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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 15, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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new details about the background of a boyfriend now accused of murder. who is tyler tessier? >> here we go again. another hurricane is headed towards the east coast. >> people are freaking out. word is going around that reese's peanut buttercups are going away forever. so we better verify. >> and a local music legend in the onnatial spotlight tonight. the news at 11:00 starts now.
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we'll get to all those stories in just a moment, but first some breaking news. we know now how police shot and killed a teen-ager at a home along hartzell hill lane in haymarket in prince william county where our mike valerio is right now. mike, we've got a teenager facing officers with a crowbar and what looks like a bomb. how did they get to this point? >> reporter: well, lesli, officers first get a call for an assault situation and they think, as you said, they could be walking into some sort of explosive matter herer with the a bomb tied to the teen-ager's --er with the a bomb tied to the teenager's -- with either a bomb tied to the teenager's chest or to the house behind him. we just heard from emergency dispatchers a short time ago. take a listen. >> 6825 hartzell hill lane. >> reporter: it starts out as an attempted assault call, but officers on the way find out the situation escalates. it's now a possib
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trapped inside this townhome. the person they meet face to face outside is only 15 years old. >> they can be gone just like that. >> reporter: this is the teen's friend. the 15-year-old starts walking in front of his home towards officers holding a crowbar. police say he doesn't obey any commands. that's when an officer fires. cpr is performed on the street, but the teen doesn't make it. >> ill just remember being at the pool with him. he would just be around his friends and stuff, happy and laughing. >> reporter: no sign that his friend would have lashed out. police didn't want to draw any conclusions about mental health tonight, but after the rapid response no bomb and no hostage found. for now the neighborhood waits to find out what went wrong as a family grieves over the loss of a son. okay. where do we go from here? over the weekend we could have an official id of this teenager. he is 15 years old. so we aren't sure if and when that will come, but neighbors tell us
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battlefield high school here in town. for now that's the latest reporting live here in haymarket, mike valerio, wusa9. >> thank you. we'll follow this story closely over the next few days and you can, too if you download our wusa9 app. you'll find out what we know and when we knowit. following breaking news out of st. louis where hundreds of protesters in the streets denouncing today's not guilty verdict in a deadly police shooting. the mayor is calling for calm. so far scuffles with police but no major trouble reported. now back in 2011 white police officer jason stockley shot and killed a black motorist, anthony smith. stockley says smith had a gun. prosecutors allege stockley planted the weapon. a judge said there was not enough evidence for a guilty verdict. harvey and irma made some brutal visits to parts of our country, but other hurricanes are out there churning now and, topper, you're closely
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jose. where is it going? >> tell you what. it is still a minimal strength hurricane and it's kind of headed back to the coast now, the southeast coast. don't panic yet. it's forecast to stay offshore. i think it will. minimal threat hurricane through the weekend, probably even through next tuesday. now what does that mean for us? well, some rip currents are possible especially into tuesday and wednesday. we're still looking at a hurricane through tuesday and then tropical storm wednesday and right now it's forecast to pass just east of cape cod, man ticket and martha's vineyard -- man ticket and martha's vineyard, but -- nantucket and martha's vineyard, but by the time it gets here some rip currents. we have the rip current that moves from shore out to sea. no one can swim against it, not even the strongest swimmers. they're not very
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so you swim 50, maybe 100 feet parallel to shore and you can swim back. so it's not that big of deal. now wedlock about wind. you could see some -- we'll talk about wind. you could see some winds here 20 miles an hour along the coast by tuesday, maybe anne arundel county winds 10 to 20, along the coast maybe 20 to 30 with a little beach erosion, a couple systems behind that and we'll talk about which day may not have any showers this weekend. we're to prince george's county now and it's about that college park decision that would have allowed people who are not u.s. citizens to vote in city elections. so it turned out it did not pass. this is a little confusing. so hang with me. the city of college park has just announced that the charter amendment did not receive the required number of yes votes to be adopted. now that vote was taken tuesday night. officials say changes to the city's charter require the affirmative vote, so that's a yes vote, of six elected officials to
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amendment to the city charter that happened back in june. tuesday night only four of the seven voting council members voted yes. you got me? it's not clear what happens next. you can count on us to stay on top of it. tyler tessier sits behind bars tonight accused of murdering his pregnant girl friend, laura wallen taken her to a farm in montgomery county, shooting her in the back of the head and burying her in a shallow grave. wallen's family is in mourning and so, too are her students who adored her. investigators say tyler tessier led a double life dating wallen while engaged to another woman, even staying with her off and on at her home in damascus. court papers show wallen found out about the other woman and contacted her and days later she was dead.
