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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 15, 2017 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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tonight, fergie and josh duhamel headed for divorce. after eight year offense marriage, what caused the split? >> i remember the first time i ever saw her. meethe t actress who donated a kidny to the superstar. plus, georgia reveals her own health problems. i think he's talking about my character. i'm going to pretend heaths senate. >> what has this jennifer cracking up? as justin theroux reveals his guiltiest pleasure. let the ballroom battle begin -- >> what i hav
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tigers. >> we are inside the first lachey dancing reharassles. >> vanessa's back on "e.t.". >> for september 14, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." we are and will always be united. words from fergie and josh duhamel announcing a split after eight year offense marriage. it's when they split's most surprising. meanwhile, fergie swapped hers out for this bold personal statement in ilbraz. >> what caused the split? ♪ to say
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understatement of the year. >> in june, work walked the "transformers" carpet solo. it's going to be busy throughout the rest of the year. the split may have come to a surprise to many. celebrating their eight wedding anniversary with these sweet instagram posts. >> an atlanta stripper claimed to have a one night stand with duhamel, which he denied. in 2012, fergie addressed the rumors with oprah. >> we went to a lot of therapy and the whole thing just became a positive for us. >> i hate to hear about their
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breakup. >> this is very sad for me to hear. he told me today there is nothing but love between the two of them and it's completely amicable, the split, they just grew apart. >> certainly witch both of them the best. moving on now to selena gomez's kidney transplant. opening up to us and introducing us to the friend that helped save her life. olding hands with the best friend who gave selena the gift of life. gomez revealed she went into kidney failure and received a transplant. 29-year-old actress francia raisa was the one who donated her organ. it is speculated the surgery happened in may, and this image shows the scar which now stretches over most of selena's torso. the singer says the transplant was a result of her ongoing battle with lupus. ♪ the heart wants what it wants ♪
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>> francia and selena met a decade ago. a source close to raisa tells "e.t." that none of selena's family was a kidney match and quote, it didn't take any convincing to get francia to see if she was a match. and of course she was. lupus is a chronic disease which attacks the body's immune system and kidneys. when she went public with her diagnosis in 2015, a slew of online trolls were targeting her body. swelling and weight gain can be a side effect of kidney disease. >> you have brilliantly handled some nasty body-shamers this year. >> you know, because i felt like there was this period -- i guess it still is kind of happening -- where they build you up to knock you down kind of thing. i only know how to be myself. >> selena was back to work today in manhattan, looking happy and healthy on set of an untitled woody allen film. boyfriend the weeknd has reportedly been by selena's side throughout her health crisis. one month before the surgery is said to have taken place, she told us how it is her mission to
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>> i always hope the people i'm involved with and who support me can just kind of spread love you know? it's hard. >> i love how open she is being about the journey. >> what a friend she has. lady gaga is making her health a priority. ga post third down shot after aive in her arm to announce that she will not perform at the rock in rio concert tomorrow. moving on new to jennifer lawrence. last night was the new york premier of her thriller "mother." cameron, you were there. you witnessed a j-law first. something to do with romance. >> it does. after weeks of not being phographed, stoppeding rectly next to her producer boyfriendre daronn arofsky for th film. it finally
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>> you look stunning. >> thank you. >> what's your favorite? >> i love the dior with the crucifix. darren loves it when i wear crucifixes. >> >> j-law's talking about her director boyfriend darren aronofsky. they've been dating for over a year, but last night they hit a major milestone. for the first time ever, they posed together as a couple. just the two of them, arm in arm. another sign it's serious -- darren brought his parents. >> that's my dad. that's my mom. >> his mother is different than the mother in this movie. >> just a little bit. >> that would be j-law's character. she's terrorized in aronofsky's phycological thriller. >> just talking to darren. he said he's going to be sitting next had his mom. you guys are going to be holding hands through this. >> i guess, yeah. j law has been on an rn
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the film tomorrow. >> j law's been on an international blitz promoting the film, out tomorrow. >> what are you going do? >> i'm going take this dress off. i'm going to be naked. >> clearly, that did not happen, but she did have a costume change for the after party, jennifer looking fantastic. look who she finally got reunite with -- good friend emma stone. they have been trying to work that out for some time now. now to jennifer aniston news. kevin is at a very family friendly location. >> welcome to logoland. >> she showed me this picture the day they shot it. i was
