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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  September 27, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him. think you for joining us. it's been a week since hurricane maria pummeled puerto rico. people living there say
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situation has gone from bad to worse. basic supplies, they are scarce. most people still without electricity. as david reports, many on the island to the federal government is not doing enough to help. >> we have seen -- >> reporter: he is battling stage iv cancer. his wife a breast cancer survivor herself, brought him to the hospital the night hurricane maria hit. >> it's very difficult here, no air conditioning in the rooms. >> reporter: this one generator keeps two floors operational but fuel is low and frustrations are high. >> i think only one of the hospitals five operating rooms is usable. what i hear most, if a patient es
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-- what i fear the most, if a patient dies because of this. >> reporter: the governor just told us they are desperate for drivers, he said i have food and water, but i don't have the people to drive it to the stores. so i said what are you doing? he said we are literally asking anyone, bus drivers, commercial truck drivers, anyone who can drive a truck legally. >> if you are a bus driver and have equipment, go to where the diesel and food is being dispensed. the port is making every effort so that everyone knows it. president donald j. trump is sending more military personnel and ships to puerto rico to help with the growing crisis. including the u.s. comfort naval hospital ship. they plan to visit the island next week. emotional departure for some of dc's finest as they
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to help out. the dc air national guard loaded up a plane with 3000 pounds of water and food, chainsaws and generators. plus 10 dc police officers were on board on their way to help out puerto rico's lease department, making this more special is that nearly all of the police officers have puerto rican routes. >> at home, nothing like him. i want to help my people to recover from this. >> doing a mission like this, go down there and help the people that are directly affected by the hurricane, it special and from the flight engineers to the tendon dashed the attendance, we are all happy to do it. >> they took off this morning, the pilots are returning today but the officers went to stay as long as they are needed.
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69 hospitals has power. 5% of the power grid is up and running, more than 11,000 people still in shelters. here's some of what you are saying on social media. a lot is going on in the world but we cannot and must not forget our fellow americans in puerto rico need it. need to turn our love on our fellow americans, suffering in puerto rico. this is not football this is survival. 3 1/2 million, hashtag puerto rican relief. why are we evacuating civilians to the mainland until it can be stabilized? we need to help people now. let me know what you think, hit up our facebook, twitter, instagram and join the conversation. i have
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of the things that is delaying some of the ships is that maria is still out here. you can't really go from norfolk to puerto rico without going through this so they had to wait for maria and maria is starting to move to the northeast. this thing has strengthened a little effect to hurricane strength. only 75 mile-per-hour winds, tropical storm warnings continuing on the outer banks on the upper part or third of north carolina. we are seeing some over wash there, there has been a little bit of minor flooding and i know norfolk has gusts up to 45 miles per hour. even that hasn't been begged by historic standards. tomorrow afternoon, this turn will take down to a tropical storm and then a couple days it will become an extra topical or post-tropical storm. sunday, that is the british isles. it looks like what is left of maria may be incorporated into what is left of leave. waves are little bit of a
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over 30 feet, most of the coast , it's not that far off. i think some 6-8 footers are likely for the rest of the day, bethany, rehobeth, rough surf. for us, a few clouds, very nice. one more hot day near 90 this afternoon before a much welcome cold front arrives tomorrow. i will tell you more about that, coming up. students and administrators at american university are meeting in about an hour to discuss how to address racist posters left around campus. someone left 10 confederate flag posters with socks of cotton attached to each. according to university officials the posters were found in the merry grade and center. police and the office of campus fe
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members of a group called adapt held a rally calling on health and human services tom price to not forget about them. this group fights for the rights of those with disabilities. they say they want the agency to ensure the integration and equality of americans with disabilities. among other things, the group is asking that they publicly acknowledge that disabled americans who require long-term services and support have the right to life and liberty and guaranteed under the constitution. after a failed attempt to repeal obamacare, president donald j. trump and republicans are looking for a win. they will outline a tax code overhaul in indiana. as we found out, if it passes it will be the first revamp of the tax code in three decades. >> reporter: president donald j. trump is heading to indianapolis to announce his tax reform plan. we have learned the proposal
