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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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let me finish downloading this from the cloud. looks like you found a better way to do this, dad. organic, non-gmo feed, 100% veggie diet. if i can raise you two, i can raise anything. perdue. raising more organic chickens than in anyone america. the old man's still got it. c1 . good evening. i'm larry miller. we begin with sad news out of alexandria tonight, a 3-year- old boy dead as a result of a serious car crash at executive avenue and mt. vernon avenue a few
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saying it's too early in the investigation. thank you. you can imagine what the family is going through. coming up, it may be hard to believe but the african- american museum of
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culture turning the big 1 tomorrow. we will give you a sneak peek, and a war of words between president trump and some of the nation's top athletes and be -- begun with the president's comments that snow called, plus, survives from hurricane harvey and maria still need help. when we asked you to help to donate, boy, did you step up in a big way. >> when we see the pictures of people suffering and the lives have been uprooted, we want to make a difference. >> coming up at 11:15, how the compassion was on full display. before we get to those stories and more, we want to check in with howard bernstein to see how things are shaping up. it was warm and we are still keeping an eye on
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yeah, and maria looks better tonight. the pressure dropped. when the pressure is dropping, that means that storms are strengthening but the winds have not increased from the 11:00 advisory, 115 and gusting to 140, a solid category 3 moving to the north with slightly cooler waters and in a day or so, more windshear. the forecast is weakening to 105 by monday, and this track is going to get close to the outer banks with models here and there, and right now, notice that the cone of uncertainty hits the outer banks. yeah. there could be a hurricane wednesday and then make a turn toward the right. this is a pretty confident forecast that it will make a turn. how close will it get to the outer banks? we are not as confident about that. we are showing some of them are headed this way. but the bulk of them will stay
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today? you will love tomorrow. cooler in the morning and could have patchy fog. we will have upper 50s in the coolest spots. lunchtime, 85 on the way to near 90. we'll come back and let you know how long hot weather will be around with autumnal weather headed our way in the 7-day forecast. >> howard, thank you. hard to believe but tomorrow marks one year since the opening of the museum of african-american history and culture. with any birthday, you have to celebrate in a big way, and we were there to speak with some of the thousands in attendance. >> reporter: a year later, and this is packed with people, young and old. we can asked think, why did they come here? what
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you were a little girl and saw racism all around you. did you ever think there would be a day when you would be at the nation's capitol? >> never thought so. >> reporter: doris thom says in her 80s and came all the way from cleveland. >> i feel a part of history. this is my generation that started the comfortable rights focus. >> reporter: a life of fighting for equality and she gets to soak in this monument, her people. doris's story is pretty common here. >> it's a pilgrimage for so many people. we started off with 7 or 8 wheelchairs. i think we have over 30. >> reporter: but elliss this is about coming together. he thinks back to an emotional moment
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exhibit, the young boy lynched in the 1950s. >> they said can we cry together? they grabbed him and they cried together. that excites me because that means that two cultures and two communities find this space compelling enough that they can come together and cry together and learn together and find ways to heal. >> reporter: as brothers, a bitter sweet moment. they also want to learn about history and look forward. >> i like to learn about my culture and how we were and stuff like that. >> reporter:
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museum is about. >> certainly a treasure. also at the event, a west african dance company and go band and evan tells us that the lines were quite long as there was a lot of excitement over the museum does not appear to be dying down. you can find more information about those events on our free wusa 9 mobile app and on so we are going to do something different tonight. we'll get a look at some of the stories making the rounds online. remember the pop-up halloween bar? tried to get in. >> i couldn't get in. starting october 1, customers can grab a brew from pub dread.
