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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 11, 2017 1:05am-2:05am EDT

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joined by houston's mayor and her brother, randy, she spent time face to face with some of the estimated 1,200 evacuees. houston is janet's second stop on her 56-city state of the world tour. >> she will dedicate the show to all of the hurricane harvey victims. she will also donate all the proceeds to flood relief charities. >> you guys have been so inspiring. >> ther tou kicks off thursday night in louisiana, and the 51-year-old new mom delivered, showing off her more than 65 pound baby weight loss with five costume changes, 36 songs, and nearly two hours of throwback moves, janet is on the road with her now 8-month-old son, issa. >> let's move on and talk about what a week it has been for the royals. we've got baby news and prince harry's girlfriend broke her silence. >> i'm smiling because i love this. meghan markle opened up for the first time about her love
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his expanded royal family. here's the latest on the lovebirds. >> we have two people who are really happy and in love. that's how meghan describes her 16-month romance with prince harry, who she calls her boyfriend. we were very quietly dating for about six months before it became news. i've never defined myself by my relationship. in her first sit-down interview about prince harry, the 36-year-old poses for "vanity fair" with bare feet in a ball gown looking very much like the future princess she may one day be. behind the scenes, we see her laughing and showing off her beautiful smile. but meghan's favorite thing about the photo shoot, there's barely any makeup, little editing, and, quote, we will finally be able to see my freckles. but did the palace have to approve? "e.t." royal expert explains. >> technically meghan is still a free and independent citizen, so, no, she wouldn't need palace approval in order to conduct this interview.
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have done it without the blessing of both prince harry and kensington palace. >> and more royals news out of kensington. william and kate announced they're expecting baby number three. there was no sign of a baby bump last week when duchess kate appeared at an event honoring princess diana, wearing a slim fitting floral dress, we did not know at the time she's in her first trimester. >> in terms of releasing the pregnancy news early, it was because kate was due to attend an engagement in london. she had to withdraw from that because she was feeling so unwell. >> prince william is understandably cautious but his brother showed a bit more enthusiasm. >> how are you feeling about the news you're going to be an uncle again? >> fantastic, great. very, very happy for them. >> how is your sister-in-law doing? >> i vice president seen her for a while. i think she's okay. >> george clooney, a royal.
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no question about that. he and amal and their twins were in italy for the venice film festival. carly steel got to hang out as they hit the red carpet in style. >> george with that old school hollywood glamour walking the carpet hand in hand with amal. clooney directs matt damon in "suburbico "suburbicon." when it comes to red carpet style, they have it easy. >> future onput on a tuxedo, an i'm good. they go what are you wearing and i go, a tuxedo. who are you wearing? a tuxedo. >> it's awful for women. amal just looks at me with anger. i just put on the tux i wore last year. >> the premiere was george and amal's first public appearance since the birth of their twins. george says ella and alexander's personality are already showing. >> he's a thug already. you saw him. he's a e.
