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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630 PM  CBS  September 17, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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i'm delia goncalves in tonight for debra. let's get right to it. hurricane season continues to roll on. now there is new information about how hurricane jose will impact the east coast. for that we go straight to meteorologist melissa nord to get details. [ audio difficulties ] >> showing signs of strengthening throughout the afternoon now to 90 miles per hour for maximum sustained winds and new information. there are now tropical storm watches posted for the coastal waterways along delmarva, the jersey shore and up through new england and nantucket. what this means
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areas will potentially see some tropical storm force conditions. that means winds that could be sustained 39 miles an hour or more and we're definitely forecasting that. i want to show you on futurecast we're timing for our delmarva beaches. here's futurecast tomorrow at lunchtime. it's closer to the outer banks in north carolina spinning those rain bands around it. now this particular futurecast model we're looking at is a little bit closer to the coast than the official track from the hurricane center, but it shows a good idea. as we go into monday night, tuesday, look at this. some of the rain bands working onto the shore of delmarva. that means in those rain bands we'll get some wind gusts that could be 35 to 40 miles an hour. tuesday throughout the day jose is working up the coast of virginia, maryland, delaware and as we go into tuesday night pushing north of there. at that point we'll see her effects winding down. what are we expecting for the coastline? rip currents, waves 10 to 15 feet and some of th
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storm force gusts. in the metro area we'll have more clouds and east of 95 the possibility of some breezy wind gusts above 30 miles an hour, maybe even the possibility of some showers from jose. coming up jose is not the only hurricane in the atlantic. hurricane maria forecast to become a major hurricane could hit some areas already devastated by irma. i'll show you the latest track on maria and your local forecast coming up in a few minutes. you can always get the latest forecast on our wusa9 app. today the good-byes continued for legendary comedian and civil rights activist dig gregory. his family along with those paying their respects marched side by side in the u street corridor of northwest washington. the 84-year-old was a top comedian in the '60s, fought for civil rights, human rights and animal rights. while he traveled around the world, gregory called the district home and performed at the howard theater. gregory's family said the outpouring of support from the d.c. un
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hearts. >> i just want people to embody the man's life. he gave a lot. he sacrificed a lot for manufacture the things. it wasn't just civil -- many of the things. it wasn't just civil rights. it was human rights, animal rights. >> gregory's funeral was held yesterday in maryland. we now know the names of two people killed in a deadly car wreck this weekend in great falls. the single car crash happened last night in the 10500 block of beach mill road. fairfax county police tell us the driver, 26-year-old benjamin wenger of virginia and his 20-year-old passenger abigail ryan of fall church died at the scene. another passenger, a 15-year- old young lady, is still in the hospital with life threatening injuries. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. ♪[ music ]
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. immigration reform on the minds of many who attended the fiesta celebration today. latinos are worried after president trump's decision to get rid of daca and what they say are his seemingly mixed messages about protecting undocumented immigrants who came to america as children. our michael quander talked to those concerns. if >> reporter: along pennsylvania avenue in the shadow -- concerns. >> reporter: along pennsylvania avenue in the stray slow of the u.s. capitol building hundreds of -- shadow of the u.s. capitol building hundreds of people came to eat, lunch to music and celebrate hispanic cultures from all over the world. >> today is the day we can all come out of the shadows and say here i am. i'm latino. i'm hispanic. look at me. >> reporter: fiesta d.c. organizers say undocumented immigrants in their community are scared of deportation after the white house scrapped the deferred action for childhood arrivals program or daca. im allowed young undocumented
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kids to get work permits, a program affecting hundreds of thousands of people. >> i think that the main concern for everybody is to be able to work and produce and provide for their family. >> a lot of people that i know like family, relatives, they're like really disappointed about this. >> reporter: suspension of the program was delayed about six months giving congress a short time to pass immigration legislation. so far democratic efforts to reach a deal with the president haven't worked. >> they can see us from the capitol. they can see us on tv. we're here to stay. >> the good thing about this is come here, have a good time, forget about life for a little while, but the reality, that's always there. >> reporter: reporting in downtown washington, michael quander. >> hopefully everything will be okay. >> reporter: wusa9. >> the white house still has plans to increase security at the mexican border. last week president trump said if we don't have a wall, there will
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changes are coming for the florida nursing home where eight elderly people died from smoldering heat conditions. the governor is making the facility install temporary generators for air conditioning. hurricane irma knocked out power there last week. so with no power to run the ac temperatures inside got to dangerous levels. the victims and those brutal conditions were discovered earlier this week. an acid attack in the french port city of marseille sends four boston college students to the hospital. the americans all in their 20s were inside a train station when a 41-year-old woman reportedly threw acid on them. she was arrested and taken into police custody. two of the women were hospitalized for shock. the other two suffered facial injuries and a possible eye injury. french police say the alleged attacker has a history of mental illness. they are not classifying this incident as a terrorist attack.
