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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 7, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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stay north of cuba. a category 5 tomorrow afternoon and brushes the north coast as a category 4 and the all- important turn to the north and to the west and this is a category 4 at 8:00 in the morning on sunday when it slams into miami. the winds by that time could be as high as 140, 155 miles per hour. if that were the case, it would go just to the south and west of miami and it would increase the storm surge and the destruction. we will come back and show you water temperatures and what feeds the storms. >> thank you, topper. florida's governor is telling folks on both coasts to evacuate. >> we'll have more on the devastation in the caribbean but first, kenneth craig has more on florida tt
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for irma. >> reporter: miami's beaches are empty. >> leave. get out. we can't save you once the storm starts. >> reporter: boards are going up at miami beach businesses. the city is under a mandatory evacuation. gas stations are barely keeping up with the demand. as soon as the trucks arrive, the line starts. what time do you think -- >> tomorrow. tomorrow. i'll know if it will be a direct hit. >> reporter: biscayne bay is carlos ramirez's street. >> we will have to get out of here. >> reporter: he is constructing a barrier to hold back some of the water and then is heading inland. kennet
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way. nearly 500 tourists from cana moved to shelters and 2500 people were evacuated after a landslide damaged 8 homes. after being closed for hours, the airport there is now open. puerto rico dodged a straight hit but more than half of the island is without power. 900,000 people are in the dark. 50,000 without water and the power company warns that some areas could be left without service for 4 to 6 months and 14 hospitals are using generators, trees, and light poles. then, barbuda, the storm damaged nearly every building on the island
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people are homeless and blamed for the death of a 2-year-old. actor robert deniro is pledging to help rebuild. he owns a resort there. aerial shows extensive damage on st. maarten. the run way at the airport covered with sand and debris. this is the dock and sea front areas and the communication there has been knocked out. the island shares territory with france's st. martin's. and it's east of puerto rico. 9 people have been killed, and president trump is praising the preparation efforts. >> he talked to the media in the oval office after the meeting with the emir of kuwait. >> now it's just
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what happens. it's the largest hurricane they have ever seen coming out of the atlantic and the winds are incredible. flyers are angrily complaining that airlines are price gouging. a woman said that a flight from ma'amy to phoenix jumped from $500 to $3200. another posted fares of more than $1,000 from south florida to new york. >> fares went up quickly and that's where you get the $600, $700, $800 fares. >> the backlash is prompting some airlines to captain cost. a trip on american airlines won't cost more than $99. a ticket on jetblue won't confident more th
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connection and delta, $399 if you can find a seat. a lot of people are scrambling to get out of the way, but some are trying to get to south florida, and oliver barrera is one of them. we caught up him at the airport. he said he needs to be there to protect his home and family. >> that's not even an option. i was invited to stay and bring my family up here because that's not an option. there's a lot of people there that we have to care for and be there for each other. >> he had a ticket to fly to miami on friday night and then switched to today to have more time to prepare for the arrival of irma. the last category 5 hurricane to hit south florida was andrew in 1992. that was one of the strongest hurricanes ever to hit the u.s.