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literally just sits and eats like this. he looks like he could bounce right now. >> checking ids on the way into the nursery. >> she's very elegant, all eyes, and she looks like amal, thank god. >> i'm going to kill you too. >> ha ha ha. >> in their satirical thriller, matt rocks this look, playing a dark family man depiblcting the american dream as a nightmare. >> it's not the first time i've worked with the wonderful and talented and brilliant george clooney. he does things that other directors just can't do. he pays me in cash daily. you just don't see other people doing that at this
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>> how was matt as an employee. did he behave himself? >> no, he did not. i'm going to say that right now. matt's the greatest actor i've ever worked with. in fact, i don't know a better actor i've ever seen in my life. >> clooney's next project, helping to host a telethon for hurricane harvey relief on september 12th. >> we're going to be donating. it's about understanding that this is going to be a process that's going to take years. this could take a long, long time. >> and there will be lots of other stars joining george, including oprah, youns, julia roberts, barbra streisand, reese witherspoon and so many more. it airs tuesday across all major networks. jamie foxx finally seemed to confirm his relationship status with katie holmes. >> they stepped out publicly as a couple for the first time on labo rday. they walked hand in hand on a malibu beach, playedn
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surf, snapped photos, and according to one eyewitness, quote, they looked like a pair of young kids in love. so how long has this secret romance been going on? the rumors first surfaced in 2013 when katie and jamie were seen dancing together at a benefit in the hamptons. here's what jamie told nancy about the rumors in 2015. >> so you clarify you're not dating katie? you know, the tabloids have you very much in love. >> yeah, yeah, all the time. but what i've learned about society today is that they're so thirsty, especially in the tabloid world and social media world. >> speaking of social media, in april of this year, a blogger snapped this photo of katie and jamie dining together in new york city. >> i like to stay quiet, you know, with anyone that i'm dating, that i'm really, really dating. >> you've managed to do that. how do you do that? >> well, it's like i just -- i feel like if there's something that you're dating, the worst thing you could
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ot there could be at least one her reason they've kept the relationship under wraps. a source tells us that per totie's divorce settlement with m cruise, the actress agreed not to go public with a new romance for at least five years. their divorce was finalized five years ago in august. we reached out to reps for m,to katie, and jamie and did not hear back by our deadline. just hours after the images surfaced, tom was snapped landing in london by helicopter. the actor was all smiles and had a big thumbs up. >> as long as everybody's happy, we're good. now, as far as their next movie project, katie has a cameo in ocean's 8 in june, and jamie has robin hood out next september. right now, sharon osborn on ozzie's cheating scandal. >> what do you think that women can learn from your experience? >> when you are married to somebody that has an addictive personality, you know, drugs, women, it's not what women can learn from me. i think it's whatou
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>> and for the osborns, lesson number one was lifting the veil on ozzie's infidelity. sharon recently acknowledged he had cheated on her with six women throughout their 35-year marriage. >> i've known him for 40 years, and in 40 years, is he honestly going to turn around and say, i've never been with another woman in 40 years? no. it's life. it happens. >> the fire ignited may 2016 when sharon discovered ozzie was in the midst of a four-year affair with his hairdresser, michelle pugh. lesson number two, take a stand. >> i can't keep sitting like this. >> announcing she's kicked him out on the talk. lesson number three is to find support. >> my husband was brave enough to come out and say, hey, you caught me. i need help. and he's been, you know, in long-term twraereatment for thi. >> sharon meanwhile relied on heil
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at "the talk". >> i want to know because so many people break up over things like that, why you guys have been able to make it. >> because i've lived without him, and i'm much happier with him than without him. and i just don't want to give that up. >> but their most important lesson, always find humor. >> we laugh about it because -- >> do you? >> it helps you get through it because otherwise, it would be like you know this curtain. you have to find some humor in something. >> straight ahead, our fall tv preview with the big bang theory cast on the big cliff hangers. >> would you marry me? >> they're constantly doing things you never saw coming. >> then jim parsons with the young look alike actor playing him in a spinoff. >> you wore tap shoes and they could hear you coming. >> plus the this is us cast spills secrets about their favorite scenes. >> and i
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welcome back, everyone. in just a few weeks, the fall tv season gets under way and we have a preview with everything you need to know. >> let's kick this off with the big bang theory because their premiere is just around the corner. of course we all want to know, will it kick off with a wedding? >> at the end of last season, we saw sheldon get down on one knee. >> yeah. >> propose to amy. >> will you marry me? >> honestly one of the most fun things about working on a show for as long as we have is that when you have writers that are as good as ours are and as committed with these characters, they're constantly doing things that you never saw coming and are so fun to play. i feel like she'll say yes too, but that may not be what they have in mind. i don't know. >> the entire cast was back to work a few weeks ago, and mayim revealed the
