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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  September 7, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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could get there quicker. about 20% of the stations in the fort lauderdale area don't have gas. we begin the news at 5:30, a category 5 storm is inching closer to florida. but before florida, topper is saying irma will hammer the bahamas and the turks and caicos in the lane of the storm, topper, with the northwest quadrant with the highest wind. yeah. it's actually the northeast one and it's really going to get hammered with waves over 40 feet just to the right of there. so, again, it's about 40 miles, and it will move eventually off to the west northwest. winds are still 175. look at the gusts, 217. that's, you know, for crying out loud. it will move off to the west and winds 150
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afternoon. by saturday at 2:00, winds are 155, good enough for a category 4 and then makes a turn. i am more in the camp west of this. talked about that yesterday, the models were east, and i was standing my ground, not all the way to key west but to the west and making landfall in the everglades which would be worse for miami. if it goes to the south and the west of miami, then they get a bigger storm surge and higher winds as well. so by 2:00 on sunday, it's just moving out of miami as a category 4 with 130-mile per hour winds and then it could head into jacksonville. each strand, each line is a computer forecast. when it makes the turn, that would be the key. when i think would happen, we showed you the warm temperatures, the sea temperatures, near
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storm i think it will make a turn later. we'll come back and talk wave heights and what could mean for us next week. >> we want to know about the twists and turns, topper. you know, there are concerns about how hurricane irma will impact south florida and people to the north are worried. hurricane matthew was nearly a year ago and destroyed the sand dune behind this house last october, and residents think it makes them especially vulnerable. >> i don't know how much more landfall it can take before the house is exposed to storm surge. >> as irma's projected path becomes clearer, evacuations could be ordered along the northeast coast but many are not taking chances and have decided to leave. bruce leshan reports on one of the things that we can do to prepare. >> reporter:
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terrifying pictures from harvey and irma. but would you be prepared facing a similar crisis? you have an emergency kit ready? >> i do not. >> reporter: do you have an emergency kit ready? >> i do but that's because i work in emergency management. >> reporter: fema said all of us need to have an emergency kit. it doesn't need to be complicated, just a few basic items, water, plenty of water. fema said you should have a gallon per person for at least 3 days. second, what are the necessities? food. non perishable food items. all i have is cereal and highly pasteurized milk. first aid kit. a simple one will do. a whistle to signal for
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and a flashlight. >> smooth sailing for folks escaping irma. >> reporter: a battery or hand crank radio is a great idea, handy wipes, that kind of thing. prescription medicine, whatever is essential to you. fema said you should have a wrench, a pair of pliers, something to shut off utilities. this is a basic kit. we have more items on our app. again f you packed this 20 years ago like i did, you may want to go back and check this out and make sure your perishables are still fresh. bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> yeah, 20 years old? you may want to refresh that. and a sleeping bag and clothes and cash
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irma will likely lead to a lot of people seeking refuge but people with a warrant might want to come up with a plan b. the outspoken sheriff in polk county, the central part of the state, west of orlando tweeted if you go to a shelter for irma and we have a warrant, we will gladly escort you to a safe and secure shelter, the polk county jail and sex offenders will not be allowed. with water at a premium, people in florida are doing what they can to stay hydrated. a guy at this costco crawled to the shelf to pull out water. we heard a lot of reports about price gouging. as irma battered the british virgin islands, sir richard branson rode it out in
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haven't had a sleep over like this since i was a kid. everyone was urged to have a plan in place. branson said he and his team are fine but the area on the private i sland -- island is heavily damaged. all right. you cat n gethe latest 24 hour a day on the wusa 9news app. after the break, chaos in this family's kitchen as they try and get a bat out of the house. it's a tale of two of princes as one starts school and other starts shooting a movie. it's trending after the break.
