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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  September 6, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone fo9.r $799 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to that noise is hurricane irma slamming into the caribbean early this morning with 185-mile-per-hour winds. french officials say the storm could destroy several government bu
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of st. maarten. the most powerful one in the atlantic is now on a path for puerto rico, the virgin islands and possibly florida by this weekend. good afternoon, and thank you for joining us at noon. i'm andrea roane. president trump has declared a federal emergency in puerto rico and forecasters say the island hasn't seen a storm the size of irma since 1928. the governor of puerto rico has preemptively open dozens of shelters and evacuations are under way in the florida keys as thousands get out of irma's path. here's kenneth craig with more. [ storm noise ] >>reporter: packing 185-mile- per-hour winds, hurricane irma made landfall in the caribbean early wednesday barrels against the island of st. maarten. the storm flooded a harbor, stranding cars. irma is the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the atlantic. this is the view from the eye
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of the storm. in puerto rico the island's 3.4 million residents braced for the worst. the head of the power company says parts of the island could be in the dark for weeks or even months afterward. irma is still days away from the u.s. mainland and is now tracking more east. >> the storm is bigger, faster and stronger than hurricane andrew. >>reporter: mandatory evacuations are already in effect for the florida keys, forcing people to get in their cars and leave. elizabeth prado lives in the keys. this is the first time in 51 years she's evacuating. >> i've been through george, been through andrew, been through wilma, but i'm not staying for irma. no, not happening. >>reporter: and in miami residents filled up sandbags. state officials are urging residents who live in low-lying areas in miami-dade county to start evacuating as well, although it is not mandatory. kenneth craig, cbs news, miami.
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category 5 hurricane struck the u.s. and irma could potentially become just the fourth storm of that strength to hit the states. and only one hurricane on record contained winds stronger than irma. that was alan back in 1980. it packed winds of 100 miles an hour. it was downgraded to a cat dwoar 3 storm before making landfall in brownsville, texas. now, the only category 5 hurricanes to hit the u.s. is andrew is 1992, 65 people were killed and the storm caused $27 billion in damage. i remember this one in 1969, 269 people were killed when camille struck, but in 1935, the labor day hurricane was the strongest storm of its kind to hit the u.s. . it was the very first category 5. now, that ferocious storm killed 423 people, including 259 world war i veterans living in camps building the highway toke
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west. now, we're not dealing with anything like irma, but weather is nasty enough to trigger another yellow alert, and i will have to say the rains that we got in our neighborhood last night felt like those first bands from a hurricane. they were pretty heavy. >> well, we had some thunderstorms last night, and that's exactly what you see in the outer bands of a hurricane. there are going to be thunderstorms, even within the inner bands of the hurricane. this has nothing to do with irma, what we've seen last night or today. still a yellow weather alert because of that rainfall. it's not the best looking day, but let's talk about irma because i know it's top of mind for a lot of folks, and, yeah, it's still category 5. we just got the 11:00 advisory. and get this, we have two other storms, we have katia in the gulf of mexico, we have jose over here. really not going to touch on them because they're not in any danger for any region right now. it's all about irma. if you want to see the forecast path, they are on my twitter pages, i will tweet them out, but not of concern for the united states as of this moment. now, here is the eye
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british virgin islands and also through parts of puerto rico as well. this already roared through an teague wa, st. maarten, like we mentioned earlier, and anguilla. here is the actual radar. you can see it here from san juan radar, and that's where those thunderstorms are going to be. it's still very well organized, still looks spectacular on satellite. it's not a word you like to use when you're talking about systems here. now, this is still about 1,000 miles away. we have a long way to go. we're seeing some forecast changes that improve for florida, but not for the entire east coast. so this is what we're tracking and how it's different from yesterday. we are seeing more of an easterly jog, but you know what? that's a really sharp curve. that's a lot to ask for for a storm to just curve around the bahamas. no plans, hopefully, to head to the bahamas. those people are evacuating, people in southern florida are starting to evacuate as it slides up the east coast which could lessen some of the effect for west
