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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 5, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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tonight, meghan markel is all in and in love with prince harry. her first interview about the hush hush royal romance. why the palace let her talk. are we one step closer to a royal wedding? plus -- >> very happy for them. >> new details on will and kate's third baby on the way. then -- >> the wonderful and talented george clooney. >> george with his good buddy, matt damon, gushing about had new lady in his eyes, baby ella. >> she's very elegant, all eyes. fashion secrets from george and amal's first night since the twins. >> why taylor swift was booed at her best friend's wedding. inside katy and orlando's beach rendezvous, and our kevin hart exclusive with his pregnant wife. >> are you ready for diaper duty? >> i'm not doing nothing. now for september 5, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." she is just wild about harry.
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meghan markle breaks her silence opening up for the first time about her royal love affair with the prince. >> what's so crazy about this is meghan grew up not far from where we are right now in south central los angeles, and she is living a real life fairy tale. >> "we're two people who are really happy and in love." that's how meghan describes her 16-month romance with prince harry, who she calls her "boyfriend." quote, we were very quietly dating for about six months before it became news. i have never defined myself by my relationship. in her first sit down interview about prince harry, the 36-year-old poses for "vanity fair" with bare feet in a ball gown looking very much like the future princess she may one day be. behind the scenes, we see the "suits" star at ease, laughing and showing off her beautiful ilsme, but meghan's favorite thing about the photo shoot? there's barely any makeup, little editing and, quote, we will finally be able to see my freckles. but, did the palace have to approve? "e.t.'s" royals expert, victoria arbiter, explains.
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a free and independent citizen, so, no, she wouldn't need the palace's approval to conduct this interview, but there's no way she would have done it without the blessing of both prince harry and kensington palace. the royals have a long standing relationship wit vanity fair and it is considered more of a society magazine. prestigious, excellent writing, globally available, and i expect "vf" knows not to cross the line so there is an element of control. >> other things we learned, the strongest bond harry and meghan share is their philanthropy. she never reads the press, and one of her good friends is new mom, serena williams. the two met about seven years ago at the super bowl. serena gives meghan advice on how to handle the haters. >> serena williams said, look. you really can't hide and shouldn't hide. and you should, in fact, be yourself. >> but what about rumors of a royal engagement and would the palace approve, especially since she's an american divorcee? >> an american divorcee was a problem in the past, but we live in different times now.
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and he is married to a divorcee camilla. the palace, and royal family is ready for harry to have a happy ending. that's not the only fun thing to talk about out of the uk, as will and kate announce they are expecting baby number three. >> there was no sign of a baby bump last week when duchess kate appeared at an event honoring princess diana. wearing a slim fitting floral dress, we did not know at the time she is in her first trimester. >> william and kate kind of forced releasing the pregnancy news early because kate was supposed to visit a children's center, and she had to withdraw from that because she was feeling so unwell. >> it's very good news. >> prince william is understandably cautious, but his brother showed a bit more enthusiasm. >> how are you feeling about the news you're going to be an uncle again? >> fantastic. great. very, very, happy for them. >> and how's your sister-in-law doing? >> ah, i haven't seen her for a while, but i think she's okay.
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>> just like with her other pregnancies, kate is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, which is the formal medical term for severe morning sickness. >> when kate was pregnant with george, she had to be hospitalized. that's how severe it was. when she was pregnant with charlotte, and now with new baby, they knew what to expect. >> william and kate had previously stated that they wanted to expand their family. now the two are also busy with increased royal duties. >> they won't have the same quality time, and that's why this baby is likely to be the last one. >> and we can only imagine that little george and charlotte can't wait for their new baby brother or sister. so when exactly is the due date? >> the baby's due date, i think we're looking toward end of april, beginning of may. an anniversary baby, april 29th, would be an added bonus. there is a lot of baby talk in the clooney household, and they are in venice. look at them mixing work and play for a little adult time as they h
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>> george worked that old school hooollywd glamor, walking the venice red carpet hand in hand with amal. clooney directs matt damon in "suburbicon," and the guys told our carly steel on a windy italian day, when it comes to red carpet style, they have it easy. >> put on a tuxedo, and you go, i'm good. they go, what are you wearing? i go, a tuxedo. who are you wearing? a tuxedo. it's awful for women. >> they have, you know, amal looks at me with anger. i put on the tux i wore last year. >> saturday's premiere was george and amal's first public appearance since the birth of their twins. george says their personalities are already showing. >> he is a thug already. you saw him. he's a mooch. literally he just sits and eats like this. >> he looks like he could bounce right now.