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>> you were like, i get to go home with her? >> the 48 year old, looking sexy in a $21,000 balmain gown, reveals she drinks apple cider vinegar in the morngni. hates sunscreen but loves a good spray tan. jen takes tons of vitamins. and if she wasn't an actress, she'd want to do -- home improvement. yep. in fact, jen and justin theroux recently finished redoing their new york apartment. but she admits, building houses can make or break a couple. >> it's like childbirth, i would imagine -- extremely painful, but then you forget it the minute you move into it. >> today, jen's on the cover of "harper's bazaar." what we d founabout out these two? aniston says, it is fun to sit in bed and binge-watch. you can just dive through them like an eating disorder. >> what do you love to binge watch? >> "the bachelor" or "the bachelorette" or "b.i.p." or "bachelor in paradise" as we call it. we get friends over and we watch it with laser pointers, and we freeze it and eeunfrt.ze i it's hilarious. >> citizens
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>> in the film, justin is the total bad guy. and would you believe he has sandra bullock's son louis to thank for his part? >> early research on the film -- i told sandra bullock that i had this job, and she was like, oh, my god, louis, he's one of the biggest ninjago fans ever. so i went into louis' room, and louis basically walked me through the whole thing. adorable. >> now another big star of "lego ninjago" is olivia munn. it's been about 5 months since she broke up with her boyfriend, aaron rodgers the quarterback of the green bay packers. fans went crazy when she posted a picture of her and a friend wearing a minnesota vikings hat. olivia had the perfect clap back. >> i didn't know that i wasn't allowed to have friends who had loyalttoies other teams. but now that i know, i'm putting a mandate out there that anybody in my life can only wear green and gold. >> yeah. olivia is fierce, in real life and in the movie. >> don't care. ps no. >> this is your first time playing someone's mom.
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>> a bad ass mom. >> thank you. >> the 37-year-old star went full on "tiger mom" when she gave pal mindy kaling this pregnancy gift. >> someone comes up on you, and you're like, wait, hold on. >> is that real? >> yeah, that was mine from home. they're stun blasters. 950,000 wolts volts of stun gun. i have them in every room of my house, so don't come up on me at my house. so basically someone comes around, and if i just tap you -- do not roll up on the crib. >> don't roll up. you're going get hurt. >> coming up next, orlando's bloom's shirtless day on the beach. who is the star inspiring his sexy workout? plus, our tom cruise exclusive. a look at his insane new m
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this is a shout-out to dwayne "the rock" johnson. i just recently started following him. i'm so inspired by everything he does. >> i feel inspired too. >> a shirtless orlando bloom sharing his workout. also sharing beach day, running into the paws of his dog. >> if you want to talk mighty, let's talk tom cruise.
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drama "american made" and only we have the first look. >> all the flying you will see is me. i fly all the airlines. >> >> tom's giving us total "top gun" flashbacks. >> i feel the need, the need for speed! >> in his new movie, the hotshot airman, who in real life got his pilot's license in 1994, does some dangerous stunts, including this scene. he's actually soaring solo and leaves the cockpit. >> you see me put the thing on autopilot, walk to the back of the airplane. that's exactly what happened. how low to the ground do you want me? we didn't have the budget for visual effects. we put restrictions on ourselves. this is what this film should cost. and part of it right from the beginning is i'm doing all the flying. >> based on the true story of barry seal, a commercial pilot recruited by the cia in the
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for the medellin drug cartel, "american made" was partly shot in colombia. tom, who owns several planes of his own, flew himself down to the south american location. >> slept in a tent. we had the airplanes on a runway, and we flew out the fuel, and we just filmed from early morning until late at night. >> this your yard? that's for the damage and here's a little something extra for your sister. >> so how did tom get permission from the studio to risk life and limb for his movie? >> i don't even ask. i'm literally i'm a producer of movies also, but i don't -- there's certain questions i don't want to know. you guys figure it out. >> tom cruise, you don't have to keep proving you're the baddest. crazy right? >> pretty bad. still ahead, "dancing with the stars" -- we're with macs and vanessa and peta and nick. our favorite video of the
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he did the sad face. and i started crying and i couldn't stop. and he said, are you okay? >> i said, so beautiful. >> that is jennifer garner, posting an amazing throwback video. she had just come from a dental appointment and started to review
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while on laughing gas. >> no laughing matter -- the competition between the couples on "dancing with the stars." we were exclusively at peta and nick lachey's rehearsal. as well as vanessa and macks. keltie not afraid to stir the pot. >> what advantage do you have over nick? >> i honestly don't know what advantage i have. because i fell in love with the guy and i married the guy, so i know what i love about him, what i think america loves about him. >> did you fall in love with him for his dance moves? >> no, but that's my point. >> the advantage that vanessa has over me is i think she comes into this a much better dancer than me. but what i have is the eye of the tiger. ♪ it's the eye of the tiger >> i was super surprised at how good he is.