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rate from 35-20%. seven tax brackets will become three, 35, 25 and 12%. it cuts the tax rate for the wealthiest americans and creates a higher one. president donald trump says it will be offset by a standard deduction that is roughly doubled. taxpayers filing jointly would get $24,000 in deductions. single filers, 12,000. the president says his plan would significantly increase the child tax credit and modify the income limits so that the credit is available to more middle income families. >> it will be a very powerful document. >> reporter: he met with republicans and democrats to put finishing touches on the bill. >> the vast majority of americans can file a tax return on a single page without extra record-keeping and all that paperwork. >> reporter: he believes a lower target -- corporate
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code will keep businesses from leaving the u.s. >> jobs will start pulling in -- pouring in from all over the world. >> reporter: most of this was crafted behind doors by economic officials and gop leaders. >> vice president mike pence is joining house republicans at a closed retreat to discuss tax reform. >> together we can make america great, we can support the president.>> in alabama conservative roy moore has won the primary for you and us -- u.s. senate. he competed with strange who is backed by president trump. the public display of the 10 commandments. president donald trump tweeted to say congratulations, he also says strange started way back and ran a
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he will run against doug jones in december -- in the december general election. dc officials are trying to find out what sparked a fire at the ecuadorian embassy. they responded overnight, it's located at 15th and euclid street and northwest. it took two firefighters to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. loved ones are saying -- laying a 16-year-old truck start to rest. her funeral is happening right now, kelly was killed in northeast dc, just steps from his home after leaving a convenience store. the student used a knife to fend off a robber when he was shot. both died from injuries. kelly was hoping to go to florida and i'm university and was known for excelling in athletics and academics.
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a woman from northwest facing charges after police say she sprayed a metro bus driver with a bottle full of sunny delight. officers tell us she sprayed the driver with the drink after he began to move before she was seated. when the operator stopped the bus, she took off. officers say they tracked her down a block away but she tried to resist and take off again. they eventually took her into custody and she faces several charges. >> i sometimes think about it and how i never ever be able to look back at our wedding day again. it's really upsetting. >> we trusted him and he broke the trust. a couple says their wedding photographer broke his promise, they paid him thousands of dollars but they didn't get their photos. for 2 1/2 years they tried everything to get the treasured memories, nothing worked. they turned to our special
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you don't want to miss this story. we are airing this at 11 pm tonight.
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i'm a lawyer, and i have clients, and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general. john adams: the best attorney general the powerful and well-connected can buy. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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she refused to get off a southwest airlines flight from baltimore to la, police came and they dragged this woman you see right there off the jet, kicking and screaming. southwest says the woman claims she had a life-threatening allergy to animals after discovering that two dogs were on board. however, company policy says the woman could not provide documents to prove her
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the flight attendant asked her to leave and she refused. they called police. ♪ if you're looking to get a puppy as cute as these guys, you want to listen up to this new consumer alert that is out. one scam victim is speaking out to try to save others from losing out on hundreds of dollars. here is jake with zukowski with their story. >> the definition of a puppy met the personality of a puppy we were looking for. >> reporter: judy and her husband wanted to get a new beagle puppy since the dog passed away. they looked online and came across what they thought was a texas breeder.>> we called to see which puppy we were interested in, -- >> reporter: $400 through money gram, but.
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shipping instructions and they requested another $750 for pet insurance. and it's like well, red flag. this is not working. i refused to pay the pet insurance. >> reporter: they were scammed out of their money but figured it out before anymore was taken. tens of thousands of people have been scammed by people online claiming they have puppies immediately. they ask for a wire transfer and say they need more money for pet insurance or climate controlled shipping crate. only to never send the dog. they same this most originated in cameroon in up to 80% of ads on google for dogs are fictitious. >> these are very sophisticated operations. they can draw anybody in, just about anyone is susceptible to this kind of crime. >> reporter: typical losses are in the thousands of dollars, they suggest purchasing an animal at a local animal shelter or see the conditions the dog is living in.