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>> he is checking i.d.s on the way to the nursery. and she is very elegant, and she looks like amal, thank god. >> clooney's next project? helping to host a telethon for hurricane harvey relief on september 12th. >> amal and i have talked about it and we're going to be donating a considerable amount of money as well. it's about understanding that this is going to be a process that's going to take years, not over the week. i mean this could take a long, long time. >> some of theer oth stars joining george include oprah winfrey, beyonce, julia roberts, barbara streisand, and reese witherspoon. so many people are getting involved. the one hour telethon airs next tuesday across all four major networks. let's shift gears and talk about taylor swift. look what you made her do. >> come on! >> he has all the details from a busy weekend. >> it was a busy weekend. her song, "look what you made me do" just dethroned "despacito." that song was 16 weeks at number one. she also surprised her
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with a new song. then there was this. know and tell -- taylor's wedding weekend. >> her fans were disappointed to say the least. taylor hidden behind a big security screen after her bff, abigail anderson got hitched on martha's vineyard. we have the pictures of taylor as a stunning bridesmaid holding abigail's dress on the way to the ceremony. ♪ >> it was a huge weekend for taylor. she dropped the second track off her upcoming album, "reputation". >> is it romantic? ♪ so i take my time. are you ready for it ♪ >> so who is she talking about? she is not saying. next up, katy perry and orlando bloom's rekindled romance. the couple went paddleboarding in santa barbara over the weekend. katy wore a bikini and the buffed out or land do wore trunks this time.
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katy and orlando maintain they're just friends. and now kevin hart's surprising baby plans. >> are you ready for diaper duty? >> no. >> i thought you would come around. >> i'm not done nothing. i told you, man. >> what are you going to -- >> i'm not done nothing. >> that doesn't work, kev. eniko is seven months pregnant and feeling fine, but kev plans to be a hands-off dad. he was pumped up in vegas for his annual fund raiser heart beat. but he was not ready to give up the baby boy's name. >> we ran down the list of the names and it was a family decision. >> we're not telling you the names. we're not intellg you, man. >> not yet. >> not yet. >> you know, i made him tell me. >> what is it? >> he wouldn't. he wouldn't. >> he doesn't know. come on. he shut you down. up next, why angelina jolie says she is not enjoying the single life. her new interview about
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after the split. then -- why jamie foxx walked off the set of his game show. plus our property brothers exclusive. what drew is telling us about his intense rehearsals. >> i have lost 25 pounds in the last, like, six weeks. >> i have put on a quarter of those just
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i will tell you this. jennifer lawrence knows how to work a red carpet. >> yes, she does. >> check her out at the venice photo call of her new movie," mother," and she didn't stand next to her director/boyfriend, i
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turner. maybe he wanted to stand next to michelle pfeiffer. >> let my man tell me he wants to stand next to another woman. there will be problems later. >> i hear you. you're right. meanwhile over at the telluride film festival, angelina jolie made a surprise appearance with her six kids in tow. >> it was a family affair this weekend as angelina received a standing ovation following the screening of her film "first they killed my father." 16-year-old maddox, who was an executive producer on the film, and his little bro, pax, supporting their mom onstage. off-stage the closeness continued as the oscar winner was surrounded by all six of her kids. >> i of lo being a mommy. i love my kids. >> life as a single mom hasn't been easy. in a new interview she opens up about her split with brad pitt saying, quote, i don't enjoy being single. it's not something i wanted. adding, there'th
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>> we jumped into being a family first, and that just seems like the biggest commitment you could possibly make. >> the 42-year-old talked to "the sunday telegraph" about the struggles. besides her break up, she battled several health issues in several years. she underwent a double mastectomy last year, and then she was diagnosed with bell's palsy. the busy mom confessing quote maybe it it appears i'm holding it all together, but i'm just getting through my days. >> she has six kids and she is actively trying to raise them. >> six. she gets up and, like, brushes her hair in the morning, you have done a lot, angelina. coming up -- >> thi os isur story. >> what you never knew about the property brothers from bankruptcy to divorce. >>ne we ver really talked about our personal lives very much. then amal clooney is back after baby. we have her style secrets. >> plus how george is taking his hollywood
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damon to the next level. >> he is the best actor i have worked with. >> i don't know a better actor i have seen in my life. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ always stay gracious yesterday was labor day for most of us, but for the bey hive it was a very different national holiday. it was the queen's birthday. she received this cool all-star tribute, and check out michelle obama. new mom, serena williams, and blue ivy rocking beyonce's formation fashion. very cool. >> i had to study to figure out who was who. >> who was who? >> yeah. speaking of fashion, can we ce
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talk about a kaleidoscope of color and couture as amal turned venice into her own personal runway. >> hours before the new mom stepped onto that red carpet with george, her lilac atelier versace gown was being sewn with last minute alterations. the flowing skirt, and to access rise, she had her hair up in a faux bob. she also had a perfect berry lip color. hours later her hair came down and she changed into this multi-color tiered mini dress. these shots were posted with the original gown in 1967. you can buy it for just $12,700. another version of the dress is on display at the new york metropolitaneu musm of art. her parade doesn't end there.
