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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  September 12, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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he shows up for whoever pays him. we have breaking news on the case of two montgomery county sisters missing for three years. 64-year-old lloyd welch jr. plead guilty to the death of the lyons sisters. bruce leshan
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welch plead guilty. where did he leave the body since they have never been found? >> reporter: still no bodies despite the thousands of hours cold case detectives spent looking for the girls charred remains on a rugged mountain side near here. in fact the prosecutors say this may well be the oldest no body case resulting in a guilty plea or guilty verdict. 42 years since those two beautiful little girls, sheila and katherine lyon were abducted from wheaton mall. today convicted sex offender lloyd lee welch shuffled into the courtroom here and pleaded guilty of murder and abduction with intent to defile. he spoke in a high raspy voice and never once looked back at john and mary lyon the girls parents who traveled down here from montgomery county and sat in the front row. th
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sentence for each of the girls deaths. welch will serve those terms concurrently, but no one, no one expects the 60-year-old will live long enough to ever get out of prison. >> on behalf of our family, this is mary, this is joe, that's jay, the girls' sister and our grandson as well. we want to say simply, thank you. it's been a long, long time. we're tired and we want to go home. >> now the plea deal allows welch to escape a possible death penalty, but it might have been tough really for prosecutors to prove a capital murder case against him. even after pleading guilty of first-degree murder, welch maintains he only helped
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didn't indeed kill them or sexually assault them. and that he says really someone else did that, but it is far from clear that anyone else will ever be charged in this case. live in bedford, virginia bruce leshan wusa9. >> okay, a lot of questions still remain there. thank you so much, bruce. residents of the upper florida keys are being allowed to return to their home after hurricane irma made landfall there sunday as a category 4 storm. at least ten deaths are being blamed on the storm and more than seven million customers in five states still without power. mola lenghi reports from jacksonville where it could be weeks before electricity is restored. a man walked through a flooded street in the river side section of jacksonville, florida tuesday morning. causing some of the worst flooding in more than 150 years. the storm surge led to more than 300 rescues monday. >> this wasn't my job. i would have left this
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i wouldn't have been here for this storm. $it could take days before all the water recedes. vince coren is cleaning up after floodwaters reached his front porch. >> we were about ten inches going away from the house. but that's the weird thing, you can see water in the air ducts. >> reporter: the waters reach nearly four feet in this jacksonville neighborhood. as you can see they are receding and now less than a foot. irma also caused massive flooding in charleston, south carolina monday. the storm knocked out power to more than seven million customers in several states. in florida about two-thirds of the state began today with no electricity. in the florida keys, officials are now seeing the scope of the damage where mare barreled in as a category 4 hurricane. >> we are still having the key issues of getting the water back up. >> reporter: in the lower keys, homes are reduced to piles of debris, but evacuated residents who live in the less damaged upper keys were allowed to return home
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mola lenghi cbs news jacksonville, florida. and fema's response to irma relief efforts right now are staggering. check this out. the agency has sent 2.4 million meals, 1.4 million liters of water, and that is just the beginning when you account for harvey relief. fema is now spending $200 million a day. right now it's got enough funds to keep going until the end of the month. the french authorities continue the evacuation of the most vulnerable residents of the caribbean island of st. martin, which is still reeling from irma. french presidentemmanuel macron is headed to see the island firsthand. irma is responsible for at least 40 deaths there in the caribbean, and that's not the only place feeling the impacts of irma. you heard mola speaking about this a minute ago. many areas in the south, jacksonville dealing with the flooding and clean up from all the damage. more volunteers with the regions of the red cross were deployed to provide
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relief. >> reporter: we're at the national correspondence center. right now volunteers are clearing out one of two emergency response vehicles because these are headed to south carolina. >> so this is a map that includes south carolina. they've had flooding and tornadoes, and here are these little xs of shelters opened up last night. >> reporter: paul cardin says help is desperately need right now across parts of south carolina where flooding is a major issue. >> this is an indication of the size of the relief efforts. >> reporter: the region's american red cross owns six american response vehicles. four are in texas right now providing relief. these two driven by volunteers are headed to charleston, south carolina. >> you're ready? >> as ready as we can get. i'm always happiest when i'm in these trucks. they serve a lot of people. most of the time we have 200 to 300 meals on