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florida. peggy fox talked with a survive who covered that monster storm as a news photographer. >> i worked in television news in miami two years after hurricane andrew and it was amazing to see how much devastation was there. >> the devastation was just beyond -- i mean, giant concrete power line poles on the road and boats washed inland into people's backyards and swimming pools and freighters up out of the bay. it was incomprehensible. >> reporter: i worked with a news photographer whose home was severely damaged in hurricane andrew. >> you see the picture of the back of the house, a doll house with a third of the roof gone. >> reporter: what was that like? do you remember when you walked around to the back of the house? >> it
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feeling. you walk out of the house and oh, man. what do i need to full out of here that is valuable? the house is wide open now. you don't realize the water damaging until a few days into it, and the rain started happening again. >> reporter: you were very glad that you got your wife and the kids out? >> yeah. that was part of staying. it was a matter of now finding a place to live because everything was destroyed. >> reporter: he lived in kendall on the northern end of the storm. people who lived in homestead took a direct hit and many homes were destroyed. >> you are actually in shock over the whole thing. you don't realize what you are going through at the time, just dealing with it. >> reporter: even two years later, you saw homes abandoned by people who did not have insurance who left and never returned. >> homestead to the ea
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could see. >> he now lives in tennessee and is glad he is out of irma's way. hurricane andrew was the second costliest storm in history, behind can a -- katrina. you can get the latest on hurricane irma 24 hours a day on the wusa 9news app. let's get to breaking news. stemming from one of the area's most notorious crimes, our editorial partners at the washington post say that the man accused in the kidnapping and murder of the lyon sisters is expected to enter a guilty plea. this is huge. 60-year-old lloyd lee welch, a convicted sex offender was awaiting trial next week. online records show that the trial is no longer
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a 74-year-old man is dead after colliding with an unmarked montgomery county police cruiser on a motorized scooter last night. he was hit by the police car on viers million road. the officer immediately
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loreto canubas was the victim, and the scooter did not have any lights on. the california senator said they are receiving assurances that there will be no immediately deportations from daca with tweet s saying you have nothing to worry about. no action. donald trump junior told lawmakers today that he expected a russian lawyer to deliver dirt on hillary clinton in 2016. trump junior said at the time of the meeting, there wasn't as much scrutiny about russia size
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this is all part of an ongoing probe into possible collusion with the trump campaign and russia. a look at hurricane irma and topper with our own forecast. a missing teacher, why
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a pregnant high school teacher is missing and police need your help to bring her home. detectives have concerns about laura wallen who has been missing for days and never showed up for the first day of school. michael, staff and students are hoping for a safe return? >> reporter: that's right. miss wallen was one of the cool teacher, someone that people liked being around. students and staff at wilde lake high school are spending the first week back, worried. >> miss wallen. >> reporter: laura wallen
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isn't at her condo in montgomery county and neighbors haven't seen her walking her dog in days and she talked with her family last on sunday. >> i said a prayer for her and her family. >> reporter: police will not say if the 31-year-old is in danger but they are concerned especially because she's pregnant. >> the children are thinking about things that could have happened to her. >> reporter: she was named teacher of the year two years ago. >> oh, she's really nice, really nice. probably one of the kindest teachers. >> like where could she have gone? >> reporter: nothing but unanswered questions like is she with someone else? >> i hope she is found quickly and know that people care about her and that,
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things will work out. >> reporter: i want to you take another look at the picture. she was 5'5", blond hair and blue eyes and about 200 pounds and likely is driving somewhere in her car, a 2011 black ford escape with maryland tags, m 522473. if you see her or you recognize that car, give police a call right away. reporting live tonight in columbia, michael quander, wusa 9. >> we're all hoping for a good resolution. michael, thank you. back to hurricane irma. time lapse video of an air force reserve plane flying through a storm before it made landfall. that was not cruise control. the storm has set a record maintaining top winds of 185 miles per hour for more than 37 hours. >> what's interesting,
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just the atlantic basin. it's a global record. >> a global record. this thing is so intense that it's potentially impacting the stormtracker's -- stormtrackers on the ground. >> it is. and even if buildings survive, they might have other problems. will we still get our bulletins? thank you, topper. here is a cool way to top the forecast either on the app or desktop. just go to you can track it manually, pause it, follow the storm and see when and where it will be according to the latest nac forecast track. saturday morning, between cuba and the bahamas an
