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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  September 4, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon, and thanks for joining us this hour. i'm larry miller. right now tensions are mounting after north korea's sixth and most powerful nuclear test on sunday. the rogue nation claimed
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tested a hydrogen bomb capable of causing mast destruction on the u.s. mainland. u.s. allies are urging diplomatic measures. mola lenghi shows us how we got to this point. >> south korea launched ballistic missiles and scrambled fighter jets in a show of force following north korea's largest ever nuclear test. the north claims it tested a hydrogen bomb and declared its mission a perfect success. >> it is a not only a much more powerful weapon but might also have been someone that is more miniaturized, at least be able to fit on the warhead of a long range missile. >> sunday's blast at north korea's main nuclear test site created a man made earthquake felt in china and russia. scientists believe it was potentially ten times more powerful than north korea's last nuclear test and at least five times the explosive power of the
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dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki. >> any threat to the united states or our allies will be met with a massive military response. >> enough is enough. >> at today's emergency meeting of the u. n. security council nikki haley argued for the toughest sanctions possible. >> war is never something the united states wants. we don't want it now. but our country's patience is not unlimited. >> president trump has already threatened to stop trading with any country that does business with north korea. mola lenghi, cbs news, washington. >> kim jong-un studied there and the country has a history of hosting international dialogue efforts. h bombs are much stronger than at
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the u.s. dropped atomic bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki. hydrogen bombs are more advanced because they use nuclear fusion bringing atoms together. the energy from hydrogen bombs can create a fire ball as hot as the center of the sun. folks have been talking about this online. bryce tweets somebody tell north korea and the u.s. to chill. the rest of the world can't be at your mercy. >> and overthrow north korea, save the starving, persecuted and place foreign leadership to rebuild and create democracy. what do you think about everything that's going on right now. are you concerned? log on to our wusa9 facebook page and join the conversation. we could learn the fate of the dreamers program tomorrow. president trump is expected to announce the end of daca giving congress a six-month delay to make changes to that program. what does it all mean, and who's affected by the possible changes. daca officially known as the
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deferred action for childhood arrivals allows far two-year stay for undocumented immigrants to enter the country before turning 16, attend school or enter the military and those that are younger than 31 when that program was created. they also can't commit any serious crimes. the two-year stay is renewable as long as they are eligible. the program currently protects 800,000 immigrants from being deported. not all dreamers are in this program. in fact, the migration policy institute says nearly 2 million people can apply, but most have not. the one very important factor about this law is it can be taken away from the executive branch, which is what president trump will likely be doing. another fact is that this push for eliminating the program came from republican leaders from ten states saying they would sue the government over what they say are alleged abuses of power. last month 100 law professors signed a letter stating that to the president
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that program was perfectly legal. parts of houston near two reservoirs are facing more flooding this afternoon ten days after harvey first made landfall. that monster storm also flooded several highly toxic waste sites near houston, and federal officials are planning to check them for some possible damage. danielle nottingham has more. >> water flowed from the attics reservoir, forcing the mandatory evacuation of residents. >> it's really upsetting. i can't even believe it's happening here. >> the controlled release is expected to continue for weeks . the army corps of engineers says it's necessary to avoid a much bigger catastrophe. >> the project is built to handle a certain size event, and if you get an event bigger than that, something's got to give. >> in the houston suburbs, debris lines the streets as people begin the long ro
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recovery, and in beaumont, texas, national guardsmen airlifted in water to flood victims. >> it's so far from over. >> the environmental protection agency is checking out several toxic waste sites in southeast texas today that have been flooded from harvey. >> here in channel view, texas, people who live near the san jacinto river are worried about damage and possible contamination. >> you can't leave anything on the property. >> why not? >> because the toxins, now this is even worse. >> do you think you'll be able to build here again? >> no. >> in crosby, texas, evacuated residents near the disabled chemical plans are being allowed back home after officials successfully finished controlled burns of highly flammable chemicals. danielle nottingham, cbs news channel view, texas. >> city state and federal agencies will continue
