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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 6, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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and east. by 8:30 sunday morning, it's south of miami and probably will go over miami and back out to see. i feel but the computer models are smarter than i am but i still feel is it will go up the west side of florida and the everglades and towards jacksonville but in any of event, no matter which track is takes, south florida and miami is in big trouble. we'll come back and bring out the stats and statistics, breaking a lot of those, and we'll have that. topper, this category 5 monster storm pummeled caribbean islands killing at least 2 people overnight. floodwaters swamped boats and this is florida's governor making sure not to ignore the evacuation
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handed out sandbags. what concerns you the most? >> flooding. >> reporter: adriana is not taking chances. her parents lost everything during hurricane andrew. she picked up 10 sandbags, plans to security the family home and hit the road. >> that was kenneth craig. people are keeping a wary eye on areas and folks in upper marlboro are nervous because they were hit before. >> i've been through this before. >> i don't want to go through this again. >> this is not harvey. >> again, i don't know what i will do. >> reporter: this is upper marlboro, septr
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first hurricane irene, and then tropical storm lee dropped more than 2 feet of rain on central maryland. >> this is how high the flood got. >> reporter: that high? >> 4 feet 8". >> reporter: 4 feet 8"? mike's family business was the hardest hit. the water went from landing at the door to flooding marlboro tire and auto, racing to save customer cars and computers and expensive diagnostic tools. he said the structure is built like a concrete swimming pool. if irma puts down a foot after rain? >> we'll break some windows and put up a few diving boardings. [laughter] >> reporter: he said that the county was better at using the flood gates. his business recovered but he knows ic
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disaster. >> i'm smiling. you probably think i'm crazy but i am just so lucky that we only had a couple dozen buildings flooded and only 5 feet. this disaster in houston, oh, my goodness. >> reporter: he is hoping irma does not bring more pain. in upper marlboro, wusa 9. now, prince george's county emergency managers say they are watching irma closely and hoping like the rest of us it will track to the east. you can download the wusa 9news app for the very latest information 24 hours a day. right now, one of the most famous churches in the country is making a bold statement. the national cathedral is removing 2 stained glass windows that honored two confederate generals, robert e. lee and stonewall jackson. we have more on the decision to take them down. we learned
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afternoon, marcella. >> reporter: this discussion has been going on for two years. the former dean of this cathedral wanted them removed after the charleston shooting and this week, they decided the windows don't belong in the church. a sanctuary. >> a special place. >> reporter: a place to reflect. >> a moment of great sadness. >> reporter: filled with dozens of intricate stained windows but catherine ball has her eyes focused on these two, the last time she will see them like this. >> we have been very proud of the windows. we visit them often, and it's a sad day. >> reporter: they honor two confederate windows. ball is part of united daughters of the confederacy that gave the windows to the church in 1953 but it's part of history this church believes no longer belongs here. >> we are
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we believe they are becoming an impediment. they tell a limited story about the reality of the civil war and the pain many felt and still feel as a result of racism. >> reporter: a decision that the dean said was not easy but is right. >> the windows have been removed and we will continue forward with the work. >> reporter: and those windows will be gone by the end of the weekend. the church said they are not trying to erase any part of hospital. they will be preserved and put on display in a different part of the church. marcella robertson, wusa 9. >> a second confederate memorial will come down from a charlottesville park. the city council voted to take down the statue of judgment stonewall jackson. the back story dominated the news. last month, a
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rally turned violent ending with the death of protester heather heyer. on september 24th, the dave matthews band, pharrell williams, justin timberlake and others will put on a show at uva scott stadium. the tickets are free but you are encouraged to make a donation to the charlottesville fund. the tickets will be available next monday. eulalio tordil who went on a two-day killing spree had two life sentences handed down from the murder of his wife and the shooter of a good samaritan. gladys was gunned down in the parking lot of high point high school picking up her daughter last year. >> he deserves an eternity in jail and he got that
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morning. we are so glad to remove this terrible killer who chose a school to commit the act in front of hundreds if not thousands of which were. >> he was already serving life sentences for the murders of two people. the judge told him, quote, he would not see or breathe clean air for the rest of his life. a lawsuit challenging president trump's plan to end a program protecting young people from deportation. the administration wants to roll back protection for 800,000 young immigrants called dreamers. president trump has given congress six months to find a solution. an nfl star said that police threatened to blow his head off in a racially motivated rough up. plus, students are starting
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up washington. this is a story developing. the seattle seahawks defensive end michael bennett claims that police in las vegas use what does he calls unbearable force last month. he was in up to to watch the mcgregor-mayweather fight and said he heard gunshots and started running. he said the officer ordered him on the ground. the officer pointed a gun at him and threatened to blow his head off if he moved. another
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back and clinched the handcuff on his wrist so tight that his fingers went numb. he said he was cooperating and he is pursuing charges. a 911 call after a man said he killed his wife after taking too much cough syrup. >> do you think she beyond any help? >> i don't know. i am scared to get too close to her. i have blood all over he and there's a bloody knife on the bed. and i think i did it. >> the voices on the call were altered required by state law. a medical contributor with cbs news said he never heard a case like this in 50 ye
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showers and the latest on hurricane irma. president trump is working with democrats to help harvey victims. a 3d printer is
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summer is over for students in prince george's county. today was the first day of class for them but it was especially exciting for teens studying at a state-of-the-art new building in hyattsville. >> i didn't know it was this big. >> that student athlete was pretty excited about this sports complex at fairmount heights high including digital textbooks, white boards, and a greenhouse for students to grow their own vegetables. last year, prince george's county dealt with a teacher's aide, accused of molesting students and inflating grades. we spoke with dr. kevin maxwell who said they are improving background checks and moving on. help is on