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president donald trump started his day with a tweet mocking kim jong un. the president referred to the north korean leader as rock man. today's tweet -- rocket man. today's tweet comes as the president prepares to address world leaders tuesday at the u.n. general assembly in new york. mr. trump will try to convince them to pressure new york to give up their nuclear weapons. white house advisors say north korea could face destruction unless it shelves its weapons program. and the red carpet is ready for the brightest and biggest stars of television. find out why this year's emmy awards could be extra special. >> and the bethesda community came together for a
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the field. as many as 16,000 kids will be diagnosed with childhood cancer this year. so on the national mall today hundreds of people gathered for cure fest. the event show cases community resources along with activities and entertainment all aimed at educating people about childhood cancer. aflac was one of the big corporate sponsors for today's event. the company has donated $118 million for finding a cure for childhood cancers over the past 22 years. screening for eye conditions early
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someone's eyesight in the future. that was a mention for the prevention of blindness -- a mission for the prevention of blindness. they also help with glaucoma screening. the fundraiser is near and dear to john gusick's heart. he was pulled 24 years ago and eventually went blind. >> there's a lot of tell out there that helps me function in society, but that technology is very expensive and i'm hoping by helping raising money and awareness that people who have visual impairments, that we can help provide them the tools necessary to make them function. >> they also donate thousands of glasses to needy and homeless families each and every year. just after the break more nice weather is in store even though fall is on the way. melissa has the forecast as we head into the workweek, what we can expefr
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tonight the best in television will be honored on the emmy wards right here on wusa9 -- awards right here on wusa9. get ready for some big surprises. danielle nottingham takes a look at tv's biggest night. >> reporter: stephen colbert could make emmy history tonight if he wins more than one award as host of the show. >> i wait for the facts, okay? >> reporter: colbert is up for six awards for his cbs late night talk show and 2016 election night special. >> if i don't win, the night is a disaster. i don't care how well everything else goes. >> reporter: he'll get plenty of star studded help on stage. nearly 60 celebs are expected to present including many nominees. >> i want more of that. >> reporter: reese weather spoon, michelle pfeiffer and robert de niro are vying
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their first emmy. >> what's a ponzi scheme? >> reporter: expect a big night for streaming services which earned 150 nominations, nearly double from last year. >> you watch the winners get rattled off everyone is predicting. >> reporter: expect awards to be spread out. >> it's definitely a new guy's game this year. game of thrones wasn't eligible because it aired paps the deadline. so it's -- past the deadline. so it's not nominated. so all the drama entries are newcomers. >> reporter: outstanding drama freshmen include this is us, the handmade tale, stranger things and west world. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. >> stick around. you can watch the awards right here on wusa9. coverage starts at 8:00 right after 60 minutes. then you should stay with us after the show for the news at 11:00.