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it could bring more rain and stronger winds to places like south carolina, parts of georgia, and we could see some rain there as well. here's the latest forecast cone, and then coming up we'll let you know how that's going to impact our region by next week, if at all. again, this could change easily. still category 5 through friday night. by saturday morning category 4, and we'll go over this again, but then it slides right up the east coast, potentially as a category 3. all the details are on the app and our radar is also on the app, you can see the first alert live doppler. we'll have that radar coming up live in just a little bit. with all the dangerous weather we've had, people from across the country have been stepping up to help. and that includes first responders in our area. we spoke with some fairfax county heros who just got back from texas last night. and now less than 24 hours later, they're leaving again. wusa 9's evan koslof has their story. >> to actually be there and to
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see it, it's more of a -- not the [ inaudible ] it's more of an emotional peace, because people there, it's their lives. >>reporter: reggie wadly is thinking back at his time in houston, a first responder that returned just last night. >> tired, tired, but we're ready to go. >>reporter: ready to go because he's not done yet. before he could even put his bags down, he got the news about irma. >> i got the notification that we was going out the door when i was pulling in my house, so to see my three kids, my wife, my mother was there, so they were, like, can't you just pass on this one, dad? i said, no, we kind of need to be there. want to make a difference. >>reporter: now he's off to alabama on a wait-and-see mission. these are the best of the best in the region when it mecos to search and rescue. it's not just the people. meet trisha and her four-legged pet xander. >>reporter: as th
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hit the road, captain rodney vaughn says it's all about keeping to the mission, despite the emotion. >> initial phases is getting everybody together, getting all of our equipment together and then preparing ourselves for an environment that we actually are going to go into. >>reporter: all to hopefully save some lives in irma does hit. in fairfax county, evan koslof, wusa 9. >> those crews left for alabama at about 10:00 this morning. once the storm hits, they could be sent to florida, the carolinas or, really, anywhere they're needed. congress is back in town and has a lot to do this month. the first order of business is in the house and to vote on a bill to provide nearly $8 billion in emergency funding to hurricane harvey. the bill will then move onto the senate where it's expected to attached to a measure to raise the debt ceiling. congress has until the end of the month to pass the debt ceiling bill or else america will have defaulting on loans. >> today in the congress there are no republicans, there are no democrats. we areal
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today, unified in our determination to move swiftly to help all those poor people who have suffered so much. >> they also have to pass a new budget by the end of the month or face a government shutdown. president trump leaves for north dakota in a few minutes to make his case for tax reform. he's bringing north dakota senator heidi heitkamp with him. the administration says she's the first democrat to join trump's tax reform push. mr. trump promised tax reform during the election, and he's targeting states like north dakota to sell his plan since he won that state in 2016. new at noon, we've just learned that has been sentenced to two life terms in prince george's county. the federal protective service officer pleaded guilty to murdering his wife gladys last year as she waited to pick up her daughters outside high point high school and to the wounding of a good samaritan who tried to help her. he was already serving four life terms for killing two
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in montgomery county during what turned into a two-day killing spree. not without her grand babies. hear the length a texas grandmother is going to in order to get her six grandchildren out of the hurricane's way. and it's back to school for prince george's county students. coming up we take a tour
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welcome back to the news at noon. right now students across prince george's county are back in class for the first day of school. it's an exciting one, especially for hundreds of students who are now learning in a new state-of-the-art building. makea turner was in hyattsville for a tour. >>reporter: we're standing outside the brand new fairmont heights high school. i can tell you every student who has come through that door has that wow reaction. th
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the works for some time and it has a lot that the old school didn't. we're going to take you inside and check it out. it's a new school for a new school year. [ crowd noise ] >>reporter: and students like orlando reed, ii couldn't be more excited to spend his final year in the new state-of-the- art building. >> it's huge. i didn't know it was this big when i came on the inside. >>reporter: rita is a student athlete at fairmont heights, so she can appreciate the new sports complex, equipped with stadium lighting for the football field as well as the new gym, which, by the way, isn't the only one, and that's a good thing according to principal tori walker. >> we have a main gym, an auxiliary gym and a wrestling room, so that means the coaches are not fighting over space. >>reporter: this is a big upgrade for the school that occupies close to 38 acres of land. the old one sat on 14 acres and needed a lot of improvements. >> this is way better because the water wa
