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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 20, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> it's not kids. more adult. plus -- >> she talked about file ming "entertainment tonight." >> secrets from anna nicole smith' slong-lost diary. then -- >> jessica simpson's stumble in l.a. katy perry's new tour secrets ree vealed. >> so much stuff is happening. >> and channing tatum tells us what it takes to be a magic mike director. >> the girl's like,
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tonight." the woman at the center of the kevin hart extortion video speaks out. >> montia sabbag stepped into the spot light today to refute claims she was part of the extortion part. she claims she's just a victim in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> i was involved with kevin hart a month ago. since then, my pictures and name have been released are lies written about me. i'm not an extortionist. i'm not a stripper. i'm a recording artist and actor. and i have not broken any laws. >> reporter: montia sabbag. says she had a brief, intimate relationship with kevin hart. but had no idea cameras were rolling while they were together. i spoke to her attorney, lisa bloom, after this morning's press conference. >> nontia is adamant she had nothing to do with this. and she is a crime victim, just keli kevin hart is. >> reporter: so what does kevin hart have to say about all this? well, a source close the acco
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right now. and he and his wife, eniko parrish, are putting up a united front. they're booet both in georgia today, and were spotted on set of kevin's new movie. >> are you going to work it out together? >> appreciate you guys. >> reporter: kevin took a break from filming in georgia to be with his nearly eight months pregnant wife. earlier in the week. they went to lunch in l.a. on tuesday. it was the first time they were seen out together since news of the alleged extortion broke. she was still wearing her wedding ring. >> you know, i'm not perfect. >> reporter: three days earlier, he posted this apology video. >> i made a bad error in judgment. put myself in an environment where only bad things can happen. and they did. >> regardless what mr. hart may be doing with his team, we are going to law enforcement. she's a crime victim. she wants to make sure those responsible are prosecuted. all right, switching gears now to j. lo. she reunited with h
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nbc's world of dance. a lot of dancing in her personal life these days, thanks to her man, a-rod. >> we take every opportunity we can to celebrate life these days. after my show in vegas, we call it the looker room because of with alex, everything is the baseball term. the tressing room. we sing, we e answer the. everybody lets loose for calm of hours. >> reporter: with schedules like theirs, j. lo and a-rod have to seize any chance they can to have quality couple time. and last night was no different. >> mrs. rodriguez right here please. >> reporter: kind of has a nice ring to it. the couple transformed her "world of dance" party into the ultimate hollywood date night. j. lo work it in just the right shade of b alue,s a-rod patiently stood by watching her do her thing. and they may be spending even more time together. jennifer told me they are planninging on taking their partnership into the boardroom. would you ever go into business together? >> we have already been
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>> we have some thing going .on i think her fans, my fans will be very excited to get involved. >> reporter: and today, it was jennifer's turn to support her man. joining a-rod to promote his upcoming stint on season nine of "shark tank." alex told "e.t." online's lauren zima what would make jennifer the ultimate business partner. >> she's the empitome of women power. she's smart in so many ways. she has the ability in business to see around corners. see what's next. and no one connects better with her fans than jennifer. less than a day, she was out sporting alex, he was supporting jennifer. making for a lasting relationship. >> i would love to see them going into business. . power house doub erer house cr >>si jesca simpson is lebrating her husband. big time. jessica and hu
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eric johnson, left craig's restaurant at 1:25 a.m. after a x-our-long dinner with her publicis ct toelebrate eric turning 38. but as the birthday boy guided simpson to the backseat of their car, this happened. >> look out. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> reporter: after the stumble, jessica rights herself explaining she'd rather ride shotgun. >> i want the front seat. >> reporter: it's not the first time we've seen the 37-year-old party. and eric's beer-fueled b-day festivities have been going strong since this weekend, when poshe sted this racy shot. >> what that picture the over night? >> reporter: either way, it's risque. and fearless. something we kind of love about jess. >> living the party or something. i'm living it, though. >> reporter: the woman who heads a billion-dollar fashion line definitely knows how to unwind. but she's also a devoted mom. this was the scene earlier yesterday, 5-year-old daughter maxi's school picture day. >> my biggest success in life is being married and having babies. >> h no doubt about that. all right.
