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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  September 8, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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ever ever ever in my life again. >> her horror story is one of millions being told across the caribbean this afternoon as hurricane irma continues churning towards florida. the storm battered the turks and caicos islands early this morning. good afternoon, i'm andrea roane. all eyes are on the florida coast as millions there brace for irma. so far the storm is responsible for at least 16 deaths in the caribbean, however the death toll is expected to rise as more debris is cleared. florida prepared for irma's wrath with people rushing to board up homes
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and people gassing up their cars before they town. the structural integrity of the dike containing lake okeechobee can withstand hurricane irma. >> time is running out for floridians to evacuate before irma roars ashore this weekend. at least 1.4 million live in mandatory evacuation zones. fema predicts irma will devastate the southern u.s. >> i can guarantee you that i don't know anybody in florida that's ever experienced what's about to hit south florida. >> people at miami and fort lauderdale's airports have only hours to catch the last flights out. >> hopefully the storm will stay on track and it won't be here until saturday, and we'll be out of here. >> a steady stream of bumper-to- bumper traffic is heading north. the rush to evacuate is stalled in some areas where gas stations have run dry. at this one in miami, a tanker
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evacuation zones we need you to stay open as long as you can so people can get gas and get out. >> frantic residents are scooping up water and last minute supplies to ride out the storm. fema estimates the hurricane could send more than 100,000 people to shelters. people waiting to get into this evacuation center are worried. >> we're going there. we are not staying, we're not taking chances, especially when you have kids. >> irma battered turks and caicos overnight. meg oliver, cbs news miami. storage surges are a major concern with hurricane irma. just take a look. this is damage the storm caused in barbuda, fema estimates about 2.5 million florida homes are in flood hazard zones and many of those homes are in the densely
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and broward counties. that includes miami and fort lauderdale. long gas lines are making for short tempers in miami. the wait is up for two hours for some waiting to fill up before leaving town to make way for irma. someone pulled out his pistol and pointed it at another person who was also waiting in line for gas. fortunately no shots were fired, and the gunman got back in his truck and sped off. not the way to react. >> tensions are high. >> yesterday we were talking about the track, and you said your brother was in tampa and was pretty much out of it. >> it shifted far enough west close enough to the west coast that he's going to head to valdosta, georgia. a lot of folks are, but there are a lot of folks hunkering down, if i told you an ef2 tornado was coming with potentially flooding rains, would you stay in your house? >> no. >> that's what's happening, and people are staying in their house, they've got to protect the townhouse or whatever it is. >> screw the townhouse. >> don't put a rescuer ice leaf
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facebook and twitter. share it with friends in south florida. let's talk about what's happening with the storm. it's still a very impressive storm. this is a hurricane, while not a category 5, a very strong category 4, and i don't want you to think it's not dangerous. it's extremely dangerous. this is jose behind it, it may just give some conditions for barbuda they don't need. katia over here is headed in towards mexico. it's irma that is of course garnering the most attention. the beast, deadly killer beast that she is moving off towards the slightly north of west right now, but on this course it's going to come very close to the cuban coast. one thing irma's also going to run into, look at the water temperature. 89degrees. very warm water is fuel for storms. that will help likely maintain its intensity. the only hope for a weaker storm is if it actually could get more towards cuba. it's going to just skirt the coast tomorrow morning. if it gets onshore in cuba, that
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circulation some. then forecast again over the very warm waters, head towards the keys. as we head towards sunday 6 a.m., saturday night, sunday morning, conditions go down quickly. the storm will cross the florida peninsula south to north during the day sunday into monday. monday morning down to a 1 near ocala moving off in towards georgia. by then i think it's a tropical storm. the icon hasn't changed. it will weaken over land and bring tropical storm conditions, maybe tropical depression to atlanta, but some heavy rains towards georgia and tennessee as we get into that time frame. storm surge, we talked about it a little bit at the top of the broadcast. look at these projections. see this purple, pink area, now we're 15 feet plus there south of naples, not too populated. in some of the more populated areas like homestead, which andrew devastated, we're talking about 10, 12-foot storm surge there. miami's looking at 4 to 8 feet in spots. there are going to be problems galore from irma when she makes landfall. for us, i think some showers tue more than likely here
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that should be about the worst of it. we've got a whole bunch of information on irma and of course the latest news and sports as well all available for free on the wusa9 app. thank you, howard. fires out west, hurricanes in the south, and now a devastating earthquake in southern mexico. the 8.2 quake was the strongest to hit the country in a century as brook silva-braga reports, at least 32 people have been killed, and it's also triggering tsunami warnings. >> the powerful 8.1 magnitude quake shook this restaurant off mexico's southern coast overnight triggering tsunami warnings sending people in the city of chiapas running into the street. the impact was felt hundreds of miles away in mexico city where power was briefly knocked out for almost 2 million people. this video shows the inside of an office building shaking violently. amos angel of independence monument swayed
