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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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hard to believe, but we're talking about another hurricane and tonight it's getting stronger. >> storm fears are flying on social media, but a category 6, come on. we'll verify. >> all options are on the table when omit ces to north korea. >> and a sleepless night for so many dreamers. the news at 11:00 starts right now. we begin tonight with that breaking news. hurricane irma is breaking strength and
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and more likely that she'll impact the u.s. coast possibly with a direct landfall. >> which could be scary, hurricane irma now a category 4. the governor of florida declared a state of emergency and hurricane warnings have been issued for the leeward islands, greater antilles and puerto rico. people who live on miami's shores are not taking chances filling up the grocery carts. general rule of thumb, have at least enough food and water to last three days for every person in your household. >> a lot of people jumped in the car and headed to the gas station even though residents are told it's too soon for the storm shutters. it's apparently not too soon to top off the tank in palm beach county. in riviera beach, florida, boat owners making sure everything is safe at the marina and moving inland if possible. here we go again, howard. a lot of people aren't over the shock of harvey yet. what's up with this one? >> this is a monster or
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category 4, has that buzzsaw look. here's the eye about 15 miles in diameter clearly evident here. this storm has gotten a lot more organized and stronger than 24 hours ago. the 11:00 advisory, winds up to 140 gusting to 165. watch the pressure. the lower the number, the stronger the storm. right now it's at 933 millibars moving west at 13. the virgian islands and puerto rico are still under a hurricane watch. i it would not be surprised if tomorrow hurricane warnings get -- i would not be surprised if tomorrow hurricane warnings get posted for them. these are pretty good estimates. 156 makes cat 5 and on the path tuesday night and wednesday morning approaching the british and virgian islands wednesday at 1:00, but you notice it goes toward st. croix and puerto rico as well. they're not out of the woods. this track has shifted sl
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north from earlier, but the turks and caicos and the bahamas friday morning and skirting between andros and cuba. over open water has a good fuel source, likely to stay strong there and then potentially approaching florida sometime saturday night, sunday morning. we've got to watch this turn to the north after that. i'llme co back and talk about potential impacts around here and look at the rest of the local forecast. there is breaking news tonight on hurricane harvey as well. texas emergency management officials now say at least 60 deaths are blamed on that storm. many of those deaths were people drowning in flash floods or waterlogged roads. house leaders announced plans to vote wednesday on a bill to deliver disaster relief. volunteers from across the country are taking the matter of disaster relief into their own hands. coming up a little later we'll introduce you to a local family who are in texas tonight after holding a very special labor day cookout. how we're making it easy
11:04 pm there you can make a donation directly to the american red cross hurricane harvey disaster relief fund. all donations are tax deductible. eyes are on hurricane irma brewing in the atlantic ocean and there's unfortunately lots of misinformation out there. for meteorologists like myself and the verify team, it's for us to clean up like this article. this has been shared almost 2 million times. it says irma could be a category 6 storm, the strongest hurricane in history wiping entire cities off the map. i can verify this is really false. there's no such thing as a category 6 hurricane and for those of us who make a living giving people important information that keeps them safe it's really frustrating. the experts at the national hurricane center are pretty annoyed about this one, too. >> the power of social media, unfortunately every single item in that thing is probably dead wrong, no. we do not
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once you pass that threshold of catastrophic damage, you have catastrophic damage. >> so please when you're sharing information about storms that cause people to panic, make sure it's coming from a trusted local news source or agency like the national hurricane center. we'd much rather use the time communicating needed information and facts as opposed to debunking internet junk. our verify team is always ready to help you separate fact from fiction. find us on facebook and twitter@wusa9 or e-mail the team sanctuary, not deportation! >> demonstrators have a message for president trump asked him to keep daca. it was created by executive order under president obama. for years it has shielded an estimated 800,000 undont
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united states as children. it means no fear of deportation, a chance to study or get a job, but tomorrow all this could end. president trump is expected to announce he is going to try to fulfill a campaign promise by ending that program. >> this is not about a piece of paper. it's not about a piece of work permit. it's about young people's lives. >> now some reports say the president is indeed considering delaying enforcement for about six months to give congress time to work up some sort of replacement for this. now as we wait for word from the white house, those 800,000 undocumented immigrants are unsure what their future holds. one dreamer told our stephanie ramirez she still has hope. >> sometimes i'm a little sad. mostly i'm a little bit more soft spoken. >> reporter: brave is the word that comes to mind for making herself known despite the fear of not knowing what's next. 20-year-old jennifer