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just kick off her world tour in montreal last night. we witnessed a lot of color. and remember the famous shark, well, he's back. >> it's a fantastical production. ♪ this is real lots of color. lots of worlds. olotsf costume changes. ♪ are you ready for ready for x reporter: katy's got si major costume changes during her two-hour set. from red sequins to blue latex. ♪ to my own hero >> reporter: no detail is overlooked. even her mikes match her outfits. the seasoned performer covers 20 of her greatest hits. and take a look at those sets. supersized pink telephones and a space odyssey. katy is even bringing back an old friend. left shark. in a nod to her2015 super bowl half time show. ♪ you and i will be young forever ♪ i want people to feel joy when they leave. a
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inspired. ♪ we can dance until we die ooichl flying on a star, too. so much stuff is happening. you just gotta go. meanwhile, a single fergie is having the time of her life. partying up brazil. tomorrow, we're with her for her first tv ver sbu since her split. >> justin timberlake was there, too. let's talk about jerry seinfeld. he's returning to his standup roots. he claims the mote va-- explain new motivation to nischelle. >> i can't think of anyone better than me to be many charge of absolutely everything. >> reporter: jerry shot his special at "the comic strip" in new york where he began his career when he was just 21. >> and i thought this is the coolest thing. i just need a little bit of money. if i could get a lite
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money, i'll be okay. it was more important to be cool. >> reporter: but you're okay. >> now i'm okay, yeah. >> reporter: well, that worked out. at age 63, his net worth is estimated to be $670 million. with "will & grace" and "roseanne" getting revivals, how about "seinfeld"? even like get back together for a special? >> why? >> reporter: why not? we love the show. >> yes. and maybe it's nice that you continue to love it. instead of us tampering with something that went pretty well. >> reporter: today, jerry is a family man. he and wife jessica have three kids. does your wife mind if you talk about her? >> it's taken a little while for her to understand that nothing i say means anything. >> reporter: are you kids fun sni. >> they are. >> reporter: you would be okay if they said, all right, dad, following in your footsteps. >> i don't think i would love that idea. i would never tell my kid don't
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do something. i would never say those words. >> but i think he did say, forget about the "seinfeld" reunion. up next, gigi hadid's fashion takeover in london. only we have the seat with her mom, sister. where was her main man zay snrks. and channing tatum's must having in a magic mike man. only "e.t." is there as he auditions new guys for the all-male review. >> there are some people, that's just bad. let's just cut.
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mandy and sara were all sequins at sun set
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♪ you're always so comfortable. empowering. >> save the best for last. >> i have got heidi's underwear on. >> revealing their style secrets. on the "america's got talent" red carpet. a new winner will be crowned tonight. meanwhile, let's talk more fashion with gigi hadid. our carly steele was with her in london. >> reporter: it's just minutes before the show starts. we sath sat down with gigi to talk about how this is family affair. ♪ >> reporter: gigi was all legs for days. owning the catwalk in a collection she designed with tommy hilfiger. this is the third time they've teamed up. >> gigi makes all the boys look good. especially anwar. >> my brother is in the
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in the show. and your mom is here, too. how much does that support mean to you? >> when it gets overwhelming, it's amazing to have my family. it feels like i'm back in the livinging room again. >> for a mom, there is nothing more exciting than to see your children succeed in what they do. >> reporter: gigi's boyfriend, zayn malik, wasn't at the show. but tweeted his support. >> he's really inspired me to wear what makes me happy. and, um, be really true to my own style. >> reporter: she's a big fan of his fashion. and his british accent. >> thank you very much. very honored. >> it's a very cute accent. it's a cute one to -- you know, copy sometimes. >> she's trying hard. she also says she's getting recipes from zayn's mom trying to cook british food. it's going better than the dialect. >> coo bkingritish food is not saying a whole lot, sit? did i just say that? coming up, channing
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invites "e.t." as he recruits new gas for his review. and reveals what a male dancer should never do. and new anna nicole secrets. >> can we talk about the stuff you went through? >> how much time we go? closed captioning provided by --
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♪ what are you running around? >> everything. >> yeah, i know. i love when i see your butt. >> j. lo. >> she went there last night. not me. jenna
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being very careful. jenna dewan-tatum answering to the instagram photo around the world. >> it was very cheeky of her, by the way. meanwhile, her husband, channing, was over 5,000 miles away in london auditioning british men for "magic mike live." ♪ it's raining men. >> giving a lap dance is very inmat. to enter somebody's space, sit on top of them, you need to have this special thing. there are some people, you're like, this is bad. that's bad. let's just cut. some people are way too aggressive. they'll be like, oh, you want this. and the girl is like, oh, god. oh, god. >> reporter: hundreds of strong, sexy, shirtless male dancers showed up. and there's only 13 open spots in channing's "magic mike live" show at the hard rock hotel in las vegas. requirements? high stamina. must strip down to briefs. and be willing to interact respectfully, of course, with