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>> reporter: we're inside one of the two emergency response vehicles headed for south carolina. if you notice it is empty, that's because they need the space. at front they keep drinks cold. >> we will get there and pick up our supplies at the distribution center. then we'll find out if they want us to go, you know, basically concentrate on a specific area. >> we will decide where the greatest need is for them once we arrive. >> reporter: reporting live wusa9. >> irma is headed our way, even though we will see no. i can't believe all the water that's -- we will see, now i can't believe all the water that's down there. >> it floods frequently, but it's the east wind, the storm surge. it's pretty rough there. i want to show you some of the aftermath from a different angle
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from space. we're looking at florida side by side images right now. the image on the left is from before irma. the image on the right is from sunday afternoon. you can see the aftermath of irma from space. so what's actually happening when a hurricane goes through, it is churning the water up. it is something called upwelling, the term we like to use. so it is literally taking the deep relief, the higher salt water content, colder water from the bottom of the ocean, churning it up to the top spinning it all around. so you're seeing all the debris, all of the minerals, the salt and everything that's been churned up in the ocean. that's what we're seeing on the side of the gulf of mexico, florida there and that image from space. so thank noah for that. what's left of irma believe it or not is impacting our weather for the next three days. here is irma right now, it's a post-tropical depression, which you don't need to worry about that. but the point is, it's still spinning some bands of showers
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you see here in virginia and north carolina, we've got some bands of showers trying to squeeze their way further towards the northeast into our area. we have some very dry air to overcome, so you look outside your lunch hour, you're saying i don't see any showers out there. i see a mostly cloudy sky with a little sunshine coming through, comfortable temperatures. that's dry air these showers are going to have to overcome before it actually rains on the ground. what are we expecting from the rest of the afternoon? we'll stay mostly cloudy with temperatures up in the 70s. by dinner time today maybe a couple of sprinkles coming in. after sunset tonight and midnight tonight, wednesday morning you'll wake up. here we are 4:00 tomorrow morning on futurecast with a couple of spotty showers around. they will linger into lunchtime tomorrow. that's not our only chance for showers, but they will linger for wednesday and thursday and i'll take you to the futurecast with the latest on jose, whether or not we need to be worried about hurricane jose's
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you can always get our seven- day forecast on our wusa9 app. for 28 years, i got to sit next to the coolest guy in washington. for that i am very, very grateful. >> talking about her colleague during the memorial service this morning. friends, colleagues, dignitaries are celebrating the life of the channel 4 anchor man at washington national cathedral with nearly 50 years at wrc. vance was washington's longest working tv news anchor. he died in july following a short ba ttle withcancer. he was 75 years old. all right, a pilot's close call. he was flying to meet friends for breakfast when his plane veered into a tree and he crash landed in a parking lot. you can it
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he was taken to a connecticut hospital and surprisingly survived this. he was treated for minor injuries. inspectors do believe a small fuel leak may have caused that crash. coming up next what to do if you are one of the more than 100 million customers whose information was compromised because of that equifax data breach.
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the outrage is growing over that equifax data breach we all just found out about last week. now a number of lawmakers are demanding congressional hearings on it. wusa9's has more on the scope of the attack. >> reporter: the numbers are really tremendous. the 143 million americans have been impacted. take a second to think about that. there are about 325 million people in the country. so nearly half of
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we are talking about all of our most sensitive data now out there floating around on the web. here's a break down of what was stolen. names, address, social security numbers, birth dates, even driver's license info all taken early this summer leaving people stunned and lawmakers furious. >> this is basically the data breach rated at a 10. >> reporter: it has cyber analysts concerned as well. >> they can take out a mortgage, they can file tax refunds, they can file for social security benefits. you name it, they can take all your benefits away. >> reporter: that brings us to the practical questions of what we can do. the best thing to do is start a credit freeze. essentially that stops companies like equifax, experian, and transunion from releasing your credit info. you can give temporary permission through what is called a thaw when you do need a credit check. meanwhile the equifax ceo is responding, offering
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of his own. >> this is a disappointing event. i deeply regret this incident. i apologize to every infected consumer. >> reporter: apologetic or not, lawmakers are outraged. senators orrin hatch and ron wyden sent a stern warning to equifax tweeting, "equifax data breach has extraordinary consequences demanding answers." and now if you want to initiate a credit freeze, know it is not free. it costs about $5 to $10 per credit bureau. since there are three, we are talking about $30. although it is worth mentioning in most states it is free if you file a police report. meanwhile if you are impacted by this, there is also a class action lawsuit that you may want to be aware of on the equifax website. a place to find out if you were impacted. >> and speaking of the company's legal problems, we are told that more than 30