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make the turn and head it to florida. if you have relatives at fort pierce, 6:00, 7:00 on sunday is the worst for them and maybe you have concerns about georgia? you can go back or forward and see where it's supposed to be. pretty cool. top, back to you. let's look at the visible brand new goes-16 satellite. remember. we are getting an image every 30 seconds, and it's hd. it will continue to move west to the north. warm water is the source of energy or food. so the interesting thing about this, before i talk about where it's headed, look at where it's been. see the blue? the ocean has cooled behind the storm but ahead of the storm, still plenty, plenty of
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air that will go through nassau and cuba. so tomorrow afternoon, it will be approaching the very warm waters and it's possible it could strengthen again, 87, 88, 89 degrees and continue to go through the channel before it makes a right turn to miami. again, historical perspective, it's the record for the winds, 185 miles per hour winds, the strongest outside of the caribbean and gulf of mexico. category 5 is the fourth longest in the atlantic and it will probably add to that, maybe a day, day and a half of a category 5. okay. back to us. look at the dew points in the 40s. and that should tell you it's dry air. open the windows, rest the ac, winds west at
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tonight, rest the ac tonight and the next several nights. the sweatshirts will be appreciated for friday, crisp for high school football and purchase for the terps game on saturday and we host the eagles on sunday. tonight, 50s north and west, gaithersburg, frederick, and manassas. cool when you are walking the dog. 56 in bowie and 54 in fairfax. and by 9:00, we're struggling to get to 60. it's more like october, really. a few clouds coming through tomorrow, and it will change it from beautiful to pleasant, a great day and a couple of showers possible, primarily in the mountains. they will be gone by high school football. day planner, upper 50s to
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1:00, a couple of clouds in there with a disturbance rolling through in the afternoon. saturday, very nice and cool and 72 and in the 40s saturday in the 'burbs. the next 7 days, okay on monday, high clouds possible from irma and storms possible on tuesday and maybe left over showers on wednesday and thursday. right now, low impact for us. we'll keep an eye on it. near 80 thursday. big breaking news on a huge security breach. if you have a credit card or have done credit monitoring or checking, this could impact you. equifax said personal information from 143 million americans was exposed, names,
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licenses numbers. hackers got access to certain files. we will certainly follow this. two pedestrians in montgomery county got hit in the same location within an hour of each other at richard montgomery drive and rock hill pike. the first happened at 7:45 this morning. after the scene was cleared, another pedestrian got hit at 8:45. both victims should be okay. police are trying to determine what happened to a man whose body was found in a silver screen creek. the discovery was made by a hiker yesterday. police are calling the man's death suspicious. the medical examiner's office in ballet some -- baltimore is trying to determine how the man died. hurricane irma is sending shivers up the spine of the entire state of florida. why people in the northern part of the state are not
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you can share with your friends in harm's way, the simple way to prepare an emergency kit. plus, president trump in 2020 ends free lunches at public schools, the
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. let's give you a couple of stories that a lot of you are
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facebook page. president trump will likely face a challenge from his own party. >> but according to a poll, he has a strong chance of winning the party nominee. nobody thought he would win, same attitude and he is doing what he said he would to, and another story with a lot of clicks, free lunches for all students every day this year. >> boston and detroit are already offering free 11s for everyone, and houston too, in the wake of harvey. so should public schools in the metro d.c. metro area do the same thing? this one, when school is free, kids waste too much. and 60% of the kids are not eating it. and this, all schools should
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parents put out enough free money to the schools. the conversation about news, you know it's a 2-way street. log on to our facebook page and let us know what you think about any of these stories. let's talk consumer news now. okay? amazon is in the market for a second home. it has a headquarters in seattle and wants to spend $5 billion to launch another flagship location saying that the new site would mean 50,000 jobs. they are looking for metro areas with over a million people and are asking people to think big and creatively. florida state troopers issue escorting fuel trucks through the state as people try and gas up their cars ahead of hurricane irma. governor rick scott asked the governors of alabama and georgia to waive trucking regulations so
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could get there quicker. about 20% of the stations in the fort lauderdale area don't have gas. we begin the news at 5:30, a category 5 storm is inching closer to florida. but before florida, topper is saying irma will hammer the bahamas and the turks and caicos in the lane of the storm, topper, with the northwest quadrant with the highest wind. yeah. it's actually the northeast one and it's really going to get hammered with waves over 40 feet just to the right of there. so, again, it's about 40 miles, and it will move eventually off to the west northwest. winds are still 175. look at the gusts, 217. that's, you know, for crying out loud. it will move off to the west and winds 150


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