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leaves right where we left off. same body position. >> was everybody really crying off camera? >> i don't know. i tried to ignore them. their mentality makes me crazy. but, no, i think it was very sweet. >> that's a milestone moment. i can understand. >> if you told me ten years ago that eventually this character would propose to somebody, i don't know how you're going to work that. >> if there's not a wedding, they're going to have me to answer to. also this fall, jim parsons and his minimy are bringing young children. to say that these two are excited about their new comedy project, well, that would be an understatement. >> jim parsons is not so stupid no. >> these guys are so fun together. they really could be related. it was jim who came up with the idea for the big bang spinoff, young sheldon, and he found the perfect actor, ian armitage to play his character's y
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it feels like ian could be a young jim. where did you find ian? >> on tape. he taped himself. his mother taped him at his grandmother's house, and for christmas -- oh, my god, we saw so many tapes. ian's was mind-blowing in some ways. >> oh. >> it's true. there was a naturalness with it and a spirit with it and an understanding of what you were saying. >> now you're just being kind. >> no. i am not kind. i am. i'm a nice person, but i'm not kind when it comes to those things. i just wouldn't say anything if didn't like it. >> you have a bit of a mustache. >> ian just turned 9. he became famousor f posting viral reviews of broadway musicals on youtube, and his dad rently won the role of king george in "hamilton." ian celebrated in song. ♪ that's my dad ♪ he can sing and act, is makes me glad ♪ >> what do you love about the
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theater? the theater. >> just like ian, jim is a theater buff too, and they bonded over broadway. >> you had so many more people recognize you in the theater than recognized me. they love you there. that is true, and it's not just because you wore tap shoes and they could hear you coming. he did. >> did he really? >> you did, did you? >> yep. >> coming up, our big fall tv preview continues with news on how to get away with murder, scandal, empire, and stranger things. >> love it. >> confidential. >> plus -- >> i want to see that. i will pay good money to see that. >> the this is u
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welcome back, everyone. our fall tv preview continues now with the posse of this is us, the emmy nominated cast is dropping secrets about season two, and they've got some on set upgrades. >> we got some new trailers.
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trailer that he had to use for a scene, and it was like a big, baller trailer. so once he got the baller trailer, everybody was like, yo, this is us, baby. when we going to step up this trailer game? >> brand-new trailers and a reported $250,000 bonus for each of the cast. yeah, that's what happens when you're emmy nominated. fans and critics love you. oh, and you also get to work with this guy. >> we just worked with stallone. i know, it was really fun. >> a picture of you punching him. >> i know. it was all his idea because i would never be so pre-sumptuous. >> have you included him in your -- >> not yet, but if you want some, he can get some. >> i ain't scared of nobody. i'm just kidding. i am actually scared of him. >> sly shows up in episode 3 as a co-star in a war movie. as for when fans will find out the answer to how does jack die -- >> wait until september 26th. there will be
1:24 am
what happens with jack. >> we were with the entire cast, milo showing of a new mini man bun, and we got some secrets behind some of our favorite scenes. >> when you were running into randall when he's having his panic attack, how much running were you actually do something. >> i bet you i ran a mile and a half total in dress shoes, though, in the rain. >> take us back to the pilot when you're filming that terrible towel scene. your bum is out. >> i was nervous about only having a small piece of fabric in front of my manhood. i was okay with it. >> if they say it's won the most outstanding drama. show me that face if you do win. >> just going to have to wait and see if it is or isn't or is or isn't. >> you can go like this or you flip the table and like -- >> oh, my gosh. he will not. >> where's a table to flip? but i want to see
1:25 am
that. >> is this "this is us" or the housewives of new jersey. flipping tables and such. >> oh, the drama. now, milo is up against sterling k. brown in the lead actor category. no big competition there, right? right. >> no, it's all love over there. meanwhile, more love is happening on the how to get away with murder set as viola davis makes her tv return a family affair. >> we do know your husband julius is going to be joining this year. >> yes. we already did an episode and we just love working together. we really did. genesis came to set. we just had a blast. >> the ptsaren oef th 7-year-old have been wanting a guest spot for years, but fans will have to wait until season four premieres to find out more about his role. >> i can't tell you anything because i might lose my life. >> better to die than go to jail. >> you feel like you and julius will be running lines together at home? >> i don't know.