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now let's talk about some new details of a story breaking last night about a montgomery county woman, a mother, accused of murdering her own two children and now she's formally charged. 2-year-old jacob and 3-year-old sarah vanished three years ago. they have never been found. hoggle was originally charged with their disappearance but found incompetent to stand trial. under state law those charges were due to be dismissed today and that is why prosecutors filed those felony murder charges. for now hoggle remains in a psychiatric facility. tonight the united kingdom has raised its terror threat level from severe to critical. that signals that authorities believe another terror attack is imminent. right now a manhunt is underway for the terrorist who set off a bomb today on one of london's underground trains. no fatalities fortunately, but the blast did injure at least 29 people. metro says it is closely monitoring the events in london but say
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here. all riders are told to report suspicious activity or unattended items to the police. prepare for a busy weekend on the national mall. there is the mother of all rallies. that's a pro trump free speech demonstration at 11:00 and in the afternoon the so-called jugalo march in concert, thousands of the fans in clown posse for protesting the fbi for basically calling them a gang. we have a lot more information on our wusa9 news app. put your hands up for chocolate when the sugar sheriff comes to town. it's game on. hall between is right around the corner. your kids -- halloween is right around the corner. your kids will be trick-or- treating for the best candy they can find. when word got out yesterday that reese's peanut buttercups will be discontinued
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october, predictably the internet went into full meltdown mode. look at some of these comments. this can't be true. i'm going to die. pretty dramatic, people. apocalyptic news on facebook. one of our viewers, bonnie smith, wanted us to verify whether this earth crumbling news was actually true. bonnie, you can breathe a sigh of relief, the story totally false. i talked to the company that makes frese's, hershey's, and they -- reese's, hershey's, and they said it's not true. they told our verify researchers reese's is their no. 1 selling chocolate cup. we went back to the site where the post originated from, breaking news 365. scroll down to the about section it says it right there. news is created by users, should not be taken seriously as a source of information. it even shows you how anyone can create an article and write a fake
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instant -- headline that can instantly become a story. longo and foster voted america's most beautiful news team or the popular study new study reveals that dinner is bad for you. people click on these. they share them. that's how fake news gets spread because no one checks. so back to reese's here. a hershey's spokesperson told us rest assured, the only people taking reese's products from the shelves are consumers taking them home to eat. they even sent our team this meme reese's made today to stop this vicious and painful online rumor of the candy's demise. if you've got a delicious, sweet story for to us verify, reach out to me and the team. find me on facebook or twitter. type in adam longo or send a note to the station or e-mail
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play the blues anymore because reese's is staying around. we'll tell you how this d.c. musician found himself in the national spotlight. >> friday night means high school football night, people. we are out and about in a community near you. you'll be able to check out tonight's star players. >> imagine being too busy to talk to the president. check out what happened when this virginia kid's dream came true. >> tonight we are remembering harry dean stanton, the legendary character actor. we bet you know that face, twin peaks, big love, pretty in pink. harry dean stanton died today. he was 91.
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ralpand i sponsoredralph northam, canthis adfor governor narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph nort hamn'doest show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him. we are still so full of your
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bright eyed students who are filled with potential even when their tummies may be a little empty. 80% of them live at or below the poverty line and food can be a struggle. when we asked you to help ensure no child goes hungry in those hallways, you came through with heart and generosity. we told you earlier in the show and all this week about the project we're doing called impact. >> so we want to make sure that no child goes to bed or to school hungry. we've set up a phone bank to help raise awareness and money to support the children at francis c. hammond middle school in alexandria. >> we asked for help to make an impact for these students. the community stepped up in ways we never expected. >> look at that number. >> that is extraordinary! >> it's absolutely phenomenal. a >> a family that -- >> a family that
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segment this morning and the gentleman went to hammond and he was telling his children he went to the school. so his kids decided they wanted to pay their lunch money forward today, so they called in and made a donation. >> it's also just indicative of all the people who really do care in this community. >> more than $32,000. >> that is such an amazing feat. i'm overwhelmed. i'm speechless. when i think about my students and the smiles on their faces. >> we want to thank all of you who joined us to make an impact in the lives of children. we thank you. the children thank you. our community thanks you. $34,000, that's more than 10,000 meals. i texted with principal peters tonight. she said the kids were so excited today the counselors and the social workers were also extremely grateful. if this is the first time you're hearing about this, you could still donate. go to and we're not done. if there's
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community that needs solving, reach out to us. you can find me on facebook and twitter @leslifoster or e-mail our team at >> a great week. so glad we were able to help. now a story about a man who brought the piedmont blues to the nation's capital, a man who has been called one of the country's best traditional musicians, a man whose music might make you want to get up and move. here's john henry with d.c. legend phil wiggins. >> tonight the national endowment for the arts held a concert to celebrate this year's national heritage fill lowship winners, a -- fellowship winners, a prestigious honor. musicians like bb king, chuck brown, the godfather of go go music, receiving the award in the past. now 2017 fellowship