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canvassing for casa in action tells us both her and her brother are daca recipients. as a teen she says -- >> i started noticing i couldn't get a driver's license, the stuff that my peers were doing, getting jobs and i always wondered why. >> reporter: that's when she learned she is undocumented and said she hardly remembers coming to the u.s. from mexico at age 4. >> i feel more a part of the united states than mexico. i'm not going to lie. it is a little fearful because they have all our information. >> reporter: but she chooses to stay positive. >> i'm hopeful that the president will at least make it like a buffer so we have time to fight in congress. >> reporter: that's why the siblings were out in virginia monday. romero said she's canvassed time and time before, but today was the first time she actually realized she's canvassing for her family. romero said
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legally drive and get a job. she hopes to go to college and is trying to raise the money. this is even still has hope of joining -- she even still has hope of joining the military. >> it would be an honor to fight for the country i grew up in, i was raised in. >> now romero said she and her brother will protest in front of the white house again tomorrow. former president barack obama is expected to speak out if president trump does announce the end of the daca program. according to a report in politico, obama will respond in posts on social media according on a source close to the former president. you may remember mr. obama said when he left office that he would comment on mr. trump's actions when he felt our core values may be at stake. the senate and house are back in session tomorrow and what a to do list. they have to agree to raise the debt ceiling before the deadline september 29th. the trump white house also wants them to pass a massive tax code overhaul and as you
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realize, the relationship between congress and the president has been a little stressed. so this should be pretty interesting on what gets done. nuclear powers understand their responsibilities. kim jong un shows no such understanding. his abusive use of missiles and his nuclear threat show that he is begging for war. >> that was a strong message from u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley today. at an emergency session of the security council in new york. as the u.s. weighs in its next move against north korea, a lot of people are wondering just what all of this means and many of you may even be getting tough questions from your kids about whether we're going to war. we send our john henry out to get some answers. >> reporter: tonight i talked to william brown retired from the federal government. he's also a professor at georgetown university's school of foreign service. he also grew up in south korea during the
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parents did missionary work. he's an expert on topics relating to north korea, so we asked him a few questions tonight. one, how is the threat from north korea different from years past? he said much of it has to do with the magnitude of the weapons north korea just tested. >> they've had five tests. this is their sixth one getting bigger every time. the other ones to be honest were kind of install potatoes. >> reporter: he said -- small potatoes. >> reporter: he said this looked like an order of magnitude weapon, the sort of tool that can take out an entire city. >> that makes this one a huge threat to a city like seoul. second, how do south koreaians deal with this threat especially -- south koreans deal with this threat especially so close to their border, roughly the same distance of d.c. to baltimore. >> you can't go to north korea. you can't look at it. nothing ever happened. >> reporter: finally do we in the u.s. have anything to worry
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about? would north korea ever consider striking the osmanliland? >> no, i really think not. -- the u.s. mainland? >> no. i really think not. it's kind of a deterrent so we don't hit them. >> reporter: we had a wide ranging interview you can actually find on our website now details in a deadly shooting in charles county maryland, deputies are searching for a killer on the loose, the suspect 35-year-old brian pierce. deputies found his abandoned car near friendship landing in nanjemoy and they warn people in that neighborhood to lock their doors and windows. deputies believe fierce shot two men this afternoon along port tobacco road. one man died. the other was rushed to the hospital and is in serious condition. a former university of maryland coach loses his son to violence, what happens to the young man who could have been a star. >> meet a man with a van, see how this family brought hope and love to survivors of
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hours notice. >> howard will be back to answer your questions about hurricane irma. is it too soon to worry about friends and family in florida? all this plus d.c.'s most accurate forecast. you're watching the