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monitor the air around crosby. now wusa9's first alert weather rated d. c.'s most accurate forecast. >> while we're still dealing with the aftermath of harvey, we are closely monitoring hurricane irma. this is a major hurricane category 3, and you're looking right now at what's call infrared satellites that look at how tall the clouds are, how cold they are. you see the red color showing up right around the eye of irma, that's showing a very intense hurricane. and actually, the hurricane hunters have been investigating irma now since yesterday afternoon. they're finding that it's going through a lot of eye wall replacement cycles, which in the end makes irma a little bit stronger. this is something we have been watching, and we're going to have to watch very closely for several days because there are potential impacts in parts of the u.s. and already today with the newest advisory coming out at 11 a.m., irma has 120 miles
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winds, and they have now upgraded a hurricane watch to a hurricane warning for part of the leeward islands. so where does irma go from here? it's on a basically due westward track as it makes its way towards the leeward islands. puerto rico is under a hurricane watch, and then that cone of uncertainty. now you'll notice the updates today what i'm showing you now is taking the track further south than yesterday. there is still a lot of uncertainty with where irma will go. what you're looking at right now are various tracks from other hurricanes that have passed through that same point near the leeward islands, 50 miles or less. look how they go everywhere, why i'm showing you this because we still don't know where irma will go. it could go in the gulf, a florida storm, a southeast storm or even maybe out to sea. coming up, there's two reasons and two searing factors for what will determine where irma goes. i'm going to take you through those scenarios and check out our forecast here at home in
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of course we've got a breakout story on hurricane irma, what the latest track is on our free wusa9 app. new at noon, it's back to school at the university of maryland, and already one professor has been asked to resign over an offensive e- mail. that e-mail was sent last week, and now some students, latino students at the university are calling it racist. a professor sent an e-mail about who made the team when he accidentally included an e-mail chain with his daughter who's also an assistant coach for the team. in that chain his daughter spoke about how the team was lacking diversity with not enough latinos on the team. then she said this, that there were three obviously latino students who came, one was mediocre, two were pretty bad. she then continued to say whether or not they should let them on the team anyway just to boost diversity on the team. those three students spoke with wusa9 and called this offensive. >> we were automatically written
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out for being latino, and we weren't -- like, if it wasn't racist, then why didn't they have the assessment of every other student that was wait listed. it was only us, and it wasn't even an assessment. it was just a generalization of the three of us. my thing is if he had corrected his daughter and said we shouldn't necessarily connect their identities to their performance, that would have been different, but the fact that not only did he not correct his daughter, but he also condoned it. >> in the aftermath, we've heard a real mix of opinions on our wusa9 facebook page. marcy kicks it off saying i don't think he was being racist. there were others who were bad as he put it. just because someone points out or mentions someone's race doesn't make them racist. we got another tweet from a facebook user who said did he really have to point out their race. you can se
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both sides. we love to know what you think about this. go to our wusa9 facebook page. weigh in on our conversation. britain's prince william and his wife kate are expecting baby number three. they broke the news after kate had to cancel a royal appointment. >> the new royal baby will be prince william and kate's third child and a little brother or sister to 4-year-old prince george and 2-year-old princess charlotte. the queen and members of both families are delighted, so are royal fans. >> it's great for them. we need lots of royal children. >> kensington palace revealed kate's opinions monday saying the duchess of cambridge is being treated for the same severe morning sickness she had with her previous pregnancies. the palace isn't saying how far along kate is. >> the news accommodation on the same week little prince george starin
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children here at thomas', a private school in london. >> the happy announcement comes just four days after the 20th anniversary of the death of prince william's mother princess diana. >> they will bring their child up in the same way their children up in the same way as diana brought them up, and i think that's just great. >> the new baby will be born fifth in line to the british throne bumping uncle prince harry down to sixth place. >> how are you feeling about the news you're going to be an uncle again? >> fantastic, great, very happy for them. >> some are already speculating about names. >> victoria maybe. >> the early favorite at betting shops is alice for a princess and arthur for a prince. jane ferguson for cbs news london. >> the queen's son prince charles is first in line to the throne followed by prince william. prince george, princess charlotte and of course the new baby.