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11:00 with darren hayes, but let's talk about weather. we're heading into fall. >> fall is friday. >> it's going to be pretty warm the next couple days. >> it is going to be warm. we aren't going to see below average temperatures until about 10 days from now. then we'll start to see a change in the pattern mid- to latter half of next week. in the tropics we've got jose, maria and lee. >> it just won't end out there. >> it's been probably the busiest hurricane season we've seen since 2005. we'll have to see how many named storms we end up with. quiet tonight, patchy fog, coastal impacts on tuesday from jose. it is staying warm this week and more than seven days out will we have to worry about maria? we'll talk about those possibilities. first alert doppler, we've had a couple pop-up showers. they're fading away pushing east. from here we have patchy fog forming tonight again
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nice afternoon. that's how your monday starts off to kick off another workweek. patchy fog at 6 a.m. tomorrow, 9 a.m. pretty nice, noon 77. we will climb up to around 82 tomorrow afternoon with an isolated shower. i showed you the futurecast of jose, but i want to show you the official track from the hurricane center still moving northward. you see those tropical storm watches on the jersey coastline. they'll have them toward the coastal waterways off delmarva as well, but tuesday afternoon is when it's pretty much due east of us. that's when we'll see the biggest impacts along the beaches. it curves very close on the cape. here is the beach forecast day by day. tomorrow for the most part is fine. tuesday they're dealing with some of the outer rain bands, gusty winds that could be above tropical storm force. wednesday things will be clearing out. what are they expecting there throughout the day on tuesday? tropical storm gusts possible along the beaches, waves 10 to 15 feet and
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now let's talk about maria which is going to be in an environment very conducive for strengthening. this will likely become a major hurricane and look at the path of maria, right through several of the island chains. they were already hit by irma, potentially a category 3 as it moved through the puerto rico area, the u.s. virgian islands and from there a curve northward to the bahamas. what could happen to the path in the next five days? they're staying in agreement through puerto rico, so they will get significant impact tuesday into wednesday. it's going to curve up towards the north. past the next seven days we will have to watch maria very closely, past next weekend, for potential impact maybe somewhere along the coast. it could also end up staying out to sea. it's too early to
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we've got to watch this storm very closely. the next three days, tuesday is off the coast. we've got your seven-day forecast with lot of 80s, doesn't look like fall at all, but fall does arrive on friday with a high temperature of 83 degrees, not fight football weather, maybe early seen football weather. >> yeah. any warm weather, that's good for me. i'd rather be that than like snow. you would think that's football weather. me? not messing with that. let's go inside the mystics tough playoff game today. they did a lot this
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happen? bam. now the defensive battle between the eagles and chiefs and clearly the hits continued into halftime. good news, people. he was okay and continued with the dance routine. you go, girl. now the mystics weren't able to continue their historic season swept by lynx today in the wnba semifinals, but the mystics went further in the postseason than in the last 15 years and honestly while many don't keep their eyes on our wnba team, the mystics did something we haven't seen in a while. they went further in the playoffs unanimous the capitals and wizards. we'll let that breathe a little bit. frank hanrahan has more. >> reporter: when you see that on the jumbotron, that usually means the season is over and unfortunately for the mysticsing that is the case as minnesota comes to d.c. and sweeps the mystics in a best of five series, game three final 81-70. sometimes it's straightforward
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team. >> i think we've learned a lot. i think we know what winners look like, how they play and how they act and how it feels and i think it's great we were able as a group to witness that and compete against that and know we're close. >> first of all, how proud i am of how we've played throughout the season and how much i love this team. i been one heck of a year. >> reporter: has the farthest the mystics have got -- this is the fartherrist the mystics have gotten -- farthest the mystics have gotten in the playoffs since 2002. at capital one arena i'm frank hanrahan, wusa9 sports. i've been waiting for this story all week. larry petten just received coach of the year award and he had no clue he was getting it. larry coaches a little league team in arlington, part of the challenger division in the fall league, but he doesn't coach just any team. his team
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developmentally disabled kids. that's what makes this award mean so much more. you got to listen to this one girl who explains how much coach patten means to her. >> coach is awesome. he's cool. energetic. >> a friend of mine who i used to work with, his son was in challenger and he got me involved and even though his son has aged out of the program, i've continued. i love the game and something to give back to the kids. >> if i many to pick one word to describe coach larry patten, it's this, purpose. many of us ask what is our purpose in life? i'm a firm believer that happiness comes when we test our skills towards some meaningful purpose. did you see how happy anna was? if there's one thing we can all learn from coach patten it's this. to value life no matter the age, gender or disability. we know his
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>> ending it on like food for thought right there. >> we all want to help people out in this world and you see coach patten doing that. what are we doing this week? what are we going to do tomorrow to help out somebody else? he's an example. he's setting the example for all of us. >> it's the impact we can have on other people's lives. >> i thought you were about to fist pump me. >> i will. that one is solid. so thanks so much for joining he's our pediatrician, dr. ralph northam. born and raised in rural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to
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