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ceilings and stuff. ceilings was falling in, but this looks nice, this is real nice. >>reporter: county officials joined the school system's ceo kevin maxwell for a tour today that highlighted new features like digital textbooks, white boards and a greenhouse for students to grow their own veggies, providing more opportunities for kids to excel in a new environment. reporting from prince george's county, makea turner, wusa 9. >> in this new school year, school officials and county officials in prince george's county expect it to be a safer one for students after a year plagued of allegations of sex abuse involving minors and teachers' aides. we asked both dr. maxwell, the superintendent and the county executive about measures in place to protect students. >> to make sure that if there's anything out there in anyone's background, we've looked at it thoroughly before they come into our classrooms to make sure. the other thing we're doing different is we're working with other jurisdictions. so we're getting teachers from virginia or montgomery county or other places, we're making sure we're checking with
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before they come into our school. >> every system has things from time to time. i'm not diminishing that. we had some very serious things. we dealt with those things, we're moving forward. we've trained our people. >> both maintain the educators have to be trained and that vetting has been thorough to keep students safe in and outside of the classroom. now, we'd love to see your pictures of your kids at the first day of school, and we're not just talking about the little ones. it can be the high schoolers and middle schoolers too. here's a young one, here's david going into the sixth grade. he has his notebook in his hand. he's all ready. eden with the backpack on is going into the first grade. do we have her picture? we don't have her picture, but i'm sure she's doing well in first as fun year. i remember that. send us those pictures and we might show them on tv. so just go to our wusa 9 facebook page. in the district police say a girl stabbed a 13-year-old boy, but she's not been arrested because of her
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british international school in northwest. the boy is recovering in the hospital and a spokesman for the german embassy says the young suspect is the daughter of an embassy staff member. he says the matter will be investigated. but many of you might be wondering, what's the deal with diplomatic immunity? our e verify came up with some fast facts. it's basically a principal of international law. that means certain foreign government officials are not subject to the jurisdiction of local courts, so if a foreign diplomat or a member of their family commits a crime in another country, he or she cannot be arrested, detained or even handcuffed except in extreme cases. in the united states right now, there are more than 100,000 representatives of foreign governments, including their dependents. immunity was created because diplomats don't always work in friendly places and the state department needed to make sure they would not be punished for political reasons. for the latest breaking news on
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just download the free wusa 9 app. you can also get if it on our website at well, as irma makes its way to land, many people on florida's coasts aren't taking any chances. they're headed out of town, but one woman from dallas is rushing into the storm's path to save her family. leslie chamberlain is driving from dallas to pick up her six grandchildren in florida to bring them back home with her. >> i'm afraid with the record storm that we had with harvey that florida is going to have the same thing. i'm just anxious thinking about it. i don't want them to lose everything, but it's a possibility, and i would rather have this reaction now than not have it at all and then have something really, really, really bad happen. >> what could make a bad situation even worse, a tropical storm has just formed behind irma. the national hurricane center says that system called jose could become a hurricane by wednesday nigh
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you wouldn't have any luck at all, as they say, and this is like one monster of a hurricane season already. >> it really is. things are very active. we have irma, we had harvey, of course, how devastating was that. and that will give you the chills. >> what's that? >> you know how they rotate a list every six years? this is the same list from 2005. >> not a good omen. >> it's really kind of spooky to think about that. so we've replaced the names of some of the big ones that are retired >> do you think it's bad enough that we'll get through the alphabet like we did in 2005? >> i hope not. >> we had to go into the greek alphabet. let's hope that's not the case. but things are active. this is the peak of hurricane season. we're really not too far ahead of schedule just yet, you know. but we're going to keep our eye on it. and katrina, actually, that was -- >> august 29th. >> right. so we're pretty much on the same page, but let's hope it kind of calms down after this. we did have three storms t