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different styles. the 39-year-old humarights lawyer wore this strapless missoni dress out to dinner with george. the cost? nearly $4,000. the dress from the 2018 resort collection is sold out everywhere. but when you are mrs. clooney, that doesn't matter. back to george himself, he and matt damon were in venice for the film festival for their film, "suburbicon." matt opened the festival with his other movie, "downsizing," and both clooney and our carly steel gave matt and his wife some fashion props. >> when you guys came on to the carpet, it was such a moment. >> wasn't she beautiful? >> yeah. beautiful. >> first red carpet i ever nailed. >> matt owned venice from the "downsizing" premiere to the red carpet for "suburbicon," but in the is satirical thriller, matt rocks this look, playing a dark family man as he and director george depict the american dream as a nightmare. it's clooney's fourth time directing his buddy.
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>> how is he as a boss? >> it's not the first time i have worked with the wonderful and talented and brilliant george clooney. he does things that other directors just can't do. he pays me in cash daily. you just don't see other people doing that at this level. >> you have got a wad there. >> yeah. >> what are you dealing drugs? >> how is matt as an employee? did he behave himself? >> no, he did not. i'm going to say that right now. >> wait a minute. >> way to go. >> matt is the greatest actor i have ever worked with. this works out well. in fact, i don't know a better actor i have ever seen in my life. >> this bromance has certainly blossomed since they first worked together in "oceans eleven." >> to be here 15 years later and to be working and on stuff we love, that's really -- that's a blessed life. >> you guys share that together. >> no, not really. >> not as much. >> not really. i was more talking about myself.
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>> they are such jokesters. i guess that's why they get along so well. >> i could watch those two all day. >> i know. speaking of clowning around, how about another do-it-yourself pair? drew and jonathan scott. >> they're two of your favorites. >> they are. >> they've got a new mem moyer out. "it takes two," that dives into their not-so-easy road to becoming the "property brothers" we know and love. our brooke anderson was with them to talk about all of that, but first, we had to know how things were going with drew's latest "dancing" project. >> i'm excited, i'm nervous, i'm everything. "dancing with the starts" is something we've both been asked to do over the years, but it's finally happening. >> drew's going after that coveted mirrorball trophy with dance pro, emma slater. who is also a twin. six weeks into rehearsals, they're calling themselves "team hot property." >> does he have rhythm? >> his nickname is the robot. we say, you have to give him some heart because on the dance floor, you need h
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>> i'm a slim guy, but i've lost about 25 pounds in the last six weeks. >> i put on about a quarter of those just for support. >> i have to watch i don't wither away. >> he's going to be plenty busy. the brothers are also still in production on their hgtv series along with drew's fiancee, linda phan. >> we haven't set our date yet. >> you have been engaged since december? >> he set the date he wants to be completed, but hasn't set the date of the wedding. is there a priority mix up? >> priorities. priorities. >> life's good for the 39-year-old twins whose combined net worth is a reported $20 million, but it wasn't always that way. they get candid about some dark times in their new memoir, "it takes two: our story." >> we have never really talked about our personal lives very much, you know, i went through a divorce, and anyone who has been through that knows how painful that can be. i didn't even go on a date for six months. >> you talk about accumulating massive debt at one point in your life. >> my passion was acting and i never thought it wouldn't happen d
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i accumulated over $100,000 in debt. >> but while the guys credit each other with getting through it all, tharere e some things these twins wish they could swap. >> i would take his middle name. silver. it's so much cooler than alfred. >> true. >> my initials are a.a.s. >> that's initials. >> that's hilarious. >> at least his first name's not jack. let's talk about will smith, and i was hanging out with him and dj jazzy jeff in england. first time he performed in 12 years, and will dropped new music. here's his song, "get lit." ♪ we're about to get lit >> you can see more of will's performance on listen. listen. this dude still has it. >> yes, he does. >> in case
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foxx. the emotional moment that caused him to walk off the set of his game show. that is coming up next.
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jamie foxx has been very open about his childhood, including how he was adopted at just 7 months old. >> and this exclusive clip from his fox game show, emotions got the best of jamie as he talked about the woman who made him what he is today. good-bye, everybody. >> i was adopted at 7 months. i'm going to tell you what that means. my grandmother, that's not actually my biological grandmother. that's someone who said, i see something in that little boy that's very special, and she made sure i had every tool that i needed to grow and expand. >> jamie foxx got emotional and had to leave the set of his show, "beat shazam," after two contestants shared their adoption story which reminded him of his own. >> i don't like to get emotional like that on camera, but what you don't understand is when you're a kid and just wanna be loved -- my grandmother loved me, and thank you for loving that little girl over there, and loving all your children. 's
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>> jamie's told me all about his grandmother and how she inspired him to give back. >> she was always like, listen. you're gonna go places. we get such a charmed life, and you get paid all this money. it makes sense to turn around and do something great with it.
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