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the police department is facing criticism for its conduct in this video you see right here. the video was released by attorneys for the nurse that was arrested. the footage has resulted in a public apology from the police chief and a criminal investigation by the d. a.'s office. >> [ screaming ] >> a body camera captured the moment nurse alex wubbles was arrested in the burn unit. she was handcuffed after she refused to let police draw blood from an unconscious man in the emergency room. >> i'm just a nurse trying to protect a patient. >> believe it or not, i'm
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>> it's so blatantly obviously what was right and what was wrong, and i was not wrong. >> the victim, an idaho reserve police officer who works as a truckdriver had been brought in after being in this fiery crash on july 26th near salt lake city. officer jeff payne's written report said he wanted to take a blood sample to show the victim did nothing wrong. >> is this patient under arrest? >> wubbles explained it was against hospital policy and the law to take blood without a warrant or an arrest. >> she put the supervisor on the phoned. >> you're making a huge mistake. >> that's when things escalated. >> no, we're done, we're done. you're under arrest. >> wubbl es was detained for 20 minutes before being released. >> salt lake city police chief mike brown. >> i was alarmed by what i saw in the video. >> the department is conducting an internal investigation and has changed its blood draw policy. >> i want to continue
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conversation. we need reeducation, and i will be waiting to hear what chief brown decides should be done with his employees. >> overred weekend 100 people gathered to voice their outrage. wubbles said if she had to she would have taken the same action. >> my co-workers would have done the same thing. this is what we do. nurse hasn't taken any legal action but she says that's not off the table effort the police department where the patient works sent a message thanking the nurse and the hospital for protecting the patient's rights. a group are gathering supplies to send to women and children affected by hurricane harvey, they're collecting personal items such as diapers for children along with toiletries for men and women. they're expecting harvey donations until thursday. and remember, you can help the
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they sure do need it. head to our website cares. there you can make a donation directly to the american red cross hurricane harvey disaster relief fund. all donations are tax deductible. now wusa9's first alert weather rated d. c.'s most accurate forecast. >> earlier we were talking about irma, the uncertainty as we get towards this weekend of where exactly irma will go. i want to explain and break down the two features that we're watching that will end up steering irma further west or for the east, and that will change what impacts we ultimately do or do not end up getting here in the mid- atlantic. as we head towards the friday time frame, irma's going to be somewhere near puerto rico and cuba. okay, so we've got two features that we'll be watching, the first of which is going to be the big dip in the jet stream. this is going to bring a cooldown in our area middle of the week. the second item that we're going to be watching is the bermuda high. now, these two items if th
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north and east a little bit earlier this weekend, that opens the door for irma to go on more of a westward path, but if they stay in control a little bit longer, irma gets sucked up further towards the east. where i've drawn these two arrows on the map, this is pretty much the greatest possibility of where irma might end up heading. we're still seven days out at least, so that's the bottom line right now. we still don't know. this is two of our weather models, the american model and the european model. we have pretty good agreements. these are showing where the center of irma as of where they stand right now thinks irma may go. we'll go into friday time frame, still fairly close but i want to show you what happens this weekend with these models. as we get towards cuba and beyond into the weekend, they start to separate a little further apart, so these are our weather models struggling to figure out exactly how strong those two systems will
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to seven days out from any impacts on the u.s. we need to be on guard. think about your hurricane preparedness plan. right now in the mid-atlantic let's talk about our nicer weather before irma impacts come closer to the u.s. we've got sunshine. it's very nice out there right now. we're in the 70s. we've got low humidity, relatively speaking. it's just comfortable for your labor day. the rest of the afternoon nice weather continues. next chance of storms is going to arrive late tomorrow along the next cold front coming in, so for the rest of today we'll climb up to the mid-80s. it will be a pleasant afternoon. i want to take you into futurecast for tomorrow, we'll start out dry. we hit near the upper 80s tomorrow afternoon, but look at this, 4, 6, 7:00 tomorrow evening, we've got some showers and storms that return, and those will carry into your wednesday as well dropping our temperature down significantly. watch this temperature roller coaster. today we're in the mid-80s. tomorrow 88, then we'll drop to
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this next story has turned into quite the talker. the oregon court of appeals has ruled a couple must get rid of their dog or have their dog's vocal chords cut. the couple was sued by neighbors who deal with nonstop barking for 15 years. the neighbors who filed the lawsuit say they can't sell their property because of the parking. >> my clients did not ask to have the dogs debarked. they asked to have the dogs removed from the property. the defendants were the ones
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have the dogs debarked. >> the dogs say the canines are necessary to keep their sheeps safe from cougars coyotes and bears. >> we got a lot of responses. one twitter user wrote this saying is it fair or legal to debark dogs. they go on to say it sounds vile to me. dogs park. that's part of being a dog. that's what they do just like cats meow. another user writes if a dog is a nuisance it's better that the owners debark or soften the bark than to get rid of the animal or get fined or sued. you be the judge of that. let us know what you think. it's trending on facebook. >> a fi
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all right, enjoy our lovely weather today. >> that's going to do it for us. we will see you back here this evening tonight on the
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>> victoria: i know what you're up to. >> phyllis: riding the elevator? or i was, until you stopped it. >> victoria: you're plotting and you're scheming. >> phyllis: ohhh! okay. you're worried that i'm planning another rendezvous with billy in here? actually, i do take the elevator to get from floor to floor, and not just to have hot sex with your ex-husband. >> victoria: you see? right there. that bitchy dig just proves it. so, what is your goal, phyllis? are you out to take me down? my company? or both? ♪


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