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still learning things about each other. but one thing they do know, their shared strategy for taking home the mirrorball trophy. >> the goal, we decided is as a family unit, a fam bam, let's get to the finals together, and then as nick has quoted saying, then the gloves come off, i guess. we just don't want it to be awkward, like, week three that i'm sitting in the audience watching him and peta dance or vice versa. >> if we're sitting in the audience week 3, i'm going to be embarrassed to show up to the ballroom. >> since maks and peta have 8-month old shai and nick and vanessa have 3 kids under six, the couples have been supporting each other by staggering rehearsals, but can't help but be competitive even at home. >> nick sings around the house, and cam says, daddy, stop singing. then i sing around the house, and he loves it when i sing, so i'm like that's my boy. nick's literally said, buddy, you realize my singing has put a roof over our head? i'm like, the boy knows what he likes. >> we know he can sing, but his rehearsal style may need some help. >> the combination of the shoes with my gym shorts i still can't get used to. so it's hard when were
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by this whole ensemble in the mirror. but they are strangely comfortable, actually. >> those shoes are terribly uncomfortable. but i like the fact he's got to same style -- that 98 degrees tank top. >> i love me some nick. if he winning the mirror ball trophy, i think nischelle turner knows a place you can put it. >> this would be the least expensive thing in this house. i'm talking about the $250 million mansion in bell air, in the same area jay-j and beyonce live. taking us inside these million dollars digs. >> how many bedrooms, bathrooms? what are the specs? >> 1.2 acres, 38,000 square feet of interior living space. 20,000 square feet of useable decks. >> with a breathtaking view of
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l.a., the 12 bedroom, 21 bath megamansion took five years to complete and was built on a lot once owned by judy garland. developer bruce makowsky spared no expense. the artwork inside this hillside hideaway is worth more than $25 million. the staircase alone cost $2 million. and there's a collection of 12 exotic cars worth $30 million. >> this car looks very familiar. you told me it has a hollywood story. >> this car was used in "basic instinct." >> there's also a gym, spa, four-lane bowling alley, two fully stocked wine cellars, a putting green, and -- >> there is a 100-feet infinity pool, glass tile spilling off all over los angeles, and then a surprise happens. you have a 20-foot outdoor tv. >> and if the mansion's 56 tvs don't suit your fancy, there's a $5 million james bond themed theater that seats 40. and perched on top of the pad, a $3 million helicopter. >> we had to remove the engine because of the neighbors. technically, you're not allowed
3:25 pm
a residential neighborhood. but all it takes is just putting the engine back, and its fine. it's $10,000. it's like a parking ticket for an ordinary person. >> got my bags packed. i can move in tonight. >> there you go, i hear you girl. >> by the way, that home is now the second most expensive in the u.s. you know what the most expensive is? the beverly hillbillies, mansion. that will set you back $350 million. >> that's because jed is a mill nary. coming up, "rachel r
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>> total gibberish. outrage over the hurricane irma sign language guy. >> and the kid who mowed the white house lawn. >> and accused of murdering his pregnant girlfriend. >> now the victim's parents speak out. >> he is a monster. >> plus. ♪[music] >> down dolly. >> bette midler takes a spill on stage. >> she is killing and then we're hoping that the set didn't kill her. >> how safe are you when you get a massage. >> i literally froze. >> and she says it also happened to her. >> i felt so incredibly angry. >> wait until you see what happened when


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