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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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it's being called the largest mass evacuation in u.s. history. at least 6 million people have been it would to leave their homes as a monster storm heads towards florida. >> hello. i'm deborah alfarone. people who live in florida bracing for the worst tonight as parts of the state could experience catastrophic storm surge. irma is expected to strengthen again before hitting florida. we have
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tonight beginning with howard bernstein. >> thanks a lot, deborah. what we noticed is that the pressure has come up a little bit from earlier. here's the storm now. it had been riding the cuban coast most of the day. in the last couple of hours, you see it moving to the northwest, getting away from open water. this is not good. open water, fuel source, very warm water. we're also seeing feeder bands, which are moving into southern florida. some of these have had isolated tornadoes. we've had flood warning. let me show you the track on irma and 11:00 advisory just came in moments ago from the national hurricane center. pressure went from 932 to 933. i think this is temporary. we're gong see the pressure drop as the storm gets over the the water in the florida straits and then goes to the key west. very warm water. we're talking water near 90 degrees, like throwing
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first moving northwest at 6. so slow down, winds to 120. it's a solid cat 3, major storm. at 120, still could do a lot of damage. unfortunately it's going get stronger during the overnight into tomorrow morning. sunday morning, 6, 7:00, going to be approaching key west. 125, cat 3. this track is slightly, slightly farther west. this is puntagorda, all that water coming on the east side with the winds this way. there's going to be a mass storm surge, naples, fort myers, even tampa, looking at 6 to 10-foot of a storm surge there. the storm is going to track again up the west coast, finally down toward a cat 1 by monday morning. but tampa could be looking at cat 2, cat 3 hurricane there late tonight into tomorrow morning. starting to see the winds pick up. >> these are current conditions now. so we have 10-foot waves. we have 33 miles per hour
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gust. this indicates the gust. the white there is the sustained winds. look down to key west. a gust to 66 miles per hour. and marathon sustained at 37, gusts to 56. i mean, conditions are going to deteriorate fairly rapidly over the overnight hours. now, this is the wind-field. you always get hung up on the eye. these are the wind-fields. this is very important. red is hurricane or higher. yellow is tropical storm force. so already tropical storm force wind in miami, hollywood, naples. here we go. we're going move it to the west by 6:00 monday morning. by noon on sunday, now naples has hurricane-force winds at least, which means probably in excess of a hundred miles per hour by then. it continues to move up the west coast of florida. sarasota could have hurricane force winds by about this time tomorrow night. and than we get into monday, midnight, tampa, sarasota, already almost a crystal river as it moves up the entire west coast of florida. it maintains hurricane re
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least through monday morning. we'll come back. we'll talk about storm surge. we'll also talk about a similar hurricane that took a very similar path. you can hear the powerful winds caught on a cell phone as this water spout approaches the shore in fort lauderdale. tonight, tornado warnings have been issued in both miami dade and brow ward county. more cell phone video in south florida tonight. here we're looking at a funnel cloud over a deserted street. there are reports of tornadoes touching down in this area. these pictures earlier from a car driving along a lonely highway in the miami suburb of florida city. you can see the storm beginning to surge there along the coast. web cams from pompano beach, hollywood beach, keywest, they all show footage of the early impact of hurricane urma on florida's coast, this massive storm causing waves to
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water up and over bridges and piers. irma took aim at cuba's coastline earlier with hurricane-force winds raking the island's eastern provinces and causing storm surge of as much as 12 feet. east of nevada, winds have downed power lines. right now they're almost completely underwater. irma has left a path of destruction in the bahamas after battling the archipelego. some rebuilding after hurricane matthew struck last october. this powerful storm is tracking more to the west than first thought. but people in miami, they are being warned that they are still in danger. kenneth craig is there tonight. he's there live for us. kenneth, what does it look like now? >> reporter: beginning to you from miami dade county. last couple hours, conditions have only gotten worse. that's pd
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wind. as hurricane irma inches closer to florida, the storm is spitting up funnel clouds and threatening tornadoes. bands of rain arrive saturday, and the winds have already picked up. irma is expected to hit the florida keys, then move up the state's west coast. storm surge is a growing concern. >> if you stop and think about my hometown, naples, i mean, 15 feet aboveground level, how do you survive that? >> reporter: the state told more than 6 million residents to evacuate, and more than 75,000 have found their way into shelters, quickly filling to capacity. >> i'm here as well. i was displaced as well. i'm right here for you. >> reporter: hurricane force winds are on the way. and forecasters say the city will still take a hit. across the state, residents who haven't gotten out are hunkering down. >> that's the mattress in case
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>> reporter: alan and carol rodriguez will ride out the storm at their home in naples. >> by the time we decided it was bad enough to get out, everybody was sold out. >> reporter: curfews are already in effect in several cities as irma gets closer to landfall. >> reporter: miami could still see a pretty significant storm surge, up to 10 feet, deborah, in some coastal areas. >> it is rally a big deal. please be safe out there. live in miami tonight. storm surge, that's one of the most dangerous hazards associated with a storm like this one. . let's get a category 2 storm now. you're looking at more water, 7 to 12 feet of coastal storm
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houses and businesses. to a category 3 storm. that brings with it 12 to 15 feet of water. that will put most single-story homes and businesses underwater. a category 4, now we're dealing with 15 to 20-feet storm surges. two-story homes and businesses will be underwater. and with a category 5, that is enough to overwhelm entire coastal cities and towns with 20 to 24 feet of coastal surge. she still hasn't heard from her parents after irma rolled through the u.s. virgin islands. the montgomery woman you're about to meet has just one message: don't forget about the thousands of americans living in the caribbean who already survived irma fury. >> we're used to hurricanes in the virgin islands. this is nothing like we have ever seen before. >> reporter: she remembers surviving hurricane h,go at three years old.
