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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  September 14, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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teachers there at francis c. hammond middle school. she calls the students her kids. it was pretty clear how much she and the other staff care about all those students. so imagine how they feel, knowing sometimes that those students don't have enough to eat. you see, at hammond, 80% of the students live at or below the poverty line. now the school is doing all it can to get its food in the hands of their students, but they just don't have enough resourceses to reach everyone. so when we asked for help to make an impact for these students, the community stepped up in ways we've never expected. here's more of our impact series from our own lesli foster and other members of our wusa9 team. ♪ [ music ] >> she'd like to say a couple of words to you guys. >> good afternoon, everyone. i first want to say thank you so much for being here with us this evening. the support that we've received is overwhelming where we have people just waiting to get
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and that just warms my heart in so many ways. i just thank you all for being here and supporting our 1450 students that you've probably never met. thank you, thank you, thank you. comvisit us at hammond at anytime. thank you. >> the energy is phenomenal. i mean, when we look at the number of volunteers that you can't even see with the camera, that we've had to turn away. that tells us there is good still in society. there are those who really, truly want to help, and it's our job, and i think our distinct responsibility to connect those who want to give and share a little bit of themselves with those in need. >> this is our community. these are kids in our community, and if kids go hungry, that's on us. i think we have to support each
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that's what we have to do. >> this is the beginning. >> that's right. let's pick out what you need, let's get it done. we want to support this effort all of the time. >> i knew the need was there, and when you guys presented it, and you said you needed the help, we always were looking for an opportunity to help. so you are like an answer to a prayer for us. >> we form this incredible team between the school and then we met with the people at the united way, and when we went to the church, and we realized that these people who are total strangers had never met us before, just let us walk in, and we said, basically we need your help. >> the group of us who have been working on this have had an opportunity to talk with children about what it feels like to be hungry. and it is really impactful, when you hear children talk about what it feels like to go home
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so thank you on behalf of them, for being here tonight. [applause] >> when we actually loaded everything up to the trucks, it was a really monumental moment. it felt like the culmination of a huge project. a huge victory lap for us. we packed all those boxes up, we loaded them into, i think eight vehicles. then when we got to the school, we got to see principal peters. it was really a great moment. it felt like all the different counterpoints were finally touching at the center. and we unloaded the boxes, and were so excited for those kids to get these meals. to finally have all those shelves filled, and to know that no kids going to
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this summer from that school. >> been a while since you've seen this mini bag. >> it absolutely has. finally, these empty shelves will have something on them. >> with this contribution, we'll be able to just give it to all the kids, because we know they could all use the food support. >> honestly, i had no clue. when you watch the news, you can be overwhelmed with everything, how big it is, but this is a small local problem that's easily fixable, if people just roll up their sleeves and help a little bit. there's really no reason for kids to go hungry over the summertime. no reason at all, not in a community like alexandria. so we're happy to kick in with a little donation to make that work. >> thank you so very much. thank you. >> it has been an amazing 24 hours. we're anticipating the distribution to students, and just excited to see the joy on their faces when they see these packages coming for the weekend. >> h
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what number? >> isn't it 1 out of 5? >> 1 out of 5 children, yeah suffers from hunger in america. ♪ [ music ] >> the community and the school has packed bags for you guys to take home for the weekend. ♪ [ music ] >> so today's the day that you and a lot of your classmates and friends get to take these bags home for the weekend. how does that feel? >> well right now i feel excited about it. kids get to eat. they actually get to take it home without nobody wondering about what's going to happen when they get home, and what to eat. >> going into impact, i knew that it would give us an opportunity to help a community in need. what i didn't expect was how great that need was, and how much
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could have. >> when you sit down with these kids, and you spend time with them in school, you have to look them in the eye and you start to really feel and understand what they're going through. and it's not enough to just tell their story anymore. you have to do something about it. we needed a bunch of help to solve this problem, because it was enormous. but that was our commitment. we weren't going to leave that school the way that we found it. ♪ [ music ] >> we're asking you to help make an impact in the lives of students right here in our communities. join us for impact, feeding our children, tonight from 7 to 8. we'll show you how to help support those kids, and you can also watch all our stories right now on here's some of the folks working hard on the third floor at broadcast house live phone bank we've se
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money for hammond. we've teamed up with the united way to help fund the school's weekend meal program. if you want to donate, the number is right there for you on the screen. 202-895-5560. our phone bank is going to run until 8:00 tonight. of course we'll have an hour long special from 7:00 to 8:00, talking about this problem from all different angles. you'll see this from a very unique perspective. >> i get checked up, every time i see her get choked up. >> all week long, it's been a big focus. coming up on wusa9, what would life be like without being tethered to your cell phone? >> i've got two! the answers to your questions after the break. >> how two local ice dangers have become top skaters. not many showers, but there are a few showers. an isolated thunderstorm here or there. moving away from nats park, headed
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but not severe as it crosses route 50. we'll talk about the weekend, if you can schedule plans outdoors.