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side from the force of the quake. >> mexico's president says the earthquake was the strongest to hit his country in a century. this woman was left shaken. it was horrible she says. i never felt something so ugly in my life. reporting jeff paul of ktvt was also in southern mexico at the time. >> it felt like a train was rolling beneath our feet, and then moments later that's when we started to see the buildings shaking from side to side. it sounded like pieces of metal just scraping together. >> the quake hit as people in the country were preparing for a possible blow from hurricane katia. officials are now assessing damage and bracing for aftershocks from the quake. brook silva-braga for cbs news. the city was hit by another devastating quake in 1985. that quake killed at least 5,000 people. we're also following breaking news from prince george's county at noon er
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authorities are launching a full court press to identify potentially dozens of children in video from a suspected child pornographer. >> reporter: a couple things you have to know about this, the individual named in this case is christopher speights. he used to be a substitute teacher at an elementary school here in prince george's county, and he was also a travel team basketball coach. he's been arrested since back in april, but the investigation has been ongoing, and what's new today is that authorities are going to come out and talk to us about this very large number of victims that investigators have seen on video but who they cannot identify. right now, our states attorney coming up to speak about this. >> teacher at bradbury heights elementary school. he also was a traveling coach, in a
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basketball team, the south county -- i'm sorry, south county steelers, and what we believe during our investigation is that we have a number of children, several dozen children, who unfortunately we have been unable to identify who we believe may have been involved with mr. speights, and so what we are hoping is that parents who may have had some contact with mr. speights either during his time as a substitute teacher at bradbury heights elementary school or may have had contact with him with the south county steelers would reach out to us to assist us as we continue to investigate and to prosecute the case against mr. speights. as always, we are deeply concerned about this and are interested in making sure that we are able to bring him to justice with respect to every single child who he may have injured and would love -- would like the public's help in
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the children who we now have images of but are unable to identify. this case came to our attention back in may. >> all right, that's our state's attorney here in prince george's county talking about this case. christopher speights, they are desperately seeking new information to fill in all of the gaps in this case. all of these children they've identified on video so they can continue forward with the investigation. as the authorities provide us more information we'll get it to you for now. i'm live in front of prince george's county courthouse, scott broom wusa9 news. >> you can continue to follow on our mobile app or wusa9 website. >> parents who had or may have had contact with christopher speights are asked to call 1- 800-637-5437. should you have to pay thousands of dollars back to the government because
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right now all eyes are on irma. let's not forget about the people still reeling from hurricane harvey, the red cross is still in texas there, too helping those flood victims but the organization just took a beating on social media over a facebook posting. lindsay scott says she and fellow volunteers tried to hand out 400 warm hamburgers they flew into a texas shelter, but they were roadblocked by two red cross volunteers. we contacted the pilot of the plane who carried those burgers. he's patrick collins. >> a couple of bad apples i
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don't think should ruin everything that was done that day. >> collins says his group ended up handing out the burgers themselves to evacuees outside the shelter to military members helping with relief efforts or to anyone who just needed a bite to eat. a lot of websites ran that story, and it prompted comments like this one from mike and april who wrote, wow, this is why it's hard for me to donate to big organizations like the red cross. we wanted to run this through our verify desk. we went straight to the red cross. the safety agency tells us safety is a top priority so it has strict procedures. it says its volunteers just wanted to protect the evacuees. they don't want anyone to get sick from food that's turned bad. the red cross says it's spoken with its volunteers and it is constantly reviewing its policies and procedures. so we can verify the red cross volunteers did block giving out those burgers. fortunately they were handed out anyway. if you have something you
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want verified let our team of researchers separate the bull from the bona fide. find us on facebook or twitter or send an e-mail to verify @ all right, let's go on to more about hurricane irma, evacuees getting out of its way could be out of their homes for days, maybe even more than a week, and when they return they'll face another potential problem, it's something that can happen even to any of us when we're on vacation or traveling for work. here's wtsp reporter bobby lewis. >> water is the hot item at all the stores right now for the people who are sprinting out of florida, but the water that you leave behind could really make a difference. once you return from evacuating, before you hit the road, fill up a cup of water and then freeze it. after it's solid, put a quarter right on top of the water. this will help you know if your power went out during the storm. if it did the water will defrost and the quarter