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saint thomas, and island that the now largely lies in ruin. >> the last direct contact i had with my parents, we were able to face time before the eye wall, which is the most powerful part of the hurricane, before the eye wall hit. >> reporter: erica's parents sent this picture of their front yard before the storm, hurricane flags flying. she hasn't heard their voices in days, but there's one text message. >> i get a text message from a number that i don't have saved. it's not a virgin islands area code either. it says "hi, erica, your parents are fine. this is the neighbor drew." . >> and what do you think when you get that? . >> thank god. >> reporter: as florida braces for the worst, the caribbean has been through it,ruca says don't forget about the virgin islands. >> if our suffering is
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port? we're americans, too. >> people who are from here yet stuck in the caribbean now, they're questioning how well the state department is complaining. one family says they don't know how they'll get home. michael quandric explains how this story hit close to home for us here at wusa 9. >> reporter: he's been shooting news at wusa for more than 30 years. tonight mark boss is sitting next to his wife regina on the other side of the camera. >> i looked through the view finder at the person sitting there. >> reporter: their daughter ariel is stuck on the dutch side of saint martin after hurricane irma barreled through the caribbean. >> it's complete devastation here. complete devastation. >> reporter: her birthday celebration ruined, as devastating winds and rain
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destroyed the buildings around her. >> you hear stuff that the water has risen. >> reporter: she and her friend are safe. >> you try to do what you can. when you can't really see out your window, you can't really see anything. >> reporter: it's hard, an experience leaving families wearied for their loved ones. >> people are in an era where the information is at a moment's notice. if you're not getting some information, yeah, it can be very -- you're dropping the ball. >> reporter: they haven't gotten any word from the state department about evacuations or plans for rescues despite signing up for several government web sites. >> it seems to me there should be a protocol in place that allows you to get information on a consistent and timely basis about what the plans are so you're not left sort of in a vacuum. >> reporter: a state department spokespers
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americans who were out of the country affected by hurricane irma. starting with those who needed doctors. the voss family says that's fine, but the information should have been communicated to worried families, like theirs. >> when can we expect our daughter and any other u.s. citizen to be coming home? . >> in prince george's county, wusa 9. >> and tonight mark tells us the island his daughter is on is clear of jose. arrangements have been made to get her and her friend on a flight or ship to the states. prince george county police arrested a man they say set his pregnant girlfriend on fire. laquin philips has been charged with attempted murder. police say philips doused 31- year-old andrea grenich with a flammable liquid and then set her on fire in her capital heights ho
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strong winds, heavy rain, and storm surge are the only threats from irma. tornadoes are also a danger. the tornadoes spin off the northeast of the hurricane center. that's in respect to its forward motion. it's called the infamous right front quadrant. most storms form in thunderstorms found in the outer rain bands, check be several hundred miles away from the eye of the storm. witness that storm makes landfall, conditions become more conducive for tornadoes to form. at the national option indian egg and atmospheric administration in college park, a team is monitoring not one, but two hurricanes. while floridians brace for the arrival of hurricane,rma, the know what team is also
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hurricane jose and its swirls in the western hemisphere. now, for the first time, the national hurricane center has brought nine forecasters together to monitor those storms from college park. >> three are from the national hurricane center, and they are currently doing operational forecasts for two hurricanes from this location. not been done before. >> if you'd like an up-close look, write this down. the know what center for weather and climate prediction is celebrating its fifth anniversary in college park with an open house saturday, september 16th. the washington nationals are pitching in to help to let's go nation for hurricane harvey victims. now through september 17th, they will collect nonperishable foods, personal hygiene items, and cleaning supplies to send to texas. donations can be dropped off every day from 8 in the morning until
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and on game days, donations will be dropped off at the center fooled and home plate games. some of them just returned from helping hurricane harvey victims in texas, and now the members of virginia task force one they are in puerto rico. they got there this morning, where they will assist ins are cue and recovery efforts. boy, they work very hard. you and howard have been working hard. so much going on. all the first responders out there, making sure everyone is getting out of harm's way. >> yeah. i think howard mentioned the pressure sure is up just a tick. we think that's couldn't of misleading. . so if you missed the track, you'll have the track and we'll tack about storm surge, a storm similar to this. >> we've been watching this a good week or so now. this has been a well advertised storm. other than a few subtle differences, kind of went where we were thinking it was going to
