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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  August 29, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon, and thank you for joining wusa9 news at noon. here's the latest on harvey as it continues to pound houston. it's still raining. driving conditions are very dangerous, and harvey could make landfall again this week, just east of houston. authorities say more than 6,000 stranded residents have been rescued so far, and kenneth craig has the latest. all right, and we want you to know efforts to rescue more people trapped is ongoing. money and supplies are heading there. most notably, one company is sending kayaks. the president promised federal cash will arrive quickly, saying quote, you're going to have what you need, and it's goin
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kenneth craig is in houston. he has the very latest for us. kenneth. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: good afternoon, to you, i'm standing outside of the city's convention center, where there are thousands, and thousands of people inside. there is so much desperation here, but also, hundreds of volunteers who showed up to help. first responders waited through chest deep water in baytown this morning, to rescue stranded residents. >> we had no idea that we would have that kind of support and help. i know there's people that need it more than we do. >> reporter: similar scenes are playing out, over and over again across the houston area. civilian volunteers found laura blimton in her home. she regrets not leaving sooner. the rain from harvey is staggering, historic, and still coming down. ch
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41 in baytown. with more than 6,000 rescues and counting, shelters are overflowing. >> i tried to get everyone in the hotel, but they're full. >> reporter: there are at least 9,000 people here, but only 5,000 cots. officials are working to get flood victims everything they need. >> we have a fully operational pharmaceutical facility. we have doctors on site. people are getting their needs met. we have an emergency room. >> reporter: harvey is still a tropical storm as it spins off the gulf coast. authorities say it could make a second landfall, bringing more misery to a region already suffering. while the convention center is filled beyond capacity, they are still letting people inside. many of them sleeping on the floor with a few things they were able to
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reporting live in houston, i'm kenneth craig. back to you. >> it's important on the reason you may be hearing conflicting reports on the deaths from harvey. that's because some have not been confirmed from storm related. we've seen reports of 9 dead, even as high as 14. cbs however is going with 3 deaths. that includes a 60-year-old woman. a person who died in a fire, and another woman who is believed to have gotten out of her car and was washed away by flood waters. the death toll will raise after we get more confirmation. in the meantime, social media has been having a huge impact. images of the destruction harvey created in houston is haunting for some hurricane katrina survivers. today is the 12th anniversary of katrina hitting new orleans. it claimed more than 1800 lives, and left extreme damage in its wake. now in the
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survivers are wondering how social media would have impacted rescue, and recovery effortses if it was around back then. >> it's just so painful to see that, and to see the people now in houston, walking through that water. that just breaks my heart. >> many flood victims in texas are turning to social media for help. this is how bad it's been for houston call centers. 911 operators process 75,000 calls as of monday night. normally, the city getses 8 to 9,000 911 calls in a day. many people have complained about their calls going unanswered. >> reporter: when harvey moved in, and started dropping historic amounts of rain, in and around houston, many
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>> on a regular basis, we're going to talk about 8,000, 9,000 calls. >> this morning alone you had 75,000? >> that is correct. >> reporter: joe laud is administration manager at the houston emergency center. >> for people who are stranded, let's say on their roof. are you getting police there immediately? or how does that work right now? >> we prepare that information for dispatch purposes. and of course, we can't speak for police and fire response, because they're tied up with so many emergencies as well. >> reporter: laud says the 911 problem is complicated when people hang up, and try calling back. >> we're advising people to go ahead and stay on the line. the worst thing they can do is hang up. because what ends up happening, they're back at the end of the line. >> reporter: more than 200 people have been working 12 hour shifts since saturday. normally, just 25 people are answering these phones. >> stay on e
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>> reporter: for katherine tyler, the work has become personal. >> take a deep breath, ma'am. >> what's keeping you going and motivated? you lost your car and your home? >> i've been doing this four and a half years. they need help, my coworkers. >> reporter: the 911 centrals has a voice activated system, that will allow people to know when their call is being processed. officials say they've seen an increasing number of people who are calling, who are in labor, which means these call centers have had to talk people through at home deliveries. cbs news, houston, texas. today is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa9's first alert weather. >> you just get chills hearing these stories of all of these people just going through this water, and we still need a lot of rescuing. we are far from over with this. this is day number 5. and tomorrow will most