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>> a look at what's trending tonight, shall we? let's look at one of the hottest videos. creepy, whatever. this irish couple is trying to get a bat out of their kitchen. >> i would be out of there so quickly. >> listen to the commentary. >> get him. get him. would you stop looking in the door? >> oh,. >> "can you stop looking in the door?" >> okay. check this out. check this out. >>
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go on. would you get out? >> standing up on the chair is a bad idea. >> they do eventually get the bat out of the house, right? >> oh! oh! he's on me! >> oh, they did. there he goes. he's out. why didn't they just open the door the whole time? >> why would a bat fly in the house? i don't know. >> maybe dinner smells good. also getting a lot of attention, little prince george, his first day of school. >> video of prince william escorting his adorable son to kindergarten. he may be third in line to the throne but teachers say there will be no special treatment. >> i hope very much he will be involved in these precious years to give children confidence in who they are. >> george's mom kate
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able to join him in the school run. she is expecting their third child and suffering from severe morning sickness. >> bless her heart. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge want their son to have as normal a time in possible. >> that's a big deal for his dad to take him to school. prince william's dad never took him to school. you can see the monarchy is changing. >> normalizing. another of our favorite princes posted this picture. >> the prince of bel air. >> he shared the picture from the set of the live action "aladdin" with the caption, i'm over here getting my genie on. disney hasn't set a release date yet but if it follows the pattern of other movies -- >> he has not aged, not at all. lesli,in
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season opening win. >> who again? >> howard bison. >> say it one more time. say it one more time. >> if i treated you this way -- >> one more time. >> we'll hear from the howard bison in sports. back on a serious note talking about hurricane irma including north florida where the highways are jammed up with the drivers trying to get out ahead of the storm. top? we'll show you how high the waves are on the north side of the storm as it heads to the turks and caicos. a timetable when it will affect us. he's our ped
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northam. born and raised in rural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
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highways in florida are packed tonight as drivers try and scramble to safety ahead of hurricane irma. >> with more from st. augustine, florida, jeff, thank you for joining us. and we see the pictures from here that show very congested roads as people try and evacuate. give us another perspective. sou are right there.
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>> reporter: absolutely, lesli and adam. good evening. we are in downtown st. augustine where there is boarding up and as you mentioned, loads of traffic. i drove from jacksonville to st. augustine b a 40 mile drive and i'm told that the typical flow of traffic is 67,000 vehicles per hour heading northbound and that is up to 118,000. so nearly double the typical volume and visually, you can see that. a lot of northbound traffic from southern florida heading to this point and much farther north as far as atlanta and the carolinas. >> jeff, a lot of concern is focused, rightfully so on the southern part of the state where people are serious about this storm. you are a couple hundred miles to the north in daytona beach in st. augustine, and behind you, we see the folks ar
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up. is that a scene repeated throughout the town? or are people saying nah. we'll just ride it out? >> reporter: a lot less riding it out and i think that's because of a couple of reasons. one, hurricane matthew grazed st. augustine and left quite a bit of damage. homes and businesses were flooded. so that's a relatively recent memory and harvey, it didn't hit here but we all know about the devastation that hit houston and i'm told from an official level, a lot of people and officials are taking a much more proactive and early approach. what you are seeing happening behind me is not typically or wasn't typically happening a few days in advance of matthew last fall. so even in the neighborhoods around st. augustine, more boarded up houses and more and more along the coastline and plenty between here and jacksonville. i think people are serious,
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there are mandatory evacuations in st. john's county for early saturday morning. we have word of volunteer evacuations in jacksonville and will likely turn mandatory sometime tomorrow. people are taking this very seriously, and we're taking it seriously because of the folks that are displaced this way. >> and with so many people having to get out of harm's way, you can see why it's taking so long. it will take a lot of time but those hours and minutes will save lives. jeff valin, thank you so much and you be careful out there, too. all right. a delta flight that was headed to puerto rico to new york successfully out maneuvers hurricane irma. it was not easy. it flew directly into the path of the category 5
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the boeing 737 arrived in san juan as irma was making landfall. the pilot quickly took business on the prowrnd and they were back in the area less than an hour later. they were in a calm and narrow pathway between the core of the hurricane and outer band. flight 431 returned to new york yesterday afternoon with 173 passengers on board. they have quite the story to tell. >> you have to see the social media post with the plane icon headed towards the monster hurricane and weaving in between the bands. >> let's say it did not make landfall in puerto rico. the highest winds were 80 miles north. that's why it was not complete devastation. they didn't had the 200-mile per hour winds. >> they had devastation, th