1:26 am
>> really? >> i hate running lines. i don't talk about work at all at home. you wouldn't think i was an actor. you would think i was just, you know, regular joe schmoe viola davis. >> now on to scandal, gearing up for the seventh and final season. kerry washington and company have been instagramming shots of the cast back to work, including katie lowes who's pregnant on and off the show. how will the cast go out? shonda says with the white hats on, gladiators running full speed over a cliff. and check it out. an idea of what item she should steal from the set. >> oh, my goodness. you know, they built me a beautiful new residence, and inside it i was like, this carpet is stunning. and kerry actually, being always a live one, she's like, give it to you when we're done with this. >> what if they t
1:27 am
stuff that at the end they walked into a blank, bare room? that would be hilarious. demi moore is back in the lion's den this fall on empire much to the delight of her co-star slash daughter, rumer willis. >> your mom is joining the show this year. how did this even happen? >> she actually called me and said, hey, i know you're going to be doing the show. was it okay? would you be all right if i did it? i was like are you kidding me? absolutely. >> demi got the okay from her daughter to return to empire this season? a recurring role. >> you can go. >> oh, no, we're not going nowhere, no time soon. >> demi made her debut as a mysterious nurse at the end of last season. rul rumer plays a student struggling with addiction. >> have you had any scenes together yet? >> we are living in different worlds on the same show, which i think is actually really cool. >> kind of like me and you. >> what? >> different worlds. >> no. >> maybe different plet
1:28 am
you're going to have to wait until next month to find out if things turn right side up for those kids in hawkins, indiana. >> a big stranger things fan? here's what we know. 11 is alive. we found out that's pretty much all millie bobby brown can say. >> i was like, yeah, confidential. >> millie was loose lipped about season one secrets, sending scripts to her family. but the phone wasn't yet the fan obsession it is today. millie has learned her lesson. >> what can you tell me about 11? >> nothing. >> she's obviously back, but it's -- >> back and better than ever. >> it's amazing, and you really dig into the life of 11. >> sitting next to millie, meet 15-year-old sadie. >> she's a big tomboy. she's really
1:29 am
hawkens. >> that's so cool. >> the buzz over season two got a major boost with that trailer that dropped at com i cons set o michael jackson's thriller. >> a big focus of season two. how is he handling his upside down infection? >> in the second season they get more into his character and how the upside down affected him. it's a laot darker and creepier for will too. >> still ahead our matt damon exclusive in venice. plus one-on-one with rihanna. her beauty secrets, her biggest insecurity. >> i'm not lying to myself. >> crazy stupid love, steve
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onscreen reunion playing two famous tennis rivals. >> then mila kunis and kristen bell clash with their moms. our exclusive sneak peek at the sequel. >> closed captioning provided by -- before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain these feet... liked to style my dog as a kid... loved motherhood, rain or shine... and were pumped to open my own salon. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer.