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in montgomery county it is back to school. thousands of students head to class bright and early tomorrow morning for the first day of the school year. prince george's county students return to school wednesday. this is the first year kids in maryland start classes after labor day following governor larry hogan's executive order pushing back the start date. sad story tonight, he was a promising football player with university of maryland connections and apparently a troubled past. 25-year-old meiko locksley was killed last night in howard county. he is the son of mike locksley, a former umd coach who is now on nick saban's staff at university of alabama. delia goncalves learned how this all happened. >> reporter: i spoke to a young mother who said the shooting happened right outside her front door. she and her young daughter had just come home from a labor day barbecue. it was 10:10 sunday night. she said the neighborhood was dark. no one was around. she went in the house and then
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single gunshot. she peered through her window and saw the victim on the ground bleeding but no suspects anywhere to be found. >> meiko was like the average guy that used to come around. >> reporter: just 25 years old meiko locksley never survived that single gunshot. a rising football star who started out playing high school ball in illinois, then moved on to play for a junior college in scranton, pennsylvania, then a stint at towson, university, the son of famed former maryland football coach mike locksley now at alabama. >> our thoughts and prayer goes out to mike and the entire locksley family. >> reporter: but it appears the rising football star struggled with a violent past. court records show a history of assault and disorderly conduct. meiko lived blocks from where he was killed. the murder scene is just steps away from a trail back here in the woods that leads out
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complex here. police tonight still are looking for the suspect and are urging folks who may have heard or seen anything to call them right away. in columbia delia goncalves, wusa9. president trump, they want you gone. tonight a couple of hundred civil rights marchers are bedded down for the night in fairfax county. they left charlottesville eight days ago on foot and hope to reach the white house wednesday. >> obviously our bodies are physically tired, but again our minds are focused making sure we get to the white house to share the message we want donald trump removed from office and we want any government official that perpetuates white sumpremacy and anti-blackness out of any position of power. >> what sparked this march? that unite the right rally last month in charlottesville which saw the likes of nazis and the kkk marching through town and president trump's controversial response. new at 11:00 victims of hurricane harvey just got a lot of help with someone right here
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in our backyard. a virginia family took supplies by the truckload to the flood zone and they organized it in one day. pete muntean just spoke to them. >> the miller family still in texas tonight, they decided only thursday to load up this truck. they went to a hard hit town east of houston. tonight they're still very emotional about what they saw. they told me the highlight was a little slice of labor day that would not have happened otherwise. >> we didn't have 1 inch of space left anywhere. >> reporter: peter miller gutted his work van to pull off this plan after seeing the damage in texas. he knew had he to do something. >> it was that simple. it was really that simple. i'm kind of an impulsive guy. >> reporter: peter's wife karen sent out the plea on facebook. donations started piling up at their fairfax county home, baby formula, diapers, dog food and water, enough to fill peter's work van and another trailer in only
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>> every single thing about this trip has worked. >> reporter: starting saturday the hurls drove more than 20 hours -- the millers drove more than 20 hours from burke, virginia, to beaumont, texas. >> we can donate money, but that's not the same as doing something concrete. >> reporter: packed with this cargo something different, hotdogs, buns and a smiles. at a baptist church on monday the millers helped host a labor day picnic. they say the helpers needed helping, too. >> our whole theme was not to really bring food. it was to bring hope and love. >> reporter: full stomachs all thanks to full trucks and full hearts. >> i walk away from it with a thought community is everything. it's everything. >> reporter: peter did not only have his wife by his side. his brother and a friend joined in as drivers. also his son flew in from wisconsin. they have a little practice from about 12 years ago. peter and his brother went to louisiana after
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katrina. pete muntean, wusa9. >> thank you, pete. we'll get back to hurricane irma now. tonight we have some of your questions and, howard, you've been talking to people on facebook with specific questions for you. >> everybody is always concerned about your is slice of the world. >> let's go to the first one from tessa, what about houston, could they get hit with irma? >> no. this thing will make the turn somewhere either into florida, might slip into the far eastern gulf of mexico, but it's either going to be florida or just off the east coast. irma will not add to houston. >> question two from will. what impact for the d.c. area can we see for irma? >> irma right now doesn't look to be a direct hit. we in a get still a tropical storm, tropical depression. what that means and we're talking maybe next tuesday the 12th into the 13, so a week from -- 13th , so a week from tomorrow, rain, could be heavier rain, winds, maybe me