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imagine 225-mile per hour winds. all right. let's start with the satellite picture. it's getting dark so i can't show it to you much longer. look at the eye. it's bigger now in diameter as it approaches the turks and caicos. now, wave heights, showed you this before. check this out. i mean, this is a 47-foot wave and the storm itself is to the south of there. all the waves and winds are on the northeast quadrant and will just hammer, i mean, hammer the turks, just hammer them. now, what do we know? we know there are watches up for south florida and probably a good idea. turks, caicos, bahamas, friday, a category 5 still
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cuba, the earliest affect for us in florida, monday night and tuesday with showers and thunderstorms. but a live look outside, winds out the west at 14 and crisp and perfect for baseball tonight. chilly. we can rest the ac. in fact, you can rest the ac for a couple of nights. the bus stop temps, 64, crisp for high school football tomorrow, perfect for the terps and the eagles on sunday. how about that? futurecast, walking the dog tonight, already in the 50s at 10:00 at night and subjects downtown, and by morning, look at 52 in gaithersburg and 63 as far as fredericksburg. tomorrow night is a chilly one. 9:00 a.m., 50s and low 60s and a couple of sprinkles possible and mostly the showers hold off to the mountains. the day planner, upper 50s
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near 70 at 11:00 and low 70s by 1:00. great shape by saturday, very nice on sunday, and mid-70s the next 7 days, maybe high clouds on monday for irma, warmer, 80, and perhaps showers and storms on tuesday for irma and continue for wednesday and thursday. not a big deal at this point. the temperatures in the low 80s and back to 79 thursday. the redskins final full practice was different today, no pads and in a dome despite the wonderful weather and blasting music which i think is normal. but the word on the street, they look focused. the fans will be se
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new toy, all 6'4" of them. >> reporter: all eyes will be on terrell pryor, the new wide receiver trying to replace 1000- yard receivers last year. but terrell was not sharp last season and asked about the timing with kirk cousins. >> how do you think the timing is with kirk? >> i don't want worry about that. we'll see sunday. >> how about the time -- >> we'll be good, brother. >> we'll see how much production we have. >> it's real now. you know, right now, we're taking it very serious, you know, to come out here and be on fire, you know. >> reporter: last year, he did have over 1000 yards and 4 touchdowns for the browns but the jury is still very much out with new quarterback
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cousins. frank hanrahan, wusa 9 sports. >> all right. so pryor told us not to worry and cousins told us we'll see. now,footballfans, i agree with jay gruden. you won't win games starting slow like that. maybe it changes on sunday. maybe pryor doesn't drop 3 balls in one game like with cinci, and maybe gruden will change the pre-game meal. if cutting out choose burgers and tuna tartar works, works for me. give me a reason to think otherwise. that's my case. >> very quick with the interview. let's wait and see. we'll be fine. >> yeah. you have to give us more. redskins fans, we are excited. we need
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long time. return just saying, don't worry. >> a lot of good reasons for optimism but it might be tempered somewhat. >> a reality check? >> maybe starting the season off well like howard university. >> what school is that? >> don't even play with me. >> who were they? who? what name was that? >> don't play with me. >> howard bison. you know. [laughter] coming up at 6:00, with all the damage from hurricane harvey and irma, we'll have the latest on what you need to know about flood coverage. an
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irma making a beeline for the bahamas. the monster category 5 hurricane is expected to strike parts of caribbean island chain later tonight and cuba tomorrow before setting their sights on florida. we just learn that does three people are now dead in the u.s. virgin islands. half a million people in south florida have been ordered to leave their homes and more than 4,000 national guard members have been activated with 3000 more deployed me
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taking the storm towards georgia and the south carolina coast, mandatory evacuations will go into effect there. a hurricane watch is in effect for the florida keys and parts of south florida. chief meterologist topper shutt is tracking irma. topper? still a category 5 and sustained winds 175 and gusts at 225. this will just hammer the turks and caicos overnight. and then tomorrow in the afternoon on friday, still a category 5 in between the bahamas and cuba, and then saturday morning and afternoon t -- it goes down to a category 4, 1 155. that is still a very dangerous storm, and st 2
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afternoon. there are the hurricane watches in south florida. i think it will turn more to the west, 60 miles west of that, and that is bad news for miami and south florida. at 6:00 in the morning on sunday, they will feel tropical storm-force winds on saturday, and then it might make landfall in georgia or south carolina. see the red? that's the hurricane force winds. if it doesn't touch the land mass, that's okay. it will hammer the turks and caicos. but the good news is the big winds will miss cuba. we will come back and talk about the sea surface temperatures and when it will make the turn. remember. hurricane andrew is one of the worst storms in the history of florida. this is worse and devastating. a dire warning from


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