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at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get. if you're just joining us here are this week's top five stories. number five, george and amal dazzle italy. george worked that old school hollywood glamour walking the venice red carpet hand in hand with amal. clooney directs matt damon in "suburbicon" and the guys told carly on a windy italian day, when it comes to red carpet style, they have it easy. >> you put on a tuxedo and you're good. they go what are you wearing and i go a tuxedo. >> the premiere was george and amal's first public appearance since the birth of their twins. george said their personality are already showing. >> he's a moose. he liter
1:34 am
and then she's very elegant, all eyes, and she looks like amal thank god. >> number four, prince harry's love breaks her silence. we are two people who are really happy and in love. that's how meghan markle describes her 16-month romance with prince harry, who she calls her boyfriend. we were very quietly dating for about six months before it became news. i've never defined myself by my relationship. in her first sit-down interview about prince harry, the 38-year-old poses for "vanity fair" with bare feet in a ball gown, looking very much like the future princess she may one day be. number three, beyonce returns to her hometown of houston with 5-year-old blue ivy and mom tina visiting the church where it all started. >> this is a celebration of survival. houston is my home. >> bey offered her support to nearly 400 flood victims of hurricane harvey. >> it's so
1:35 am
beyonce here because she hadn't beene abl to come for a long time, and she started singing on this stage. >> number two, sharon osborn on ozzie's cheating scandal. >> when you are married to somebody that has an addictive personality, you know, drugs, women, it's not what women can learn from me. i think it's what couples can learn from us. >> sharon recently acknowledged ozzide ha cheated on her with six women throughout their 35-year marriage. and number one, jamie foxx and katie holmes spark the paparazzi. are you and katie holmes an item now. >> jamie was approached by photographers thirsty for details. >> you looked pretty cozy on the beach in malibu. >> go to for the latest. >> celebs pack the italy for the venice film festival. you heard matt damon talk about his movie with george clooney, but matt opened the festival with his
1:36 am
and he and his wife made quite the red carpet entrance. >> just so beautiful and that dress was just like -- >> making her husband a little speechless. their date night at the opening of the festival is not something matt takes for granted. >> i've never opened a festival before. you know, i've been here four other times but never to open the festival. so that was a pretty glamorous night. >> the couple has been married 11 years and have four daughters. >> what's the most romantic thing you guys like to do in vepis? >> well, we don't have the kids with us. every moment feels like -- thanks to the kids' grandmother because we're enjoying every minute. >> open your eyes. >> in the movie, matt and kristen wiig are husband and wife who shrink to five inches tall t hoelp save the planet. it's a community of miniaturized people where everything is downsized including their
1:37 am
problems. >> i love the movie. it's really, really original. i just thought we're never going to get the money for this because it's a big movie. there's a lot of special effects, blut it's not like thee are car chases and the kind of normal bells and whistles that offset that. >> if you could shrink yourself in real life, what would you do? >> hide. >> matt also talked about his next movie, the female led ocean's 8, it stars sandra bullock, anne haaythaw and so many more. matt has a cameo, but he says this is really their movie. >> that's out next june, also starring this lady, rihanna. she just launched her new beauty line and talked to keltie knight. ♪ >> you are one of the most beautiful women in the entire world. when you look in the mirror, do you see that beauty? do you ever feel insecure? >> i'm realistic when i look in the mirror. i know if i'm in shape, out of shape. i'm not lying to myself
1:38 am
not feeling bad about that either. it is what it is. if i've got dark circles, i just wear more makeup. >> and that's how riri handles insecurity. love it. as for fashion, rihanna lit up new york in a bright yellow crop top, full skirt, and those sparkling gold lace-up stilettos. >> it's on right now, thank god. it's staying on. ♪ >> the 29-year-old is also "elle" magazine's october cover girl and making headlines for revealing she wants to time travel back to ten minutes before she lost her virginity. >> take me back to the earliest memory of you getting in trouble. >> i mean as a kid, first of all, your mom never wants you to grow up too fast. then i started getting in trouble early in my career. now it's like the sky's the limit. no rules. i can do whatever i want, make whatever makeup i want to wear. >> all women deserve to feel beautiful, and all women deserve to have a choic