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to our south. >> anthony and his wife are supposed to fly to ft. lauderdale saturday morning for a vacation. are we going to have a problem he asks? >> a problem may be an understatement. if this turns to florida like a lot of the models are suggesting sunday and monday, yeah, that vacation is not going to happen. if this track continues the way it's looking, i would advise him not to go. we've got time to watch it. that's the key here. one of the things i'm amazed, i'm plotting two models, gsf and the european and the latest data from both, remarkable agreement, shows you how well defined the steering currents are. i can't recall seeing these two models in such tight agreement. sometimes when you get them a day or two out but four, five or six days out? by wednesday morning at 2:30, they're practically stacked on top of each other. if, 60
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defense night -- 50, 60 miles heading into wednesday night. slight differences here, but then they're practically on top of each other just up the north coast to cuba. this is going to saturday morning. now we're talking five days out. they're still in agreement and they both start to make the turn north here saturday night into sunday morning towards south florida. this is where things diverge but still only a little bit, the gsf going more over florida, the european staying offshore. this means a stronger storm. if it stays offshore -- things can change, but it's got well defined steering currents -- this could be a bigger problem for south carolina and north carolina than the gfs which stays more to the us. for us it doesn't look too bad. antigua, the virgian islands, they'll get hit by a category 4 hurricane. might track toward cuba, a growing threat for florida. for us i'll
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possible impacts with some heavier showers, thunderstorms, windy conditions tuesday the 12th into the 13th the way it looks now. our 3-degree guarantee, for the first time in 37 days i missed it, 86 and 82. sorry, top, we got to start a new streak, difference 4 degrees. we've got a cold front coming tomorrow evening. tonight clear, not as cool, atmosphere moistening up, 64 to 72. tomorrow morning will be okay. we'll warm quickly, low 80s by lunchtime. then in the afternoon a threat for a few showers and storms mainly north and west until evening. not a yellow weather alert but mid- to upper 80s. three-day forecast cooler with rain and showers wednesday, a yellow weather alert day. the sun returns. thursday looks good and the rest of the week looks really good friday through sunday and then monday increasing clouds ahead of potentially a visit from irma's remnants the way it looks now. apparently it is a great time to be a bookie
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>> kensington palace said kate, the duchess of cambridge, is pregnant with her third child. people are wagering on the baby's name, alice if it's a princess, arthur if it's a prince. kensington palace is not saying how far along kate is, but london papers say she's due next spring. what is worse than a broken heart? how about a hacked heart? a warning from the food and drug administration, there are nearly half a million people with pacemakers like these that are vulnerable to hackers. they might actually be able to switch off the device. the threat is so serious the fda is recalling those implantable pacemakers. they sit on your skin here. here's a toll free number, 1- 800-722-3774.
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the hotline is by the manufacturer abbott laboratories. one more time 1-800-722-3774. we have that number and information on our facebook page and our website a young teen sees a very special dream come true. it's a big night in baltimore just ahead. >> and the nationals' bats finally wake up. apparently they just needed a little night air in miami to take flight.
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now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> after dropping three out of four to the milwaukee brewers dusty baker said his team wasn't really focused. they figured that out in miami tonight. the bats came alive, daniel murphy drove in three runs, anthony rendon driving in four. nats swirl the fish 7-2 -- swish the fish 7-2. they face off again tomorrow night in miami at 7:10. 17-year-old jimmy martino
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contract friday with his favorite team, the baltimore orioles. he got to meet his hero adam jones and threw out the ceremonial first pitch all
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going to be a warm one tomorrow, mid- to upper 80s, a late storm possible, a little bit cool and damp wednesday and then we're in great shape the rest of the week. >> we'll take it. >> dry bus stop for the kids it looks like.
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>> president trump is taking a working vacation at his new jersey golf course for 17 days. ♪ vacation all i ever wanted ♪ vacation had to get away ♪ vacation meant to be spent alone ♪ vacation all i ever wanted ♪ vacation had to get away ♪ vacation >> announcer: it's the "late show" with stephen colbert! tonight stephen welcomes laura dern, leah remini and musical guest trombone shorty, featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york


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