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even if the power comes back on and the water refreezes, the quarter will remain at the bottom of the cup. this will be a good indication of whether or not you can eat the food in your refrigerator. if your food thawed and refroze it's probably not safe to eat. >> the trick worked for people who evacuated last year for hurricane matthew. >> here's howard on the latest with what's happening with the track of irma, beautiful weather here. >> oh, yeah. >> it's almost kind of like not fair. >> we had beautiful weather when harvey was hitting texas. it's tragic what's going on across much of the caribbean and towards florida. >> i know. and now mexico and katia there in the gulf. >> yeah, and then jose. >> what's going on? >> we are at the peak of hurricane season, , we're having a very
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even when andrew hit in 1992, that storm was in august when we had the" a storm." the models pretty much in very strong agreement as we head in towards saturday evening now, both of them on the coast of cuba, then making the turn to the north. the european is a little bit farther west. i know it's tough to see, but the gfs is there, the european is there, but both of them bring a tremendous blow, a category 4 storm, 150-mile an hour winds expected at landfall as we head towards sunday morning, saturday night, sunday morning. this will bring a lot of storm surge, a lot of problems, tornadic storm surges. even homestead could be looking at a storm surge near 10 feet. as the storm goes across the peninsula, both models are inland right now, that would be bad for a lot of the peninsula, especially the southern half. it will weaken as it stays over land, but may not become a tropical storm until
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that could be a hurricane strength storm all the way through florida. here tuesday at midnight, monday morning, tuesday night bringing rain and wind towards atlanta. we could get a little rain out of this, but right now it doesn't look like it's going to be terrible around here. the critical time for south florida is midnight sunday to 4 p.m. monday. category 4 storm, it's still very dangerous. it's big, big wind field, lots of problems. it's not as strong as it was, but it's still extremely dangerous. back into georgia and tennessee tuesday into wednesday, so around here lesser impacts. i think earlest impact would be tuesday for showers and storms. tuesday into early wednesday. beautiful this afternoon, could see a stray shower mainly in the mountains, low to mid-70s out there, northwesterly winds 5 to 10 miles an hour, very pleasant with readings right now still in the 50s in the mountains, 70 in cumberland, and we're in the low 70s here in town, southern maryland across
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beautiful afternoon with sunshine and humidity levels way down with dew points in the low 50s. this is one reason the next few nights our coolest temperatures will be in the upper 40s. satellite and radar, a lot of showers and the cooler air. there's some lake effect rain showers up here than just the instability. i know it sounds contradictory but if you've got cool air and heat from below that's kind of like turning on the stove. you're heating from below and you can bubble up these showers. futurecast does indicate one or two mainly in the mountains. for the most part we're going to stay dry and pleasant today, cool tonight. lows in the 50s in most areas with a few upper 40s in the afternoon on saturday, a mix of sun and clouds, highs in the low 70s, going to the terps game tomorrow you won weather- wise, hopefully on the field as well. for the burgundy and gold for the eagles another beautiful day around here. we've got a lot of information about irma available on the website. check it out at your convenience. 76 this afternoon, stray shower
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tonight. that's national airport. cooler spots upper 40s. tomorrow 73. seasonably cool. again, we'll be in the 40s and 50s for lows. sunday, pleasant, 74. as we head towards monday, some high clouds in advance of irma. we may see rain from irma on tuesday, mid-70s and then on wednesday leftover showers in the morning, about 80, and looking good thursday with a high in the upper 70s. we've got more coming up right after this. he's our pediatrician, dr. ralph northam. born and raised in rural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice.
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expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
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welcome back, this is not what you'd expect when you walk into someone's basement. sharks, authorities in long island
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who had ten sharks stashed in the huge aboveground pool. they believe the man was breeding the shark and selling them as exotic pets. sbca officials say they've never seen anything like this. >> i've seen crocodiles and i've seen snakes, stingrays, and i know there was another case that they had alligators as well. >> but no sharks? >> no, no sharks. >> what are they thinking. well, the sharks have been taken to the long island aquarium. the homeowner could be in trouble because these sharks are federally protected and it's illegal to own on the east coast without a special permit. >> we'll have one final look at the forecast a
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this hurricane season has been especially peculiar for a couple living near spokane, washington. talk about a strange coincidence. she's irma and he's harvey. they've been married for 75 years. they vividly remember many of the major events of the 20th century from their first time ever seeing an airplane to watching neil armstrong on the moon. the couple says they've never seen two major hurricanes bearing their names. they say their hearts go out to all the people impacted by the storms. irma says if you can help someone, then help them. good advice. >> great message. >> weather-wise we have some great weather, pretty much through monday. we'll get some rain from irma, but really no direct impacts other than that. irma still expected to slam into florida. it's a very strong storm, dangerous, probably deadly storm unfortunately as we head into late saturday night. sunday could be the worst time, and of course topper will have more coming up at 5 and anytime
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>> and we're going to keep you updated all throughout the weekend, so make sure you watch wake up washington saturday and sunday mornings for the very latest. that's it for us at noon. we'll have the latest at 5:00. until then have a great afternoon and a wonderful weekend.
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