1:39 am
twhen gheyo to the mpakeu counter. women love makeup, and they should all be included. >> moving on to the crazy stupid love reunion between steve carell and emma stone. but this time they are not playing father and daughter. no, they're taking on real life tennis rivals bobby rigs and billie jean king as they take the ultimate battle of the sexes from the court to the big screen. >> ladies and gentlemen, billie jean king! >> the movie is the story of 1973's epic tennis match between king, who was then 30, and former champ riggs, who was 55. emma gained 15 pounds of muscle to play the tennis icon. >> i did a lot of weightlifting and tennis and just kind of studying her way of being physically. i mean this is probably the most physical role i've done in certain ways. >> there she is, billie jean king. >> bobby
1:40 am
>> she started working out, and sashe id, oh, my god, i'm just so hungry all the time. >> i'm going to put the show back in chauvinism. >> the publicity loving riggs hyped the event by claiming that men were better aths lete than women. >> i love women in the bedroom and in the kitchen. >> a lot is being made about him being this sexist pig and people were so outraged, but you knew it was just an act. you knew that he was just trying to get people riled up, and that was part of his charm. >> i'm the champ. how can i lose? >> billie jean visited the set of the movie and the real-life prime-time event was watched by 90 million people. >> i think until very recently, it was the most viewed sporting event in history. >> stop talking. let's play. >> in case you
1:41 am
billie jean won that infamous match. i say we make a modern day version of that, serena williams versus -- i don't know. now on to another movie with some fierce competition, those bad moms are back. this time they're battling it out with their own mothers. only "e.t." has new scenes from a bad mom's christmas. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ >> everybody loves christmas, but as a mom, it's a lot of work. between the wrapping, the shopping, the cooking, the decorating -- >> baby, don't drink the tea water. >> there's almost no time to actually enjoy it. and only one thing -- >> oh, no. >> could make it even more stressful. >> that would be when bad moms kristen be kristen bell and mila kunis get visits from their own mothers. >> she's the most critical human being on the plant. >> they're like who do y
1:42 am
>> i want to have a christmas party. >> at my house? >> yes. >> 184 people are coming. >> how much does this cost? >> can you put a price tag on wonder? >> you're a mom. mom's don't enjoy. >> susan sarandon drops in on katherine, and cheryl hines is kristen's look alike mom. >> i cannot wait to spend every waking minute with you. >> oh, no. >> i've known cheryl for over ten years, and i adore her because there's nothing not to adore. she's a super funny, outgoing lady. >> my mom got her haircut and colored exactly like mine. is that normal? >> we don't like to use the word normal. >> you are going to be my best friend forever. >> no more perfect decorations. no more perfect anything. >> coming up, diynasty is comin back to tv and is sexier and flhier
1:43 am
1:44 am
1:45 am
oh, yeah. ready for that? trekkers everybody where are anxiously awaiting the premiere of star trek discovery. 12 years
1:46 am
off the area. and another reboot, s.w.a.t. starring shemar moore. he is teasing a steamy first episode along with, of all things, his love of cocoa butter. hem not lying. 's giving all of this to leanne aguilera. >> take care of business, fellas. >> going from playing your role in criminal minds for so many years, what was it like to step into some brand-new shoes? >> baby girl, i see you boo. i ain't going nowhere. just switching to another gig. >> shemar worked out five days a week and put on ten pounds of muscle to play s.w.a.t.'s team leader hondo. the 47-year-old posted plenty of shirtless sweaty workout videos and we didn't mind trolling his tr instagram for these shots one bit. >> you're always in shape but you did gain a lot of muscle. i know there's baby oil tricks on your instagram. >> it's cocoa but
1:47 am
say about all work and no play. >> things get a little steamy in the pilot. >> oh, yeah, yeah. i take my shirt off. but the ladies got, you know, they got things they got to keep together. then you're trying to play kisscy face. then, you know, maybe she's married. maybe she's got a boyfriend. hopefully she didn't bring the boyfriend or the husband to the set because that's a little awkward. >> those eight years on young and the restless gave shemar plenty of practice, so we asked him to break down his rules for shooting a love scene. >> a couple push ups, a couple sit ups, not a whole bunch of tongue. you don't open your mouth too wide. but, no, you bring it to life, and it's the perk of the ss.ine i get to kiss on a pretty girl and do a little of that stuff. >> oh, what a tough day on the job. smooching with shemar. still to come, remember dynasty? ♪ how the remake is even wilder than the original. >> oh, my god. >> then