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does remain a hot topic on social media. check it out. the only reason i had an equifax account was because i got a free account to track my credit report after anthem got hacked. and now here is another one. bye bye equifax, i hope every door, every fine, every penalty hits you on the way down. what do you think? you can join us on a check for the weather here around our area, here's melissa. >> we are starting your tuesday afternoon with a mostly cloudy sky. we've been talking about the possibility of irma impacting the area, but i want to talk about why it's going to take a while to see some of these showers impacting us. we're at 73, kind of a hazy filtered sunshine under quite a bit of sunshine right now. but the bottom left number, the humidity percentage, you see that? 53%. we've got very dry air that we're having to overcome. until we see e
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reaching that full as muchuation, these showers are just not going to reach the ground. nonetheless they're trying to move in from the south and west. you see the center of irma right now spinning those showers around it. i talked about futurecast the rest of the afternoon, a chance of a shower, maybe by the evening it wouldn't be much more than a couple of sprinkles, but i want to talk about wednesday. tomorrow morning you're right into work. we might see a few more spotty showers around the area. here is wednesday morning on futurecast. it is warmer than what they will be today. we'll be up in the 80s tomorrow. but the center of circulation, what's going to be left of irma by thursday, that will be moving into our area. so at that point i'm ramping up shower chances. we will have to monitor thursday for a possible weather alert. here is thursday morning. a dry forecast, but as we go into thur
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evening, better chances for some showers, maybe even an isolated thunderstorm. now in general, does it look like a heavy rain threat? no, i don't see a heavy rain threat from this, i don't see a big flooding threat from this, but we'll watch for a possible yellow weather alert. this is all clearing out by friday, so your weekend forecast looks better. right now i will take that rain chance down for saturday, so i'm leaving it mostly dry with a chance for an isolated shower today. tomorrow morning better chances for some widely scattered showers and isolated thundershowers. as we get into the weekend we'll start to dry things out. meanwhile we are watching hurricane jose churning out into the atlantic. this has been right behind irma. we have been watching it quite a bit. in terms of what we're expecting from jose, we've got it doing a little loop. all we have to worry about it further on in time, i have been looking at tropical models and this is what you need to know. we're going to
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potential for jose maybe impacting in thform of some waves along the east coast. here is your seven-day forecast
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well grammy-award winning singer conner is best known for her song, "nothing compares to you." today she'll be on the dr. phil show. dr. phil joins us right now from his studios in los angeles. good afternoon, thanks for joining us. dr. phil, can you hear us? >> yes, i can hear you fine. >> hey there. so we ha
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facebook post saying she is dealing with a mental illness and dealing with suicidal thoughts. how is she doing now? >> reporter: well jan, she told me this has been a lifelong struggle for her. it began in her childhood years. her mother ran what she described as a torture chamber. she says she was mentally, emotionally abused, sexually abused, and lived out in the elements where it just destroyed her identity. it built up an anger in her that has really destroyed every relationship that she has ever had. we have seen some of that earning bubble out in differentthing -- some of that anger bubble out in different things over the years. when i sat down with her, she was very candid and forthcoming. she wants to destigmatize mental illness as she talked about everything and about why
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your head is shaved. it is not at all what you might think as she would talk about all the things that we would know her from, tearing up the picture of the pope on saturday night live to the different things that we have seen and heard that have been polarizing in her life, coming from all this anger. this is the first time she has ever really had any sustained help with this where we are now in our seventh week of working with her. >> why does she shave her head? >> well you know, i ask her about that. i thought it was some kind of a protest thing or statement that had to do with something, a cause that might have been associated with. and she said i remember the precise moment i did it. i remember the exact reason that i did it, and further more i will never ever grow it back, the rest of my life. she tells us precisely why during the interview and you'll hear it when you watch it today. >> all rit,
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to that. dr. phil, always good to see you. happy birthday to your son. i just saw you post it on twitter. >> thank you, it is his day. >> yes, you bet. >> all right. we will see you at 4:00 today. thank you, dr. phil. we'll have one final look at your forecast when we come back.
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okay, so your weather forecast we are watching what's left of irma. we will bring a few spotty showers today and tomorrow morning. best chance for scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms will be thursday. right now i'm leaving the weekend dry, but we'll have to watch hurricane jose very closely. could be no impact, could be a little impact along the coast.
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>> okay, that's it for us here for the news at noon. our news is back at 5:00. have a great day everybody. ♪ do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ how about the drawer? ♪
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