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so trending on the wusa9 facebook page, the good old days. >> some of you may think of them as the goodold days. if cell phones didn't exist then? >> karen throwing it back saying i would remember phone numbers. what was your life like before cell phones? let us know on the wusa9 facebook page. >> i'm going to wager they'll be pretty interesting. people, they're criticizing denny's mascot. yeah, denny's mascot for being distasteful. >> the mascot was unveiled actually three years ago. from a marketing standpoint, epic fail. people just started noticing it. it's supposed to be a sausage, but as you might imagine, it's gotten kind of a crappy reception,
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social media criticism, because it looks like poo. denny's says they're still going to use it, because you want your product associated with poo. >> sausages don't look like poo. that's where the rubber meets the road. the redskins head out west to take on the rams this sunday. will they be rested enough ahead of the game? as long as they stay out of denny's i guess. we'll hear from the guys coming
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if you have been waiting with baited breath, hoping the panda has a baby on the way, bad news, the national zoo said she is not pregnant. she had shown some signs of expecting. maybe they'll try again. it will reopen the panda exhibit on sunday. well, ice dancing isn't nearly as possible as mainstream sports football, and basketball. skaters require just as much skill,
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two of the finest skaters are from the maryland area, they've been skating in a unique way. >> busy practicing their ice dancing routine in wheaten, maryland. they have worked with each other for 12 years. >> i remember the very first time we skated together, and it was like, neither of us are saying anything, because we're so little and stuff, and now it's like, again, we practically know them better than we know ourselves. >> reporter: they communicate without any words. >> i know from the feeling of him that he gives. >> reporter: that led to countless awards, including back-to-back juniors titles, plus a world title in 2016. the secret to their
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watching dance in a therapeutic way. >> sort of helps us come in tune with our body. so if something feels a little off, you can sense it immediately almost. >> so much of what we do is an extension, and hitting positions, how high you can lift your leg, and making things look graceful. really great for that, because again, the stability. >> reporter: they started two years ago. the same time the championships started coming in. coincidence? >> probably not. >> reporter: lorraine and quinn dream of making it to the olympics one day. you can bet they'll cash in. in wheaten, maryland, chris williamson, wusa9. >> it's got you thinking about cold weather already right? thinking about ice, snow, blizzards. it is wrong on a lot of levels
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me, and facebooking me. when is the winter outlook? not until november. >> it's just too excited about snow. don't get him excited, please. let's start with a live look outside. it's not bad. a little bit of sun. some clouds. showers really, far and few between. it's 79 right now. winds, out of the southwest at about 11. here's doppler. a couple of showers there. a couple of showers back to the west, either side of i-81. they're few and far between. this one has died out. it's made its way across the river. not heavy. maybe gets to the soccerplex. this is probably the farthest north we have. kind of along 50. a little slow go if you're trying to get from d.c. to annapolis right now. headed toward the bay sox about
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eventually toward riva. we'll keep a shower or thunderstorm in tonight until 8:00 or 9:00. bus stop temps, 62 to 74. so a pretty mild day at the bus stop. a little patchy fog should not be a problem. nice finish to the week. just an isolated shower, we don't have a lot going on. the weekend also, just an isolated thunderstorm. so you can make plans outside either day. saturday or sunday. 80s are here to stay for a while. our average high is 80. 84 tomorrow. 84 sunday, monday, and tuesday. don't look now, because we'll actually be in the upper 80s by wednesday and thursday of next week. in the meantime, we talk about tomorrow morning. all the showers gone. temperatures in the 60s. 67 downtown. then by lunchtime, i think the clouds are a little bit overdone here, i think we'll see a little more sun by lunchtime. consequently, closer to 80 downtown, and 79 in buoy. yes,sh
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cumberland, and romney with temps in the mid-70s. by this time tomorrow night, 89 downtown. by tomorrow night, 11:00, 73 downtown. a little muggy. even upper 60s as far north as he leesburg, and even 70 at 11:00 in hagerstown on friday. so a little bit on the muggy side. so far tonight, again, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy, mild, and early shower or thunderstorm, low temps notice 60s. southwest winds become northwest at 10:00. temps, i want to go by the day planner. i hate when it does that. 70 by 9:00. then 76 by 11:00. up to 80 by 1:00, i think we'll see more sunshine than the forecast was indicating. sunday, an isolated storm mid- 80s, but make your golf plans, ready to do your
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monday, great. mid-80s, dry, dry on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. look at that, almost 86 on thursday. we mentioned this earlier, tropical storm jose could give us rip currents on tuesday at our shore. i've watched and covered this redskins team for many years, and i'm always amazed by their casualness towards preparation to win in the nfl. it doesn't just happen, you've got to put in the work. the job is to go west and beat the rams of los angeles. of course, there's concern about the time change. >> we've talked to sleep specialists, we're going to tinker with the schedule a bit. try to get them some more sleep. but for the most part, it's a business trip. it's a long trip. the most important thing is to get them the rest they need to be efficient on sunday.
