line. hurricane harvey is plowing a destructive path through a big part of the nation's infrastructure here as we speak. the major oil companies, they've evacuated their workers off the oil wills and out of the oil rigs for safety reasons and they've slowed down production that. means over the next few weeks there will be -- production. that means over the next few weeks there will be less oil to refine for your vehicle which means you'll pay more at the pump.
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>> reporter: you may see a spike in prices and that is to be expected in certain parts of the country, especially along the gulf coast and the deep south and even in parts of the eastern seaboard including washington d.c., virginia and maryland. >> let's run the numbers that matter here. right now you're paying an average of 2.55 a gallon in the d.c. area. aaa predicts that the hurricane will increase prices up 15 cents meaning if you're planning to drive over the labor day weekend, you can plan to pay about 2.70 a gallon. now if the storm doesn't have too big of an impact on oil facilities, you might pay a bit less. who would complain about that? so we can verify hurricane harvey's impact will mean you're paying more at the pump, but the experts predict whatever price hike happens will only be temporary. whether it's social media rumors or possible fake news, our verify team is ready to help
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fiction. you got something for me to check out? find me on facebook at adamlongotv, twitter as well or e-mail our research team, topper is keeping a close eye on hurricane harvey now that it's made landfall on the texas coast. we'll keep you updated throughout our newscast. a swirl of breaking news emerging tonight from the white house, first president trump granted a full pardon to former arizona sheriff joe arpaio. he telegraphed this one when he held the rally tuesday in phoenix. arpaio was convicted of criminal contempt. he ignored a federal judge's order telling him and his agency to stop detaining people just because they were suspected undocumented immigrants. also breaking the president just followed up on his tweets about transgender troops. he's ordered the pentagon to stop recruiting anyone who is openly transgender, but he's leaving it to his defense secretar
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not transgender troops who are in uniform right now can continue to serve. and there's more. one of the president's top aides has resigned. counterterrorism advisor and trump cheerleader sebastian gorka. before he came here gorka worked at brietbart with stephen bannon who was shown the door earlier this month. then there's north korea. the pentagon said kim jong un test fired three short range ballistic missiles tonight. one of them blew up immediately. the other two failed in flight over the sea between the korean peninsula and japan. in the district tonight, a disturbing trend, a construction worker killed on the job and it night have been because of his race. -- might have been because of his race. here's marcella robertson. >> he really was the american dream. he came to this country, learned a skill and excelled at it. he did everything that you should do. >> reporter:
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was always around. for the people who lived here, he was more than a construction worker. he was a friend. >> his wife finally gets here in december from el salvador on asylum fleeing horrifying violence and then this happens. >> reporter: mauricio was shot and killed in this alley behind a house he was renovating. it happened in broad daylight 2:00 in the afternoon. mauricio's boss and other contractors say this isn't the first time latino construction workers have been targeted. they say the robberies happen on a daily basis, but some are afraid to report it. >> he was the kind of guy you want to be around, that guy who does the right thing, you can count on him. he's reliable. he's kind. he's all the things that you want your neighbors to be and you want your neighborhood to be. he embodied that. >> reporter: in noas
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>> d.c. police are still looking for the gunman in this case. hard love is our campaign designed to inspire and inform and it also saved the life of a local pastor. we'll share his story just ahead. >> take a look at this neighborhood pool, nasty, a breeding ground for mosquitoes and filth. neighbors want to know what's up with that and we're going to help them out. we'll have those stories and more and d.c.'s most accurate forecast when the news continues here on
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here's the latest on hurricane harvey. it made landfall as a category 4 hurricane just a short time ago. thousands evacuated the texas coast, but authorities say they have no way of knowing exactly how many stayed behind to ride it all out. topper will be back shortly to talk about
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this storm. the neighbors gave us a call to tell us about this, a nasty pool right near their home and they're asking for our help to figure out what the heck was going on with it. we sent our john henry to stafford county. >> reporter: 76-year-old susan armstrong isn't making some big request. >> i mean it's not like i'm asking for a chauffeur. >> reporter: she just wants to go outside. >> and enjoy my front porch. >> reporter: but that's been pretty hard. >> i get bitten going out to get the mail. >> reporter: that's because mosquitoes are all over her property. >> that would make -- one of the littlest buggers just bit me. i hope he pukes. >> reporter: neighbor jennifer williams says it's all because this pool hasn't been kept up in years. >> full of algae, dirty water, mosquitoes, snakes. my neighbor's son's arm is full of mosquito bite sores. >> reporter: roy wingrove said he bought this property pool included a little over two
11:32 pm
his plan, to ultimately take out the pool and build three houses on top, but he said he can't do that until stafford county's planning commission gives final approval to rezone this land which may not come until october. >> to remove the pool i would absorb all the expense in removing the pool. then i still have to be able to build the houses and then all i have is one lot to build one house. >> reporter: in the meantime he's fought the problem with mosquitoes by just having chemicals dumped into the pool. susan armstrong is just hopeful it works because she just wants the problem solved. >> humor me. i'm old. >> reporter: we just got word from stafford county mr. wingrove agreed to have the pool drained by september 5th. in the meantime the county adds the zoning issue to ultimately redevelop that land is running through the planning commission's normal process. >> good luck to them with that. our heart love campaign in february was a
11:33 pm
initiative designed to help inform and inspire you and there was one local pastor who was touched literally. we have this story from andrea roane. >> we all would like to have a healthy blood pressure, but life's pressures can boost it higher than it should be. a local minister found out his blood pressure was dangerously high. he got that information at our wusa9 heart love health fair. i caught up with the pastor who shares how heart love saved his life. >> i feel good. i really do. >> reverend donald robinson feels good and looks better, younger than his 79 years, and he plans on living to be at least 100. >> everything i ate for the first 11 years of my life was organic. we raised it. >> reporter: pesticide free chickens, cows and lots and lots of fruits and vegetables grown in the family's garden. >> food is medicine. >> reporter: even now he still heies to eat organic as much as
11:34 pm
had any heart troubles, that is, until this past february. thanks to everyone who came out showing their heart some love. >> reporter: dozens of people here in the all conference room, fifth floor, channel 9. >> reporter: it was something about wusa9's free heart love health screening that brought him to broadcast house to have his cholesterol, blood glucose and pressure checked. >> i've learned that god takes care of me. so god is the one that got me to that screening really. >> reporter: he got quite a shock when the nurse gave him the numbers for his blood pressure. it was really high. they got a fright themselves because they felt i was near a stroke. >> reporter: reverend robinson immediately made an appointment with his doctor. he was fined medication for his pressure -- prescribed medication for his pressure that he takes now once a day. he bought exercise equipment, started walking more. you were like 190/80. >> that was frightening. >> reporter: and stepped up
11:35 pm
you see, the reverend's mission is not only to improve his well being -- >> many of us saw through his earlier work as a social worker with the district of columbia. >> reporter: -- but the lives of at risk children in the edgewood community. reverend robinson founded beacon house 26 years ago. it's an after school program that provides more than nourishment for the mind and body. it also serves as a beacon of hope for their future. >> to help them help themselves by getting them out of high school into job training programs and doing all kinds of good stuff, you know. i mean if people only knew, we could save the children if we want to. >> reporter: reverend robinson believes wusa9's free heart love health screening saved his life. he now checks his pressure every morning. plan. >> yeah. 129. . >> yeah. 129. >> reporter: a good number for his age and although he's retired from tabi con house, he plans


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