1:48 am
on the "e.t." set. what sarah gilbert is only tell is us about roseanne 2.0. plus will and grace's return. we are there as the cast hits the set. everything we know about the revival. >> that's ahead but first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which oscar nominee made her fame debut in 1994's lassie? is it jessica chastain, michelle williams or rachel m i will never never wash my hair again now, i fuel it pantene is the first shampoo and conditioner system with active pro-v nutrient blends that fuel 100% stronger hair. because strong is beautiful. ♪ [joy bauer] two thirds of americans have digestive issues. i'm joy bauer, and as a nutritionist i know probiotics can often help. but many probiotics do not survive your stomach's harsh environment. digestive advantage is different. its natural protein shell is tougher than your stomach's harsh environment,
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1:51 am
welcome back, everyone. it's our fall tv preview, and let's talk about a show coming to prime time next year. roseanne. it's been 20 years since that show went off the air. >> such a great show. i loved it so much. the revamp just one of the subjects we covered when darlene, sarah gilbert, and her fellow co-hosts from the talk hit our set because i got the ladies to talk about everything. >> so there's only four of you here. i guess that tells me that you have not found anyone yet to replace other isha, correct? >> no. we want to take our time and date a few women before we pop the question and present the ring. >> celebrate! >> it's going to take someone special to get that final rose as these fierce four emmy winning hosts told me, they will take their time rebuilding the chemistry. >> when the right person comes, it's going to feel natural. >> you guys have had folks like howie mandel, josh groban,
1:52 am
would you ever think about a guy maybe? >> no. >> sarah gilbert tells me she will be juggling production with two tv families, the talk and the roseanne reboot, which will begin shooting soon. ♪ >> we're in pre-production. writers are writing. they're doing an amazing job and sets are about to start being built, and it's getting real. >> but one big question still remains. >> i lost dan last year when he had his heart attack. >> how willy the resurrect john goodman's character, dan, from the dead. >> everybody will have to tune in and see, but john good moman back. the whole cast is back. they're all back. >> any closer to johnny galecki being able to come back and join you guys? >> yeah, we are in very productive, amazing talks, and we're very hopeful that it will work out. >> those are my girls. they really are. now, i'm also excited
1:53 am
roseanne because this eight-episode is going to launch midseason of 2018. >> another show that is coming over two weeks from now. will and grace, 11 years after they said good-bye, we were in the cast and crew on they very first day on set. >> it's opening night! >> what we know about the revival? well, they're going to ignore the way the original series ended 20 years in the future. now things seem to be kind of the way they were. >> she is single and for reasons that will be explained, will and grace are living together once again. >> whast'ck cra alacking, kid? >> this one is afraid to do the show again. >> what show? >> jack will be teaching a class, and he has branded a new style of acting called jacking. >> all i can say is my first line is i had the craziest dream. >> it's been over a decade since you've been filming
1:54 am
together. who is most likely to laugh during the middle of a take. >> deborah. >> i'm going to say sean. >> that would be me. >> who's most likely to steal something from wardrobe. >> debra messing. >> debra. >> who is the biggest practical joker on set? >> sean. >> sean, yeah. >> probably eric. probably eric or meg, yeah. >> who is ing issing tsinging t between takes. >> eric. >> eric's singing all the time, and it's lovely. ♪ in a sitcom size apartment >> and megan and debra. >> will you have a musical episode? >> i think we should. >> grace loves to sing. >> got to warm up a little bit. it's been a little long. >> look what you just got, america. >> a little sneak peek. >> only on "e.t." >> only on "e.t." >> man, they look good. it's not just the same cast all back shooting. they also have the same crew, same director, and same hair and makeup team. i love that. they stick together.