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i am going to talk about today's weather and then revisit irma in just a little bit. so here it is. it is wet, it is dreary, it is chilly, and that's the way it's going to stay for the rest of day. 65 degrees, breezy too. here's the rain, through cal bert county, it's easier to pick up the dryer spots than the wetter spots. this will slide on over and eventually break up into the evening hours. so you will need your umbrella today this. is 3:00, a little bit dryer, becoming spotty, but the showers kind of linger and it's misty for the rest of the day. on your drive home, it will be misty, some road spray. even through the overnight hours, this is at 11:30 at night, spotty shouz continue. notice the temperature -- spotty showers continue. notice the temperatures out there. tomorrow we're dry. we're setting up for really a string of days before we see any potential impacts from irma. so this is tomorrow, 50s and 60s, headed to the 70s tomorrow. so we are seeing irma impact puerto rico today, the virgin islands right now and for the bahamas not a good pla
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a lot of cruise ships are doing, you know, anything they can do to get away from the storm. and some of them are just left out to sea for longer vacations to stay away from this storm. i couldn't call it a vacation, though, with that rocky ship. as we head through florida, it is tracking farther to the east. that could be better news for florida. it's still right in the path, still going to need to make those preparations and evacuations, but now we could be seeing a threat here for heavy rain, some storms. our threat is pretty minimal compared to what they could see as far as south carolina and into north carolina. that would be another place of impact. so if you lessen the impact for the west coast of florida, you're going to increase the impact for parts of south carolina. it's really give or take here. but i like this easterly trend. people ask on facebook live, is it possible to continue back out to sea? it's possible. we're going to keep hoping that these tracks go farther and farther to the east. here's another quick look at this. you can always get this on our app. category 5, it
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unprecedented as it stays category 5 through friday and then turning, still too close for comfort. florida is making preparations and evacuations, rightfully so, hopefully staying well away from the florida keys as we are already seeing some flooding through st. mart pain and other parts of the caribbean. 70 degrees and into the 70s we go. we stay dry and comfortable through the weekend. great football weather while we keep our eyes on any impacts of rethink what's possible. rethink your allergy pills. keep our eyes on any impacts of flonase sensimist allergy relief helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. flonase sensimist. ♪ born and raised incian, dr. rrural virginia went to vmi.
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an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
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the restaurant says it has a no shirt, no shoes, no service policy and that her cropped top doesn't count as a shirt. >> the waitress/bartender stopped us and said, i'm sorry, you can't be here in that shirt. and i said are you being serious with me right now? and she said, yeah, you can't be here just because my belly was bigger and sticking out. had it been anyone else, i don't think there would have been any problem whatsoever. i was livid. there was no way i was going to stay there. >> the restaurant has since aapologized on facebook because it got such backlash
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it is raining out there. it's going to stay rainy
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chilly for much of the day. we'll start to break up later on tonight. use your app to track those showers and we will keep you up to date on irma. >> glad i brought the rain boots. that's it for wusa 9 news at noon. we'll be back
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>> victoria: are you sure i can't drop you off at school and give you a great big hug and cry as you run off to class? >> reed: honestly, i think it's a great idea. if you're trying to get me to go live with dad in poland. >> victoria: [ sighs ] nice try, but you couldn't afford a bus ticket to genoa city, so i doubt that you can afford a plane ticket to poland. and besides that, i'm really glad that you came to live with me, and you know that. >> reed: even though i broke 1,000 rules to get here? >> victoria: oh, boy, i feel a lesson coming on. >> reed: mom, here i am. in genoa city. doing well in school. i even signed up for that creative writing class you suggested to help me with my lyrics. >> victoria: yes, i know. all of which i'm very proud of. >> reed: part of that's due to mattie. she's what you adults like to call a "good influence," yet, you still say i'm not allowed to see her. >> victoria: it's not about mattie, okay? it's everything else.


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