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purposed homes and each with a different, frightening theme. >> are you anything? [laughter] no. m not going to that one. the race to have the best path room country is on. >> i thought this was your house. >> it's in portland, oregon. [laughter] it's a weird state, bated way, having lived there for three years. it turns into a party with flashing lights and music. the contest is put on by a design r design company and the winning location gets a prize of $2500. >> distracted trying to do your business. just weird stuff. tell me about what is going on at the car show. this is unbelievable. this is a surprising wedding in sydney, australia and they did something different when it came to their wedding ceremony. take
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>> i now pronounce them husband and wife. >> sue and eli decided to hold their wedding at costco. not making this up, and they were in the tire center. they made their way to the food court where there was a reception with pizza from the store's cafe. that's a cost effective wedding. >> they came to us about three months ago asking if they could have their wedding here. >> everything you want is here. >> a great big three cakes together with a special design for them. >> i love costco. but the happy couple was smitten by costco and planned to return the next day. somebody is going to get married, i want to know how much they paid. if it was under $2,000, count
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>> costco? >> we'll see. still plenty more news and weather coming up tonight. here's a look at what's coming up on the news at 11:00. a big celebration in d.c. and this guy was hoping to set more records when
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the championship winning golden state warriors say it's clear they are not welcome at the white house and they are not going. this came a day after stephen curry said he did not want to go. >> by not going, hopefully, it inspires change for what we tolerate in the country. >> reporter: that prompted a tweet from president trump saying he was withdrawing the invitation and hours later, the team said it will visi
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house. >> the president is also in a war of words with the nfl after criticizing football players for kneeling during the national anthem. >> wouldn't you love to see one of the nfl owners when someone disrespects our flag to say get that [bleep] off the field right now? he's fired. >> reporter: executives were listening and commissioner goodell responded with a comment. having offended both football and basketball players, the president quickly felt the backlash. nbastar lebron james released a video statement. >> it hit home for me now more because he is using sports as a platform. >> reporter: chris paul tweeted with everything going on in the country, why are you focused
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visiting the white house? >> in a tweet, the warriors said they would come to d.c. without a visit to the white house. d.c.'s mayor is rolling out the weekending mat saying whether here to work, play, practice your first amendment rights or lose to our wizards, we welcome all to visit and we are happy to identify ways for you to celebrate equality, diversity, and inclusion, what we call d.c. values. 27 dogs call arlington home, brought to washington from texas after hurricane harvey and now at an animal rescue. they were either stranded from the storm or the owner his to give them up. this is the latest shipment after hurricane harvey. in d.c., there was a celebration of the
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boundaries. in in 1792, the boundary stones were placed. the fence protects the east cornerstone. of the original stones, trench remain. we know that you here in the washington metro have big hearts, and you have proved that again. so many of you came out earlier today at prince george's community college to collect items for hurricane irma survivors. we were going to fill up two tractor trailers, and thanks to you, the supplies are making their way to jacksonville, florida. >> just has to be torture for these people. i can't imagine what they go through. >> when you see people who lose the foundation of their lives, there are a lot of things
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we take for granted, going to the water and upon knowing it will be warm. >> okay. thank you. >> better to give than receive. >> we have other trucks going to harvey. but these are going to irma. the devastation, it's just hard to watch. >> i'm donating toilet paper, paper towels, socks, toothpaste, toothbrushes. >> not only do the people who receive benefit but you as a giver feel good as well. we know in national disasters, the chances particular be us at some point are very real. when we see the pictures of people suffering and know that the lives were uprooted, we want to make a difference. >> because i wanted to help other people. >> pray for them, hope for the best. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> t
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florida on tuesday and again, another thank you so much. howard, i saw row after row, people after people just coming and bringing whatever they could, canned goods, baby supplies, cleaning supplies and every bit goes a long way to help the families that don't have anything. >> for a lot of folks, anything we can do to help them, it makes us feel better. but we are making a difference. >> absolutely. hey, let's talk weather. we had a summer-like day and autumn began on friday. it may not feel like it until after the first official week. w eek -- week of autumn. i am forecasting 90 tomorrow, my 3-degree guarantee and while we will have a comfortable start in the 60s for most of us, lunchtime, 85 and near 90 by the late afternoon. os