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day number 6 of more rain. this looks just like it did yesterday at this time, and it continues. take a look east of houston, they've seen a ton of rain, and it continues just near east of galveston. heavy rain just coming on in. when is it going to end? by thursday morning, we'll finally see the water stop falling from the sky. that doesn't mean the water is going to stop rising, and of course, it's going to take so long, even months, possible for that water to get back to normal levels. here it is. it moves off-shore. even increases intensity just a little bit. it's not going to increase much more than where it is now at 45 miles per hour. then it makes its way back through louisiana, and then it finally starts to pick up a little bit of pace, and heads to tennessee for friday, and into saturday. this may impact our holiday weekend, with a few showers one
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sunday, instead of saturday. we'll keep you up-to-date on that coming up a little bit later. i just wanted to show this future cast as we head through today and tomorrow. some parts of houston, into louisiana, could see an additional 10 to 12 inches of rain on top of 40 inches where some people saw that in the past 5 days. on our app, the latest on harvey, and how the rain is here. that's why we have that yellow alert day. i'll detail our weather coming up in just a bit. north korea launched yet another missile monday evening. this one flew directly over japan. the move is being seen as an escalation of aggression from the communist country. >> president trump was noncommittal when asked about north korea's latest missile launch, prior to leaving for texas. he was more forceful in a statement released earlier this morning,
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showed north korea's contempt for its neighbors, and all options were on the table for the u.s. to respond. sirens warned people to take shelter as the missile flew over the country. it went 1600 miles over the island of takaido. >> japanese prime minister, shinzo abe called the launch a reckless act, and unprecedented threat. the u.s. japan, and south korea called for an immediate meeting of the u.n. north korea's ambassador to the u.n. in switzerland said this morning, that the launches are needed to keep their country safe from america. >> translator: we will continue to strengthen this defense capability with nu
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as long as the u.s. maintains treaties. >> reporter: the u.s. and south korea conduct annual military exercises, which the north views as preparation for an invasion. cbs news, the white house. >> south korea did a live firebombing exercise this morning in response to the latest north korean missile launch. also new at noon, reston police have arrested, and charged dominique childs with the attempted abduction of a woman. she says he dragged her into the woods, and tried to rip off her clothes. childs is now being held without bond. more than a thousand people have begun a march against white supremacists. they'll be walking 112 miles from charlottesville, virginia, to the district of columbia. they hope to be here september 6. that's a week from tomorrow. this march was
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violence we saw in charlottesville. demonstrators want mr. trump to to change his policy, which they say promotes hate. we have some things you should consider to avoid getting ripped off by scammers. when disaster strikes, we rise up
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welcome back to the news at noon. this tragedy in texas is bringing out the best in people all across the country. you really want to be careful of scams. wusa9 breaks down how to donate money safely. >> reporter: unfortunately, there is no ta
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people out there, who are looking to take advantage of our generosity. that's why we think it would be important to arm you guys with the tools you'll need to donate wisely. let's start with gofundme. it's called the gofundme guarantees. essentially, that means if any of these hurricane harvey fundraisers, the site fully refunds you. beyond that, listen to this. if a scammer takes the money, go fund me will donate the money themselves. they also need your help. if a page looks suspicious, there's a report campaign button on the bottom of every page, where you can let go fund me know, so they can investigate. a look at the better business bureau, they have a database, where you can check paperwork to see if they're legitimate or not. they say the best thing you can do is give directly to charities with boots on the ground. that includes
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cross, or americares. last lie, the hurricane harvey relief fund, set up through the mayor. gofundme is a pretty safe way to donate, you can also look through the better business bureau. or just go for the relief fund, also, you can check out our texas cares campaign. all the information is on our website. wusa9. we have an update on the joel osteen. he is of course the famous pastor of a megachurch in houston. he was getting some flack for allegedly refusing to shelter victims from hurricane harvey, because a tweet said it was inaccessible due to all the flooding. over thegh
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the church was never closed, and would continue to be a distribution shelter for people in need. to some, that wasn't good enough. kim james says i thought the church was inaccessible, so how do you expect people to bring items there. oh, i get it, you didn't want to have displaced people there, but had to scramble to serve some purpose, once you realized that not helping when you have so much looks bad. disappointing, but not surprising at all. then there's jill. she says for those complaining, go help your fellow neighbor and serve your community at the church or local level. open your homes and feed those that are in need. prove to lakewood that you can do better, and then you can get back to complaining. otherwise, you haven't done nearly as much as lakewood has done for the entire community. so much is needed. we keep saying,