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survives of hurricane harvey, $8 billion going to texas, most directed to people to afternoon --fema. president trump has agreed to raise the debt ceiling as part of the harvey aid deal. houston texans' all star and hurricane harvey hero jj what the has helped to raise $27 million for hurricane harvey. he and his volunteers have not spent a time yet. he is talking with charities that helped out new orleans. a petition with 66,000 signatures is circling to name a highway in texas after watt. virginia tank force 1 is gearing up to head back south. they just got in town and now
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mission ahead of hurricane irma. >> to see my 3 kids and wife and my mother, it was like, can't you just pass on this one, dad? , you know? no. i kind of need to be there and make a difference. >> that was a first responder who said that the emotional aspect of people in houston dealing with the worst days of their lives can take a toll. he is tired but ready to go with 80 others. virginia task force 1 is an elite squad and routinely called to action when disaster strikes. 7 concerned about irma. you have new data? south florida is in trouble no matter the nuance that it takes. and then it will possibly head into savannah. let's start with the historical
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perspective. by pressure, this is the 10th lowest, and the lower the pressure, the higher the wind. in terms of wind, 185 miles per hour, ties for the second highest. the record for sustained 180 plus for 24 hours, that is a new record. and finally, category 5 for a record for 30 consecutive hours, that sauls a record in the atlantic basin. okay. let's show you the computer models again. everyone is pretty much on board for a while. we are only a day or two out. this is 5:00 on friday and then it goes through the bahamas and south florida and most of the models are trying to turn to the right. again, i understand why. but irma is so big. a ridge of high pressure to the north. i think the turn will be later, maybe to key west and then in the everglades and then also go
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florida is in a world of hurt. after that, we could see a second landfall around savannah or as far north as myrtle beach or milton head milt -- hilton head and after that it dies. it's not an ivan situation or an isabel situation. but the dominican republic and hate tee hits tomorrow as a cat 5 and the turks and caicos and bahamas a cat 5 and florida, a cat 4. the earliest it could affect us monday night with showers and storms and if it were to get close enough, we could see severe weather tuesday of next week. a live look outside, 64, a miserable day and winds east northeast at 12 with light rain and showers. it's pretty much the entire area that is recovered up with light rain,
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yellow weather alert. frederick, coming down and light to moderate rain around the beltway. it will slow you down. pretty much any artery, up 95, down 50, down 305, 301, 66, a slow go. so tonight, rain and showers will end before midnight and bus stop temperatures, 52 to 66. a great weekend. a mild couple of days and chilly nights. a touch of fall. the day planner, 58 in downtown and 68 by 11:00 and 71 by 1:00. very nice on friday, 76. 71, cool but nice on saturday. the terps in town against towson and sunday, we host the eagles. perfect weather. maybe irma gets us on tuesday and back to 82 on wednesday. >> i
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we'll be all right. a big bird with a new beak. an animal at a national zoo struggling to pick up food because of a problem with the beak, and he is eating like normal again thanks to help from a 3d printer. >> reporter: yeah, guys, imagine trying to eat with your face smashed up against the side of your plate. that would be hard. but that's similar to the way a bird will live inside of the closure to put food in his mouth. this is paul, and he is usually found out of africa. when the national zoo first got him, they realized his beak was shrinking from a medical condition. >> it's just sad; right? it's nice when they can eat the normal way. >> reporter: they need
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quakes to to -- beaks to survive. >> if this were to happen in the wild, he would die. >> reporter: he found a way but he was not getting his full diet. >> crickets, meal worms, the little things. >> reporter: the zoo tried several prosthetic, but they fell off and they turned to a 3d printer and a saw. it took several months and a whole lot of work to pull this off and it seems like 7 happy with the out come. >> he is loving his new beak. he is able to come out and eat whatever we can offer him. >> if we can help with technology, we might as well. i think that's good. >> reporter: now, our boy is back to eating like any other horned bill, tossing his food up and into his mouth. well, maybe not like
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reporting at the national zoo, michael quander, wusa fine. >> the zoo expects the beak to last a while and the keepers will keep an eye on it. they once dominated the country but the number of americans who identify as white christians make up 43% of the population. >> this is the public region research institute that conducted this poll. this transformation is fueled by immigration and changing feelings about religion. let's break it down by party. white christians make up 75% of the gop and that group makes up 29% of the democratic party. on the way, we'll give you a look inside the most powerful atlantic storm in recorded history. it was the first day of school in prince george's county and students at one high school are already working on
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college degree. the ratings are in
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. tech companies are supporting employees impacted by the daca program. it shields kids of undo you meaned immigrantss from deportation who came to the country when they were little. microsoft is vowing to protect itself workers and will take legal action on behalf of their employees, and apple and google have also expressed support. walmart is rolling out the holiday lay away. >> because it's never too early; right? >> right after labor
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they are hoping to get shoppers started early with items as low as $50 to be paid off in increments. kohl will start selling amazon devices like echoes. the decision to partner came after months of declining sales. rescue features on small pickups have improved but many are coming up short. the nissan came up last. none of them
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awards. the wusa 9news at 5:00 starts now. hurricane irma barreling through the caribbean. how would you like a see the on that flight? a plane flew above the storm yesterday to bring us this view. you are talking about how the storm is tracking to the east. the size of the storm, it's a big
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they dropped what they call a tube with instruments in them and that's how they get the pressure and the wind speed. >> it's basically the worst rollercoaster in the world. right now, 50 miles east northeast of san juan, and the track will take it to the north of the islands. so the highest winds, and we are talking winds over 200-mile per hour will stay offshore. because of the size, hurricane- force winds will buffett puerto rico. and then it stays a 5 and this is kind of good news for the dominican republic and haiti. it will be far north but horrible news for the turks and caicos at a


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