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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  September 21, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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here are the windshields. still tropical storm-force winds hitting the dr but overnight, it all moves to the north and east. the red, sustained winds are higher and just missing the grand turks. the good news is the highest corp of winds stay off nor but we are still looking at 4 to 10" of rain in the turks and caicos. this will continue to move north and away from the bahamas and florida and maintain category 2 over the weekend. i'll come back and show you if any outliers have it going to the main land. a slap in the face over the jewish holiday, rosh hashana, swastikas found three times at georgetown university. >> reporter: we had to
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careful how we covered this. we didn't want to give too much attention to a person who might be seeking attention. >> so like off about it. >> reporter: this is why, a dorm elevator vandalized with two swastikas with a third at another dorm in through wiewtion snooze -- a week. >> i think it's tough to say it's accept of all faiths when people are participating swastikas. >> the school could perhaps take more action. i don't know what you can do with something like this. >> reporter: a lot of students admit
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tension on campus but this case and symbols are opening eyes. >> definitely questioning people around me and makes me question myself and understand where i am and what people are fighting for. >> the university president is encouraging students to keep up the conversation with on-campus groups designed to discuss in inclusion. a police officer has been put on leave after a shooting with a man with a stick. the officers did not hear the witnesses equaling he can't hear you. - - yelling he can't hear you. he is
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policesay that miguel sanchez did not drop his metal pipe but neighbors say it was a stick he uses to ward off stray dogs. he was 35-year-old. the death toll continues to rise after a 7.1 magnitude quake in new york city leaving over 230 people dead in mexico city. mountains of debris is cleared for the third day. a 27-year-old is holding out hope that her husband will be pulled to safety. he i was in this building on tuesday. so stay until you know somethin
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until i see him. >> reporter: guadalupe rojas is frantically searching for her 27-year-old son. they and several others have been here since tuesday. you are hoping to find your son alive? >> si. >> reporter: at least 38 buildings collapsed. but there are glimmers of home. a team pulls a young girl from the rubble of an elementary school but believe others are trapped inside. crews are running out of time. the devastation is all around. building after building demolished. assistance is pouring in from across the world. >> we are receiving help from the u.s., from japan, from chile. >> reporter: it will be a long time before this part of mexico
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is made whole. chris martinez, cbs news, mexico city. on the way next, a company's self proclaimed world's strongest coffee may have been too strong. isay no such thing. [laughter] >> just what you need. oprah's return to tv on wu circumstance a 9.
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it's time to go trending. this is a disturbing reminer how dirty your mitts are. >> maybe your mitts. a teacher had their kids do an assignment. a patrolled piece of bread put in the bag by a kid wearing gloves. the dirty hands one was touched by the entire class before it went in the bag and, yeah. you can see how that turned out. you will never be automobile to
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sorry about that. >> i'm sorry. does my face say it all? >> it does. they say serving -- everything is bigger in texas. >> but they are having a problem wrangling this bull. this bull is cowboy tough check. never thought i would say that but he is the guinness world record holder. >> looks like a nice guy. >> looks like a sweetheart. he is expected to go to auction for upwards of this, $400,000. >> that's insane 72 that's some bull. the company with the line world's strongest coffee, death wish, has to take back some
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cold nitro blue cans because there was botulism found in the testing. no cases have been discovered yet. take them back for a refund. we still have time before halloween, and this guy, this freaked out his neighbors. i don't believe that. it looks like a dead body in his driveway but it's clothing stuffed with paper. >> this started out as a joke because when i had my halloween party, i would dress up under there, and because they had seen it so long, i would be dressed there and scare them. >> brilliant. >> one person called 911 and deputies rushed out and figured out it was safe. >>
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giving away free rides home. they have teamed up to offer $20 for the rest of the year. they will post a code for facebook accounts. >> i am writing it down. coming up, virginia's mid term elections, they are more than a year away, but one of the races is getting exposure. the results of a study of a former patriots' tight end and the results of his brain study. not terribly surprising. we'll have a new report coming up.
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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painful rebuilding process in the wake of hurricane irma. as communities rebuild they will need critical items like diapers, paper towels, garbage bags and more. we're marijuanaing with united van lines, and united flying j to send a tractor trailer filled with julys to jacksonville for the salvation army to distribute them. we need your help. here is a list of donated items, a long and specific list. it's also on our website. you can drop off your donations this saturday, september 23rd in largo. we'll be out there from 10:00 to 2:00. florida needs our support, and every donation helps. appreciate your help. opera, this is yourself first day at 60 minutes working on
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can you imagine interviewing oprah? i don't know how she would do that. she is returning to her roots as a reporter. that's her right there. she will be a special correspondent for 60 minutes and 1 of the first stories was from baltimore looking at america's political divide. you can watch that this sunday at 7:00 on wusa 9. virginia's 2018th race for congress caught the attention of steven colbert. >> it will be between deborah comstack, and dan -- . [laughter] >> so what colbert really wanted to rip on was hellmer's latest campaign ad.