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they need money, but they also need blood. the most common type is o positive blood. >> lots of people are heading there with supplies, and trucks and boats. money and blood. >> especially with all of those babies being born. >> can you believe it? what a story to tell. >> and we haven't heard of one child named harvey yet. thank god. >> the rescue efforts continue, and some of the stories kind of bring tears to your eyes. here we go. interesting, and eerie it is, that it is on the anniversary of katrina. a lot of people are bringing back memories, and it's hard. this is how much rain we're expecting today. this is just from today through tomorrow, and even parts of thursday, as it makes its way into louisiana. additional double digits for some areas. it's starting to dry out a little bit west of houston, but the flooding continues around metro. houston, also just ea
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then it will quickly move off into the mid-atlantic for your weekend. let's talk about our weather. it was raining out there. it's not going to last many days, but it will last today, and today only. this coastal low, just moving up. a small chance of becoming a tropical storm. i don't think it's going to do so, but we have strong northeasterly winds, and a disturbance to the north. those things combined are going to give us a lot of rain. areas to the south and east, you're going to see more rain. heavier rain too. 2inches, if not a little more to it those areas. once you head off to the north and east, not going to last nearly as long, maybe a half inch. we'll show you the totals coming up. pockets of heavy rains around the metro spots. it's going to be light to moderate, and it will start to die down as the sun sets tonight. so we've had a lot of people on twitter asking about the nats game tht
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rain. as long as the field can handle it, and is doing okay. it will dry off. i think by 8:00, we'll start to see things become a little bit drier. we'll show you on the future cast here. steady rain, heavy at times, pushing out. by 5:30, your drive home is still wet out there. winds up to 25, even 30 miles an hour at times. here's 8:30. that looks a lot better. so drying out a little bit. it's going to be cool. ear not getting out of the 60s today. temperatures staying steady. for tomorrow, improvement in the weather. by 5:00, we have a few showers, well to the south, or into the southwest of our region, but we're going to be dry. that system is going to be kicked out, quickly, so areas farther south, that's where those rainfall totals are going to stick around. we're talking maybe four or five inches for parts of the outer
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and virginia beach, they'll see showers from today's weather as well. thursday, 4:30, we have a cold front coming on through, and it's going to be showers and thunderstorms during the early evening hours. it sets it up for a gorgeous friday. friday looks absolutely spectacular. here's the rain, hugging the coastlines. down to norfolk, virginia beach. that's where we're going to see the heaviest amounts of rain. d.c. about an inch or so. temperatures will warm up. as far as the remnantses of harvey are concerned, we are going to see them over the holiday weekend, with harvey not budging out of southeast texas right now, i think it will be later in the weekend, maybe sunday night into monday, we're going to keep a watchful eye on those remnants. it will be warmer though, into the low to mid-80s.
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thousands of pets and livestock are in the path of tropical storm harvey, which as alison tells us, is still dumping feet of rain on the houston area. all along the texas gulf coast, crews are on the way to save them. crews are actively searching for animals and taking them in. captain broil says calls are nonstop. >> we are seeing a lot of last animals. these are the animals walking around with their collar, walking around with their tags. >> it was really heartbreaking. it was hard to see an animal like this, so sweet. if my dog was lost, i would want somebody to do this for
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to post pictures of lost, and found animals to help reunite them with their families. one final look at our forecast when we return. (con artists...) they'll try anything to get your medicare card number. so they can steal your identity, commit medicare fraud. what can you do? guard your card? guard your card? just like your credit card. nobody gets my number, unless i know they should have it.
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new medicare cards without social security numbers will be mailed next year. visit stay sharp people!
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welcome back. we have a live look for you now from corpus christi, texas. you see air forceone. that's where president trump and the first lady just touched down. they're going to survey the damage done by harvey. of course, we'll have more on our mobile app and later newscasts. >> and also on our app is our current radar, it's raining much of the day. it will dry out later tonight after the
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little by the weekend. >> that's it for wusa9 news at noon, we will be back at 5:00, and of course much more on our app and mobile website anytime you need it. have a
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>> nick: how did faith seem to you? >> nikki: she told me how much she enjoyed her visit with her grandfather. but i'm sure we missed her more than she missed us. >> nick: well, she was adamant that i take her to see him. which normally wouldn't have been an issue, but dad had just kicked us off the ranch before she got home from camp. >> nikki: how did you leave things with victor? >> nick: well, he expects me to take her to see him whenever she wants. >> nikki: and will you? nicholas, are you determined to keep that little girl away from her grandfather? >> abby: hi, dad. >> victor: hello, sweetheart. >> abby: mwah! >> victor: hello, baby. so, did you settle into your new home? >> abby: i did. i love it there. it's the perfect size. the security is amazing on the ranch. and my favorite part is i can drop by and say hello to you whenever i want. unless you want me to call


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