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if you buy online, never wire money. pay by credit card and don't pay up front before seeing the actual dog. also watch for errors in the websites grammar. she says they are getting a new beagle soon and want to warn others of the scam. >> there are all kinds of flags out there, if you know what you are looking for or aren't suspicious, -- >> if you come across something like this, report it to your local police department or go to the bbb. you know we are big dog fence. >> we both got our dogs at local shelters. but you have to check these things out. you want to make sure you are getting the right thing. >> my shelter, they came to my house and checked me out. it told me something about them. >> i volunteered and helped other people get their dogs.
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sunshine now, we have been on the edge of the cloud shield from maria, west and northwest of town, south and east a few more clouds and it looks like we will have a warm afternoon. we should be in the 70s, dew point in the low 70s feeling like miami or new orleans out there. we will beer -- be near 90. dulles 86, that some low hanging fruit. low 80s this evening and 81 by 9 pm. this is the visible satellite imagery, this edge in these clouds, there is maria spinning out there but this is the edge of maria and it's just -- these clouds, west of this, a lot of sunshine and we are seeing warmer temperatures. this is a warm one. readings at 85 in manassas, 86 hagerstown, 80 pax river, low 70s in the mountains
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have some nice changes coming. as we head into thursday. right now in town, 84 with a dewpoint of 72. that is way too high for this time of year. it feels like 90 at the moment. forecast highs, 90 in town, upper 80s in philly, the cooler air in madison, chicago, detroit moves east, 64 buffalo, we will top out about 80 with 70s n. and west in the cooler air will be here for several days. a big picture, we have maria, get out of here. they will retire maria and harvey and irma and we will get some new names. the cold front is actually through detroit, it will be here early tomorrow morning. with that we will see a nice change in our weather. we will get rid of the heat and go back to some cooler weather. a few clouds and east of town, we will pop
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possibly a 20%. tomorrow the cooler air moves in, you will feel a difference been -- it will not feel as sticky and it will be 10 degrees cooler. tomorrow night, it will feel great in by friday morning, 50s area wide if not some 40s and some of the northwestern suburbs. for at least several days, it will feel more folic. hot again today, -- fall like. hot again today, 70 tonight, closer to 60. winds will kick out of the northwest tomorrow, 10-20, tomorrow night 58. that's in town, upper 40s in the cool spots. delightful friday, 74 and by friday night, we are back in the 40s and 50s, saturday i don't know if we will get to 70 on saturday. that will feel nice in
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this is super cool, history will take light at mount vernon. and artis will project images on a george washington area showing monuments and landmarks from the 13 original colonies. >> we will open the projectors and then there will be -- they will see how we highlight the history of george washington on this beautiful house. >> this g
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tonight, the gates open at 7 pm- 10 pm. you have to be a member of the society or you can sign up at mount we will go to break but one final look at the forecast when we come back.
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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hot again today, 90. more normal tomorrow 80, breezy and less humid. delightful starting friday, the weekend looks great. october begin sunday and early next week, we need some rain. it's been really dry the last few weeks but we will straight -- stay dry for the next few weeks.
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live thing while we are doing the show. now, check this out. this is a facebook live we are doing inside the control room. you have to tune in on facebook,
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>> ashley: hello? what are you waiting for? get phyllis in here! call her out on what she did! and kick her out on her backstabbing adulteress butt! >> jack: no. >> ashley: what do you mean, no? >> jack: her adultery and backstabbing, loathsome as they are, don't enter into this. >> ashley: okay, jack, she downloaded confidential r&d files, okay? it's called cyber theft, remember? >> ravi: ashley, i actually -- >> ashley: one second. excuse me, i'm sorry. please explain to me why you refuse to treat your ex-wife like you would any other criminal. >> jack: because i am certain phyllis is not our spy. >> ashley: because you're certain that she's above corporate espionage? i mean, how blind can you be? >> jack: quite the contrary. my eyes are wide open. i know who did this to us. >> victoria: we agreed. we won't log into the scene of the crime using phyllis' work


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