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call it a day. >> that is wild. i haven't seen it yet. i can't go by myself. scary movies, i can't do it. i'll have to find a date or something. >> i'll just go, and if i fall asleep, i'll fall asleep. >> a very nice gesture by the washington wizards to former bullet, phil chenier, a former all-star for the bullets. he just spent the last 33 years doing the team's color analysis. he couldn't be a nicer guy, or more deserved. he even asked to take a selfie with him. he's that great of a guy. phil has been a greatambassador for bullets and wizards hoops. he doesn't realize how cool he is, which makes him even cooler, and gracious. we will miss phil this year, but knowing his jersey will be up in the rafters
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comfortable feeling that finally, finally, he's being recognized for all he means to all of us. a great guy. >> yeah, love that. >> he couldn't be a classier act, amend to see his jersey finally getting the recognition, just awesome stuff. everyone agrees on it too. >> thank you, frank. he got up there and pleaded for his girlfriend's safe return. coming up at 6:00, we're going to examine the body language of a man charged with the pregnant teacher's murder. >> a look at you each drive a ford pickup right? (all) yes. i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. awesome. let's do this. the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. stronger the better. and best of all, this new truck is actually-
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the governor of texas says there is so much storm debris from hurricane harvey, it could fill the texas a&m football stadium 25 times. harvey dumped trillions of gallons of water on southeast texas, and many people remain in the more than 2 dozen shelters. others have gone home to clean up what they can. don champion brings us the latest from houston. >> reporter: two weeks after hurricane harvey, debris piles now line the streets of many houston neighborhoods. >> it's unbelievable. just, you know, it doesn't look the same. it's not home. >> the last time she saw her house she was fleeing rising flood water from a controlled release of the attic's reservoir during the storm. >> they had to come
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door, and i got in the boat. it was like a movie almost, you know. >> for the last two days, her son's company helped strip her first floor down to the studs. >> >> we all pitch in. >> reporter: fema expects to pay out $11 billion to homeowners in this part of texas alone. those who did not have flood insurance will need grants or loans to rebuild. >> every school has some type of damage, whether it be trees falling, ac not working. >> reporter: still, most houston students went back to school this week, only a handful of campuses have yet to open. those students will temporarily relocate to a number of facilities. >> my son's first certificate. >> she's taking stock of what can be saved, and what cannot. >> there's no noise, no nothing. >> reporter: she's taking the rest one day at a time. >> so much appreciated. >> rep
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take strength and time to emerge from harvey's havoc. don champion, cbs news, houston. >> so the governor there in texas says the death toll in his state now stands at 82 people. breaking right now at 6:00, we may have a motive in the slaying of a pregnant local school teacher. a boyfriend and the presumed father of the child is being held for the slain of lauren wallen. the police suspected tyler tessier was lying when he made this plea for the secure return of lauren. >> i pray that she's safe and comes back, that's all i care about right now. >> scott broom is outside the courthouse, where all sorts of stunning new details in this case were revealed today. >> reporter: perhaps an academy award winning performance at that press conference monday. the same man tyler tessier, under arrest today. a discovered love tria,
5:59 pm
beloved teacher laura wallen. >> he is a monster, and he is a liar. >> reporter: this is wallen's father speaking about the web of lies allegedly woven by tyler tessier. >> he lied to my face. when i asked him about the other girl. and said i haven't seen her intwo years. i haven't talk today her in two years. >> reporter: prosecutor, john mccarthy. >> in addition to having ms. wallen as a girlfriend, he was engaged to another woman. >> reporter: tessier told hundreds of lies to investigators. >> i pray she's safe. she comes back. >> reporter: here's tessier crying a pair of crocodile tears at a press conference. waller pregnant for four months, tessier believed to be the father. tessier recently engaged to another woman. texts indicating
6:00 pm
found out. tessier, now accused of killing her. burying her on a farm near damascus, lying about ditching her car and sending fake texts to her family to make it look like she was pregnant by another man. prosecutor it's believe laura was lured to the farm where she was killed by tessier by yet another big lie. they believe he told her he wanted to come out and see a home site where he was considering buying the land, and building the house for the couple and the baby to come. instead, a remote corner of that farm became her gravesite. scott broom, wusa9. >> and it turns out the victim's mother and father had agreed to help police build a case against tessier, their prime suspect, almost from the beginning of laura's disappearance. the plan called for the parents to appear in a joint press conference with tessier. >> we did it because, as any father would do, if your


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