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singing the 1960s hit "you've lost that loving feeling" with reworked words. >> you never hold town halls anymore with the constituents. obamacare you voted against, you're trying hard not to show it, but you know it, you've lost that censured feeling. >> okay. that's enough. no one knows how that ad ends. that's the farthest anyone has ever made it. >> so that ad was produced by a company out of bethesda called sway and targets
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of the 2018 election. thankfully,helmer said i, quote, will cope it -- i will keep it to the shower after this. >> but mission accomplished. they know his name and are talking about the ad. it doesn't matter if it sucks or not. people are talking about it and they know it. >> and that's advice for you out there. it doesn't matter if it sucks or not. just do it. >> it was shot in a bar. you have to do that. >> you don't know how many takes it took. >> no, no. [laughter] all right. let's talk about the track of maria. each line represents a computer model. i think it was a facebook
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gentleman asked if they are run differently. some are gfs and some european models. yesterday, we had two outliers trying to take maria into the pain land and now just one. the bulk of the lines in confluent, pretty close together keeping it off the atlantic coast. i think that's going to happen. a live look. 85 right now and feels like summer, winds out of the north port -- north northwest at 5:00. i tweeted this out and outposted on facebook that i have an enormous tree around my house and i was looking for a way to remove them d
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them safely. some people were saying, power gasoline in them and light them on shower. we'll end summer, toasty. fall arrives at 4:02, and we'll stay warm and dry for the weekend. almost hot. check this out. 87 tomorrow and 87 on saturday, and 88 sunday and 87 on tuesday. a lot of football played this weekend. it will be toasty especially for the players. tonight at 10:00 -- didn't stop. okay. 6:00 a.m., a comfortable night, low 70s downtown. 9:00, back in the low 70s, 71 in bowie and someone -- 71 in fairfax. we don't see everything going hog-wild. look at how warm. 84 in cumberland, and 83 in romney at 1:00 tro
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the same temp as downtown. about this time tomorrow night, temps in the low 80s, a dry but toasty night for high school football. 70 to start, 73 by 9:00 and almost 83 with sunshine at 1:00. we will do it all over again on sunday, warm for the bison, warm for the terps, warm for the raiders game, near 90 on monday, and mid-80s on thursday, and a chance of a shower on friday. right now, maria hangs off the coast with surf and rip currents. honestly, it's not that surprising to hear that aaron hernandez had a severe case
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cte. the former patriots' tight end brain showed a severe case of cte. he committed suicide in prison at age 27. >> his family is suing the nfl. >> aaron suffered from a severe case. not only were the results positive but they said it was the most severe case they had seen for someone of aaron's age. aaron hernandez had advanced stage 3 cte which is usually found in the median age of a 67- year-old man. >> scary stuff. with all the issues with former nfl players and brain issues, i decided that i will not let my 8-year-old play football not that he has shown any interest. i will not let him play. it's too risky when
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clips of a brain bouncing off a skull. that can't be good. i will curb my son's chances of being severely hurt by not playing at any age. i am going with my heart on this one. no tackle football played for my son. it's an interest debate 72 just have to frame if in the tomorrow terms. you tell a kid not to do something and they want to do it more. >> i saw him -- concussion with him and that made a big change. >> like hearing you talk from your heart. thank you. coming up on wusa 9news at 6:00, the discover of a body at a location in frederick county. we have details ahead. plus, a teacher puts her
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life online stopping a student from shooting up her school. if you have a story idea, we want to hear about it,
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an illinois teacher is hailed a hero after she took down an alleged student gunman inside a school. that student is in custody. we have more on how the attack unfolded. >> i have a 911 call, shots fired at the high school. >> reporter: more than 100 police officers raced towards the chaos after 11:30:00 a.m. on wednesday. >> kids all over the place. we'll feed some units over here, bad. >> reporter: students and faculty running for safety reporting a shooter in the school's cafeteria. >> four shots were heard. subject armed with a shotgun. i had a call of a white male, white t-shirt. >> 1 of the scariest things that could happen.
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>> i saw the gun and then more shots. >> reporter: the police chief credits a teacher, now identified as angela mcqueen for tackling the shooter. >> if the teacher had not responded as quickly as they had, it would have been a difference situation. >> he still had his finger on the trigger expected it was hitting the ceiling. >> kids walking around and making sure that everything was okay and i went up and gave her a hug and thanked her. it could have been a lot worse. she made it to where it wasn't. >> reporter: a school resource officer helped subdue the gunman. and there is a scary under current. this is the 5th incident at a central illinois high
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the past 4 weeks. cbs news, mattoon, illinois. >> the high school is 180 miles south of chicago. all right. take a look at the latest satellite picture of maria. she is gaining strength and now is a category 3, a ragged eye, and it's headed towards the grand turks and it will pass to the east and that's good with the highest winds offshore, and you are looking at a hurricane warning for grand turks and caicos, winds 120 and gusts to 150 with a respectable movement northwest at 9. the track hasn't really changed that much. it will, again, pass east of grand turk overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning as category 3 and turn more north and eventually more northeast. good news for the bahamas and great news for the mainland. by saturday and sunday, it will really veer off north and east. now to next
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p.m., between bermuda and cape hatteras. yes, it would kick up the surf along the coast and the rip currents, but that's the best track. in puerto rico and san watch, utter devastation between a category 4 and 5. here's david begnaud. >> reporter: residents of puerto rico went through the mess that maria left behind. electricity is non-existent. 20 minutes away, police and volunteers are working to help people trapped from the storm surge like this man and his dog. the mayor is asking what the situation is in their home. across the island, streets that don't look like rivers are covered in power lines. maria's 155-mile per hour winds


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