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phil wiggins, we talked to him at his takoma park studio. [ playing harmonica ] >> my name is phil wiggins. i live right here in takoma park. i was born in washington d.c. washington really was a great center for the type of music that i play. i would say it's country blues, you know, acoustic blues. >> reporter: what drew you to the type of music you play? >> i moved to washington to alabama, spent a lot of summers there growing up. i would walk my grandmother to the church. i would hear that music and it really got under my skin and i think that has a lot to do with where i am today. >> reporter: would you have ever imagined you would reach the level of notoriety that you did? >> i had no idea this little 3 inches of metal and wood would ke
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[ playing harmonica ] >> we've honored more than 400 of our nation's finest and most giving traditional artists from across the country. >> reporter: there's bb king, johnny lee hooky received this fellowship. what's it like to be among those names? >> to be accepted as a peer of these people that you mentioned, it just feels like this amazing validation. when i was learning this music, i just did it because i loved to do it. >> reporter: from takoma park, john henry, wusa9. [ harmonica music ]
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>> all right, now, phil. that was him just a short time ago performing at the national endowment for the arts concert. what's the name of that song, phil? >> what we just played is called anacostia two step. thank you very much. i understand it's not really a two step, but we don't care. >> we don't care either, phil. well just love to hear you play. so congrats to you and all of tonight's honorees, the anacostia two step. >> it's gulf he's been able to share that -- wonderful he's been able to share that sound all over the world. >> the beatles and the stones all stole the blues. anyway, i digress. 3-degree. >> how you doing on that? >> pretty well. was thinking maybe it was the day for a bull's eye, no. didn't miss it much. 84, it was 83. we went 85 to
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we're going 84 again for saturday. okay, a live look outside, 74 now, muggy, calm winds, a few clouds, pretty nice evening really. outdoor plans look safe saturday and sunday. there could be a couple showers. i wouldn't plan around them. take your umbrella if you're playing golf. a nice start to the week, our last week of summer, dry and warm. then we get into jose. well, it's going to bring strong rip currents next tuesday, maybe 30-mile an hour winds along the coast, so bethany and ocean city and rehoboth tuesday into wednesday. 80s all next week. fall arrives officially 4:02 next friday evening. 7:00 tomorrow, some clouds, 67 in bowie, 69 downtown. by 1:00 a couple showers. i think it's overdoing the showers. yes, there will be showers west in the mountains. 82 at 1:00, 80
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leesburg. by 5:30 it's 81 in fredericksburg and downtown. by 10:00 tomorrow night 75 downtown, 60s in the burbs, 68 in gaithersburg, 69 in frederick, 70 in fredericksburg by about this time tomorrow night. on the day planner temps will start right around 70 downtown and then we're up to almost 79, 80 by 11:00 and 82 by 1:00. i have it dry through 1:00 in the metro area. now sunday warm, nice, 84. monday warm, nice, 83. next seven days we're looking at really a nice stretch of weather here. tuesday maybe some clouds with jose, maybe stop rip currents, keep it dry. fall rolls in on friday, sunshine, 81. pretty good night for high school football. >> maybe a little hot. >> if you're playing. if you're watc,
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friday night lights are
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couple of goliaths going at it. >> two top teams going head to head tonight in the great state of virginia. >> now wusa9 sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> both undefeated and both ranked in the top 15 in the dmv. no. 7 stone bridge hosting no. 12 madison. tonight it is all a part of game on, of course, varsity friday night lights. stone ridge in blue looking to snap a losing skid against madison. 21-7 at the half. early in the 3rd patrick barry scores on the quarterback keeper. stone bridge bulldogs pull away. josh lawyer, yeah, he doesn't need a phone because he's already a lawyer, runs the wildcats to perfection, scores a touchdown. late in the 4th madison trying to make the score respectable. it's picked off in the end
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allen of the redskins went, 35- 10 and revenge is on the mind of the victors. >> it's really we lost them the past two years. we were really hoping for a win and we got it. >> we lost two years in a row. we had to show up this year, make a big difference. >> feels great. i was on the sideline all the times we lost them. it feels really good. >> let's stay in ashburn, broad run hosting john champ and the knights with the ball and the quarterback karl garmin unfortunately needs a gps because that's the wrong team. the spartans are put in businesses in john champ territory and they make them pay. the quarterback keeper up the middle for six. spartans rolling early in this one looking like an easy victory with john champ. did find the end zone right here with the touchdown, but broad run would hold on to win is
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improves to 4-0. to be celebrating a touchdown. >> it's going to
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you want grit? you want gumption? >> here's what you want, frank giago, an 11-year-old from falls church. yeah, that's frank up there mowing the lawn at the white house for free. he pitched the idea to the pres and who could say no? frank so intent doing his job the president rolled up, it's like hey, how you doing? i got to finish this. eventually he's going to stop, give the commander in chief a high five and pat on the back, but he barely slowed down. we don't think he ever will. he got up in front of the podium in the media briefing room at the white house, still sweat pouring off his head. this young man wants to be a navy seal someday. i think our future
11:31 pm
good hands. >> those hands right there, check him out. >> he's owning that job. >> his concentration, i like that. >> meantime the landscaping crew at the white house is just out of frame going oh, oh. >> we've got a little work to do. here's your weekend, an isolated shower possible, nats in town through sunday. very warm next week. some clouds tuesday, wednesday. maybe jose gets close enough for some clouds. it will be close enough for some rip currents tuesday. >> you guys have a great
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born and raised incian, dr. rrural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to
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it away. captioning sponsored by cbs


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