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toward florida tonight. that is irma. this is jose, which did miss the islands, which is good news. they've got enough problems. but irma has been going across the north coast of cuba. within the last couple hours, started steering more to the northwest. we're expecting it to turn more to the north here, which is going to bring the eye to morning, very close to keywest. more west is not good. that means more time over open water, a chance to got stronger. the latest on the hurricane center, if you miss the top of the broadcast, 120 miles per hour sustained winds, gusting to 150. pressure is at 9:03. watch this overnight tomorrow morning. the lower the number, the stronger the storm. . it does have winds tomorrow morning, 125 going through the keys. major hurricane, major problems. storm surge, the winds, of course,. going to be some flooding rains, possibly tornado i can thunderstorms on the right side of the track. then during the day, it starts
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naples, bringing a lot of the water from the ocean. that's the storm surge. hurricane warnings are going up both sides of the coast. even on the east coast, evening to they're far enough away, they're going to maintain the warnings up. category 3 near fort myers. might be down to a 2 by the time it gets to tampa. 110, 115. that's going to do some damage and bring some storm surgery to tampa. up weather conditions of capital and east of tallahassee. it will be weakening than. the storm is going to dive out toward western tennessee. a storm west of tampa doesn't happen a lot. this is close. no storms are the same, but this is close to operative. we're going to see a storm in 1935. >> no two storms are the same. every meteorological conditions are different. but this is kind of eeria. the 1935 hurricane runs right through the keys, right up the west coast of florida. we actually had world war i, that building the bridge to
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200 of them. in the book it described a locomotive on the tracks blown overby this hurricane. it's rare, but there's a precedent for a track similar to that. east coast of florida is kind of dodged a bullet, i think is the best way to say it. west not good, naples not good. now we're talking storm surge over 12 feet. this is all over everglades. the bad news is, because it rides the west coast, fort myers could have a storm surge well in excess of 12 feet. even up into tampa, even into the bays of tampa, 8 to 12 feet possible. we're going to keep going up the coast. look at this. even crystal over to cross, the red, 9 to 12 feet. even the panhandle could still have a significant storm surge. and yes, even the southeast coast and the east coast of florida will have a storm surge of some kind. but again, not as bad on the east side. locally -- we've enjoyed some great
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here. got to 73 today. and that's exactly what we were forecasting tomorrow. after a cool start, we've got temps near 50. we're looking at temperatures tomorrow. only going 75 with that 3- degree guarantee. another beautiful day. 40s and 50s tonight. clear and chilly. mid-40s to the shenandoah valley. fall-like start. sunny, gorgeous, 70 to 75. going out to tailgate for tailgating, wear the sunscreen. high clouds in advance of irma, 78. tuesday, i think we get some showers from irma, 76. with the lingering moisture from irma, no big fronts. on and off chances of showers, but warmer weather for much of the coming week. irma on everybody's mind. if you have friends and family down there, hope they are safe as can be. >> absolutely. >> thank god we have facebook live. let's see what julie has to say. wants to know how long after the storm will
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homes to check on them. >> a lot of this fends on what sort of damage is there. if they've got to clean up, got an open road, there could be power lines down. it just may be a dangerous situation. it could be days. it could be weeks >> claudia says, "my sister has dramatic brain injury. she's in a wheelchair. how is she going to be impacted." . >> doesn't look great. i hope she's in a safe place, away from windows, has care givers around to get her through the storm. >> i was thinking of all of you at home, all of you in florida. all right. get our app, and you can be on -- we'll find out everything that is ♪ do you want to do a monster check?
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maryland football was feeling good, but they did not want to have that dreaded let down against a lower-tier opponent in towson. got to treat ever game the same, right? home opener for maryland, hosting towson. it was all
11:26 pm
sahim hill, pass to moore. turns on the burners. moore, 34 yards for the score. 2nd touchdown of the game for him. . he lives up to his last name. savage, 75-yard return for a touchdown. gives maryland a 28-7 lead. that was your score at the break. big star was ty johnson. ran for 124 yards, touchdown run of 74, and this one was 46 yards, as maryland puts up 63 points. most of the program says, "oh my god, 1954." the mood in college park is pretty good now. >> this is our house. this is our house. . let's go, baby. >> the way they came out, they really had the mind set for the game. came out and started
11:27 pm
able to do that. what is that? i know it's a give away, but come only. zack apby hooking up with tyler carmona, 79-touchdown score, longest in 7 years. the mid-s will hang on to win 23-21, 2 and 0 on the young season. on a night when you had to bring the light jacket to the park, nats facing the phillies chance. michael tailor had that inside the park grand slam last night. goes the old-fashioned way. he issues it. over the wallenings 2-run homer. the nats would fall 5-4. who could possibly clinch tomorrow? we should see. >> this is exciting. >> perfectly exciting stuff. >> perfect weatherer for a baseball game. we'll have the latest on erma when w
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we've got some beautiful weatherer, but it is rally tough. >> urma in the florida straits. it is be there tomorrow morning. i's major hurricane. we'll be tracking this through the weekend. are you coming up later on facebook? . >> yeah. after the show we'll take your questions, facebook live. join us, sew if irma gets any stronger. >> get
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