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>> what are you looking for? in terms of the energy, the body, the hair? what is the ideal? >> i don't like the bod. not that hair. it's kind of a whole package. they first off, you need to be just a good person. you need the give off good energy. second is, you have to be able to throwdown. most of them can play an instrument. you have to have the goods. >> it's a shame jenna is not here to participate. >> thank you very much for coming. i ask them to kill for me every week. they do. put them anywhere, anytime, and they will slay. >> what they slayed and killed is their clothes. they're gone. >> do you have requirements for the show? >> just go. right? tonight, on nbc, it's the return of "the good place. "we already know that the good place is not a good place after all. but it's all good between
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they showed me when i hit the set. you have this great maurnlg. she has a great marriage. >> we're so close. you and dak. me and mary. >> he couldn't do that if i wasn't in love with mary and he wasn't in love with dax. >> there's a loft love on the set. but in their sitcom, kristen's an ethically challenged soul in the aftee rlifthwho inks she got into the good place. last season's finale had a big reveal. it was are sect one cast member just couldn't keep. >> this is the bad place. i would run into mutual friends, when we were shooting, they would be like, i heard about your show. ted told me all about it. i love the twist and how it ends. i was like, ted! >> really really long. >> can you give me any secrets? give anybody an idea where we're going if season two? >> no. >> no. know you will not have thought of it. ted.
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share? expect to see more of ted in the new season. and maybe a surprise guest star. is there a chance we may one day see dax on the set? >> he has already said i want to be on the show. >> he would not make it into the good place. >> oh, no, no. speaking of a good place, it seems like the late anna nicole smith's daughter is in a good place. we showed you yesterday how they're livering a normal life in kentucky. it wasn't always that way. can i ask you? can we talk about some of the stuff you went through? some of the craziness you went through? >> all right. >> reporter: you tell me. we'll go down a list. we'll go down a list. >> how much time we got? >> reporter: remember, the first time i saw you in l.a. was at that infamous interview with her, the night she went on the american music awards. >> i want to stand with you all night and with all my fans.
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want this guy to produce mine and make me beautiful duet. >> reporter: what was going on that day? what was going on with her? >> as bad as that seemed. her phone was ringing off the hook. people were dropping off scripts, wanting to do interviews. that's the way it goes. people were talking about her. >> reporter: larry also revealed a secret from his paternity battle with anna nicole's attorney, howard k. stern. right there, you can see birkhead hold a piece of paper with his dna results. but he never actually showed it to reporters. today, he keeps it in his closet. >> there's a few treasures in here. one of the thing that nobody has ever seen before is my actual dna test that i got when i was holding up, coming out of the courtroom. the judge told me i couldn't show it to anybody at the time. ep
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moment well. >> i had it rolled up. >> reporter: anna nicole also kept secrets in her journal. >> this is her diary. her planner. when she was starting on the movies. the naked gun. playboy. in the calendar, in november, of 1993, she's excited about her career and where it's going. and she talks about she's filming "entertainment tonight." >> oh, yeah. >> and she's going to -- it's going the air in november of '93. >> god loves me. >> reporter: this is the interview anna wrote about 25 years ago. >> i have a lot of -- people who didn't think i was going to be anything growing up. and they always picked -- i had a lot of people pick on me and stuff. >> reporter: she wrote in her diary how she yearned to have a baby girl. >> i want more children. i want a girl that i can dress up. i don't think i will ever get married because men are pigs.
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defense. such a blur all the stuff. i think about it. did all that happen to me? i would probably think i was dreaming the whole thing if it wasn't for dannielynn. >> howard k. stern and larry are friends now. i'm proud of the life he's crafted for dannielynn. does william shatner give the new team his seal of approval? that is next. at children's national, stronger is caring for a baby's heart in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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promo considerations provided by -- well, before we go, trekkies are not the only ones excited for sunday's premier of "star trek discovery." >> the ode school originals are also fired up. >> star trek. >> what have fans meant to you over the years? >> the fans are everything. you try and seduce the audience every time you're up. like hi. >> reporter: icons william shatner and nichelle nichols surprised the new cast, including leading lady sonequa martin-green. >> i didn't know i would meet william. he strolled up and was right next to me. >> reporter: and nischelle's advice for sonequa?
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prosper. >> "star trek" sure has. >> it was a great night last night. serve waiting for the premier sunday. >> bye bye, everybody.
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