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tailgate, hot and 80 for the kick off tomorrow. and we will be like autumn for the next 4 or 5 days. mid-80s tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, and after thursday is when the things will change. tonight, temps in the low 60s. winchester, cool at 59, 72 on the bay and 74 in washington and light winds, generally clear skies and the dew points in the low 60s. the humidity is 68%. look at minneapolis, 88. as we head to monday, minneapolis dropped 20 degrees. that cold front will be here later thursday and plays a big role in the forecast. it will be rain ahead of the front and it will take maria to finally kick it. when it starts to move, that will be all the difference whether or not it gets to the oughter
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in the short term, not much weather tonight or tomorrow. monday, maybe a couple of clouds with a better chance for cloudiness on tuesday from maria. when we look at that, close for comfort on tuesday night into wednesday morning and the tropical satellite is showing a storm lifting off to the north with the winds at 115. look at the euro and gfs models. look at how close they are. the european model, it has it hanging out for a day, and that has to be anxious for the outer banks. 60s and 70s and low to mid-80s by lunchtime, highs, 86 to 91, unseasonably hot. tuesday, a slight chance for a
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on wednesday. a stray shower 86 and warm on thursday but behind the front, cooler, more like it should be friday and saturday and
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young and talented but for now not playing for the redskins. instead, cravens is giving the jersey off his back today, a surreal scene. he was pondering retirement and then suspended and promoted himself to giving away his unis. you had to love him signing a baby's onesie. >> today is not really ab
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appreciation for people to who came out here and show the appreciation for the gear that i gave them. anything i can give back is important. i had a couple of shirts laying around and i thought it would be better to give back. they are compassion at and they are the most important people in the world for me right now and i have to show them that i appreciate them. for the redskins that are suiting up on sundays, what do you think of these babies, josh norman's cleats? he can't wear them in the game but we have a lot of good stuff in our facebook page. could there be a quarterback curse at ma
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could very well be. the future is not so clear specifically at cab. the terms, a lot of energy and excitement and looking to remain unbeaten at maryland stadium but the game took a dark turn. hill pressured and scrambles and avoids the tackle but is hit hard. he was helped off the field. he was the second terps quarterback to leave the game this year. insert in his place, a sophomore, and yes, check this out. the ball is flying. hello. he wasn't ready for the snap. harrison recovered from the fumble. the knights
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their fans, 48-10. >> just like a home team. you have to be in control. injuries are part of the game. hey, it is what the. that's part of our game. >> that's the nature of the game. it's like a 99% injury rate or something. so it's something that happens around the country. we have to be prepared and be better next week. >> today, we had adversity and didn't handle it too well. we were pulling for 17-year- old stephen williams, the starting quarterback at old dominion but the monarchs, 38- 0. the opener for the meac for the bison, and daniel murphy with
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all right. a few funny stories. check this out. late in the second quarter of this college football game, the game stopped. >> he could go all the way. >> and he did go all the way. louisville was up 21-0 but a squirrel touchdown. he got a standing applause as he should. maybe they will recruit him. we have to introduce you to the world record holder for the longest hors on a bull, 100" from tip to tip and 8 feet long. he sold for $160,000 and here's the thing. it's cheaper than what many expected. his
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expecting him to go for at least $500,000. his new owners say that they do plan on using him to breed. >> all right. that's why they are called longhorns. [laughter] >> i was waiting -- i was waiting -- i was waiting on the dirty stuff. you just told me. 90 degrees. [laughter] 88 on monday and finally friday and saturday, it will feel more like fall. wake-up washington kicks off tomorrow at 7:00 in the morning and you can stay connected with us on
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[exciting music] ♪ [cheers and applause] - hey, everybody, welcome to "sing like a star," the show where musical dreams come true. hello. i'm your host, arthel neville. well, tonight, we are at the legendary rock 'n' bowl, where live music and bowlig lanes have been coming togethr for nearly 30 years now. the rock 'n' bowl has been a temple for people who keep new orleans' music traditions alive, people like cyril neville, ernie k-doe, trombone shorty, kermit ruffins, and eddie bo. and on tonight's "sing like a star," we're gonna hear performances from a city hall worker, a college student, and a wine and liquor salesman. what unites them is a dream to have a professional singing career like so many of the musicians who have played right here. let's meet our judges right now. two-time grammy winner terrance simien is one of the most


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