1:55 am
♪ >> that music only signals one thing, right? there's about to be some drama. the hit '80s soap dynasty ran for nine seasons. i know they say don't mess with a clinic, but the cw is going there. so what's the difference about the new crop of characters? leanne aguilera has the sexy power players of dynasty 2.0. >> oh, my god. >> what the hell are you doing here? >> who the hell are you doing here? >> i'd never seen dynasty until i got this audition. my very first thing i thought was this is so much better than i thought it was going to be. >> what do you think it was going to be? shoulder pads and cat fights? >> just junk. and 2 is a little junk, but in a really fun and complex way. >> "e.t." was a frequent guest on the set of the vintage series known for being over the top and campy. >> you miserable bitch. >> in fact, this lily pond
1:56 am
smackdown is legendary. expect more dust-ups in the remake. linda evans was blake's wife crystal. she is now played by natalie kelly. >> very big shoes to fill. linda evans is an amazing actress. >> the '80s series was set in denver. now it's in atlanta, and the conniving sammy jo originated by heather locklear is now a man. pamela sue martin was the first daughter fallon. >> you don't want to be that loser that missed the whole thing. hop on board early. join your fan club and get ready. >> so that's all good, but the question is who is the new alexis. the cw is still casting that role. >> can anybody replace joan
1:57 am
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travel consideration provided by -- look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend. eric stonestreet is 46. ryan phillippe is celebrating turning 43. now, take a final look at your
2:00 am
film debut in 1994's lassie. that is michelle williams, who is 37 this weekend. >> monday on "e.t." george clooney and matt damon. we score an invite to dad's night out. >> first red carpet i ever nailed. >> monday on "e.t." >> we are almost out of time this weekend, but for all the late breaking hollywood news, just go to our website, etonline.c >> check out this new video from kelly clarkson. >> for her just realleased albu. we've been waiting two years for more. she'll be a coach on the voice, so expect to hear new songs coming up. >> i'm ready. enjoy this video and the rest of your weekend, everybody. bye-bye. ♪
2:01 am
2:02 am
feet high. right now there is a curfew in place. it will be lifted at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. when those waters are expected to recede. back to you. >> jonathan, thank you
2:03 am
much. the florida keys, were the first to bear the full force, first full force of irma. elaine quijano has made her way back to key largo to see what it is look now. elaine. >> here in key largo still feeling effects of hurricane irma. very powerful gusts continuing at this hour. here you can see some boats remain tethered. others like this blue boat over here have become loose. and eventually started to, to free fleet side to side here, little hard to tell at this moment. but, all up and down the keys we know that thousands of people remain without power, and, and, key west was a -- a place of concern. folks, chose to stay here, on the keys and ignore the mandatory evacuation orders. we're told, that if they decided to stay, they would be on their own. because the officials would not come and rescue them. right now,
2:04 am
experiencing tremendously powerful forces, as that boat there behind me, as you can see, is just being rocked side to side. that ae that's the latest from key largo. >> it remains so dangerous there. anthony mason in new york. anthony. >> thank you, jeff. irma expected to remain a hurricane until tomorrow morning. let's get the latest now from eric fisher, chief meteorologist at cbs boston station, wbz, eric, where does it go from here? >> from here, taking a path along the coast. just inland. that will be a crucial difference. head into the overnight. allow tight gradually weaken. a gradual process. and these are some peak wind gusts we have seen. stronger than anything we saw during hurricane harvey, couple weeks ago. 142 miles an hour. in naples. right by the airport. marco island. 130. big pine key. 120. some wind reports around the key
2:05 am
sparse, aren't as many weather reporting stations as w geet more reports in. seems the damage is extensive. here's the latest updated track. see the white line, very close to the coastline. bumt just inla but just inland. good for tampa. now expecting 3 foot to 6 foot surge. off worst case scenario. bit of good news for the spot. has the it moves inland. heavy rain. tropical storm status as we head into tomorrow morning. anthony, head towards georgia, south carolina, charleston, surge flooding well away from center of the storm. >> couple days ago talking about another hurricane behind this one. jose. it moved out to sea some what. but still a threat? >> we got a little lucky. core of the storm just missed. barbuda, st. johns, island hit hard and trying to recover now. now the latest track on jose. essentially thing of an airport, storm. some times in a holding pattern. irma is a big storm. jose is now in a holding pattern. it has the to wait until all


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